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The Best BBQ Sauce Clubs

Where Can You Find the Best BBQ Sauce Clubs?

If you didn't even know these existed - now you're in for a real treat! Everyone knows that a good BBQ sauce can make all the difference with your meal. It can change the whole flavor of a food from spicy to sweet or savory with just a few drops. You could eat the same food for every meal, but changing up your BBQ sauce flavors gives you a whole different experience.

Whether you're an experienced grill master or just a parent trying to keep dinners exciting, having unique BBQ sauces on hand is a must. BBQ sauce clubs are available to bring you flavors like smoked maple, peach pecan, raspberry chipotle, jalapeno, or a good old Texas original BBQ sauce monthly. The sky's the limit with unique and savory sauces that can be delivered straight to your door (or the door of a loved one if you want to give a delicious gift).

Friday, March 1st

2024 BBQ Sauce Club Reviews

Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award Amazing Clubs Review 5 Star Rating

Amazing Clubs

5 Star Rating
  • Over 3 million customers
  • "A+" Better Business Bureau rating
  • Free shipping
  • 2 flavors per box
  • Satisfaction guarantee
Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

Amazing Clubs was founded in 2003. Their mission is to bring the most exclusive and highest-quality gourmet items to their members. They started out as a single club and have continued to grow over the years, finally reaching 42 clubs and counting. Amazing Clubs has been featured by Good Morning America, the Today Show, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and Extra. They have over 3 million satisfied customers and a solid "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Gifts for everyone

Once you get hooked on their BBQ sauces, you can explore over 40 of Amazing Clubs' other delivery services including beer, wine, cake, candles, dog treats, flowers, lobster, pasta, jerky, popcorn, and even teddy bears. This place is a no-brainer when it comes to finding unique and exciting gifts: there is something for everyone.

Flexible delivery choices

The options for having Amazing Clubs deliver BBQ sauce to your door allow for 3, 4, 6, or 12 deliveries throughout the year. You can either pay in full upfront or pay per shipment and it doesn't make any difference with the cost. The 3-month club is $27.95/month ($83.85 total), seasonal deliveries are $27.95/month ($111.80 total), 6 months is $26.95/month ($161.70 total), and the 12-month club is $25.95/month ($311.40 total). Boxes get cheaper with longer subscriptions, offering the most value.

Free shipping

You can purchase your BBQ sauce delivery from Amazing Clubs at any time and select the month you want them to start shipping. Say you subscribe in November, but don't want your first box until April of the following year? No problem! It's as easy as the click of a button. Boxes always arrive the last week of the month and shipping is free.

Best BBQ Sauce Clubs

2 locally-famous flavors in each box

In addition to the two different varieties of BBQ sauces contained in every shipment, you'll get a BBQ sauce lovers' newsletter with information about monthly selections, BBQ sauce fun facts, and grilling suggestions. The specialty sauce flavors come from locally-famous BBQ joints across the country with flavors like honey mustard, Carolina gold, sweet & tangy, sweet honey, peach pecan and bubblin' brown. You won't find these flavors at your local grocery store.

"They'll Love It! Guarantee"

You're guaranteed to find happiness through Amazing Clubs or they'll give you a refund for all your unshipped merchandise. If you or the recipient of a BBQ sauce club isn't satisfied for any reason, the company will do all they can to make it right or send your money back. They also guarantee that you're always getting the lowest price with them since they'll refund the difference if you see the same items offered elsewhere for less.

You'll be coming back for more

What's not to love about Amazing Clubs? This service always stands out above the crowd and keeps customers happy. In addition to fabulous customer service, buyers appreciate the high quality of food, simplicity of ordering, and timeliness of deliveries. You can always depend on Amazing Clubs, so they've earned our highest rating for BBQ sauce clubs.

BBQ Rub Club Review 4.5 Star Rating

BBQ Rub Club

4.5 Star Rating
  • $5 flat rate shipping
  • Try BBQ flavors from across the country
  • High customer reviews
  • Month-to-month subscription

BBQ Rub Club's founder set out to create the best BBQ subscription service available by working with award-winning Pit Masters across the country to bring new and original fresh recipes to customers. In addition to their subscription boxes, you can purchase individual meat rubs, BBQ sauces, hot sauces, and even apparel online.

Taste the full spectrum

If you're a big BBQ lover, you know that the unique flavors from all different regions of the country can't be recreated by just one company. To experience the full spectrum of savory and sweet BBQ sauce, you have to get them from a range of food joints. BBQ Rub Club specializes in bringing these hometown favorite flavors together and spreading the love across the country to all their customers.

No two boxes alike

In each BBQ Rub Club delivery, the recipient will get a minimum of 2 hand selected craft rubs or 1 rub and 1 sauce from all over the United States. Some previously featured sauces and rubs came from Plowboys Barbecue, Meat Church BBQ, Boars Night Out, and Suckle Busters. You can see past shipments to appreciate the diversity in each one, with both a range of flavors as well as recipes and bonus items like pretzels, grill pins, stickers, Tex-Mex dip, and more.

Best BBQ Sauce Clubs

Simple renewal rules

Something really nice about the BBQ Rub Club is that your subscription automatically renews on the 15 of each month unless it was purchased as a gift. If you are sending the BBQ sauce box to someone else, you're charged one time and that's it. If you purchased the club for yourself, it will renew but you can cancel at any time. Each month, your box will ship around the 28th and shipping is a flat fee of $5 no matter where you're located in the country.

Receive boxes month after month

Rather than selecting how many months you want to sign up to receive a BBQ Rub Club box, you just do it month-to-month. That makes things easier, right? So you'll get them right on schedule unless you cancel. Each box costs $24.97, so they are competitively priced. If you order before the 20th of the month, your box will ship on the 1st of the following month. For example, if you order April 19, then your first box will go out on May 1.

Happy customers

The BBQ Rub Club does not have a rating from The Better Business Bureau. However, the company does feature unfiltered reviews on their site and the majority of them rank this service a 5 out of 5 stars. People say that you get a good variety of products for a low price, flavors are amazing, and it makes a fantastic gift. There is no refund policy or satisfaction guarantee, but since you order one month at a time, you can always cancel all further deliveries without paying any more money. Overall, this is a fun and unique service and we've given them a high rating.

Month Club Store Review 4 Star Rating

Month Club Store

4 Star Rating
  • Shipping included on all pricing
  • "A+" Better Business Bureau rating
  • Customizable delivery schedule
  • Cancel any time

Month Club Store has been in business for over 11 years. They say they were the first of their kind, allowing people to buy gifts that keep on giving through subscriptions. Month Club Store collaborates with different partners to offer various items. Some of them include chips and salsa, hot sauce, mustard, pickles, chocolate, beer, pizza, flowers, fruit, and more.

Flavors from across the country

The club we are focusing on in this review from the Month Club Store is their BBQ Sauce of the Month. Each month it features your choice of two BBQ sauces or a BBQ sauce and rub. The flavors come from unique, smaller, regional producers you won't find at your local grocer. A few of the sauces and rubs that have been featured over the years come from brands like DL Jardine's, Stockyard, Smokin' Guns, Sweet Sauce O' Mine, Longhorn, The Salt Lick, and many others. If you haven't tried or heard of these brands, then you're in for a real treat.

One of the most affordable options

There is no price difference between the 2 BBQ sauce and the 1 BBQ sauce, 1 rub combo. You can buy a 3, 6, 9, or 12-month subscription for yourself or as a gift. The pricing includes:

  • 3 months: $58.99 ($19.67/month)
  • 6 months: $112.99 ($18.84/month)
  • 9 months: $163.00 ($18.23/month)
  • 12 months: $214.99 ($17.92/month)

The cost of shipping is included in all subscriptions, so this is one of the most competitively-priced options for BBQ sauce clubs.

Customizable delivery schedule

Once you select the duration you want to receive the BBQ sauce club, you choose the frequency. Regardless of how many months' worth of boxes you are subscribing to, you can choose to get them every month, every other month, every third month, or every fourth month. This is a lot more flexible than the majority of other BBQ sauce clubs we've reviewed. You can really customize your schedule here, which is fantastic. You can choose a start month for when your boxes start to arrive, if you'd like to send a personalized gift greeting to the recipient, and then you're done.

Best BBQ Sauce Clubs

Deliveries come at the end of the month

There isn't an exact time you can expect to receive your BBQ sauce club deliveries each month. Shipments technically leave Month Club Store's facility mid-month and arrive at their destinations by the end of the month.

Cancel at any time

Something great about Month Club Store is that they allow you to cancel your subscription at any time and receive a prorated refund for the portion of boxes that have yet to be delivered. They also never auto-renew subscriptions, so you don't have to stress about cancelling on a certain date either. We like the flexibility and honesty here. It's hard to come by.

Safe choice

Month Club Store has an "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau. Although their website isn't anything to be thrilled about and they don't have a lot of customer reviews elsewhere, we believe this is an honest company that offers fun and unique deliveries that thrill customers. Since you can cancel at any time, prices are extremely affordable, and they won't try to trick you into an auto-renewal, it's a safe choice to try Month Club Store's BBQ sauces and rubs. They've earned a high rating from us.

Grill Masters Club Review 4 Star Rating

Grill Masters Club

4 Star Rating
  • 4-5 products in each box
  • Save 10% with email signup
  • Happy customers
  • Cancel anytime

The Grill Masters Club is for serious grillers who can "turn a slab of meat into a gift of tender juicy goodness." They want to help people try new things to become better pitmasters. The Grill Masters Club has been highlighted by Men's Health, Project Smoke, Meathead's Amazing Ribs, and BBQ Pit Boys.

4-5 products per box

The Grill Masters Club is one of the most robust delivery services we have found. Each monthly box contains 4-5 products like sauces, rubs, marinades, recipes, and other mystery items. They work with suppliers across the United States and take time to research and taste test them all.

Award-winning contents

Some of the award-winning features in past boxes include flavors like Bone Suckin' Sauce, Blackberry Wine BBQ and Smoking Sauce, Black Ops Brisket Rub, Rub with Love Roast Rub, Ghost Pepper and Blueberry hot sauce, buffalo jerky, and more. You might get surprised with some BBQ gloves or an injector to infuse your brisket with flavor.

Order at the first of the month

All boxes need to be ordered by the 4th of the month to be shipped by the 7th. For example, if you place an order on July 3, your order will be sent July 7. If you order on July 15, your box will ship August 7. If you want to choose the specific months that your boxes ship rather than getting them recurrently, all you have to do is email them with the request. The cost of shipping is $7.99 per box, so for example, a 3-month subscription comes with an additional $23.97 in delivery fees.

Best BBQ Sauce Clubs

More sauce means more savings

Would you like a month-to-month BBQ delivery box or a subscription lasting 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months?. The more deliveries you have, the cheaper each one gets. The monthly cost is $29.99 per box, 3 months is $28.99 per box($86.97 total), 6 months is $26.99 per box ($161.94 total), and 12 months is $24.99 per box ($299.88 total). If you sign up to be on The Grill Masters Club's email list, you'll save 10% on your first order.

No cancelling paid-for orders

The Grill Master's Club doesn't have a satisfaction guarantee, but they do allow you to cancel at any time. This is only helpful if you don't want your subscription to auto-renew, but not very helpful if you want to stop future paid-for boxes from coming. It appears that once you've paid for a 3-, 6-, or 12-month subscription, that's what you're getting, no matter what.

Good value

The Better Business Bureau does not have a rating for The Grill Master's Club. They do have customer reviews online that give them an overall positive score. People like the variety of items in each box and feel that it's a good value. People say it makes an exciting gift and it's always a big hit with the recipient. Although this is a slightly more expensive option once you factor in shipping, it's still a good BBQ sauce club choice since you're getting at least 4 items in each box.

Armadillo Pepper Review 3.5 Star Rating

Armadillo Pepper

3.5 Star Rating
  • Free shipping on all sauce of the month orders
  • 100% guarantee (cancel any time)
  • 2 new flavors per shipment

Armadillo Pepper aims to transform the backyard barbecuing experience by offering delicious, artisan sauces and "how to" recipes. Their specialty is really hot sauces, BBQ sauces, beef and wild game jerky, and snacks and gift baskets. The sauces and seasonings sold by Armadillo Pepper are made with nearly every type of pepper on the planet, so your tastebuds can get excited over and over again.

Flavorful gift idea

For anyone who wants to try a wide range of the unique, artisan BBQ sauces from Armadillo Pepper, the BBQ sauce of the month club is where it's at. They make great gifts for the holidays, an anniversary, a birthday, or a gift to yourself "just because" . You can choose to have them delivered every 4 months, every other month, or every month.

Humorous sauce flavors

Each month you'll receive 2 new sauces. Armadillo Pepper boasts that these sauces have won over 200 awards and are hard to find. Armadillo Pepper doesn't have a schedule lined up for you to see what your upcoming BBQ sauce flavors are or what has been sent in the past. However, some of the individual flavors sold by their store include Angry Goat Black Garlic Ghost Pepper BBQ, Bone Suckin' Sauce, Bourbon Q Barrel Select BBQ, Ernest Hemingway The Havana BBQ sauce, Pappy's Chicks Dig Me Mango Chipotle grilling sauce, and Ole Ray's Peach-A-Licious BBQ sauce. The list goes on and on, full of humorous names that are sure to bring a smile to your face.

Best BBQ Sauce Clubs

3, 6, or 12-month memberships

The cost for a 3-month membership to Armadillo Pepper's BBQ sauce of the month club is $99 ($33/box). The 6-month plan is $199.95 ($33/box) and a 12-month subscription is $389.95 ($32/box). You'll always get free delivery and most orders ship within 2 business days. As far as when you can expect your Armadillo Pepper shipments in the months following your order, this isn't specified online.

Cancel any time

Customer satisfaction is Armadillo Pepper's first priority. All of their products are backed by their 100% hassle-free guarantee, which promises that you'll get high quality and value from their sauces. If you're unhappy with your order for any reason, you can cancel your BBQ subscription and receive a refund for the remaining balance.

Fun and playful experience

Armadillo Pepper only has a "C-" rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This is due to their lack of response to one complaint made against their business. They only had a BBB file created in 2020, so after a few years, their rating will probably reflect the business more accurately. There are only 3 reviews about their BBQ sauce club, but all of them are positive. Overall, there isn't as much feedback about this company as we wish, but we feel confident that subscribing to their BBQ sauce of the month club will be a fun and playful experience for the recipient. Although it's not our first choice, this is still a good option.

BBQ Rubs Review 3 Star Rating

BBQ Rubs

3 Star Rating
  • Family business
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Free shipping
  • Choose from just a rub or rub and sauce delivery

BBQ Rubs is a family business that began in 2001. They operate out of Suwanee, Georgia and specialize in selling BBQ rubs from across the country. They also have a selection of BBQ sauces, hot sauce, hot chocolate, snacks, smoking wood, grills, and smokers available to purchase a la carte from their website.

Caters to BBQ rub lovers

If you're more of a dry rub than a BBQ sauce type of person, then this club would cater to you. Each month you'll get a different shaker of hard-to-find, gourmet BBQ rubs from award-winning chefs and barbecue joints across the country. You can also pay more for the sauce and rub club and get one of each with every delivery. They are hand-selected by BBQ Rubs' experts who sample hundreds of flavors each year. Many of their selections have been awarded high honors at competition tasting festivals and national BBQ championships.

Surprise flavors in each box

Each BBQ rub comes in a full size shaker (typically between 4 and 12 oz). Although you can't view a list of previous selections or future delivery flavors, photos of an example selection are displayed. Some of the BBQ sauce and rubs and flavors include Killer Hogs BBQ Rub, The Slabs Birds and Stones BBQ Rub, CaJohns Apple Smoke Spiced Rum Ancho BBQ Sauce, Historic Lynchburg Tennessee Whiskey Hot and Spicy BBQ Sauce, and others.

Best BBQ Sauce Clubs

6 monthly options

The Rub of the Month club comes with the option to buy 3 months, 6, months, or 12 months of deliveries. Shipping is free on all orders throughout the United States and each package arrives the first week of the month. Monthly box prices include:

  • 3-month rub: $39.99 ($13.33/box)
  • 6-month rub: $79.99 ($13.33/box)
  • 12-month rub: $159.99 ($13.33/box)
  • 3-month rub and sauce: $79.99 ($27/box)
  • 6-month rub and sauce: $154.99 ($26/box)
  • 12-month rub and sauce: $299.99 ($25/box)

Satisfaction guarantee

If you aren't 100% satisfied with any part of your BBQ rub deliveries, you are backed by BBQ Rubs' guarantee. This allows you to cancel at any time and receive a refund for the remaining balance.

Give them a try

Although there is the option for customers to leave reviews on all their purchases, no one has given feedback about the rub of the month service. The Better Business Bureau doesn't have a rating for BBQ Rubs either. BBQ Rubs' website is nothing to be excited about and could use some "spicing up" (pun intended), but we wouldn't rule them out completely. We like that you can choose between just ordering rubs or getting sauces in your deliveries as well. Since prices are competitive and shipping is free, this isn't a bad way to go. Since you're backed by a guarantee, you can always cancel if you are unhappy with the service here. This isn't our first choice for BBQ sauce clubs, but it is still worth a taste.

My BBQ Box Review 3 Star Rating

My BBQ Box

3 Star Rating
  • View upcoming boxes for the year
  • Boxes come with surprise grilling accessories
  • New rub based on a regional style in each box

My BBQ Box hails from Austin, Texas. They aim to bring flavors to customers that enhance every type of meat, since sometimes the store-bought stuff just won't cut it. Their rubs have been featured in competitions, tried, and tested until they're just right. My BBQ Box wants to share their products with all the BBQ fans out there by providing monthly subscription boxes with new rubs and accessories.

Try different regional styles

The boxes from My BBQ Box feature custom-crafted rubs that reflect a different regional style like Texas Brisket, California Tri-tip, New Orleans Shrimp, Georgia Pulled Pork, and more. Each box comes with a new recipe for you to try with step-by-step prep and cooking instructions for your grill.

Surprise gift, rub, and wood chips

Each month your BBQ box delivery will include a surprise gift to help you become a BBQ master such as a smoker tube, basting mop, pit gloves, or a digital thermometer. Most boxes also include pellets or wood chips, and we assume at least one rub. The exact contents aren't listed, but based on the photos of past boxes, there seems to be three items in each box, plus a recipe.

View upcoming boxes

You can view a complete list of the year's BBQ Boxes to know what type of meat you should anticipate grilling and the flavor you can expect. You can also see a sneak peak of the current box that's shipping to know what the surprise gift is, rub, and recipe.

Best BBQ Sauce Clubs

1, 3, 6, or 12-month boxes with shipping not included

You can buy either 1, 3, 6, or 12 months of boxes from My BBQ Box and they'll come month after month. The month-to-month cost is $23.99, a 3-month shipment is $22.50/box ($67.50 total), a 6-month shipment is $21.50/month ($129 total), and a 12-month shipment is $20.50/month ($246 total). Unfortunately, My BBQ Box doesn't specify the cost of shipping, so this isn't factored in. It's most likely going to be based on where you live within the United States.

Boxes arrive mid-month

If you order by the 30th of the month, then your first box will ship between the 4th and 7th of the following month. Boxes take 5-7 business days to arrive after shipment, so you should expect your BBQ box to come around the middle of each month.

Mixed reviews

There are mixed reviews about My BBQ Box. Some disappointed customers said the presentation of the items is underwhelming and the taste of the rubs is nothing to be excited about. The surprise accessories are reportedly cheap and people are annoyed that the subscription automatically renews. On the plus side, customer service is responsive, so you can rely on them to solve issues. There are quite a few people who were happy with My BBQ Box and say they look forward to it every month. People say the rubs transform their meat and are much better than you can find in-store.

Decent option

Aside from mixed customer reviews, it is concerning to us that Cratejoy, the platform on which My BBQ Box sells their product, has an "F" rating from the Better Business Bureau. Buyers and sellers alike seem to have major issues with the legitimacy of this company. Overall, customers should be more concerned about My BBQ Box and their ability to follow through with deliveries and quality. Since they have decent feedback from customers, we've given them an average rating.

Gourmet Food Clubs Review 2 Star Rating

Gourmet Food Clubs

2 Star Rating
  • Shipping included in cost
  • Same-day shipping options
  • 3-month subscription
  • One surprise rub in each delivery

Gourmet Food Clubs is a mysterious company that provides no information about themselves on their website. Besides providing a phone number and address in Moorpark, California, they don't let us know their history, when the company was founded, or what their mission is. It's obvious based on their website that they help people discover new and unique flavors through providing different clubs for items like coffee beans, raw honey, spices and sauces, pancakes, bacon, olives, and more. We just wish they had more company background so we could get to know them a bit better.

No delivery flexibility

The closest thing to BBQ sauce you'll get from Gourmet Food Clubs is their Rub of the Month Club. Rather than offering a 3, 6, or 12-month delivery schedule like most companies, the Rub of the Month Club only comes in 3-month increments. The deliveries are recurrent, so if your first box comes in January, your second and third follow in February and March.

One rub per month

The cost for a 3-month subscription to the Rub of the Month Club is $39.99. This includes the cost of shipping, which is nice. Each month you'll receive one bottle of spice rub, each in an 8 oz volume shaker. Almost all other clubs give options to receive more than one item in a delivery, so for $40, these better be top-of-the-line, gourmet spices. That's quite pricey.

Same-day shipping

Orders placed before 3 pm PST usually ship same-day. As far as when future orders arrive, it's unclear. We assume that they come about 30 days from your first delivery, but it isn't specified.

Best BBQ Sauce Clubs

What are the flavors?

Unfortunately, we aren't exactly sure what to expect when it comes to the flavors of rub in each box. Nowhere does it mention previous rub flavors that were sent out to customers or what the lineup is for future months. The only thing mentioned is a chipotle pepper rub in the product description and a link to a chipotle meatloaf recipe. Surely this can't be the most adventurous flavor they offer. Right?

No satisfaction guarantee

There is no satisfaction guarantee mentioned for Gourmet Food Clubs, but there is a return policy. Exchanges and store credits can be given for non-perishable foods within 14 days of purchase. They only qualify for an exchange or store credit if they were defective, damaged upon delivery, or expired. In short, you're out of luck if you don't like what you get here.

Find higher value elsewhere

Gourmet Food Clubs may offer incredible, unique, hard-to-find rubs that are worth $40. But it's hard for us to know since they don't show us or give enough information to make us tempted to buy from them. They don't have a rating from the Better Business Bureau and their customer reviews for the Spice of the Month Club are non-existent. There are a lot of better options that give you more value than Gourmet Food Clubs, so they've earned one of our lowest ratings.

BBQ Box Review 2 Star Rating


2 Star Rating
  • 20% off first box with email signup
  • 4 BBQ essentials per box
  • Pay month-to-month or for 3 or 6 months

The only thing we really know about BBQ Box is that their mission is to provide BBQ essentials to help customers create unique flavors. Their BBQ boxes are sold through Cratejoy, a platform that aims to connect people with exciting gifts and subscriptions all in one place. Whether your passion relates to beauty, self-care, food and drink, entertainment, travel, spirituality, crafts, or anything in-between, Cratejoy has subscription boxes for you.

4 essentials per box

With each BBQ subscription box from BBQ Box, you'll receive one sauce or marinade, one rub or spice, one snack or bonus item, and one sample pack of wood chips to go along with your recipe. You can view a video of a BBQ Box unboxing where they show a recipe card and the size of all the featured products to give you an idea of what to expect.

Deliveries each month

You can choose to pay month-to-month for your BBQ box or prepay for the 3-, 6- or 12-month plan. Month-to-month is $30/month, 3 months is $28.66/month ($85.97 total), the 6-month plan is $28.33/month ($169.97 total) and the 12-month plan is $27.50/month ($329.97 total). Rather than selecting if you want your sauces to come each month, every other month, or every 4 months, BBQ Box sends all boxes monthly, meaning if you sign up in January, you'll get a box for January, February, and March. Subscription will continue to auto-renew until you cancel them. At the time of this review, BBQ Box was offering a code for 20% off your first order.

Best BBQ Sauce Clubs

Orders ship the 30th of each month

Boxes ship out on the 30th of each month and should arrive no later than the 5th of the following month. In order to have your box shipped the same month you order it, you have to order by 11:59 pm EST on the 24th of the month. For example, if you order before 11:59 pm EST on March 24, your order will ship out March 30. If you order after 11:59 pm EST March 24, your order will ship April 30.

Shipping discrepancies

A big reason we aren't huge fans of Cratejoy is because once you select the subscription plan you want, you have to provide your payment details before they tell you how much you are paying for taxes and shipping. On the Q&A section of BBQ Box's Cratejoy page, someone said that BBQ Box was offering free shipping on all the boxes, but then there was a $10 shipping charge at checkout. We wish the company were more clear with their delivery pricing.

Look elsewhere

Cratejoy, the platform on which BBQ Box sells their boxes, has a failing "F" rating from the Better Business Bureau. They've received many complaints from customers about their unreliability and haven't responded to most of them. A few examples of issues people run into are paying for subscriptions that never arrive and trying to reach an unresponsive customer service team. On top of this, BBQ Box has only two reviews. One was from someone who hadn't received their order yet but was excited to, and the other was from an upset customer who said that they weren't warned before their subscription renewed. They tried to cancel 30 minutes later, but weren't able to get their money back or stop the order. Besides the fact that this subscription box comes with more than just BBQ sauce, there aren't a lot of reasons to choose this company over another BBQ sauce club.

Compare the Best Reviews

Continued from above...

With BBQ sauce club memberships you can arrange for sauces to be delivered monthly, every other month, or every three months depending on your budget and needs. The selection of sauces in each delivery is pre-determined by the company and usually comes with at least 2 different kinds. With some suppliers, you can view all the flavors for the whole year - letting you pick and choose the months that look the most intriguing to you.

You can get creative with your BBQ sauces and use them for pizza, meat, salad dressing, stir it into a vegetable dip, or upgrade your potato salad. If you're looking for an exciting way to treat yourself or someone else for Christmas, a birthday, Father's Day, or any other holiday (or non-holiday... we all love BBQ sauce year-round), you can't go wrong with a BBQ sauce club membership.

Not all BBQ sauce clubs work exactly the same way, but you're in for a delightful experience no matter what.

As you browse different BBQ sauce club companies, there are some important things to consider:

  • Flexibility: Do you have the ability to pick the membership length and how often you receive deliveries? Can you take a break from BBQ sauce deliveries and then start back up again later?
  • Cost: How does the cost of one BBQ sauce club compare to another? Do you pay a flat fee ahead of time for the deliveries or pay month-to-month? Is shipping included in this cost?
  • Satisfaction Policy: What if you aren't happy with the BBQ sauce quality, taste, or the timeliness of the delivery? What if something happens to the bottles in transit? Can you get a refund if there are any issues?

TopConsumerReviews.com has reviewed and ranked the best BBQ sauce clubs available today. We hope this information helps you fill your pantry with some of the most robust and delectable flavors from all around the country!

The Best BBQ Sauce Clubs Compare BBQ Sauce Clubs Compare BBQ Sauce Club Reviews What are the best BBQ Sauce Clubs Best BBQ Sauce Club Reviews

BBQ Sauce Club FAQ

Most BBQ sauce clubs go to great lengths to source unique flavors from around the nation - or around the world! Typically crafted in small batches by artisanal producers, these sauces really pack a punch and give you the opportunity to try flavors you probably won't find on any supermarket shelf.
BBQ sauce clubs usually give you plenty of options. You can choose to get deliveries every month, every other month, or quarterly. You may opt for a three-month club, a six-month plan, or a full year subscription.
Not at all. You'll pay anywhere from $17 to $27 per month, and that includes up to three full-sized bottles of BBQ sauce, depending on the subscription you select.
Sometimes. Many BBQ sauce clubs include delivery costs in your monthly price, while others tack on extra fees for shipping. Be sure to read the details of any BBQ sauce membership that interests you, so that there aren't any unpleasant surprises when you go to check out!
The majority of companies that offer BBQ sauce clubs want you to be thrilled with every package you receive. If you get a sauce that doesn't quite taste right or that arrives damaged in some way, you can almost always get a replacement or a refund. But again, services vary and it's always wise to check the particulars before committing to a subscription.
Absolutely! Some clubs have been around for ten years or more, building up a loyal fan base of subscribers that renew their plans from one year to the next. Even some of the newer companies on the market have already generated significant buzz with unique BBQ sauce flavors and a track record of great customer service.
It's pretty common for BBQ sauce clubs - and most subscription clubs in general - to include a fun, informative newsletter that describes the origin of each product, offers recipe tips, and shares entertaining related trivia. A few clubs may give you a chance to add on to your order, or to buy your favorite sauces a la carte.
For the meat-lovers in your life, BBQ sauce clubs make an excellent gift that keeps on giving. You can include a greeting with your well-wishes for a special occasion, and some services let you print it out or have it emailed directly on the date of your choice. Once they start receiving their monthly deliveries, your lucky recipients can usually see which BBQ sauce flavors they'll be getting, and some clubs will let them skip a shipment if they're going to be out of town or have allergies to a particular blend.
The Best Reviews of BBQ Sauce Clubs