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MOO vs VistaPrint

Wednesday, June 19th

2024 Business Card Company Reviews

MOO Review 4.5 Star Rating


4.5 Star Rating
  • About 350 business card designs to choose from, or upload your own
  • Can print a different design on every card - at no extra charge
  • Get a free business card sample pack
  • Prices start at $20 for 50 standard business cards
  • Shipping fees starting at $5.50 (12 business days) to $41.75 (next-day before noon) on a 50-card order
  • "A+" rated by the BBB

For anyone who wants to feature an entire portfolio of work through their business cards, MOO may be the best - and only - choice. This is the only printer we know of that offers to print a completely different design on each and every card, at no extra cost. Plus, the quality of these business cards and the attentiveness of MOO's customer service team are unrivaled. You will definitely pay more for your order here, but you'll also get your money's worth. MOO is one of our most recommended choices for ordering business cards.

VistaPrint Review 3 Star Rating


3 Star Rating
  • Over 6,700 business card designs, or upload your own
  • Can work with a designer via video chat to design your card
  • Prices start at 100 cards for $17
  • Shipping costs based on order total
  • "A+" rated by the BBB

VistaPrint is used by businesses and individuals alike for a wide range of products, including business cards. This is one of the only print companies that will connect you with affordable design services if you want them - but with over 6700 templates to choose from, VistaPrint also makes it easy to do it yourself. That's why we're disappointed to see so many negative client reviews in recent months, which have left VistaPrint with a "just average" rating from us.

Where Can You Buy the Best Business Cards?

Despite the fact that so many of our interactions today are digital - airdropping contact information, mobile rewards programs, you name it - business cards are hotter than ever. Don't believe it? From Will Smith in Men in Black to Seong Gi-hun in Squid Game, even characters in our favorite movies and TV shows demonstrate how a single business card can change our world forever.

Of course, you may be looking for something a little less drastic: a simple way to let prospective clients know how they can reach you, a place to jot down a patient's next appointment, or a frequent buyer card that can earn your customers a free smoothie on their 10th visit. You don't have to be inviting someone to join a secret organization that tracks alien activities or to participate in a life-or-death game for business cards to be interesting and relevant.

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Business Card Company FAQ

Yes! Even though we live in such a digital world, most companies and independent contractors still use business cards. They're a great way to keep your business top-of-mind when someone has a need for your type of services.
Great question! Most business cards have, at a minimum, your name and contact information: phone, email, address (if relevant). Your company's name and logo, website URL, and any specifics about your business will also be helpful. If you're doing a two-sided card, the back side can be used to feature services you offer, social media accounts, licensing or insurance details, and so on.
There's really no hard and fast rule about what shouldn't go on a business card. But, you do want to ensure that your cards are readable: no typos, tiny print, or clutter with words or graphics.
Not at all. You can usually get 100 for under $15 with most providers of business cards. And, the more you order at once, the bigger the discount is likely to be.
The first thing to decide is if you want them to be paper or magnetic. Are you hoping that people will file your card away in their wallets or stick it to their refrigerators? Another consideration is single- vs. double-sided. If you have a lot of relevant information to convey - you're a home repair specialist who can do plumbing, electrical and painting, for example - you may want to use the front for your name and contact information and the back to list your services. There are also flat and folded business cards, various sizes to choose from, glossy vs. matte, and other design options you can use to make your cards stand out among the crowd.
There aren't many brick-and-mortar stores offering business card printing these days. Sure, you could go to a Big Box Office Supply Store near you, but you're likely to come away with generic-looking business cards that don't leave an impression on prospective customers. Using a reputable online printer helps you get a one-of-a-kind business card with all the options you want - and usually at a better price than you'll get from those chain office retailers.
If you're in a hurry, some printers can get your cards to you within two business days. You'll pay extra for the expedited service, of course. Most business card providers have turnaround times ranging from 1-3 weeks when you choose the standard production and delivery timeframe.
It depends on the print service you select. Some offer no refunds at all, while others will only give you your money back if there's an error on their part. However, a small number of companies take customer satisfaction to a higher level: they offer a hassle-free guarantee that lets you get a refund no matter what, usually within 30 days of delivery.
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Ordering your cards online is the easiest way to get the job done. You already have your logo saved to your laptop or phone, and there are plenty of services that make it simple to add it to a business card design. Even if you're starting completely from scratch, you can browse templates that match your industry and choose the look that will help you stand out. Some services give you the option to work with a designer to get just the right fonts, colors and arrangements for the style you've got in mind.

With literally hundreds of print services out there, all with numerous designs to choose from, it can feel pretty daunting getting started. Which one should you choose for your business card order? Try looking for these criteria as you decide:

  • Variety of templates. A service that only lets you choose from a small handful of (similar) designs may leave you with the same tired business cards people have been using for years. Sometimes more really is better.
  • Ease of use. There's no need to have a stressful experience designing your cards. Select a printer that makes it straightforward to create them or upload a design you used previously.
  • Design services. Maybe you'd like a professional to look over your business card before you send it to production. If so, there are a handful of print companies who include that in their services, sometimes complimentary and other times for a fee.
  • Satisfaction guarantee. Make sure you've got options if your cards arrive and they're not what you expected.
  • Reputation. Most business card printers have had thousands and thousands of orders placed there over the years. What do their customers say? Does the company have a loyal following of clients who use them for all of their print projects? Are they generally satisfied with the print quality and the value of their business cards?

To help you find the best business cards, TopConsumerReviews.com has evaluated and ranked the most popular print companies on the market today. We're confident that this information will make it fast - and maybe even fun! - to get your new business cards in hand.

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