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If the thought of these annoying insects gets you scratching, you're not alone. Infestations have been found in all 50 states, with single-family homes, apartments and condos, and hotels/motels being the top three places bed bugs are being discovered on a regular basis.

How do you know if bed bugs are a problem where you live, work or sleep? While you may have discovered feces in your mattress, carpets or flooring, the most commonly-reported signs are bites and welts on the body. Fortunately, bed bugs don't transmit diseases when they bite, but because the pests are so small - hatchlings can even fit through a needle hole in a mattress! - it can make them hard to detect until there's a full-blown infestation in progress.

Tuesday, March 28th

2023 Bed Bug Product Reviews

Bed Bug Patrol Review Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award 5 Star Rating

Bed Bug Patrol

5 Star Rating Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

Bed Bug Patrol offers a comprehensive system for tackling bed bugs in your home, dorm room, or anywhere else the insects can be found. Using a formula based on peppermint and clove oil, the spray kills on contact, while other components work to disinfect and treat all parts of the home. Offered by Naturasil, Bed Bug Patrol is backed by a 90-day satisfaction guarantee. There's no product on the market that is as safe, affordable and effective as Bed Bug Patrol.

Say Bye Bugs Review 4.5 Star Rating

Say Bye Bugs

4.5 Star Rating

Say Bye Bugs is one of the most simple-yet-effective bed bug treatment formulas available for purchase online. This water-based spray kills on contact - and you can see video proof right on the store website! The company offers a stellar 90-day money-back guarantee, and shoppers offer plenty of praise not only for how well the spray works but also how friendly the business is with their customers. Plus, this no-fragrance product is ideal for people who don't like using products with a distinct odor. Say Bye Bugs is an excellent option for getting rid of bed bugs.

Eco Raider Review 4 Star Rating

Eco Raider

4 Star Rating

EcoRaider is one of the only bed bug products on the market that is proud to show off the research proving it works. Anyone can promise that their treatment will get rid of bed bugs, but this one actually demonstrates that it does. Non-toxic to pets and people but effective in getting rid of many different insect problems, this is a good solution for multiple infestations. While we'd like to see EcoRaider offering a solid customer satisfaction guarantee and/or return policy, this product does the job well enough to still rank as one of our highest-recommended products for treating bed bugs.

Green Bean Buddy Review 3.5 Star Rating

Green Bean Buddy

3.5 Star Rating

Green Bean Buddy's Bug Killer has the research to back its claims of being an effective multi-insect solution: bed bugs, roaches, mites and other creepy-crawlies are no match for this non-toxic product. Customers should be sure to read all of the information on the Green Bean Buddy site, to make sure they understand what to expect as the infestation clears up. Although this company's return policy could use some work, we were pleased to see numerous customers praising the effectiveness of Bug Killer when other treatments had failed.

Bed Bug Magic Review 2.5 Star Rating

Bed Bug Magic

2.5 Star Rating

Bed Bug Magic by Green Blaster is an enzyme-based, non-toxic spray used to eliminate bed bugs and other insects. The product comes in a variety of sizes, and the company encourages you to try their free sample to see how it works for you; you just have to pay the shipping cost. While Green Blaster promises a 100% satisfaction guarantee, they're pretty vague on details - and that goes for their product usage information as well. You'll probably have an easier time using one of our higher-rated options for bed bug pest control.

Bed Bug Supply Review 2.5 Star Rating

Bed Bug Supply

2.5 Star Rating

Bed Bug Supply sells a wide variety of products to get rid of bed bugs, ranging from basic powders and sprays to professional-grade steamers and heaters. The company has a good record with the BBB, but we were disappointed by their lackluster return policy that only covers unopened items and their failure to provide a satisfaction guarantee. You'll find lots of possible solutions to your bed bug problem here, but it could be financially risky if you don't get the results you wanted.

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Pretty gross, right? There are some preventative measures you can take to try and avoid bringing bed bugs into your home, like washing your clothes and luggage after taking a trip and carefully inspecting any previously-owned clothing or furniture you buy before putting it in your house. Unfortunately, even the most careful, clean people can still unwittingly become the transportation method bed bugs use to invade a home.

While 97% of professional exterminators have treated homes and businesses for bed bugs in the last year, those treatments aren't always effective. They tend to take a one-and-done approach, but that doesn't always get into every nook and cranny where insects hide - and then the problem starts all over again. Plus, exterminators tend to use harsh chemicals that may be an issue for people with sensitivities or for pets in the home.

For that reason, many people are turning to safe and effective alternative methods of eliminating bed bugs. Available for purchase online, these treatment systems tend to use more natural ingredients to get rid of infestations, and they can be reapplied as thoroughly and often as desired. However, not all bed bug products are created equal, so keep these criteria in mind as you select the treatment that's right for you:

  • Formulation. What does the bed bug product use to kill insects, larva, and eggs? Do you have any known allergies or other issues with the ingredients?
  • Ease of Use. How is the treatment applied? How hard is it to use the system effectively the first time around?
  • Effectiveness. What do other customers have to say about how well the product works when treating bed bugs? How quickly does it get rid of the pests?
  • Satisfaction Guarantee/Refund Policy. It can get expensive to treat a home for bed bugs. Does the company offer any kind of money-back guarantee if you use their products and they don't get rid of your bed bug problem?

TopConsumerReviews.com has reviewed and ranked the best Bed Bug products on the market today. We hope this information helps you choose the right treatment to get rid of these annoying pests quickly, safely, and effectively!

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Bed Bug Product FAQ

Bed bugs are extremely small insects - only 1-7mm in size! - that, unfortunately, feed on sleeping people and animals. These parasites can be hard to exterminate, because they can go several months without eating!
Bed bugs are found around the world and their presence has nothing to do with how clean the environment is. Because these insects are found where people sleep, you could have picked up an unwanted "passenger" from a hotel stay, a flight, or a visit to the home of someone who may not even be aware that they have bed bugs. Because they're so small, bed bugs often go undetected as they hide in mattress seams, cracks and crevices, bed frames, under wallpaper, and so on.
Bed bug bites are often the first indicator: they look similar to mosquito or flea bites, a swollen and red area that probably feels itchy and irritated. You can also look for signs of the insects, such as red spotting on mattresses and furniture, a sweet musty smell around the bed, or spotting the tiny insects themselves on the mattress or sheets.
Not typically. Bed bugs aren't known to carry disease, and most people's reaction to a bed bug bite is mild. Your biggest risk is developing a skin infection if you scratch the bites too hard or too often.
You'll have to deal with your home very thoroughly: bed bugs are notoriously hard to exterminate. You can hire a professional exterminator, or you can buy over-the-counter products to handle the infestation on your own.
Some bed bug products use harsh insecticides that may not be safe for children and pets. For that reason, many consumers opt for more natural remedies that are effective at eliminating bed bugs but are non-toxic for everyone else.
Not necessarily, but prepare to be in it for the long haul as you work to get rid of the bed bugs completely. It may take several applications over a few weeks to ensure that there aren't any left. Most retailers of bed bug products have an array of options, from sprays to laundry additives, to help you deal with every possible area of infestation.
Many bed bug products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. However, it's still a good idea to read customer reviews so that you get the most effective products from the start - so you don't waste time applying a bed bug product to your entire home that might not get the job done, leaving you at square one.
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