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Learn to Dance vs Passion 4 Dancing

Thursday, July 29th

2021 Ballroom Dancing Lesson Reviews

Learn to Dance Review 4.5 Star Rating

Learn to Dance

4.5 Star Rating
  • Cost: $47 one-time fee

Learn to Dance is a social dancing crash course. Their videos are a great starting point for anyone just dipping a toe into their ballroom dancing interest, but maybe not for intermediate or expert dancers. It's one of the more modern courses we have found and the videos are in HD. The only downside to this course is that it is unclear how much material you are receiving for the price.

Passion 4 Dancing Review 2 Star Rating

Passion 4 Dancing

2 Star Rating
  • Cost: $147/year

Passion 4 Dancing is a series of video clips that teach over 21 different styles of dance. Access to these lessons requires a yearly subscription. There is surely good content in these videos, but navigating the website to find what you are looking for is an unpleasant experience, since there is so much text and the visual organization is messy.

What is the Best Way to Learn to Ballroom Dance?

Not only is ballroom dancing entertaining and beautiful to watch, but it is a great way to exercise and anyone can do it! However, learning to dance in front of people at a class can be intimidating and uncomfortable. Not all of us are born graceful! Thankfully, there are convenient learn-from-home ballroom dance lesson options available to anyone that wants to tear up the dance floor.

Self-paced dance lessons are a great way to master your technique and skill, rather than trying to keep up with everyone else. With the convenience of video and instructional technology, you can pause, practice, and re-watch any part of your dance lesson until you feel comfortable moving forward. Without any risk of embarrassment, you can put your whole soul into learning to waltz, tango, or cha-cha while perfecting each movement along the way.

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The ability to become a ballroom dance pro from home will save you a significant amount of money. Between traveling and consistent in-person dance lessons, your costs would add up! Instead, with a one-time purchase, you can learn and relearn almost everything you need to know to be a confident, graceful ballroom dancer. Maybe you'll even get good enough that people will pay to watch you perform one day!

When searching for the best at-home ballroom dance lesson options, also consider the following things to ensure an enjoyable experience:

  • Cost. Make sure you are receiving plenty of material to teach you everything you want to know for the price you are charged for online lessons. Regardless, you'll likely still be saving lots of money compared to in-person classes!
  • Are the lessons modern? You don't want to dance to outdated music or feel like you're watching a movie from the 80's. Make sure you can download the content to whatever device will be easiest for you to use.
  • Return policy. If you purchase the ballroom dance course and are let down by the content, check to see if there is a return policy that allows you to receive a full refund.

TopConsumerReviews.com has reviewed and ranked the best online ballroom dance lessons available today. We hope these reviews help you find the best ballroom dance package for you!

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