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Arabic Pod 101 Review

Wednesday, May 29th

2024 Arabic Lesson Reviews

Arabic Pod 101 Review 4 Star Rating

Arabic Pod 101

4 Star Rating
  • Pricing from free to $23 per month
  • Listening and video approach
  • 7-day free trial of paid features
  • Free membership includes regularly updated lessons
  • Beginner to advanced materials
  • Teacher feedback offered on Premium plan
  • Podcasts for iOS
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • 4-star average rating

Since 2005, Innovative Language Learning has been delivering 40 language courses, most of them named as "Pod 101" . Arabic Pod 101 uses its lessons to introduce you to native speakers using a variety of voices, tones, and speaking styles. You'll discover an abundance of audio and video lessons suitable for those starting to learn their initial Arabic words as well as more advanced lessons for experienced learners. The company consistently releases new content weekly, integrating current events and pop culture into the lessons. Certified Arabic instructors regularly review the lessons for accuracy.

Have to do outside research to preview lessons

As a newcomer exploring Arabic Pod 101, you might be a bit confused due to the absence of previews on the website. During our review, we discovered that previews or informational videos are hosted on external platforms like the Arabic Pod 101 Facebook page. This unconventional method of accessing information differs from the more straightforward approaches of many other Arabic lesson platforms. Arabic Pod 101 doesn't direct you to these outside platforms either, so you'll have to do your own research before you sign up (or sign up with no information about the lessons, yikes!).

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Leveling system and multi-modal learning

Once you do your outside research, you'll find that on Arabic Pod 101, you can explore different learning pathways as you embark on your Arabic language journey. The difficulty levels progress, starting with the Absolute Beginner stage featuring thirty-five short video lessons, each lasting around four or five minutes. These lessons primarily use English to introduce topics, explain grammar, and develop cultural context.

  • As you advance to the Beginner level, lessons incorporate more Arabic and extend in duration, totaling 25 lessons focusing on your vocabulary and comprehension.
  • Intermediate lessons last ten to fifteen minutes and delve deeper into various subjects, including sentence structure, Arabic culture, and travel, providing nearly six hours of content.
  • Advanced lessons, approximately three to four minutes long, are entirely in Arabic, offering a challenging step beyond the intermediate level.

With forty-five lessons, covering intriguing topics like the Copts in Egypt, Ramadan, and the Saudi Arabian community, this advanced level provides about two and a half hours of captivating material. These lessons are delivered in audio and video formats providing support for different types of learners and you can find transcriptions for both audio and video lessons to support your learning if you prefer visual engagement.

Free account with paid plans up to $23 per month

There are four different ways to join up ranging from a free membership to a Premium Plus membership.

  • The Free membership includes 7 days free of premium, the 50+ Lesson Survival Phrases Course, 3-5 new audio and video lessons each week, and you can try the first three lessons in every "pathway" . You can stay on the free membership indefinitely; the free trial is just a 7-day bonus access to premium features.
  • The Basic plan costs $3 per month, granting you access to all lessons and in-depth lesson notes.
  • The Premium plan, priced at $6.50 per month, provides extra features like multiple-choice assessments, line-by-line audio dialogue, premium lesson tracks, a personal word bank, and spaced repetition flashcards.
  • Finally, the Premium PLUS, available at $12.58 per month, includes all of the Premium features, along with personalized guidance from an Arabic teacher, hand-graded assessments, guidance, personalized assessment, and writing and pronunciation practice.

Keep in mind these prices are on a promotion. The full-price range is from $4 per month for Basic up to $23 per month for Premium Plus. So, if you don't catch the promo period, that's the pricing you can expect.

UI isn't intuitive

Arabic Pod 101's learning process is pretty straightforward, though it doesn't include fun learning extras like games or leaderboards for tracking your progress. The platform allows you to freely navigate through various "paths" on the site, organized by topics rather than difficulty. However, the navigation, in general, isn't very intuitive. So, despite offering a solid range of lesson levels, it takes a decent learning curve to get used to the way the site and app function.

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60-day refund policy

Along with the 7-day free trial for the premium membership, Arabic Pod 101 offers a 60-day money-back guarantee for your subscription. This allows you to test out the program's higher-level features like teacher feedback for up to 60 days before you decide whether or not this learning method is meant for you.

Solid and helpful lesson material

According to reviews on Apple where you can find the audio podcasts for Arabic Pod 101, students who used the platform awarded Arabic Pod 101 a 3.9 out of 5 star rating. Reviews stated that the podcasts were informative and extremely helpful overall. From other reviews on teaching blogs, Arabic Pod 101 stayed around 4 stars out of 5. Many complaints arose with the difficulties found in navigating the website; however, students loved the different audio and video options, the regular updates to the curriculum, and the advanced-level lessons offered by Arabic Pod 101.

Solid lessons with free learning

Arabic Pod 101 stands out as a reliable option for individuals wanting to immerse themselves in authentic, modern Arabic through listening and video exercises in conversational Arabic. Despite missing some features provided by other platforms, its emphasis on contemporary language usage adds significant value for those learning Arabic. With beginner to advanced material, it serves all levels of Arabic learning. However, the UI could use an update as many customers complain about difficulties navigating the site and app. On the other hand, with an impressive free trial (and free membership option) and refund policy, you'll have more than enough time to try out the program before you decide. As a result, Arabic Pod 101 receives a higher-than-average rating in our review.

Where Can You Find the Best Arabic Lessons?

Are you interested in learning Arabic? You may find yourself contemplating a relocation to one of the many countries where Arabic is the national language, or maybe you're just planning a trip to see Egypt. Whether you're looking to reconnect with your culture, learn more about a new one, or brush up on some courses you took in school, learning Arabic can be a truly worthwhile experience.

However, finding Arabic lessons that fit your busy life, include your preferred learning methods, and don't break the bank can be hard. For most people, in-person lessons aren't an option either for cost reasons or time commitments. Fortunately, the realm of online courses continues to grow, offering new Arabic learning opportunities that were previously unavailable.

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Arabic Lesson FAQ

It is estimated that there are over 420 million speakers of Arabic worldwide, making it one of the five most commonly-spoken languages around the globe. This includes both native and non-native speakers.
Generally speaking, there are two basic forms of Arabic: standard and colloquial. The former is used by the media and in universities, literature and formal writing. If you take Arabic lessons from a Western school, this is probably the form you'll get. But, this isn't the way Arabic speakers use the language in their day-to-day lives! If you know that you'll be using Arabic mainly in one particular location (e.g. Egypt vs. Persian Gulf nations vs. Lebanon), it might be worth looking for an Arabic course that at least introduces the dialect of that area. On the other hand, of all of the Arabic dialects, Egyptian is the most widely-understood by all speakers (largely due to the nation's popular music, film and TV industry), so learning the Egyptian dialect is a safe bet too.
If your first language is English, be prepared for your Arabic studies to require some work! Ranked as a Category IV language by the State Department's Foreign Service Institute, Arabic is "exceptionally difficult" on par with Japanese, Korean and Chinese. But, if you're willing to put in the time and effort, it's definitely doable!
Your first step should be to learn the Arabic alphabet, so that you don't have to depend on transliteration into English. Arabic experts also recommend that you memorize the plural forms of every noun you learn, because they can be very different (no tacking on an "s" like we do in English!), as well as the verb forms and any prepositions that go along with them. Finally, as with learning any language, give yourself plenty of time to study regularly; a few minutes here and there won't get you speaking Arabic fluently!
Availability, affordability and access: for those three reasons alone, you should consider studying Arabic online. Many colleges and universities don't offer courses in the language, and there's no guarantee you can secure one of the coveted seats in the class if your school does. Studying Arabic online can be done according to your preferred schedule, and at a fraction of the cost you'd pay per credit hour at a local school.
If you're studying Arabic online, you will probably need to take a few extra steps to enable the language on your computer. The steps depend on whether you're using a Mac or Windows-based PC, so search for the instructions according to your operating system. There are also online Arabic keyboards you can use without changing your computer settings.
No! They're definitely less costly than taking in-person courses. Some programs charge a one-time fee, while others use a month-to-month subscription format. Expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $200 for a one-off software purchase, or between $10 and $30 per month for an online course that lasts up to two years. You've got lots of options!
That depends on the provider you choose. Some offer satisfaction guarantees ranging from 30-60 days from the date of purchase or start of the subscription plan, while others only allow you to cancel future months without refunding past payments. We recommend that you use any free materials offered by the Arabic lessons platform prior to making your choice: you can often take full sample lessons or watch a demo of how the program works, which will help you get a feel for which Arabic lessons are the best fit for your preferences and learning style.
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Continued from above...

Whether you prefer hearing, writing, or speaking, various Arabic programs are designed to offer a range of skill-building exercises. Modern audio materials cover syllables, words, phrases, and sentences for effective repetition.

Alternatively, for visual learners, there are Arabic language platforms that cleverly gamify the entire learning process. These platforms not only cover grammar and writing exercises but also often integrate speech recognition software, allowing you to compare your pronunciation directly with that of a native speaker.

Nearly every Arabic platform offers cultural and historical aspects in their programs. Given the rich historical background and symbolic importance of the Arabic language, a thorough grasp of it requires exploring its historical origins and understanding its contemporary applications. Many of today's language-learning options also emphasize Modern Standard Arabic, mirroring the language you would encounter in general conversations. And, some companies focus on local dialects too.

As you navigate the wide array of online Arabic lessons, it might seem a little daunting to pick the best fit. To help you find the best Arabic lessons for you, we've put together some helpful criteria:

  • Teaching methodology. What type of learner are you? Are you inclined towards auditory learning, finding podcasts or narrations to be your favorite? Perhaps you enjoy engaging in written or gamified exercises to support your learning experience? While several Arabic lesson programs integrate various learning modalities, some platforms prioritize one style over others. Consider your preferred learning approach so you select the most suitable platform for how you learn best.
  • Free trial option. Top-notch Arabic lesson programs allow you to explore the program without making a payment. Look for platforms that offer free trials and pay attention to their duration. You should also look for sites that provide example lessons or preview videos on the site so you can see what you're getting into at a glance. Exercise extra caution if a company doesn't have these important details.
  • Cost vs. value. The cost of the subscription (or one-time payment) is a significant factor for your Arabic education. But you'll also want to assess the value you'll receive. Consider how much fluency you'll gain from the program and whether you can learn Arabic from one program or if you'll need two or three to supplement others that are less complete.
  • Reputation. While many Arabic lesson platforms aren't listed with the Better Business Bureau, there are reviews on third-party sites, linguistics blogs, and mobile apps to consider. Check-in on the ratings for your chosen Arabic lesson provider to make sure you're getting a language source with a great reputation.

To make sure you have the best possible experience learning Arabic, Top Consumer Reviews has assessed and rated the top options for Arabic lessons. We hope our reviews help you achieve your desired level of fluency, whether your goal is travel, cultural understanding, or simply enjoyment of a new language. Enjoy your continuing education in the beautiful language of Arabic!

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