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Audible vs Simply Audiobooks

Friday, December 4th

2020 Audiobook Store Reviews

Audible Review 5 Star Rating


5 Star Rating
  • Cost: $14.95/month
TopConsumerReviews.com Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

Audible has a collection of over 100,000 audiobook titles searchable by new releases, genre, author, customer reviews, and running time. Their platform is extremely easy to use, professional, and fairly priced. We feel that Audible has everything you would want in an audiobook platform and has received our highest recommendation.

Simply Audiobooks Review 3 Star Rating

Simply Audiobooks

3 Star Rating
  • Cost: 1 audiobook at a time: $19.98/month
  • 2 audiobooks at time: $29.98/month
  • 3 audiobooks at a time: $39.98/month

For the avid audiobook listener, renting from Simply Audiobooks is a great option. Although you have to choose a plan that how many books you can have at a time, if you're a fast listener, you can plow through lots of audiobooks since you receive an unlimited amount each month. Just be aware that this service only provides audiobooks on CD, with no option to download or stream directly to your phone or other device.

Where Is the Best Place to Find Audiobooks?

Within the last few years, the audiobook industry has exploded. With the increased use of tablets, smartphones, and iPods, the practice of listening to books rather than reading them has almost become the standard. The convenience of listening to a book in the car, while exercising, or even while cleaning the kitchen means listeners are able to digest the knowledge of so many more books than they would have time to otherwise.

Not only are audiobooks convenient, but they open listeners up to an endless amount of book titles. Seeking out books in a store or at the library limits you to the selection they have in stock and takes time to browse through the inventory. With online audiobook stores, you can search for books by title, genre, ratings, and more. Books you wouldn't have found on a shelf are now at your fingertips in the form of an audiobook.

Compare the Best Reviews

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Services that provide audiobooks used to be expensive and much more limited than they are now. Some services come in the form of monthly subscriptions, while others let you purchase audiobooks individually. Other online book stores allow you to rent audiobooks and return or exchange them rather than having to purchase each one individually. However, the online service works, you'll find that the audiobooks are quite affordable and there are more title options than you'd ever be able to get through in a lifetime.

When searching for the best audiobook options, consider the following things to ensure you get the most bang for your buck:

  • Cost. Are you paying for each audiobook individually? Or do you get multiple books for one set price each month? If you're renting, make sure it is significantly cheaper than purchasing the book outright.
  • Selection. Listening to audiobooks allows for multitasking, so you can potentially get through more content this way than taking time to sit and read a physical book. You'll want to have a vast selection of listening material from whatever online store you choose so that you don't run out of audiobooks you enjoy.
  • Available formats. Is the book downloadable on your phone? Tablet? Laptop? Some audiobooks even come in the form of a CD, though most services have instant downloads and streaming services. You'll want to ensure that whatever formats are offered, they will make book listening convenient for you.

TopConsumerReviews.com has reviewed and ranked the best audiobook stores available today. We hope these reviews help you find the audiobook service that provides you with a great experience!

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