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Securing a perfect night's sleep is everyone's dream, and quality bedding is pivotal in achieving this goal. Whether you're in the market for fresh pillowcases, crisp sheets, a cozy comforter, or an inviting quilt, the world of online shopping offers plenty of options for your next bedding makeover.

It's easy to see why shopping for bedding online has become so popular. First, you can avoid the hassles of driving from store to store and fighting the crowds. You can also enjoy a much wider selection of bedding to choose from online. And typically the prices you find online are lower than what you'll see in traditional bedding stores.

Monday, April 15th

2024 Bedding Company Reviews

Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award Wayfair Review 5 Star Rating


5 Star Rating
  • Bedding makeover from $68.30 to $5,516
  • 30-day returns
  • Free shipping on orders $49+
  • 50,000+ items in bedding inventory
  • One-stop shop
  • "A+" rating from the BBB
Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

Wayfair is one of those household names for home decor and bedroom design that is synonymous with "one-stop shop" . Anyone who's browsed Wayfair before knows you can buy almost anything you can think of related to home comforts.

Extensive range of products

Wayfair is renowned for their extensive product range, affordable prices, and valuable customer reviews. When it comes to bedding alone, they offer a staggering selection of over 50,000 options. The company owns and operates 38 delivery centers in the USA, Germany, Canada, and the UK. This means that Wayfair is well-equipped to assist customers regardless of their location.

Tons of inventory is no sweat for Wayfair

50,000+ different types of bedding may sound like a lot, but Wayfair is providing customers with the best opportunity they can to find the perfect bedding for them. The more the merrier, we say. With a full range of unique options for every type of bedding out there, including duvets, comforters, quilts, sheets, pillows, and more, we'd be surprised if you didn't find something you like at Wayfair. If the huge inventory at Wayfair feels overwhelming, don't worry - Wayfair's user-friendly website allows you to easily filter and sort your search results by size, color, pattern, set or single pieces, and material to find the perfect bedding. No matter how you want to search, there are plenty of ways to narrow down to just the right bedding for you.

Best Bedding Stores

Prices to fit every budget

To compare pricing at Wayfair with other retailers in this review, we checked out the price ranges for three key items. These include duvet covers, sheet sets, and throw blankets, which all together will help you give your whole bed a makeover. On top of these items, we also checked out the price ranges for bed-in-bag collections to see how you can redo your bed (or build a dorm bed) on a budget.

  • For duvet covers at Wayfair, the prices range from $26.32 to $933
  • For sheet sets, you can find items from $27.99 to $1,800
  • Finally, for throw blankets, Wayfair has prices from $13.99 to $2,783

So, you could buy a budget bed set from sheets to decorative blankets for as low as $68.30 or buy a super high-end bedding set for up to $5,516. Now, for the bed-in-bag options, you can get a full bedding set (including shams, comforter, sheets) all in a guaranteed matching style for anywhere from $106.99 to $654.18.

Free shipping on orders $49+

One standout feature at Wayfair is that customers can earn free shipping on orders exceeding $49. Since this price point is lower than other price thresholds for free shipping in this review, it will be pretty easy to reach it. Considering the cost of an average duvet or sheet set from Wayfair, you can expect any order of more than one bedding item to come right to your door free of charge.

Best Bedding Stores

30-day returns with no restocking fees

At Wayfair, they provide a typical 30-day return policy for bedding, meaning you can send back your sheets, comforter, or any other item if they don't meet your needs the way you hoped. Unlike a few other companies, they don't charge any extra fees for returning the product, although you'll need to cover the shipping expenses. Just make sure the bedding items are in their original condition and packaging when you send them back.

Solid score from the BBB

Wayfair has an impressive reputation, scoring an "A+" rating and BBB accreditation, according to the company's page on the BBB. However, some customers have reported issues with shipping and customer support, particularly concerning large furniture purchases. While bedding items aren't extensively covered in reviews, it's important to keep in mind the customer feedback on third-party sites isn't top-notch. On a positive note, you can check star ratings from actual customers on Wayfair's website for specific items, allowing you to gauge customer opinions before making a purchase. These reviews are overwhelmingly positive, which helps the BBB's "A+" rating make more sense.

Top service and one-stop shop

Given Wayfair's unparalleled selection, competitive pricing, and their commitment to returns and low-cost shipping, they receive our highest rating among bedding retailers. Making Wayfair your primary destination for online bedding shopping puts you on the site of a perfect one-stop shop. You can find enough items to remodel your entire home all in one place. With no downsides from Wayfair, it's clear why this bedding retailer takes the top spot.

Wholesale Beddings Review 4.5 Star Rating

Wholesale Beddings

4.5 Star Rating
  • Bedding makeover from $63.93 to $479.97
  • 30-90-day returns
  • Free shipping on orders $50+
  • Regular sales and promotions
  • One-stop shop
  • "A+" rating from the BBB

Wholesale Beddings, headquartered in Corona, California, is one of the most prominent bed and bath manufacturers in the nation. The company operates under the ownership and management of the Royal Plaza Textiles Group, which has been open since 1999.

You can find it all

You can find everything bed-related at this retailer as well as an impressive array of bath towels and other home necessities. And, as a bonus, Wholesale Beddings starts the discount offers right away. At the time of this review, they were offering a full 25% off the entire site just for entering its landing page.

Tons of bedding options on a fun site to browse

The company's extensive product range encompasses sheet sets, fitted sheets, pillowcases, bed skirts, curtains, drapes, and an assortment of bedding items such as duvet covers, down comforters, quilts, pillows, and mattress toppers. With their broad array of categories in drop-down menus, it's easy to start browsing Wholesale Beddings. However, you might notice there are fewer bedding items here than some of the other options we've reviewed. The most extensive assortment is within duvet covers, but you can find something in all of the categories along with fun colors, designs, and more subdued styles for minimalism fans.

Primarily adult bedding

It's important to note that Wholesale Beddings primarily caters to adult bedding needs, lacking a selection for children or teenagers. The available patterns tend to be simple, with designs that might not be particularly unique or exciting. If you're in the process of furnishing an Airbnb or setting up a guest bedroom in a pinch, Wholesale Beddings could serve your needs well.

Best Bedding Stores

Lowest pricing out there

To compare the prices at Wholesale Beddings against the prices at other retail options in our review, we checked out three key items you need for a full bed makeover: duvet covers, sheet sets, and throw blankets. As a bonus, we also checked out the prices for bed-in-a-bag sets for people who like to keep it simple and replace everything in a matching set.

  • Starting with duvet covers the prices range from $9.95 to $119.99
  • For sheets, you can find prices from $23.99 to $239.99
  • Finally, for throw blankets, you can expect to find something warm and snuggly for $29.99 to $119.99, though this selection is fairly limited

To complete an entirely new bed set you can expect to pay from $63.93 to $479.97. Notably, these are some of the lowest prices available online, making Wholesale Beddings a great site for savings. However, when we checked out the bed-in-bag inventory, there were only three to choose from at Wholesale Bedding (so, you might want to look elsewhere for your dream dorm room), and the prices ranged from $119.99 to $159.99.

Frequent sales

As we noted previously, Wholesale Beddings often features onsite sales promotions. This allows for increased savings beyond just limited-time promos. At the time of this review, the site was offering a sitewide 25% off discount, plus there were a number of items that were already on clearance separate from the promotion.

Free shipping on $50+

One feature we loved was that Wholesale Beddings offers a free shipping deal for any order over $50. The details state that customers in the lower 48 states can enjoy free shipping through UPS/FedEx Ground when their purchase reaches a minimum of $50. Unless you're only buying one item, it's fairly likely you can take advantage of this low minimum and enjoy free shipping on nearly every order.

Best Bedding Stores

30-90 day return window

Wholesale Beddings offers a solid return policy, allowing customers to initiate returns within 30 days of shipment. We found, though, that all items being returned have to remain in their original condition and must not have been washed. In cases involving manufacturing defects, customers are allowed 90 days to return items rather than just 30.

Strong reputation for excellence

A notable strength of Wholesale Beddings is their high level of customer satisfaction. Numerous customers praise the quality of products, speedy delivery, and interactions with the customer service team. A substantial number of customers, exceeding 6,000, have left overwhelmingly positive feedback about Wholesale Beddings. In addition to positive third-party reviews, Wholesale Beddings also holds an "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau, further solidifying this company's positive reputation.

Top option for savings

With all the benefits like low prices, competitive returns, and free shipping, Wholesale Beddings offers a very positive shopping experience. While there are some retailers out there with more extensive choices (especially for college kids and teens), we definitely stand behind Wholesale Beddings as a solid place to find savings. Although we reserved our top spot for a bedding retailer with a much larger inventory, if savings are the most important part of your bedding checklist, stop over at Wholesale Beddings and take a look.

Nest Bedding Review 4 Star Rating

Nest Bedding

4 Star Rating
  • Bedding makeover from $307 to $477
  • 30-day returns
  • Family owned
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Completely eco friendly
  • "A+" rating from the BBB

Nest Bedding, a family-owned business, was founded in 2011 with a focus on providing customers with organic, non-toxic, and natural bedding. They also offer mattresses and furniture. Their entire product range is manufactured in the United States and is backed by a lifetime warranty. The pricing of Nest Bedding's offerings is in line with the high-quality materials used - so for customers looking for the cheapest bedding, it might be hard to find here.

Earth-tones and easy browsing

At Nest Bedding, you'll find a distinct emphasis on neutral colors in their bedding collection. Most of their products are available in a limited color palette, primarily featuring white, grey, or tan-ish shades, though the company has recently added some beautiful jewel tones to its roster. Nest Bedding specializes in providing more quiet monotone bedding options for a zen sleeping space, and their assortment of pillows, sheet sets, and comforters offer simple designs with a small range of styles. One thing we can say is that Nest Bedding is a breath of fresh air to browse. The site is easy to navigate and simply designed to make sure that the bedding really takes center stage. There aren't any filters at Nest Bedding, but they don't need any. There aren't enough items to require substantial filter systems to browse.

Best Bedding Stores

Top dollar for eco-friendly materials

The commitment to ensuring that all products are organic and non-toxic contributes to Nest Bedding's use of premium, albeit more expensive, materials. The cost of a single comforter here can surpass the price of an entire bedding set available from some competing retailers, reflecting the focus on using top-tier, eco-friendly materials. To compare the prices at Nest Bedding to other retailers in this review, we checked out the same items at each store. For Nest Bedding, we were able to find options for duvet covers, sheet sets, and throw blankets, so we were able to do a full bed makeover pricing.

  • The duvets at Nest Bedding cost from $149 to $170
  • The sheet sets at Nest Bedding are similarly priced ranging from $99 to $170
  • Finally, the throw blankets available at this store range from $59 to $137

So, a full bed makeover would cost anywhere from $307 to $477, which isn't too expensive at the high end but doesn't offer any low-end prices for customers on a budget. However, there aren't any bed-in-bag sets at Nest Bedding, so we weren't able to add that to our price comparison.

Best Bedding Stores

30-day returns

Customers have the option to return any Nest Bedding Pillows, Sheet Sets, Mattress Protectors, Blankets, Comforters, and Toppers within 30 days of receiving the products. However, the items do need to be returned in the original packaging. If for whatever reason, your bedding sustains damage during transit or arrives in a damaged or unclean condition, you're encouraged to reach out for assistance via the provided contact form to get a refund or replacement.

Mixed reviews on mattress quality

While the Better Business Bureau rates Nest Bedding with an "A+" , it's important to acknowledge that customer feedback might not uniformly support this rating. Some customer reviews on the BBB page, primarily concerning their mattresses, raise concerns about challenges with customer service, especially when it comes to product returns. There have been complaints about slow shipping times and, in some cases, orders not arriving as expected. On the other hand, third-party reviews outside the BBB show an average score of 4.3 stars out of 5. Many customers praise the comfort of the mattresses at Nest Bedding, in contrast to comments seen on the BBB. However, there aren't nearly enough comments about the bedding to get a clear picture of how customers feel about that.

Top option for eco-friendly bedding

Nest Bedding serves as the number one option for individuals who prioritize non-toxic and organic bedding and are willing to invest a few hundred dollars to obtain a full set. In this regard, the market offers limited alternatives, making Nest Bedding a unique retailer and worth a quick browse. However, for those who place less emphasis on having organic bedding and seek a cost-effective bedroom makeover, it may be a good idea to explore other highly-rated bedding retailers. But with so many benefits, Nest Bedding is worth a browse for everyone. It is, unlike many other specialty bedding retailers, a complete one-stop shop.

Bedding Style Review 4 Star Rating

Bedding Style

4 Star Rating
  • Full bed makeover from $138.98 to $478.98
  • Free shipping on $99+
  • 30-day returns
  • Name-brand items
  • 4.8-star average rating

Bedding Style has been operating in the online bedding market since 2004. On top of bedding, they also sell a variety of home items like shower curtains, beach towels, bath towels, bath accessories, and a limited selection of window treatments. Bedding Style stands out from the crowd with its assortment of designer bedding collections, featuring renowned brands such as Vera Wang, Eddie Bauer, Ellen Degeneres, Nautica, Tommy Bahama, Laura Ashley, Manor Hill, and more.

Easy browsing but limited inventory

Bedding Style's inventory, although not extensive, facilitates easy navigation on its website, allowing customers to quickly and easily browse its bedding options. The website offers helpful filters that allow you to refine your search by brand, color, size, or pattern. However, it's worth noting that the selection of comforters, duvet covers, and quilts may not be as extensive as what you might find at other competing retailers, with fewer than 150 items available in each category. The bedding from Bedding Style tends to feature tasteful and classic patterns more suitable for adults rather than children or teenagers. And, keep in mind that there is one navigation downside. During our research we found there is no pricing filter at Bedding Style, making it hard to sort items if budget is your main search criterion.

Best Bedding Stores

From $138.98 to $478.98 for a complete set

Considering the focus of this site on more name-brand items, it's unsurprising that Bedding Style is more expensive than some of its competitors. But on top of luxury bedding, their product categories also include a variety of bedding essentials, including comforters, duvet covers, sheets, quilts, blankets, throws, throw pillows, bedding basics, bed-in-a-bag sets, daybed linens, and bed skirts. To compare the prices between Bedding Style and other retailers in our review we looked at the three main categories you need to have a full bed makeover: duvet covers, sheet sets, and throw blankets. We also looked at the prices for bed-in-bag sets for a full bed on a budget.

  • At Bedding Style, the cost for duvet covers ranges from around $79.99 to $299.99
  • For sheet sets, you can find items for $34 to $99
  • When looking through throw blankets, the prices at Bedding Style range from $24.99 to $79.99

So for a full bed makeover, you can expect to spend anywhere from $138.98 to $478.98. This isn't too expensive on the high-end for name-brand items, though it does start a little higher than other companies on our list. We did check out their bed-in-bag page, but found it completely empty when we got there, so you won't be able to find a full bedding set like that at Bedding Style.

Free shipping on $99+

Customers can enjoy free ground shipping on orders exceeding $99, available every day of the year without the need for a coupon code. To get the free shipping offer, customers need to place a qualifying product in their shopping cart. You also have to select the "Free Ground Shipping" option manually, or you may be charged for normal shipping fees. Free shipping is available for all items shipped within the continental United States, with potential exclusions for oversized or overweight items.

Best Bedding Stores

30-day return policy

Bedding Style offers a 30-day window for returns, giving customers ample time to return items and secure a full refund. The return process is straightforward. Customers just need to use the return form on the website, which initiates the return procedure. After completing the necessary steps, including obtaining a return authorization number, you can ship your package back to Bedding Style.

High scores, but no recent reviews

Although Bedding Style does not have a rating from the Better Business Bureau, its reputation appears to be solid based on more than 900 customer reviews found from verified review sites. With an average rating of 4.8 out of 5, these reviews reflect positively on the online shopping experience. Some of the reviews praised fast shipping, kind customer service representatives at Bedding Style, and high-quality bedding. It's worth noting, however, that none of these reviews were more recent than 2021, making it challenging to gauge whether the level of customer satisfaction has remained consistent in recent years.

Best for customers who want name brands

Bedding Style has maintained a good reputation in the past, with customers giving the retailer high marks for pricing, shipping speed, and product selection. If you're in search of affordable, basic, and timeless bedding options, it's certainly worthwhile to explore what Bedding Style has to offer. You can get a full bed makeover from Bedding Style from $138.98 to $478.98, and with their free shipping, you don't have to pay any extra to get your new bed linens sent to you. However, they are missing some key items like bed-in-bag sets which set them behind some of the competitors with higher inventory. But, if name brand is what you need, this is a great place to get started.

Bed Bath & Beyond Review 3 Star Rating

Bed Bath & Beyond

3 Star Rating
  • Full bed makeover from $90 to $1,131.37
  • Free shipping on all packages
  • 30-day returns
  • Shop online or in-store
  • New face of online retailer Overstock

Bed Bath & Beyond is a renowned online retailer, particularly noted for its wide array of furniture and home goods. Recently, the company underwent a merger with another prominent home-focused store, Overstock, consolidating both websites into a unified online shopping experience. Bed Bath & Beyond specializes in the entire home including kitchen, outdoor, and, of course, bedding.

Simple navigation with large inventory

Navigation on the newly merged website isn't too bad considering the huge inventory. Accessing bedding through the dropdown menus is super easy, allowing customers to decide between different bedding styles or sets before they even start browsing. The Bed Bath & Beyond bedding pages include:

  • Bedding sets
  • Bedding essentials
  • Bed sheets and pillowcases
  • Mattress pads and toppers
  • Mattresses
  • Blankets

Once you've selected a category, you can further filter your results using the left-side options, including price range, color, design, pattern, style, and fabric. You can also find bedding for a full array of bed sizes from twin to king with both child-friendly and adult styles on sale.

Free shipping within the US

One aspect that stands out with Bed Bath & Beyond post-merger is its shipping policy. In contrast to many competitors, Bed Bath & Beyond continues to offer impressive free shipping, applying to all shipments within the contiguous United States. This makes Bed Bath & Beyond an even more budget-friendly option.

Best Bedding Stores

From $90 to $1,131.37 for a full bed makeover

There's so much bedding at Bed Bath & Beyond it's hard to know where to start. So, to get a solid price comparison with other retailers, we decided to check out the same key items at each store: prices for duvet covers, sheet sets, and throw blankets. We also checked out the prices for "bed-in-bag" packs for customers who want one purchase to cover their entire bed.

  • At Bed Bath & Beyond, the duvets cost from $58.49 to $404.49 with many of the duvet cover items including sets that offer 2 shams and the duvet cover in the package
  • For sheet sets, you can find prices from $15.37 for just a fitted sheet and $415.49 for a flax linen two-sheet set
  • For throw blankets, you can find items from $16.33 to $311.39

So, for reference, to buy an entire bed piece by piece at Bed Bath & Beyond, you can expect to pay anywhere from $90 to $1,131.37. Now, for customers who want to buy a bed all in one go, you can pick out a "bed-in-bag" set from anywhere from $39.59 to $693.99, which is particularly great for students moving into dorms, or redecorating a kid's room overnight.

30-day return policy

On top of free shipping, Bed Bath & Beyond maintains a straightforward 30-day return policy without any restocking fees. To qualify for a return, your bedding must be in new, unused condition and include the original packaging. Since there are no shipping charges, customers don't need to worry about paying for return shipping during the refund process.

Best Bedding Stores

Mixed reviews show frustration with shipping

In terms of reviews, Bed Bath & Beyond's reputation is somewhat mixed. Many third-party review sites assign relatively low overall scores to this retailer. Only Sitejabber awarded Bed Bath & Beyond a star rating exceeding 3 stars, while other third-party review sites indicate an average rating of 1.4 stars out of 5. Customer feedback frequently expresses frustration related to shipping delays and order cancellations, sometimes without the customer's knowledge. While a few customers have left 5-star reviews describing excellent experiences with Bed Bath & Beyond, the majority of reviews lean towards the negative side. Since the Better Business Bureau has only offered an "NR" rating for Bed Bath & Beyond, we can't get a clear picture of the company's reputation from there either.

Wide variety and budget-friendly

While Bed Bath & Beyond has some great features, including its huge bedding inventory and complimentary shipping for all orders and their uncomplicated 30-day return policy. On the other hand, some customers have reported issues with slow shipping, undelivered items, and return problems. However, if you're searching for a budget-friendly way to revamp your bedroom, this retailer remains a solid option.

Miracle Review 2.5 Star Rating


2.5 Star Rating
  • Bedding makeover from $278 to $318
  • 30-day returns
  • Free return shipping
  • Silver-infused fabric

Miracle, established in 2019, was founded with the mission of delivering top-notch home products to its customer base. The team behind Miracle includes a group of highly skilled and passionate professionals who collaborate to craft products that prioritize both effectiveness and user-friendliness.

Fabrics infused with silver

Something special that makes Miracle stand out is that their fabrics are infused with silver to prevent bacterial growth and reduce how often you need to wash your bedding. Miracle linens sport a sateen weave that imparts a smoother and more substantial feel compared to percale sheets. These sheets are thoughtfully constructed using a blend of cotton and eucalyptus-derived lyocell, enhancing the sheet set's overall breathability. So, if you're in the market for new technology for sheets and duvets, Miracle is a great place to start.

Minimalistic site and inventory

Miracle's website is a minimalist dreamland. With soft colors, unified fonts, and easy-to-find navigation tabs, browsing Miracle's collection of bed linens (and other fun items) is a breeze. Their unique fabrics are designed to reduce odors, reduce the amount of laundry you need to do, and feel extra soft. So, you can find items like towels, bedding, and even laundry detergent at Miracle. The only downside? Their options are somewhat limited. There is just one item in each category (though you do have some choice of color and size). One sheet set, one duvet cover, and one set of pillowcases are all there is to consider. If you're looking for unique sets or fun designs, you're not going to find it here.

Best Bedding Stores

Competitive prices, but not much to look at

While there aren't a lot of items, we can do our price comparison for Miracle with almost all of the same four bedding necessities that we checked at other retailers. The only items missing at Miracle are throw blankets.

  • First, for duvet covers, there is one option from $149 to $159 (depending on if you want full/queen or king/cali king)
  • For sheets, you can choose from 8 different colors and all 5 bed sizes with prices ranging from $129 to $159

So, for a full bed makeover with a duvet and sheets you're looking at paying anywhere from $278 to $318. On the bright side, Miracle does offer a Sleep Bundle which offers sheets, pillowcases, a duvet, and a comforter insert for $329 with a choice of three colors. While the prices aren't exorbitant, the limited selection might be a drawback for some looking for more unique or exciting bedding.

3-5 day shipping

The Miracle team ships most items from a local warehouse within 24 hours of purchase. Once shipped, items typically take 3-5 business days to be fully delivered. However, there is no detail on the site regarding the cost of shipping. In fact, the only page that addresses the cost of shipping noted that Miracle sends its packages "at a shipping cost," which didn't offer any details.

Best Bedding Stores

30-day returns with shipping included

Customers have a 30-day window from when they receive their products to return or exchange them. In the case of returns, Miracle covers the return shipping cost within the U.S. and provides a refund to the original payment method. One of the things we loved about Miracle's return policy is that they don't penalize customers for unpacking their bedding and putting it on their beds before making a decision. They do encourage customers not to damage the packaging and to include it with the returned product for potential reuse, but it's not going to affect the ability of customers to make a return.

Mixed reviews for Miracle

Miracle has a bit of a mixed reputation. According to the page at the Better Business Bureau, Miracle has a very disappointing "F" rating, though in terms of reviews, the BBB shows an average score of 3.5 stars out of 5. Miracle shows the same average score from other third-party review sites. Happy customers love the sheets and duvets. They praise the softness and the distinct lack of odor noted after use. Other customers, who didn't love their experience at Miracle, noted that they had trouble with customer service.

Unique fabric, but concerning reputation

While Miracle has a really cool business model, and the silver-infused fabric offers a unique solution for customers who hate laundry day (and the hassle of remaking the bed that comes with it), the selection at this retailer is extremely small. If minimalism is your goal, you might enjoy the soft greys, whites, and blues offered by Miracle. But if you're looking for sheets or duvets that don't make you yawn in boredom, this isn't going to be the retailer for you. Some of the benefits like a robust return policy might make it worth trying out no matter your taste, but with an "F" rating from the BBB, this retailer falls a bit lower in this review.

Royal Egyptian Bedding Review 2.5 Star Rating

Royal Egyptian Bedding

2.5 Star Rating
  • Bedding makeover from $188.99 to $238.94
  • 30-day returns
  • Flat rate shipping
  • Sustainably sourced Egyptian cotton

Ever had a dream of having one of those hotel-quality Egyptian cotton beds? Well, with Royal Egyptian Bedding, you finally have your chance. Royal Egyptian Bedding distinguishes itself from other bedding stores by offering superior, authentic Egyptian cotton bed sheets and related products at affordable prices. The company sources cotton directly from Egyptian farmers, eliminating intermediaries and ensuring the authenticity of their materials. This hands-on method enables them to provide 100 percent authentic Nile Valley cotton, known for its softness and durability.

Curated range of products

Royal Egyptian Bedding offers a thoughtfully curated range of products tailored to provide customers with a luxurious and comfortable rest. Apart from their premium Egyptian cotton bedding, they also feature an array of innovative fabrics, such as bamboo cotton bed sheets, duvet covers, microfiber sheets, and duvet covers, as well as down alternative pillows. You can also find items for your furry friends.

Browsing is as dreamy as their bedding

Browsing the options at Royal Egyptian Bedding is a delight with its wide variety of dropdown menus and filters across the site. The only thing you might feel like you're missing at Royal Egyptian Bedding is if you're only looking for unique designs. All of the inventory at Royal Egyptian Bedding consists of classic or one-color designs that may not appeal to those with more unique decor choices or cutting-edge tastes.

Best Bedding Stores

Competitive prices for real cotton

At Royal Egyptian Bedding, we found most of the essentials for a full bed makeover, so we checked out the prices for duvet covers, sheet sets, and as a comparison, what their bed-in-bag sets cost. The only items we couldn't compare at this retailer were blankets.

  • Starting with duvet covers, the prices at Royal Egyptian Bedding ranged from $89.99 to $129.99
  • For the sheet sets, the prices range from $99 to $109.95

So, for a bed built with these essentials, the cost would be from $188.99 to $238.94. Finally, if you're interested in bed-in-bag, you can find inventory priced around $340, which isn't any cheaper than just buying the bedding items separately, except that you can expect to find around 8 pcs in each bed-in-bag set. Overall, the prices are lower than many options in our review, and they are especially competitive considering that these are real cotton bed linens sourced directly from Egypt.

Flat-rate shipping

Royal Egyptian Bedding's ships via UPS and USPS. Orders shipped within the USA, except for Alaska, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii, are subject to a flat shipping fee of $9.99. All orders are processed within 24 hours, and customers can expect to receive a shipping confirmation email complete with a tracking number once the order is dispatched. Standard Shipping typically results in delivery within 5 to 7 business days, while Expedited Shipping shortens the delivery window to approximately 2 to 4 business days. It's worth noting that they often run shipping promotions. For example, at the time of this review, all orders had free shipping for addresses within the US.

Best Bedding Stores

30-day returns with no restocking fees

Royal Egyptian Bedding assures customer satisfaction with all their items. However, if a customer wishes to return their items for any reason, they are able to take advantage of the 30-day return policy with no restocking fees involved. The only limitation is that Royal Egyptian Bedding won't accept returns or exchanges for items that have been used or washed, or for orders beyond the 30-day return period.

No buzz for the royals

While there are lots of things to be excited about regarding Royal Egyptian Bedding, unfortunately, the company's reputation isn't one of them. According to the Better Business Bureau, the company holds an "NR" rating and only has a 1.3-star average out of 5 in user ratings Outside of the BBB, there aren't any reviews to either support or counter this rating, as there is really no one talking about Royal Egyptian Bedding. In general, it's hard to tell if any customers have used this site recently.

Missing the mark with reliability

It's impossible to tell from the company's reputation if it's worth spending your money here. But with lower prices than some of the other eco-friendly options, with directly sourced cotton, Royal Egyptian Bedding might still be worth looking at. However, the company having no reviews is a major red flag, and the low ratings from the BBB don't give us a lot of confidence either. Because of this, Royal Egyptian Bedding earned a lower rating as there are a lot of bedding stores on our list that have much more reliable reputations and show that customers have shopped there recently. If Egyptian cotton is a must-have, definitely check this place out, just do a little extra research on their reliability before you buy.

Brooklyn Bedding Review 2 Star Rating

Brooklyn Bedding

2 Star Rating
  • Bedding items from $24 to $169
  • Free shipping on all orders
  • 30-day returns
  • Great prices for mattresses
  • "A+" rating and accreditation from the BBB

Brooklyn Bedding, established in 1995, is primarily recognized for its mattress selection. Over the years, the company expanded its product line to encompass items such as pillows, sheets, blankets, mattress protection, foundations, and adjustable bases. If you're in the market for a mattress, Brooklyn Bedding is certainly a worthwhile destination to explore. However, when it comes to bedding recommendations, this retailer may not be your top choice in terms of a unique inventory.

The site and navigation focus on mattresses

The selection of bedding products at Brooklyn Bedding is noticeably limited. Most of this website is dedicated to mattresses while the other bedding items are harder to find. Everything sleep-related (sheets, blankets, pillows) is hidden under the "accessories" tab. While they do offer three-sheet sets crafted from different materials like microfiber, bamboo twill, and tencel sateen, the overall selection of colors and styles is beyond small. It's evident that Brooklyn Bedding's primary focus lies in mattress sales, with other bedding items occupying a secondary role within their product range and their site design.

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Not enough inventory for a full bed set

While we normally check prices at each retailer with the same four search terms, we weren't able to do that at Brooklyn Bedding for one important reason: they don't have any kind of duvet or "top" cover (even comforters or quilts). So, we couldn't put together a full bed's worth of pricing ranges for you. What this company did offer was sheet sets and blankets.

  • There are exactly three sheet sets with prices ranging from $24 to $169
  • As for blankets, there is just one option for a weighted blanket which costs $149 to $164 depending on which size you get

Unsurprisingly Brooklyn Bedding also didn't have any bed-in-bag sets, so those are left out of our price comparison too.

Free shipping on all orders

Brooklyn Bedding offers free FedEx Ground Shipping for all their products within the contiguous U.S. Typically, orders are shipped within 3-7 business days, although some delays may occur through the carrier. Since this includes mattresses, it definitely is one of the better shipping policies in this review.

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30-day no-hassle returns

Brooklyn Bedding extends a 30-day return policy for sleep accessories. This policy comes with a full refund and offers a free shipping label for return shipments. Across the board, this is one of the most customer-focused return policies we've seen, as it alleviates any concerns about the return process or extra charges if the items don't work out for you.

Solid reputation, but mostly focused on mattresses

The Better Business Bureau shows an "A+" rating and accreditation for Brooklyn Bedding, which is an impressive score. Although customer feedback tends to be positive, most of it revolves around the experience of purchasing and sleeping on the mattresses they offer. Should you desire insights into their sheet sets or pillows, you can glean valuable information by reading customer reviews on the respective product pages. Many customers express satisfaction with Brooklyn Bedding's bedding products, highlighting the cooling properties and soft texture of their sheets. They report that these items helped increase their comfort during sleep. However, some customers note that washing and maintaining bed linens from Brooklyn Bedding requires extra effort, such as ironing sheets and pillowcases and adopting specific washing precautions.

Not a hotspot for bedding

While Brooklyn Bedding serves as an attractive option for individuals seeking mattresses, with a notable emphasis on quality, it doesn't quite stack up when it comes to bedding. Customers visiting Brooklyn Bedding for actual bedding recommendations may find their choices lacking. They do not offer comforter sets, quilts, or duvet covers, and their selection of sheets and pillows is notably limited. For comprehensive bedding needs, you'll have to look at alternative retailers better equipped to cater to your requirements. So, while the site itself (and its shipping and return policies) is a positive experience, we have to give Brooklyn Bedding ja lower rating since it's missing most of the bedding necessities.

Bedding Inn Review 1 Star Rating

Bedding Inn

1 Star Rating
  • Full bed makeover from $87.07 to $631.88
  • Free shipping on some items
  • 7-day returns
  • Screen printed designs

Bedding Inn supplies bedding sets and home decor products to customers worldwide. The standout items at Bedding Inn are the custom-made bedding sets and curtains.

Colorful bedding selection

The bedding selection is colorful, and the products on display feature eye-catching graphics, such as expansive basketball stadiums, galaxy vistas, beach scenes, rose gardens, sea turtles, astronauts, wild west landscapes, and more. The bedding from Bedding Inn deviates from simple, timeless, or classic styles, instead emphasizing fun and distinctive prints that cater to a younger audience, particularly kids and teenagers. Keep in mind, the majority of product designs appear to be screen-printed, as opposed to being embroidered or sewn, which can create an uncomfortable fabric texture for customers who've never had screen-printed designs before.

Photoshopped images

Navigating Bedding Inn's website comes across as a simplistic experience with a fairly old-fashioned scrolling layout and a minimal selection of filters. Bedding Inn appears to offer a wide array of products including wall art, home decor, curtains, bath items, clothing, gifts, car accessories, and, of course, bedding. Initially, we believed Bedding Inn presented a wide assortment of vibrant and distinctive bedding options. However, our perception swiftly changed as we noted that many of the product photos were digitally altered rather than genuine depictions of bedding designs.

Broken English and website frustrations

The website itself presents some frustrating issues, including instances of broken English on various pages and product descriptions with inconsistent font sizes, colors, and highlights. This can create a perplexing user experience, making it challenging to obtain straightforward information. Adding to our concerns, the absence of company history information on their website raised questions about Bedding Inn's reliability.

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Low inventory compared to other sites

The pricing at Bedding Inn is a little suspicious. Almost all of the listings show that they're on sale, which seems odd compared to other retailers that have a specific sale section. Another concerning point was that as we looked up the categories for price comparison, several of the categories came up with zero results. We checked out the same items at Bedding Inn as with other retailers- duvet covers, sheet sets, and throw blankets - to see how much it costs to do a full bedding makeover. However, Duvet covers were one of the places where Bedding Inn didn't offer any items, despite having a dropdown category specifically for duvets.

Low prices, but do they have the product?

For the bedding that did turn up results, there were less than 50 total results across both categories.

  • With sheets, the prices ranged from $21.77 to $85.41
  • With blankets you can find prices from $28.70 to $280.16

To complete a full bed makeover, we decided to look at the comforters instead of duvets which were priced from $38.60 to $266.31. So, a complete bed makeover at Bedding Inn would cost anywhere from $87.07 to $631.88. We also checked bed-in-bag sets to see how much Bedding Inn charges to put together a dream dorm or kid's room on a budget. Yet Bed-in-bag sets were the other option that turned up zero results, and there was also a specific page in the dropdown menu for that category.

Long wait for shipping

You do have to pay for shipping at Bedding Inn. However, some of the items on sale are eligible for free shipping. But, there isn't any detail about which ones, meaning customers have to look through specific items and hope they're eligible for free shipping. In-stock items typically ship within 24-48 working hours, while non-stock items are usually shipped within 3-7 working days. And with custom-made products like digital bedding or 3D curtains (like most of their inventory) there will be much longer processing times.

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7-day limited returns

Bedding Inn offers a very small 7-day window to return your order if you are dissatisfied with your new bedding. And even after our research into their policy requirements, it's still unclear whether a full refund will be granted for reasons beyond product faults or damage upon arrival. In cases where the bedding exhibits problems, Bedding Inn promises to issue a full refund, but they do not explicitly state whether refunds will be extended for other reasons.

Concerns about missing products

While Bedding Inn's website claims to have earned tons of five-star product reviews, attempting to access these reviews on the website leads to nowhere, raising questions about their credibility. Further, the company holds the lowest rating, an "F" score, from the Better Business Bureau, and across three different third-party review sites with verified reviews, Bedding Inn only holds an average star rating of 2 out of 5. Customer complaints are highly concerning with notes that items that were purchased don't come for months at a time (or ever arrive in many cases). Customers across reviews are accusing Bedding Inn of taking their money with no bedding or curtains on site. Overall, it may be safer to steer away from Bedding Inn.

It's a "yikes" from us

While we weren't overly impressed with Bedding Inn from the get-go, the numerous customer complaints, with some labeling the company as a scam, were the nails in the coffin for this site. Though prices are low, the lack of inventory and the quality of screen-printed fabric don't make the prices very appealing. Plus, shipping times are another concern, with wait times stretching to weeks or even months in some instances. On the whole, Bedding Inn appears to be an unreliable retailer, more likely to yield frustration than quality bedding. It's better for you to avoid the hassle, so check out some of our top-rated services instead.

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Continued from above...

The diversity of bed options is astounding, spanning from elegant florals and sleek solids to captivating geometric patterns and even bedding adorned with 3D cotton designs or tassels. Picking out your ideal bedding is a means of personalizing your space, reflecting your style, and celebrating your hobbies.

The bed, often the centerpiece of the bedroom, is not just a place to sleep, but also a canvas for self-expression. Beyond the quest for the perfect bedding type, you'll find a ton of unique styles and designs that can bring your creativity out as you pick between duvet styles, sheet colors, and throw pillows to revamp your nighttime nest.

Diversity in bedding extends beyond style and aesthetics. Many individuals curate a collection of sheets, duvets, quilts, and comforters tailored to the seasons. A weighty quilt might be a sanctuary of warmth during the winter, cocooning you in comfort as you sleep, but it may prove less desirable for those residing in sweltering climates (like sunny FL) where cooling down or managing the amount of sand tracked into the bed at your beach house is a priority.

Similarly, the choice of sheets can greatly influence your sleep experience; fleece sheets, cozy for winter slumbers, may feel stifling in the heat of summer. Thus, the consideration of bedding in various weights and fabrics along with the climate in which you reside becomes a thoughtful and practical decision.

There are so many bedding types to choose from it can be hard to know where to start. Whether you're a zen-bedding guru, looking for the perfect eco-friendly comforter, or maybe you're a teen looking for the perfect dorm room set, there's bedding out there that can make your bedroom a dreamland.

If you're not sure where to start with so many retailers and so many styles, don't sweat. Here are a few key things to think about before jumping into cottons and percales:

  • Selection. Bedding can be an investment, often with you for years to come. So, you want to make sure you pick a store that offers a diverse array of styles, fabrics, and sizes, ensuring that your final choice resonates with your taste and specific requirements.
  • Budget. There are a lot of different price ranges out there depending on the type of bedding you want. Keep your ideal budget in mind as you browse. Some sites are good for one or two items but too pricey for a full bed set. Others are low-cost, but may not have high-end designs or eco-friendly options. So, knowing your ideal budget can help you decide where to buy.
  • Company reputation. The reputation of the bedding retailer can help you feel confident in your purchase. Feedback from customers can offer invaluable insights into the quality, delivery, and customer service provided by a particular company. Checking out customer reviews and product ratings can give you that extra assurance that your bedding will meet your expectations.
  • Return policy. Even if you carefully choose (or maybe you like to eenie-meenie-miney-mo, we don't judge) there may be instances where you need to return or exchange your bedding. Whether it's a sizing mishap or the color isn't right once you get into your room, finding a company with a flexible and hassle-free return policy is essential for confident shopping.

To make sure you get your dreamland exactly the way you want it, Top Consumer Reviews has reviewed and ranked the top bedding stores out there today. We hope to help you find the best new bedding that promises a peaceful, restful night's sleep. Good luck with your shopping, and enjoy catching those Zzzs!

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Bedding Company FAQ

Bedding can refer to a lot of things. Put simply, bedding is anything you might need to sleep in your bed or make it look nice when you're not. This includes pillows, pillow cases, fitted sheets, shams, comforters, duvet covers, quilts, bedskirts, decorative pillows, and more.
Yes! Most commonly you'll find bedding for twin (39" x 75" ), full/double (54" x 75" ), queen (60" x 80" ), or king (78" x 80" ) beds. This refers to the length and width of your bed and it's important to buy bedding that fits snug. Most companies carry the same bedding styles in multiple sizes, so you don't have to worry about not having a big selection for the size you need.
Bedding usually ranges anywhere from $30 to $200 (sometimes more) for a full set. However, if you're just buying a pillowcase or a new fitted sheet, you can expect to pay closer to $20 or $30. So much depends on what bedding product you're looking to buy and what material it is made of.
Since there are so many styles and designs when it comes to bedding, it helps to start out by identifying the size of bed you have. Once you've established this, decide what color of bedding you want and if you prefer it to have a design or just be a solid color. You can filter bedding selections down based on color and then browse the different options until you find bedding you are excited about!
A comforter is usually a thick bedding topper, most often made of cotton blends and synthetics. It is probably the most popular type of bedding topper in the US. It is sewn or quilted to keep the filling in place, but usually in plain, non-ornate patterns. A bedspread is a light-weight single-layer topper that covers the whole bed, sometimes down to the floor. They are good for cooler weather and sometimes come with elaborate finishes like pompom or chenille. Duvet covers are made to fit over a comforter with a zipper or buttons that can easily be removed for cleaning. You can switch out how heavy of a comforter you use on the inside to adjust to different temperatures throughout the year. Lastly, a quilt is an artistically crafted, heavy blanket with a top, inner batting, and bottom layer stitched together with complex patterns. They are popular for coastal, country, or rustic decorating styles.
It would be easier to ask what styles bedding does not come in! You can find bedding in all colors and designs, and with or without graphics. You can buy it all together in one matching set or mix and match patterns by purchasing different pieces of bedding individually. Some bedding themes include farmhouse, bohemian, Disney, sports, nautical, floral, shabby chic, and much more.
Some of the most common materials bedding comes in are cotton, flannel, silk, polyester, bamboo, microfiber, or lyocell. The different fabrics will play a part in the weight and temperature of your bed at night. Depending on if you like it cool or warm while you sleep, you will want to purchase bedding in materials that will help regulate temperature.
There are a variety of factors that play into how often you will need to replace bedding. Most experts believe bedding (at least sheets) should be washed weekly. After a few years of washing them weekly, they will likely thin and fade, which is a good indication that it's time for new ones. If you repaint your room or get new furniture, you might find that you want some new bedding to freshen up your bedroom vibe. Or maybe you spill something that stains your bedding and you can't stand to look at it any longer! As long as you keep your bedding clean, it should hold up for quite a while, but you'll be able to tell when it's time to follow the saying: "Out with the old, and in with the new!"
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