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AA Auto Protection Review

Saturday, June 25th

2022 Auto Warranty Plan Reviews

AA Auto Protection Review 2.5 Star Rating

AA Auto Protection

2.5 Star Rating

Since 2003, AA Auto Protection has been working to match customers with vehicle warranties within their budgets. AA Auto Protection is a broker, so they connect you to outside companies that underwrite the warranties they sell. Once customers have worked out all the details, coverage can start immediately with monthly payment plans. AA Auto Protection advertises low down payments, no fees, no credit checks, and instant qualification.

6 extended warranty plans

AA Auto Protection offers six different extended warranty plans to choose from. They include coverage for different parts of the vehicle. The more expensive plans cover extensive areas like the air conditioning, electrical components, seals and gaskets, while the more inexpensive plans cover the basics of the vehicle like the engine, transmission, drivetrain, steering, and suspension. However, most all plans include roadside care should you break down and need towing, help changing a flat tire, opening a locked door, gasoline delivery, etc.

Not as straightforward

The FAQ section of the website might prove useful to people who are less familiar with the ins and outs of warranties. Unlike some of our higher-rated vehicle warranty services, AA Auto Service has a wordier site that isn't as straightforward. However, if you're interested in reading the fine print, each plan thoroughly goes over what is covered with it and allows you to view a sample of what the contract looks like.

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Not so instant

The instant quotes advertised by AA Auto Protection are not so instant because once you provide information about yourself and your vehicle, you get an email asking for additional information by calling a toll-free number. This seems more like a pain than anything. We wish we were able to view quotes without having to talk to salespeople or customer service. To really sort through information and make a thoughtful decision, it is often best to have the information presented to review before speaking to someone over the phone. They pledge not to sell, rent or share any personal information with a third party, which is good to know.

BBB rating discrepancy

AA Auto Protection says they have an A rating by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), but last we checked it was a B- and at the time of this review, their BBB profile was under review and did not show a rating at all. Their most recent blog posts were from 2017, so it seems that some of the information on the website is outdated. This could be a red flag if they are making changes to their policies or plans without updating it on the website.

Middle of the pack

Overall, we found AA Auto Protection to be mediocre. They do provide vehicle warranty plans that should allow customers to find good coverage that meets their price point. We like that the plans come with 24/7 roadside assistance and a 30-day money back guarantee in case you are unsatisfied with the plan you've chosen. If you're willing to get most of your information via a customer service representative, AA Auto Protection makes a good warranty provider.

Where is the Best Place to Get an Auto Warranty Plan?

When you purchase a new car, an auto warranty is usually an optional purchase along with it. This is a good choice for vehicle owners who want to spend a little extra each month or in one lump sum for peace of mind about dealing with potential vehicle issues down the road (no pun intended). Generally, a warranty extends for a certain number of years or until the vehicle reaches a specific number of miles.

Heaven forbid you have an engine blowout, faulty brake system, electrical issue, or steering malfunction as you're cruising along in your car. If this were the case, a big concern for you (besides your safety) would be the thousands of dollars it could cost to get these major issues repaired. Whether your vehicle is brand new or a few years old, unfortunately things go wrong with cars that you can never predict.

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Auto Warranty Plan FAQ

There are lots of companies offering warranty coverage for your car. They work very similarly to health insurance: you'll pay more for higher coverage, some things are covered and some aren't, and your policy will have a time limit. You can shop around for auto warranty plans just like insurance, too: you don't have to go with the plans offered at the dealership.
That depends on your car and your coverage. On a new vehicle, you might pay $25/month for bumper-to-bumper coverage, but an older vehicle's premium could be three times that. You can usually pay in full or monthly, with no difference in total cost.
The cost of your auto warranty will never be cheaper than when your car is new. But, you'll want to read the terms of your plan very carefully. While warranty plans at the dealership usually start from the time the manufacturer's warranty runs out, third-party plans often start from the date you purchase them. That could mean you're paying twice for the same coverage.
Probably. Each provider sets the limit for coverage, but there are options for cars with up to 150,000 miles! Most auto warranty plans are available for cars that are 20 years old or newer.
YES! The most important part of choosing an auto warranty plan is knowing what's covered and what isn't! Even comprehensive plans don't cover items with normal wear-and-tear, like brake pads and tires. The most user-friendly plans usually give you a list of what isn't covered - and if it's not on that list, it's covered!
Sometimes, but it's usually limited to the first 30 days after the purchase date. Again, be sure to read the terms of your auto warranty plan very carefully, to avoid any unpleasant surprises when you go to use your policy for the first time.
Almost all plans let you use the mechanic of your choice. Some providers will reduce your deductible if you go to one of their network partners.
Despite all of the annoying spam phone calls you've gotten, desperately trying to contact you about the expiring warranty on your car, auto warranty plans are a real thing. And, when you choose a plan from a reputable provider, you can save thousands of dollars on car repairs.
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Auto warranties make it so that vehicle owners pay a contracted price much lower than the total cost of a major repair to ensure that if a big issue arises, the costs for fixing the vehicle will be covered. Some major repairs that might be covered under warranty include transmission, engine, powertrain, heating/cooling, and other necessary vehicle parts.

Before choosing an auto warranty plan, we suggest you keep the following criteria in mind:

  • Price. Consider the plans of a few different auto warranty plans. How do they compare cost-wise? Make sure the price of the plan will be worth it if you are paying for the warranty a few years before needing to get repairs covered.
  • Coverage. Make sure you know exactly what is covered under the auto warranty. You don't want to deal with a common vehicle issue and find out it wasn't included under the warranty you've been paying for.
  • Reputation. How smooth is the process for submitting a claim? When you have an auto warranty claim, will they stand behind you? Have they been in business with happy customers long enough for you to know they will still be around for a while?

To help you identify the best auto warranty plan, TopConsumerReviews.com has reviewed and ranked a variety of options. We hope this information helps you find the auto warranty plan that fits your needs!

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