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Calendars Review

Thursday, May 23rd

2024 Calendar Store Reviews

Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award Calendars Review 5 Star Rating


5 Star Rating
  • Calendars usually $17.99
  • Unmatched variety of calendars at great prices
  • Specializes in wall, desk, and 18-month calendars
  • Offers nearly 200 calendar subjects with filters for easy browsing
  • Page-a-day pet photo calendars available
  • Regularly offers discounts on calendars
  • Offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and free shipping promotions
  • "A+" rated and accredited by the BBB
Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

For an unmatched variety of calendars at great prices, Calendars should be your top choice. With over three decades of experience, this online shop specializes in wall, desk, and 18-month calendars, as well as planners, featuring popular brands like Lang. Alongside calendars, they also provide a selection of games and puzzles for added home entertainment.

Categories for many special interests

You can shop by calendar format (like wall, mini-wall, or desk) as well as use filters to narrow results down by category, height, and subject - and there are nearly 200 of these subjects to choose from, meaning that Calendars does right by people with special interests. One endearing review we found says, "Have been buying from this website for several years. Have always had a good experience. Quite aside from the fact that Lighthouses are my favorite things on the planet." Some other fun categories to check out include Dad Jokes, Folk Art, and TV.

Cat lovers rejoice

The 50 most popular calendars here include a page-a-day calendar featuring photos of cats submitted by their owners. Initially, we doubted how interested anyone could be in seeing a different cat photo daily (and having to remember to flip the page every day), but the charm of these photos lies in the evident love the owners have for their pets. Sometimes the photo of the day includes a cat-themed quote or fun fact. And if you're a dog person, there's a dog-a-day calendar just like this one for sale, too.

Other gifts sold here

Calendars also sells planners, journals, candles, mugs, and stickers. You can even buy gag gifts like buzzers and Funko Pops or plush stuffed animals. Puzzles and games are sold here too. However, none of these items match the designs of the calendars, so don't set out expecting to find a coordinating set.

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Check for discounts

When we visited the site, we spotted a one-day-only 30% off discount. We would recommend checking out the site yourself to see which deals you might be able to take advantage of because it seems they change regularly. Pricing seems to range from $10.99 for discounted calendars to $22.99, with most calendars costing $17.99.

No customized photo calendars

If you were attracted by Calendar's affordable prices and were hoping to find a similar deal for a custom calendar, we're sorry to tell you that they don't offer those here. You'll need to check out one of the other websites in our review for that.

30-day satisfaction guarantee

Calendars offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for returns or exchanges. Items must be in their original condition and shrink wrapping, and customers are responsible for return shipping costs. The return process takes up to 5 business days, or 7-10 business days during December and January. If your order arrived damaged or incorrect, it should first be reported to customer service. For products purchased between December 26 and January 31, only exchanges are allowed at the seasonally-discounted price.

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Free shipping on $30-worth of calendars or $49 of anything

The Calendars Ship Free promotion applies to calendar purchases of $30 or more. If you only want to buy one calendar but still want free shipping, your order will qualify after you reach $49 - consider stocking up on some mugs or stationery to meet that amount. During the busy season, you can expect your order to process within 4-5 days. Shipping itself will take 7-10 days and starts at $5.99 for calendars.

Very trustworthy

Calendar has a 4.3 rating average from over 700 reviews on Trustpilot. Customers are pleased with the quality of the products as well as how easy it is to shop on the website. In the rare instance where there was a complaint, customer service responded promptly and in detail. The company has been in business since 1986 and has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau since 1994, with an "A+" rating.

Top pick

Looking for a new calendar should be a hassle-free, enjoyable, and affordable experience. Calendars delivers on these aspects, boasting an impressive array of calendars in various styles and themes. They also provide a user-friendly return policy and offer gift options to complement your purchase. This store is our top choice for those shopping for a calendar to ring in a new year.

Where is the Best Place to Buy a Calendar?

In today's digital age, where our lives are increasingly managed through screens, the charm of physical calendars, diaries, and planners still holds a special place in many hearts. There's a unique pleasure in using a tangible calendar: the feel of turning over a fresh page to reveal a new month, the satisfaction of writing down events and appointments, and the joy of physically crossing off completed activities.

For those who cherish personalization, custom calendars with photos add a sentimental touch to daily planning. However, finding a good selection of paper calendars in local stores can be surprisingly challenging. It's no wonder that this shift in availability makes online calendar shopping an increasingly popular choice.

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Calendar Store FAQ

It originates from the Latin word calendarium, which meant "account book" or "interest register" according to Britannica. But, the idea of a calendar, or a way of tracking the time from one day or season to the next, certainly isn't limited to the ancient Romans. You could spend hours looking at different historical calendars, from the Mayans to the Persians and many other cultures and time periods.
Most people use the Gregorian calendar, introduced way back in 1582 by Pope Gregory XIII. This system was put in place to account for the fact that it takes 365 1/4 days for the earth to go around the sun - and that's why we have an extra day on February 29th every four years (a "leap year" ).
Yes, often ones with religious underpinnings. For example, the Islamic (or Hijri) calendar, is strictly based on the cycles of the moon (which is why the dates of Ramadan don't always correspond to the same dates or seasons on the Gregorian calendar).
There's nothing historical about it - it's simply for convenience. That lets you buy a calendar for the next year before it starts, and you can transfer any events or reminders from the current year's calendar if you want to start using the new one right away.
Even though most of us rely on some kind of digital calendar system, from Outlook to Google, paper calendars are still in demand. Many people like being able to see a month at a glance, to see which birthdays and other special occasions are on the horizon. And, customizable calendars with family photos continue to be a fun way to share memories while planning new ones. Page-a-day calendars can still be spotted on office desks, bringing humor or inspiration to the workplace.
If you're just looking at local retailers, the answer is likely to be no. Many stores only carry them from November through January and then clear them all out, especially if they don't specialize in calendars and other print items (e.g supermarkets vs. bookstores). Fortunately, there are many online retailers of calendars that let you purchase them whenever you like!
Not any more than it is to buy them in-person. Some stores will even give you free shipping, discounts or seasonal promos to sweeten the deal.
Policies vary by retailer, but most will give you a replacement, store credit or refund if you're unhappy with the calendar you receive. This is also true of customized calendars: if you design one with your own photos and graphics and something goes wrong in the print process, the best calendar stores will reprint it for you, no questions asked.
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Many retailers have reduced their in-store offerings, making it hard to find calendars that are both unique and appealing, no matter when you're shopping. On the other hand, online stores offer lots of options, from stunning landscapes and animal themes to motivational quotes and artistic designs.

Whether you need a wall calendar for the family kitchen or a compact desk calendar for your office, the selection online is extensive and varied. Plus, prices online are often more competitive than in physical stores, and if you're looking to create a custom calendar with personal photos, many online retailers offer fun and user-friendly design tools.

When choosing which online calendar store you want to shop with, you should consider the following factors:

  • Selection. Does the store offer a wide range of sizes, styles, and themes? Are there enough choices within specific categories, like wildlife or motivational themes?
  • Cost. What are the prices of the calendars, including shipping fees? Are there any customer incentives such as free shipping or discount codes?
  • Satisfaction policy. If you're not satisfied with your purchase, can you return it for a refund? What is the timeframe for returns?
  • Reputation. What do past customers say about their experience with the retailer, especially in terms of quality and customer service? How easy is it to design a personalized photo calendar?

Top Consumer Reviews has thoroughly reviewed and ranked the best online calendar retailers available today. We aim to help you find the perfect calendar that not only organizes your year but also adds a touch of personal or aesthetic value to your space."

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