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Bedding: The Best Way to Update Your Bedroom

Saturday, February 4th

Bedding: the Best Way to Update Your Bedroom

When you walk into your bedroom, is your reaction more like a frustrated "UGH!" or a relaxed "Ahhhhh..." ? If your current style doesn't inspire happy thoughts of sweet dreams, what's the quickest, least-expensive way to change it up?


While your stimulus checks might not be enough to buy a whole new set of furniture or knock out a wall to give you more space, you can easily and affordably get a fresh look and feel by buying new pillows, sheets and a duvet or comforter. And, if you've got a little bit more to spend, a new mattress can completely change how you sleep.

Let's dive a little deeper into these inexpensive hacks for updating your bedroom.

All the Colors of the Rainbow - And Beyond

Neutral walls and furniture are a fantastic backdrop for vibrant colors. If your bedding at present trends towards neutral beiges and grays, go bold with a hue you really love - either as a solid or as one of the primary colors in a fun pattern, coordinated between your sheets and your top cover (i.e. the duvet or comforter). You can then choose a complementary shade to feature in your throw pillows, artwork, or other items in your bedroom. Don't be afraid to experiment!

Toss in Some Textures

Linen and cotton, smooth and silky...boring and more boring! While we're not suggesting you swap out your softest sheets for burlap just to change up your bedding, thinking outside the traditional textures just a little bit can make a big impact on the look and feel of your bedroom. How about a fuzzy throw blanket for colder temperatures and a lightweight one for summertime? A comforter with velvet accents can lend a touch of romance and provides an intriguing contrast with satin sheets (*cue music*).

Beyond bedding, texture can be incorporated in your decor with hand-tufted rugs and cut crystal for a traditional look, braided rugs and ironstone pottery for a more country vibe, or go ultra-modern with smooth leather upholstery and stainless steel accents.

Alternate Your Accents

No, we don't mean you should speak with a British accent every time you walk into your bedroom! We're referring to accent pillows: probably the most convenient and affordable way to make a quick change to your bedroom's decor. Use accent pillows on your bed to highlight colors in your wall hangings, match the color of an accent wall in the room, or provide contrast with neutrals. And, look around and see if pillows could add a little something elsewhere in your bedroom. Do you have a windowsill wide enough for a pillow? How about a reading nook or small chair?

Do You Duvet?

There's nothing quite so cozy as a down comforter on a cold winter night - but they can be hard to clean and bulky to store. That's where duvets come in really handy: they're essentially removable comforter (or quilt) covers that can be swapped out as needed, either for washing or just to add a different look for a new season. That way, you can use one comforter all year long (well, maybe not in the summer...) instead of trying to find storage space for multiple blankets, quilts and comforters. Duvets fold easily and rarely take up much more room than a set of sheets.

Matchy-Matchy No More

We get it: having perfectly-matched bedding and furniture and decor is...comfortable. Easy. Familiar. But, if your decor puts you to sleep, give it a shock by going more eclectic. Maybe add some colors that don't quite go together, or get a brightly-patterned comforter to contrast with your solid-color sheets. Or pair your grandma's vintage quilt with the newest style of bamboo sheets. Going outside of your comfort zone by adding that zing to your bedding might make you feel more energized when you get up in the morning.

The Foundation of a Good Night's Rest

While it won't necessarily give you a visible refresh for your bedroom, a new mattress could completely change how you feel every night when it's time for bed and each day when you rise. How old is your mattress? If you can see visible indentations where you (and/or your significant other) sleep, it's well past time for a new one. If it's been a while since you've shopped for a mattress, you might be shocked by how easy it is to get them online - especially the ones that come tightly packaged in a box and then expand when you unpack them after they're delivered to your front door. Hint: watch an unboxing video or two. They're very satisfying!.

So, what'll it be? New sheets and a comforter in a bold pattern and colors? Experiments with texture? Or all of the above plus a new mattress beneath? Bedroom: updated in a flash! All that's left are a few new sheep to count as you drift off to sleep!

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Bedding Company FAQ

Bedding can refer to a lot of things. Put simply, bedding is anything you might need to sleep in your bed or make it look nice when you're not. This includes pillows, pillow cases, fitted sheets, shams, comforters, duvet covers, quilts, bedskirts, decorative pillows, and more.
Yes! Most commonly you'll find bedding for twin (39" x 75" ), full/double (54" x 75" ), queen (60" x 80" ), or king (78" x 80" ) beds. This refers to the length and width of your bed and it's important to buy bedding that fits snug. Most companies carry the same bedding styles in multiple sizes, so you don't have to worry about not having a big selection for the size you need.
Bedding usually ranges anywhere from $30 to $200 (sometimes more) for a full set. However, if you're just buying a pillowcase or a new fitted sheet, you can expect to pay closer to $20 or $30. So much depends on what bedding product you're looking to buy and what material it is made of.
Since there are so many styles and designs when it comes to bedding, it helps to start out by identifying the size of bed you have. Once you've established this, decide what color of bedding you want and if you prefer it to have a design or just be a solid color. You can filter bedding selections down based on color and then browse the different options until you find bedding you are excited about!
A comforter is usually a thick bedding topper, most often made of cotton blends and synthetics. It is probably the most popular type of bedding topper in the US. It is sewn or quilted to keep the filling in place, but usually in plain, non-ornate patterns. A bedspread is a light-weight single-layer topper that covers the whole bed, sometimes down to the floor. They are good for cooler weather and sometimes come with elaborate finishes like pompom or chenille. Duvet covers are made to fit over a comforter with a zipper or buttons that can easily be removed for cleaning. You can switch out how heavy of a comforter you use on the inside to adjust to different temperatures throughout the year. Lastly, a quilt is an artistically crafted, heavy blanket with a top, inner batting, and bottom layer stitched together with complex patterns. They are popular for coastal, country, or rustic decorating styles.
It would be easier to ask what styles bedding does not come in! You can find bedding in all colors and designs, and with or without graphics. You can buy it all together in one matching set or mix and match patterns by purchasing different pieces of bedding individually. Some bedding themes include farmhouse, bohemian, Disney, sports, nautical, floral, shabby chic, and much more.
Some of the most common materials bedding comes in are cotton, flannel, silk, polyester, bamboo, microfiber, or lyocell. The different fabrics will play a part in the weight and temperature of your bed at night. Depending on if you like it cool or warm while you sleep, you will want to purchase bedding in materials that will help regulate temperature.
There are a variety of factors that play into how often you will need to replace bedding. Most experts believe bedding (at least sheets) should be washed weekly. After a few years of washing them weekly, they will likely thin and fade, which is a good indication that it's time for new ones. If you repaint your room or get new furniture, you might find that you want some new bedding to freshen up your bedroom vibe. Or maybe you spill something that stains your bedding and you can't stand to look at it any longer! As long as you keep your bedding clean, it should hold up for quite a while, but you'll be able to tell when it's time to follow the saying: "Out with the old, and in with the new!"
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