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Amazing Clubs Review

Friday, July 19th

2024 BBQ Sauce Club Reviews

Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award Amazing Clubs Review 5 Star Rating

Amazing Clubs

5 Star Rating
  • 2 full-size BBQ sauces per month
  • $31.95 to $33.95 per month, depending on the length of subscription
  • Free shipping on all boxes
  • Choose shipping frequency of every month or every other month
  • Clubs can include 3, 4, 6, or 12 deliveries
  • Fun newsletter in every box
  • Makes gift-giving easy
  • 100% "They'll Love It!" Guarantee
  • World-class customer service
  • "A+" rated by the BBB
Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

Amazing Clubs is a renowned subscription service offering a diverse array of gourmet gift clubs, ranging from wine and chocolate to cheese and coffee. With over two decades of experience, Amazing Clubs prides itself on delivering high-quality products sourced from around the globe directly to subscribers' doorsteps. We're huge fans of the company, having tried (and loved) most of the 44 clubs on the roster. Read on to find out why this BBQ sauce club is our all-time favorite.

Use those discounts

One note of advice: don't ever pay full price for your Amazing Clubs subscription. From the first visit to the site to the frequent emails you'll get after you sign up, there's always a discount on offer. Just keep your eyes peeled, snag that code, and save on what's already going to be a fantastic value for any club you like.

Check out the previous selections

Let's jump into the BBQ Sauce Club here. Each month's delivery comes with 2 premium BBQ sauces, carefully sourced from specialty makers nationwide. Amazing Clubs doesn't hesitate to show you exactly what they've sent out in their boxes; just click on the "Previous Selections" link and take a peek. Here are a few to get you excited: California BBQ Sauce by Earl's Gone Wild, Wild Huckleberry BBQ Sauce by Huckleberry Haven, Naughty Dog BBQ Sauce by Saucehound, and Maple Bacon BBQ Sauce by Bold & Brawn (no, these are not flavors and brands you'll find at the grocery store).

You'll know what's coming (and can skip anytime)

But that's not the only way that Amazing Clubs lets you know what to expect. Once you're signed up for the BBQ Sauce Club, you'll get an email several weeks in advance of each delivery that tells you which two flavors are up at bat. If there's something that's going to strike out (for example, if you're allergic to one of the ingredients or you're just not a fan), you can ask to skip that month's delivery. It'll be added to the end of your subscription, no questions asked. And, that goes for gift recipients as well. They don't have to tell you if there's something scheduled that they don't like: the control is in their hands once the subscription gets rolling.

Best BBQ Sauce Clubs

Makes gift-giving super easy

Speaking of gift recipients, Amazing Clubs' BBQ Sauce Club is the most giftable of any options we evaluated. From the fun newsletter with recipes and the history of each sauce's maker, to the ability to start deliveries any time over the next 11 months, it doesn't get any easier. Amazing Clubs will send an announcement on the date you choose, or you can print one out for in-person gift-giving.

You choose the months (if you want)

One new feature we love with Amazing Clubs is the ability to set a custom shipping schedule. This is different from their create-your-own subscription that lets you pick-and-choose among the various clubs to design a truly unique plan (maybe BBQ sauce one month and flowers the next). Instead, this upgraded flexibility lets you set which specific months you want the BBQ sauces to arrive. So, let's say you choose a 6-month plan, and you want most of your deliveries to come during prime grilling months, with a one-off treat for that Super Bowl cookout. You absolutely can have boxes scheduled for May-October and then that last one in January or February. Just keep in mind that all of Amazing Clubs' boxes go out during the last week of the month, so plan your timing accordingly.

Affordable, can pay upfront or month-to-month

Now that you're convinced this is the right BBQ sauce club for you (or for someone special), here's the good news: it won't cost you an arm and a leg (or a wing and a drumstick?). Depending on how long you subscribe, you can expect a monthly cost from $31.95 to $33.95, and shipping is included in those prices. Amazing Clubs lets you pay upfront (usually best for gift-giving) or month by month, with no difference in cost.

Best BBQ Sauce Clubs

Can't beat the reputation

This company has an impeccable reputation, from an "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau to millions of satisfied customers over the years they've been in business. And, in contrast with a lot of BBQ sauce clubs out there, this one has hundreds of reviews. Those average an impressive 4.5 out of 5 stars, and the only complaint we found was from a customer who said that she thought two bottles was too much (the customer rep helpfully responded and asked if she had considered changing her subscription to every other month delivery).

Customer service is legendary

Part of why Amazing Clubs receives such glowing praise across all of their clubs is their attention to customer satisfaction. The company's "They'll Love It!" Guarantee is ironclad: every time we've ever had reason to put it to the test, we've come away saying, "Now THAT is how customer service should be done" Whether you get a BBQ sauce that just doesn't taste quite right, or one of your bottles arrives broken, all it takes is a call to the company's toll-free number (or an email reply to anything you've received from Amazing Clubs) and they'll go overboard to make you happy. We had one club with two deliveries in a row that were below our expectations, and here's Amazing Club's solution: we were given a refund for those two months, allowed to change our membership to a different club (like going from BBQ sauce to hot sauce, for example), and even an extra month at no cost on the new plan. Your mileage may vary, but you can absolutely count on this company to make a loyal customer out of you.

Best of the BBQ sauce clubs

Enough said? We can't say it any more plainly: Amazing Clubs is the first place you should look for a BBQ sauce club that you (or your favorite grillmaster) will love from one month to the next. From the careful sourcing of new brands and flavors to the flexibility of the subscription itself, there's nothing not to love about the way this company works. Hands down, Amazing Clubs BBQ Sauce Club earns five stars and our most enthusiastic recommendation.

Where Can You Find the Best BBQ Sauce Clubs?

Barbecue sauce and rubs have earned a revered status in culinary culture, captivating taste buds with their rich, complex flavors and enhancing the succulence of grilled or smoked meats. And when it comes to flavors, the possibilities are vast.

Traditional BBQ sauces often feature a tomato or vinegar base, infused with a myriad of spices such as garlic, onion, paprika, and cayenne pepper. Some variations may lean towards the sweeter side with added honey or brown sugar, while others deliver a fiery intensity with the inclusion of chili peppers or hot sauce.

The Best BBQ Sauce Clubs Compare BBQ Sauce Clubs Compare BBQ Sauce Club Reviews What are the best BBQ Sauce Clubs Best BBQ Sauce Club Reviews

BBQ Sauce Club FAQ

Most BBQ sauce clubs go to great lengths to source unique flavors from around the nation - or around the world! Typically crafted in small batches by artisanal producers, these sauces really pack a punch and give you the opportunity to try flavors you probably won't find on any supermarket shelf.
BBQ sauce clubs usually give you plenty of options. You can choose to get deliveries every month, every other month, or quarterly. You may opt for a three-month club, a six-month plan, or a full year subscription.
Not at all. You'll pay anywhere from $17 to $27 per month, and that includes up to three full-sized bottles of BBQ sauce, depending on the subscription you select.
Sometimes. Many BBQ sauce clubs include delivery costs in your monthly price, while others tack on extra fees for shipping. Be sure to read the details of any BBQ sauce membership that interests you, so that there aren't any unpleasant surprises when you go to check out!
The majority of companies that offer BBQ sauce clubs want you to be thrilled with every package you receive. If you get a sauce that doesn't quite taste right or that arrives damaged in some way, you can almost always get a replacement or a refund. But again, services vary and it's always wise to check the particulars before committing to a subscription.
Absolutely! Some clubs have been around for ten years or more, building up a loyal fan base of subscribers that renew their plans from one year to the next. Even some of the newer companies on the market have already generated significant buzz with unique BBQ sauce flavors and a track record of great customer service.
It's pretty common for BBQ sauce clubs - and most subscription clubs in general - to include a fun, informative newsletter that describes the origin of each product, offers recipe tips, and shares entertaining related trivia. A few clubs may give you a chance to add on to your order, or to buy your favorite sauces a la carte.
For the meat-lovers in your life, BBQ sauce clubs make an excellent gift that keeps on giving. You can include a greeting with your well-wishes for a special occasion, and some services let you print it out or have it emailed directly on the date of your choice. Once they start receiving their monthly deliveries, your lucky recipients can usually see which BBQ sauce flavors they'll be getting, and some clubs will let them skip a shipment if they're going to be out of town or have allergies to a particular blend.
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Continued from above...

As for BBQ rubs, they are a blend of dry spices and herbs meticulously crafted to enhance the flavor and texture of meats. Common ingredients include salt, black pepper, cumin, chili powder, and brown sugar, but the beauty of rubs lies in their versatility, allowing grillmasters to experiment to their hearts' delight.

Now, let's explore the regional nuances of BBQ sauces, each offering a distinct taste of American barbecue tradition. In the Carolinas, vinegar-based sauces reign supreme, imparting a tangy, acidic punch to smoked pork. Meanwhile, in Kansas City, tomato-based sauces take center stage, balancing sweet and tangy flavors that pair perfectly with ribs and brisket. In Texas, BBQ aficionados swear by thick, peppery sauces that let the smoky flavor of the meat shine through, while in Memphis, a dry rub is often preferred, allowing the quality of the meat to speak for itself.

But, we all know that the options for truly unique BBQ sauces and rubs are a little limited when we visit our local supermarket. Wouldn't it be amazing if the nation's best flavors and newest selections could be delivered right to your doorstep?

Well, you're in luck. BBQ sauce clubs bring you the best of Texas, KC, the Carolinas, Tennessee, and beyond, so you'll never be disappointed by the grocery store condiment aisle ever again. Whether you send it as a gift to a lucky recipient or you keep the joy all to yourself, a BBQ sauce club lets you try flavors you probably won't find near you.

These clubs can usually be set up to be delivered for three months up to a year, and the best ones come with fun extras like recipes, grilling tips, and fun facts about the makers behind each sauce and rub.

Ready to jump in and get cooking? All you have to do is pick the right BBQ sauce club and you're good to go. Here are a few ways you can sort out which subscription you'll like best:

  • Sauces, rubs, or both? Some of today's most popular BBQ sauce clubs take it a step further and include rubs for more variety. But, if that's not your jam, no problem. There are plenty of options that are sauce-only, or that let you pick from one delivery to the next if you'd like to include a rub in your package.
  • Variety. Are you looking to try new-and-novel flavors from artisanal sauce-makers? Or would you prefer to get some tried-and-true favorites from month to month? You can use a BBQ sauce club to experiment with sauces not likely to be on your local store's shelves, or to keep your pantry well-stocked with what you already know and love.
  • Subscription structure. BBQ sauce clubs can be set up in a lot of ways. Do you want something that's easy to send as a gift? Do you want to be able to pause your deliveries while you go on vacation? Would you like to be able to pay as you go instead of paying in full at the start of the subscription?
  • Customer service. Is there a satisfaction guarantee or a refund policy in place? Can you get attentive, friendly help if something goes wrong with your BBQ sauce club?
  • Reputation. How popular is the BBQ sauce club? What do other sauce-lovers say about their experiences? Is it a subscription that really delivers or one that disappoints?

Whether you're drawn to the tangy allure of Carolina vinegar sauce or the bold flavors of Texas BBQ rubs, there's a world of barbecue delights waiting to be explored. To help you find the right BBQ sauce club, the experts at Top Consumer Reviews have reviewed and ranked some of today's tastiest options. So get ready to fire up the grill, slather on the sauce, and savor the irresistible taste of barbecue bliss!

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