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The first thing to consider is if you are wanting a bunk bed or a loft bed. A bunk bed has two beds - and sometimes even three or four - stacked in various configurations. On the other hand, loft beds offer great space-saving capabilities by having just the top bunk with usually a desk and even shelves under it.

There are quite a few ways that you can have your bunk bed. There is the classic twin-over-twin. But then you can also do a twin-over-full, which is really nice to stand on as the parent if you like to tuck them in at night. More novel options include two twin-over-twin beds linked together by a staircase or even a queen-over-queen if you have the floor space - and a need - for that. Full-over-full is also very common.

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2024 Bunk Bed Store Reviews

Wayfair Review Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award 5 Star Rating


5 Star Rating Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

Wayfair is a terrific place to shop for bunk beds. They have some very unique styles that are sure to please your little ones, and plenty of customer reviews to help you find a bunk bed that meets both your needs and your budget. Have some fun browsing Wayfair's inventory of over 9,000 bunk and loft beds and see if they have the one you have in mind.

Home Depot Review 4.5 Star Rating

Home Depot

4.5 Star Rating

Home Depot is a surprisingly great option when searching for a bunk bed for the kiddos. The website is super-easy to shop and gives you many ways to filter through the nearly 2,000 bunk bed options to choose from. Plus, their prices are competitive and their return policy is hard to beat. Overall, they're a great option when it comes to choosing your next bunk bed.

Walmart Review 4 Star Rating


4 Star Rating

Walmart could be the "just right" place to shop for your bunk or loft bed. With a good selection, generous returns, and free shipping to your home, they have a lot going for them. You're not going to find anything super high-end here, but for most customers Walmart will offer the blend of quality and value expected for the bunk bed's price.

Target Review 4 Star Rating


4 Star Rating

Target probably isn't the first store that you think of when looking for a bunk bed, but you should give them a chance: they offer a decent selection of choices in a variety of styles. They have a great return policy and offer free shipping to your door. Who says you can't add a bunk bed to your next online Target run?

Lowe's Review 3.5 Star Rating


3.5 Star Rating

Lowe's - like any home improvement store - isn't necessarily one that you'd think of when it comes to bunk bed shopping. However, they do have a decent selection and, while not the lowest, they are fairly reasonably priced. We did run into a number of complaints with their customer service department though, so keep that in mind if you think you might choose Lowe's for your bunk bed.

Cymax Review 3.5 Star Rating


3.5 Star Rating

The bulk of Cymax's business isn't in bedroom furniture, but that shouldn't deter you from checking them out. They have quite a few bunk and loft beds to choose from - over 1300, to be exact. While their site isn't maybe the most flashy, we think you might want to give Cymax a look if you don't find what you need somewhere else.

Pottery Barn Kids Review 3 Star Rating

Pottery Barn Kids

3 Star Rating

Pottery Barn Kids is definitely more in the higher price range of your options for bunk and loft beds. They have some absolutely adorable styles to choose from that made us wish it weren't strange for a grown-up to have a loft/bunk bed. However, the reviews we found about shipping and returns weren't something that gave us the warm-fuzzies, earning them a lower ranking than many of their competitors.

Kids Furniture Warehouse Review 2.5 Star Rating

Kids Furniture Warehouse

2.5 Star Rating

Kids Furniture Warehouse doesn't have a very large selection - the fewest of all our reviews - but what they do have seems to be quality. Their biggest downside is that they only have showrooms in Central and South Florida. While they can ship to most places in the United States, their limited selection and extra delivery costs for "out of area" earn this store a lower rating. If you happen to live in that area though, give them a try.

Rooms To Go Review 2 Star Rating

Rooms To Go

2 Star Rating

Rooms To Go is a furniture retailer found primarily on the East Coast and in the South - and their delivery area corresponds to those states. There's a good range of bunk beds in their inventory, if you happen to live in their service area, and prices are comparable with other stores. Unfortunately, this retailer has a less-than-customer-friendly return policy, and recent feedback from shoppers describes horrible experiences with furniture quality and customer service. Try shopping with a higher-ranked store for your bunk bed instead.

Hayneedle Review 1.5 Star Rating


1.5 Star Rating

Hayneedle has a nice but not extensive selection of bunk and loft beds. However, even though their rating with the BBB is very good, their many unhappy customers paint a very different picture. Most complaints talk about the lack of quality and furniture arriving with missing parts. That is bad enough, but then the stories continue without positive resolutions from the company. For these reasons, we have ranked Hayneedle as the lowest retailer among bunk bed stores.

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This comes in handy with those sleepers that need extra room to move around in the night. If for any reason you decide the kids won't always be sharing a room, look for ones that allow you to separate the bunk into two freestanding beds. There are also different ways the ladders are attached - or often even the option to have stairs. Some come with extra storage options as well, including drawers, shelves, or an actual dresser attached.

As you are shopping, pay special attention to the specifications provided. The best retailers will provide you with more information than you think you need- until you realize you do need to know that after all. Such information should include the dimensions of the bunk or loft bed. You want to make sure that the child on the top isn't going to hit their head on the ceiling every time they sit up in bed because there isn't enough clearance.

You will also want to look for safety information. The top bunk isn't recommended for children under 6 years old and there are usually weight limits for the separate bunks that you might want to keep in mind.

With so many different bunk beds and loft beds to choose from, and almost as many retailers who'd love to sell you one, it can get overwhelming fast. How can you tell which store should earn your business? Keep these criteria in mind as you shop:

  • Selection. How many bunk beds does the retailer have in stock? Do they come in a wide range of styles, colors, and sizes?
  • Value. Is the bed a good investment for what you'll pay? Will it last a long time? Does the company offer any promotions like free shipping or setup with your delivery?
  • Shipping and Returns. What are the policies for the retailer? Do they offer free shipping or a flat rate delivery fee? Is there an option to have the bed delivered to the exact room it will be used in? Can you have them assemble it? Are you able to return the furniture if you find it doesn't work?
  • Reputation. What do other shoppers say about the retailer? Can you also consider what they've said about individual bunk beds in the inventory (by leaving reviews and other comments)?

To help you find the best bunk bed for your child's room, TopConsumerReviews.com has evaluated and ranked the most popular retailers today. We're confident this information will make it easy and even fun to get the right bed for sweet dreams!

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Bunk Bed Store FAQ

A bunk bed is a piece of furniture that consists of two mattresses, one above the other. It usually takes up the same amount of floor space as a normal twin or full bed, but reaches higher to the ceiling. The two beds are often connected by a ladder that allows you to get from the bottom to the top.
The frame of a bunk bed is made of either wood or metal. There are different wood finishes that you can choose from to match the decor of the bedroom or you could choose a metal frame for a modern look. The mattresses on a bunk bed are like any other mattresses on a regular bed: from basic budget-friendly ones to styles made for maximum comfort to give you (or, more likely, your children!) a good night's rest.
If you have children sharing a bedroom and want to maximize your space, bunk beds are a fantastic option. Not only do kids love the idea of climbing up and down their bunk bed, but it's a great way to use all the available space you have for sleeping. Some beds even have a trundle bed underneath the lowest bunk, allowing for three people to sleep on one bunk bed. It doesn't get more convenient than that!
Surprisingly, bunk beds aren't much more expensive than standard twin or full-size beds. You can easily find a good-looking bunk bed for anywhere between $200 and $500. This includes beds with a trundle as well! Whether you're looking for a metal- or wood-frame bed, there are plenty of options online, so you're guaranteed to find a price you're happy with!
In the event that you assemble a bunk bed and choose to return it, you can usually do so if it's still in brand new condition. Ideally the only reason you'd need to return your bunk bed is if it were defective (missing pieces, scuffed wood, etc.). Every retailer has a slightly different return policy, so read it thoroughly before purchasing your bunk bed online.
Yes! As long as you have children who are old enough to safely sleep in their own bed without rolling off, they will be just fine in a bunk bed. Small guard rails surround the beds to make sure children are secure. The top and bottom bunks can handle a significant amount of weight, but parents climbing to the top of the bunk bed with their children to read or play might want to check the limits specified by the manufacturer.
The frame of a bunk bed doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the comfort of the bed itself. As long as you're comfortable on your mattress, you'll be comfortable in a bunk bed! If you need a mattress that is slightly softer or more firm, you could buy a new one in a standard size and it would fit just fine on the bunk bed. The only part to watch out for is the thickness of the mattress on the top bunk: you want to make sure you don't have a mattress taller than any guardrails your bed may have in place.
Since most bunk beds come in standard twin or full size, the biggest factor in choosing a bunk bed is how it looks. Decide if a metal frame or a wood frame is going to look best in the bedroom and go from there. Do you want a trundle to sleep a third person on the bunk bed? Do you want a bunk bed with a built-in desk on the side? Look through the different styles online and choose which one you like the look of best!
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