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Where Can You Get the Best Auto Loans?

You might be wondering, can you really find the ideal auto loan right at the dealership? Well, the truth is, that's not always the case. Sure, those financing offers they dangle in front of you might sound tempting, but the reality is that unless your credit is in tip-top shape, you might not meet their strict requirements. And if you're not careful, you could end up with sky-high interest rates that could cost you more in the long run.

The wise move, as savvy consumers know, is to hunt for competitive rates on auto loans by exploring what online lenders have to offer. And, you don't have to spend hours researching. In just a few minutes, you can discover how much you can borrow and what kind of loan terms you qualify for. Armed with this information and maybe even a preapproval letter, you'll be much better prepared walking into the dealership, ready to negotiate the best deal on your car.

Wednesday, July 17th

2024 Auto Loan Company Reviews

Upstart Review Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award 5 Star Rating


5 Star Rating Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

Upstart is your go-to solution for securing an auto loan without solely relying on your credit score. This unique platform evaluates your eligibility by considering factors like your educational and employment background, making it ideal for recent grads or individuals with limited credit history. With over 2.7 million customers and $34 billion in loan originations, Upstart can connect you to a vast network of over 100 banks and credit unions, offering loans ranging from $1,000 to $50,000, and can fund most loans within 24 hours. Upstart enjoys an "A+" BBB rating, 45,000 five-star reviews ,and offers competitive rates, making it the #1 choice for auto loans.

LendingTree Review 4.5 Star Rating


4.5 Star Rating

LendingTree is an easy-to-use online loan marketplace, with roots dating back to 1998 as a pioneer in the peer-to-peer lending sector. Your application here will lead to multiple offers from a wide network of vetted, trustworthy lenders, suitable for both vehicle purchase and refinancing options. While LendingTree doesn't provide specific fee and APR information due to the variations among partner lenders, their posted average rates can give you a general idea. The service enjoys a stellar "A+" BBB rating and accreditation, and customer feedback is predominantly positive. Overall, LendingTree is a choice worth exploring for auto loans.

SuperMoney Review 4 Star Rating


4 Star Rating

Since 2013, SuperMoney has been connecting consumers with loans from more than 100 lending partners, with a strong commitment to data privacy that ensures your information isn't sold to third parties. This platform is a valuable resource to compare loan options effectively and ultimately connect with the best lender for your auto loan. SuperMoney's reputation is excellent: hundreds of five-star reviews highlight this company's role as a trusted tool for researching and selecting auto lenders.

Credible Review 4 Star Rating


4 Star Rating

Credible makes auto loan comparison shopping hassle-free by allowing you to complete just one form, which is then sent to ten different lenders. Loan amounts range from $600 to $200,000, with competitive interest rates to match.. An attractive perk is Credible's Best Rate Guarantee, which might net you up to $200 if you find a better rate with another lender and close the deal within a week. Credible maintains an "A+" BBB rating and has thousands of positive reviews. Even though auto loans here will require a few extra steps, to complete the borrowing process with another company once connected via your Credible account, this remains a recommended, time-saving option to secure financing.

Upgrade Review 4 Star Rating


4 Star Rating

Upgrade, established in 2017, provides a variety of financial services and has already served over 2.5 million customers, lending more than $24 billion. Applying for an auto loan with Upgrade is straightforward, and origination fees range from 1.85% to 9.99%. Funding typically takes just one business day due to Upgrade's relationship with its two financial partners. Upgrade maintains an "A+" rating and nearly 40,000 five-star positive reviews, earning a solid thumbs up from us.

SoFi<sup>®</sup> Review 3.5 Star Rating


3.5 Star Rating

SoFi is here to help you take control of your financial future with over two million members and $50 billion in funded loans. SoFi's features include auto loans ranging from $5,000 to $100,000 and same-day funding for most applicants. The application process is swift, but their "no origination fees" claim contradicts the fine print mentioning possible fees of 0% to 6%, so be sure to understand the details before you sign. Nonetheless, SoFi holds an "A+" BBB rating and thousands of positive reviews, making it worth considering for an auto loan.

My Auto Loan Review 3.5 Star Rating

My Auto Loan

3.5 Star Rating

If you need a car loan, My Auto Loan is a reliable option. As part of Horizon Digital Finance, they connect you with up to four lenders for a hassle-free auto loan or refinancing process. Their quick online application takes just two minutes, and you can access your funds within 24 hours to purchase a new or used vehicle, whether from a dealership or private seller, or to pay off an existing loan. My Auto Loan enjoys an "A+" BBB rating and positive customer reviews, but it falls slightly short on transparency when compared to similar lender referral platforms. To make an informed decision, we'd suggest comparing any offer from My Auto Loan with those of higher-rated lending partners in our review.

Auto Credit Express Review 3 Star Rating

Auto Credit Express

3 Star Rating

Auto Credit Express is a reputable choice for individuals with imperfect credit who are seeking car loans. With over two decades of experience and an "A+" BBB rating, they offer a dependable solution, connecting you with a network of over 4,400 partner dealerships for loan approval. The straightforward online application process simplifies the experience, and thousands of five-star reviews attest to Auto Credit Express' ability to get you to a "yes" when other lenders say "no" . But, some background factors lead to concerns about this company's overall trustworthiness. If your credit isn't ideal, Auto Credit Express is a worthwhile option, but if you have strong credit and seek favorable loan terms, other auto loan services will likely be a better fit.

OneMain Financial Review 2.5 Star Rating

OneMain Financial

2.5 Star Rating

OneMain Financial, a lender with over a century of history and 1,500+ in-person branches, offers personal loans in 44 states in amounts from $1,500 to $20,000. These loan amounts might fall short if you're looking to finance a brand-new car, and you'll also have to provide collateral on larger loans (which can be hard to do if this is your first car). Despite a "B" BBB rating due to past legal action, OneMain receives praise for fast, fair, and professional service from over 10,000 reviews. While they have a solid reputation and transparent fee information, their geographic and financial limitations, along with potentially less-than-competitive interest rates, should have you looking at alternative options before committing here.

Instant Car Loan Review 1 Star Rating

Instant Car Loan

1 Star Rating

There's no good reason to shop for your auto loan with Instant Car Loan. They advertise that they're an "A+" rated company with the BBB, but that lie (the rating is actually a "D-" and has been for several years) is just the beginning of why you should avoid this site. Your information will be passed along to up to 5 lenders of unknown reputability, and potentially sold to unrelated companies who pay for leads. Stay away from Instant Car Loan and go with one of the more trustworthy auto loan providers on our list.

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In fact, online auto loans have gained immense popularity in recent years, transforming the way individuals finance their vehicles. This surge in preference for online auto loans stems from a variety of factors that can save you money.

First, the convenience offered by online car lending platforms is transformational. Traditional methods of getting a competitive auto loan often involved visiting banks or credit unions in person, which could be time-consuming and inconvenient. Online lending platforms has revolutionized this process, letting you apply for an auto loan from the comfort of your homes. This streamlined online application process, coupled with the elimination of paperwork, significantly reduces the time and effort required to get a loan.

Second, the competitive nature of online lending platforms means multiple lenders vie for your attention. This competition often leads to more favorable loan terms, including lower interest rates, smaller fees, and flexible repayment options. Empowered by the ability to easily compare different loan offers enables you to choose the option that best suits your financial needs.

For those of you with less-than-perfect credit, don't worry. There are lenders out there who specialize in helping people like you. They'll work with you to find a loan that fits your budget, considering your entire financial situation, not just your credit score, any past late payments, or a past bankruptcy. And if your credit history is impeccable, shopping around for an online auto loan can open the door to a plethora of options.

Now, before you dive in, there are some key factors to weigh when you're comparing different online lenders. Here's what you should look for:

  • Process. Find an auto loan site that makes the borrowing journey straightforward, from gathering information to securing your funds. You should be able to navigate the steps quickly and with ease.
  • Referral platform or direct lender. Understand what you're getting into: does the site lend to you directly or match you up with financing sources you might not have been aware of? Both are solid routes to go, but there are pros and cons to each.
  • Fees and rates. Don't forget to read the fine print. Will you pay any origination fees to get your loan? Are there any requirements to get the lowest possible interest rates (like having a banking account with the lender or setting up your loan payments to go out automatically)?
  • Reputation. A fantastic auto loan isn't worth much if the lender isn't trustworthy. Check what the Better Business Bureau has to say about the company and look for reviews from other car shoppers to get a sense of their experiences.

Looking for expert guidance? Top Consumer Reviews has got you covered. We've reviewed and ranked some of the most popular sources of auto loans today. Our aim is to assist you in finding the perfect financing solution for your next vehicle purchase or refinance. Happy car shopping!

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Auto Loan Company FAQ

Most auto loans are funded by smaller banks and credit unions. But, as you look for an affordable auto loan, you might see some familiar names like Capital One and Southeast Financial.
That depends on several factors, including your credit history and the amount you need to borrow. Searching for a car loan online gives you the advantage of comparison "shopping" for the best rate available to you.
No problem! There are many lenders that are willing to work with you even if your credit score isn't the best. You'll probably pay higher interest rates than a borrower with an 800+ credit score, but you'll still be able to get a loan.
When you request a rate quote online, most lenders perform a "soft pull" of your credit history: checking the information you provide against the credit bureaus' records to verify your identity. That doesn't affect your credit score. But, if you go through the entire process and actually submit a loan application, it'll temporarily lower your score.
You can get an auto loan without ever setting foot in a bank! Many of us have used a car dealer to obtain financing but, obtaining a car loan online is a smart and empowering option.
Auto loans are available in amounts ranging from $1000 to $100,000. To determine your eligibility for a loan, the lenders will take into account your credit history, current debts, and income.
Is 24 hours soon enough? While most auto loans take a few days to a week to be funded and deposited to your account, at least one lender has a one-day turnaround for most customers.
No, not when you choose a reputable provider! It's easy to find an auto loan from a lender with a strong reputation. Positive customer comments and a high rating from the Better Business Bureau are two indicators that the company is a trustworthy option for your loan.
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