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Wayfair Review

Sunday, March 7th

2021 Camping Gear Store Reviews

Wayfair Review 4 Star Rating


4 Star Rating
  • "A+" Better Business Bureau rating
  • Free shipping over $35
  • Hundreds of sale items

Wayfair sells everything. They are one of those companies that you can rely on for house decor, baby gear, outdoor products, appliances, pet accessories, building supplies, and nearly everything else under the sun. So, of course they have a full selection of affordable hiking and camping gear as well.

Hundreds Of Camping Essentials

The complete list of camping gear at Wayfair includes tents, chairs, coolers, outdoor showers, first aid, camping cots, electric grills, lighting, and mattresses. There are hundreds of results for most categories, leaving customers with pages of options for camping gear. You can sort by customer ratings, material, features, price, color, and more. Wayfair is such a widely-used site that they have the online shopping experience down pat. It's fun and easy to find what you're looking for here.

Always Affordable

Wayfair is known for being inexpensive, which is one of the reasons they are so popular. You'll rarely ever buy all your items at full price from their store. This is either because products are on sale or you'll get a good discount code for being on their email list. In addition, you only have to spend $35 to qualify for free shipping. However, this sometimes means that you won't get the highest-quality products and some customers have complained about the short lifespan of items they've purchased from Wayfair because the quality reflects the price.

Best Camping Gear Stores

Brands That Fit Your Budget

You'll find name-brand camping gear at Wayfair like Coleman, AlpsMountaineering, Ford, Kingcamp, and others, but they also have a lot of off-brand products that contribute to their ability to not have to sell all their products at ridiculous prices.

30-day Return Policy

If you need to return any of your camping gear to Wayfair, you have 30 days from the time of delivery to either get a store credit or full refund. Some exceptions to this include clearance items, gift cards, personalized items, and other types of products typically excluded from return policies. Customers are responsible for paying the cost of return shipping.

Mixed Customer Ratings

Most of the products at Wayfair have quite a few customer reviews, which says a lot about the popularity of products and the company itself. Wayfair also has an "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau. What's hard to see around is the fairly low customer ratings that Wayfair receives over a spread of different issues. Quite a few people have dealt with delivery issues of their packages from Wayfair, cheap quality of products, cancelled orders, and other problems usually associated with large companies. We don't feel like this is reason enough to assume that buying camping gear from Wayfair is a bad idea, so we still give them a high recommendation based on their large inventory and affordable prices.

Where Is the Best Place to Find Camping Gear?

Leaving your home to enjoy the great outdoors for a few days might mean leaving behind some of the conveniences of electricity, heating and A/C, plumbing, and other basic comforts. So, you'll need to find high-quality gear to keep you warm, make food, and stay sheltered on your camping trip. Whether it's a large tent or a camping stove, you'll want to get a few things before heading out.

Shopping online for all your camping gear needs is the best way to get your favorite brands, a good selection of products, and the top deals on everything. Rather than running from store to store trying to check off your list of camping essentials, kick back in the comfort of your home and browse retailers on the internet. As a perk, everything will get delivered straight to your door, so the only place you'll be heading is on your camping trip!

The Best Camping Gear Stores Compare Camping Gear Stores Compare Camping Gear Store Reviews What are the best Camping Gear Stores Best Camping Gear Store Reviews

Camping Gear Store FAQ

It might help to search online for a simple camping gear checklist and start with that. It will likely include the basics like a tent, sleeping bag, flashlights, firewood, tool kits, warm clothes, hiking boots, water bottle, camping stove, utensils, food, water, and more. It takes a surprising amount of gear to spend a few nights outdoors!
The cost of camping gear could range anywhere from a $10 water bottle to a large $600 tent. If you're starting from scratch with what items you have, you can expect to pay a few hundred dollars for everything you need. Realize that not everything that's considered "camping gear" is essential, so you could slowly acquire more things as you become more serious about outdoor adventuring.
It's hard to know just how good an item is until it's been tested, but it helps to read customer reviews and see how others like the product. Inspect items when they arrive to make sure there are no defects before taking it on your camping trip. If you've done both of those things and are still upset with how a product worked for you, refer to the company return policy (make sure to check this before buying products) and if they allow for refunds and returns on used items, you can send it back within the given return window.
You won't want to buy camping gear and then have to replace it after a few years. Even though it may cost extra, try to get the best quality of products - which may mean buying a name brand. Camping won't be enjoyable if you're cold, hungry, or wet, so buy the best protective items. For example, when you're in the mountains, it is often very cold, especially at night. Find a sleeping bag with a good temperature rating that will keep you warm even when temperatures drop to nearly 0 degrees. In addition to finding items that are appealing, check customer reviews and read product descriptions to make sure you're getting the best of the best.
People often go camping to get away from the demands of work, social media, and revitalize relationships with loved ones. Being outside is refreshing mentally and fresh air is good for your health. There are many activities you can enjoy while camping, but hammocking, playing games, hiking, napping, swimming, and stargazing are just a few popular pastimes of campers.
There are certain things that kids will need before going camping, like appropriate clothes, boots, a water bottle, and maybe a size-appropriate sleeping bag. However, the majority of things needed for camping like a tent, cookware, tools, camp chairs, and tables will work for everyone in a group regardless of their age. Once you establish a collection of high-quality camping gear, it can benefit the whole family.
Camping is safe as long as you follow a few basic rules. Check the weather before heading out to make sure you won't get caught in a storm, make sure someone who isn't going to be on the camping trip knows exactly where you're going and when, stay hydrated, use insect repellent, store food safely, watch out for wildlife, and stay alert. Camping is an enjoyable hobby that many people share and if you abide by basic safety rules, you can relax and have a refreshing getaway with Mother Nature!
Since there are so many things you need to bring when you head out on a camping trip, it's easy to leave some essentials behind. Some commonly forgotten items include firewood, a hatchet, utensils, bug spray, first aid kits, extra socks, and sun protectant. Make a thorough checklist before packing for a camping trip to help you avoid leaving important items at home.
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By being able to compare the price of different items between retailers, you can easily stay within a budget when shopping for sleeping bags, shoes, cookware, backpacks, food, and all the other necessities for outdoor survival. You can keep an eye out for sitewide sales and discount codes to get the best prices on name-brand items. It's easy to do a lot of research about what you're buying online, which is important since the camping gear you purchase will likely be used many times over.

Before choosing a store to buy camping gear from, we recommend you keep the following criteria in mind:

  • Price. Some retailers carry name brands that have high markups. Compare the costs among retailers to see who is offering the best deals. The cost of camping gear can add up quickly, so you'll want to buy from an online store that won't break the bank.
  • Selection. When it comes to camping, you don't want to skimp on gear that will keep you warm, full, and safe. Ideally a retailer will offer lots of products for your survival needs.
  • Reputation. Just because a camping gear store is well-known doesn't mean they are well-liked. What does the Better Business Bureau have to say about them? Do they have good customer service, convenient return policies, and high-quality products? Pay attention to what customers have to say about their experience with the company.

To help you identify the best camping gear retailers, TopConsumerReviews.com has reviewed and ranked a variety of options. We hope this information helps you find all the outdoor gear you need for your next adventure.

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