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Concord Review

Sunday, April 21st

2024 Auto Warranty Plan Reviews

Concord Review 3.5 Star Rating


3.5 Star Rating
  • Prices available from quote
  • Three plans to choose from
  • Use coverage with any mechanic
  • Includes roadside assistance
  • Extras include rental car coverage and ID theft protection
  • 30-day money back guarantee

Headquartered in the heart of Pennsylvania, Concord Auto Protect has a clear mission: to combat the decreasing lifespans of vehicles and promote sustainability. Concord offers a wide array of services, including zero-interest payment plans and a range of protection packages, all designed to help you find what you need for your vehicle and budget. The company's reputation is impressive, having earned recognition from notable media giants like Fox, CBS, NBC, ABC, and StarTribune.

Coverage may be limited by year

You can easily get started through a form available on their website. However, Concord primarily extends its coverage to vehicles from a model year previous to the current models on the market and older, which differs from some competitors offering plans for current and future model years. After you submit your vehicle and contact information, the Concord customer service team will reach out with a personalized quote. For those seeking clarification regarding the plan options, support is readily available 24/7.

Best Auto Warranty Plans

Three comprehensive plans

Concord offers three different comprehensive plans, each meticulously detailed on their user-friendly website. What's truly impressive is that, regardless of the chosen plan, you can count on a wide range of common features, including 24/7 roadside assistance, rental car benefits, towing services, locksmith assistance, and coverage for vital vehicle components such as the transmission, engine, drive axles, brakes, cooling system, and battery help. If you're curious what differentiates the three plans from one another, here are some of the details:

  • Powertrain Plan: This is Concord's entry-level plan that focuses on covering essential repairs for your vehicle's transmission and engine. Aside from the universal items, it includes
    • Trip Interruption
    • Dead Battery
    • Out of Gas
    • Parts & Labor
  • Advanced Plan: This functions as an inclusionary warranty with more systems. On top of the universal items and those found in the Powertrain Plan, you can expect:
    • Electrical
    • AWD / 4x4
    • Dead Battery
    • Steering (Manual or Power)
  • Premium Plan: This plan offers a level of protection akin to the revered "bumper-to-bumper" coverage or the closest option for coverage from a manufacturer. On top of the universal items and those found in the Advanced Plan, you can expect:
    • Heating
    • Air conditioning
    • Fuel system
    • Anti-lock brakes (ABS)
    • Hi-Tech electronics
    • Turbo/supercharger
    • Rear suspension
    • Front suspension

Get your service from any repair shop

One of the best features of Concord is the flexible nature of their repairs. According to the company's website, you can take your car to any dealership or local mechanic to service your vehicle for a claim. The service plan has zero limitations. With the flexibility to find the best service center for you, you can make sure that your car is worked on by someone you trust and use your coverage at the same time.

30-day money-back guarantee

Concord aims to provide you with the utmost satisfaction, but they know your circumstances can change, and different options might pop up. So, the company offers a full refund within 30 days of your purchase. You can change your mind for any reason, so there's no stress about joining Concord.

Best Auto Warranty Plans

Mixed reviews cause some concern

Unfortunately, Concord's reputation is a little concerning. Since its establishment in 2014, Concord Auto Protect has gained a dedicated customer base, most of whom express highly positive sentiments about their services. There are over 1,000 reviews on one third-party review site that back up a 4.6-star rating out of 5. However, from the Better Business Bureau, things look a little different. Concord used to hold an "A-" rating, but now it only has a "D-" rating from the BBB. This appears to be due to the 100+ complaints closed in the last 12 months, but it does seem like Concord does the work to resolve customer concerns on the BBB. However, this slide from "A-" down to "D-" still raises our eyebrows.

Solid choice with great transparency

Concord's standout feature is its transparency, which shows up across the website and through its three very detailed plans which leave no room for ambiguity about what repairs are included. While there are a ton of positive reviews, the site also shows a decline in popularity on the BBB. Given these concerns balanced against features like a 30-day money-back policy and solid offerings for any car type, Concord Auto Protect earns a solid rating in this review, with room to gain a lot of ground if they work on their customer service a bit.

Where is the Best Place to Get an Auto Warranty Today?

When you become the proud owner of a brand new car, you're often presented with the opportunity to add a warranty to your purchase to help protect your new daily driver. While purchasing a separate warranty is typically optional, it can be a worthwhile investment. Warranties provide a kind of shield to protect you from paying tons of money for an unforeseen problem with your vehicle down the road.

While dealerships often offer warranties on new cars, you might find yourself missing that same security on used models or something you've bought directly from a seller. In that case you might want an auto warranty which is essentially an insurance policy for your vehicle's operating systems.

The Best Auto Warranty Plans Compare Auto Warranty Plans Compare Auto Warranty Plan Reviews What are the best Auto Warranty Plans Best Auto Warranty Plan Reviews

Auto Warranty Plan FAQ

There are lots of companies offering warranty coverage for your car. They work very similarly to health insurance: you'll pay more for higher coverage, some things are covered and some aren't, and your policy will have a time limit. You can shop around for auto warranty plans just like insurance, too: you don't have to go with the plans offered at the dealership.
That depends on your car and your coverage. On a new vehicle, you might pay $25/month for bumper-to-bumper coverage, but an older vehicle's premium could be three times that. You can usually pay in full or monthly, with no difference in total cost.
The cost of your auto warranty will never be cheaper than when your car is new. But, you'll want to read the terms of your plan very carefully. While warranty plans at the dealership usually start from the time the manufacturer's warranty runs out, third-party plans often start from the date you purchase them. That could mean you're paying twice for the same coverage.
Probably. Each provider sets the limit for coverage, but there are options for cars with up to 150,000 miles! Most auto warranty plans are available for cars that are 20 years old or newer.
YES! The most important part of choosing an auto warranty plan is knowing what's covered and what isn't! Even comprehensive plans don't cover items with normal wear-and-tear, like brake pads and tires. The most user-friendly plans usually give you a list of what isn't covered - and if it's not on that list, it's covered!
Sometimes, but it's usually limited to the first 30 days after the purchase date. Again, be sure to read the terms of your auto warranty plan very carefully, to avoid any unpleasant surprises when you go to use your policy for the first time.
Almost all plans let you use the mechanic of your choice. Some providers will reduce your deductible if you go to one of their network partners.
Despite all of the annoying spam phone calls you've gotten, desperately trying to contact you about the expiring warranty on your car, auto warranty plans are a real thing. And, when you choose a plan from a reputable provider, you can save thousands of dollars on car repairs.
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Continued from above...

You might be asking, how can an auto warranty help me? Does it make that much of a difference? Imagine this: you're cruising down the highway, windows down, enjoying the breeze through your hair, when suddenly, your engine sputters to a halt, or the electrical system goes haywire, or your steering locks up. What seemed like a normal daily drive is now a massive problem.

Aside from your personal safety, your second-most concern will be the looming costs of repairing whatever just went wrong. It's a horrible feeling, we know. Regardless of whether your vehicle is fresh off the assembly line or a seasoned classic with 100,000+ miles on it, mechanical problems or accidents can happen any time.

That's where auto warranties come in. Basically an auto safety net, these warranties allow you to pay a pre-determined and relatively modest fee, either in monthly installments or a lump sum, and offer you assurance that if one of the problems in the scenario above were to occur to you, you'll be protected from most (if not all) of the financial burden.

Auto warranties encompass a broad spectrum of potential malfunctions, including but not limited to those concerning the transmission (ouch!), engine, powertrain, heating/cooling systems, and various other vital components of your vehicle. Repairing (and/or replacing) any of these items can be extremely expensive, not to mention the frustration and anxiety that come when you have to deal with auto repairs.

For example, replacing a transmission costs thousands of dollars just for the parts. Then you need to worry about the mechanic's fees, which usually cos t at least as much as the parts. An auto warranty can make the difference between breaking the bank (or even looking for a new car), and keeping your trusty vehicle in top condition.

But with so many options out there it can be hard to know what auto warranty plans might work best for you. Don't worry, as your friendly (online) neighborhood car enthusiasts, we've checked out the best options for you. Here are a few factors that might help you make your decision:

  • Price. The cost of an auto warranty plan is a huge part of making your decision. Make sure you check out and compare the pricing structures of multiple warranty plans. Is the plan's cost justifiable, especially if you're hoping not to need it for years to come? Make sure you get the maximum value for your money, and that the pricing schedule (one-time payment vs. monthly payments) is something you're comfortable committing to.
  • Coverage. The type of coverage can also help you make your decision. Which components and potential issues are covered by the warranties? Is there a particular part of your vehicle you want covered? What is the coverage timeline? The last thing you want is to encounter a common problem with your car only to discover that it falls outside of the warranty you've been paying for.
  • Reputation. Don't forget to evaluate a warranty provider's reputation. How seamless and supportive is the process for submitting a claim when the need arises? Can you rely on the warranty provider to stand behind you when you need their help? Checking out the company's reputation and reviews from past customers can give you a clear idea on who to trust to protect you and your vehicle.

To help you find the best warranty plan for your specific needs, Top Consumer Reviews reviewed and ranked the best auto warranty options online today. We want you to feel confident in the safety of your vehicle and know that should the need arise; your auto warranty will protect you and your car. We hope this helps take the stress out of auto ownership and get you back to enjoying the drive, whether you're commuting to work or taking a weekend beach trip with your windows down!

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