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KOHO Review

Wednesday, May 29th

2024 Canadian Credit Monitoring Company Reviews

KOHO Review 1.5 Star Rating


1.5 Star Rating
  • Free credit score within 30-day trial period (and after subscribing)
  • Primarily a banking and credit-building service
  • Available throughout Canada

KOHO is a Canadian financial technology company that offers a mobile banking and financial management platform. KOHO provides users with a prepaid Visa card and a mobile app, allowing them to manage their finances, make purchases, and track their spending. Subscribers can set savings goals, receive real-time insights into their spending habits, and enjoy features like cashback rewards on purchases.

Credit score checking only (no monitoring)

When it comes specifically to credit monitoring, KOHO is extremely limited. You can check your credit score for free on a KOHO 30-day trial, but after that you'll be subscribed to whichever plan you choose when you create your account. These accounts don't come with any monitoring features: no alerts, no updates, nada.

Focuses on building credit

You can use KOHO to build your credit, though. This is done either through a KOHO line of credit, a secured line of credit, or both. The company proudly states that the average user sees a score increase of around 22 points after using the credit-building feature for just three months. With either plan, you'll be connected with a Financial Coach to help you stay on track.

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Too many unhappy clients

But, the real question is, will it be a good idea to use KOHO? It's obvious that it's got almost nothing novel to offer with respect to credit monitoring (since you can get your score for free in plenty of other places). And, unfortunately, KOHO has a lot of unhappy customers who've used their financial services - so much so that the Better Business Bureau had to list the company as "Not Rated" while they went back to evaluate complaints that were previously closed. And there are a lot of those: over 350 filed with the BBB in the last three years, plus 1-star ratings on Trustpilot amounting to 85% of their total. It's pretty sobering to read comments like "KOHO's credit building service ruined my credit" and "I've been a customer for six years and every year just got worse" .

Customer service is awful

And, don't expect quick help if you have a problem: despite promising resolutions within 1-2 business days, it's not uncommon for KOHO to let their customers go a month or longer without getting help, a new credit card, or answers on why their account was suddenly closed (and where the money went when KOHO did that).

Don't bother with KOHO

Save yourself some time and skip KOHO. If you're searching for a credit monitoring service, you won't find it here. And if all you need is a quick (free) check of your credit score, there are lots of options out there that won't rope you into a subscription a month down the road. KOHO is just a bad idea all around.

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Who Provides the Best Credit Monitoring Service for Canadians?

Credit monitoring services have become very popular in recent years. Because financial transactions are increasingly conducted online, the risk of identity theft and fraud is greater now than ever before. Credit monitoring services act as a vigilant guardian against such threats by continuously monitoring credit reports for any suspicious activity.

In Canada, these services help you keep track of your credit information and detect any potential signs of identity theft or fraudulent activity. These services typically provide ongoing monitoring of your credit report and alert you to any significant changes, such as new accounts being opened, inquiries into your credit history, or changes in your credit score.

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Canadian Credit Monitoring Company FAQ

Credit monitoring can mean two things: getting your credit score and report, or tracking inquiries made on your credit report with the intention of spotting fraud or identity theft. When you see services offering "credit monitoring" , most free platforms in Canada only offer you access to your credit score/report, while paid providers include tracking of your credit report and insurance against identity theft.
In Canada, there are two bureaus responsible for reporting consumer credit: Equifax and TransUnion. Each bureau uses different methods of calculating your credit score; some lenders and creditors prefer one over the other.
It might, depending on which service you select. Some free credit monitoring platforms in Canada give you access to your credit score and history, but you're responsible for looking for errors and fixing any problems you find. Paid services almost always monitor your account for any suspicious activity, help you freeze your accounts, and often include restoration specialists to guide you through the process of recovering your identity. You may even have identity theft insurance included in your paid package.
Some credit monitoring services in Canada are absolutely free. Most paid credit monitoring services cost between $11 and $30 per month, depending on the level of service you select and how many people you're covering (an individual vs. a couple or household).
Not necessarily. Your bank probably gives you access to your credit score when you sign into your account, but not a copy of your credit report. Plus, your bank doesn't have access to your credit cards, loans, or other creditors' information; they won't be able to spot fraudulent activity on any accounts outside of their institution.
If you use your monitoring service well, yes. Even with a no-fee credit monitoring platform, you can keep an eye on your credit score and act quickly if you notice anything out of the ordinary. Also, almost every credit monitoring service includes ample financial education, to help you understand money even better and to make good decisions for a healthy credit report.
Contact the company that is reporting the inaccurate information. It could be a simple administrative mistake. However, if you suspect that it's fraud, you should contact Equifax and TransUnion to inform them and ask that a fraud alert be placed on your credit reports. You should also report the fraud to the Canadian Anti-fraud Centre, and contact any lenders or other organizations that might be affected by the breach.
It's worth considering. Identity thieves often target children's information, because they can often use it for many years before being caught. Some credit monitoring programs in Canada offer discounted pricing for family plans.
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Manually reviewing credit reports and scoring systems can be daunting for the average person to navigate. Credit monitoring services simplify this process by providing easy-to-understand analyses and explanations of credit reports and scores. By demystifying financial jargon and offering insights into creditworthiness, these services empower individuals to make informed decisions about their finances.

The increasing prevalence of data breaches and cyberattacks targeting personal information has made many people more aware of the importance of data security. Credit monitoring services often include features such as identity theft insurance and dark web monitoring. These features further enhance their appeal by providing comprehensive protection against various threats to personal and financial security.

Several credit monitoring options operate in Canada, offering various features and levels of protection. Some of the key players include Equifax and TransUnion, which are the two major credit reporting agencies nationwide. In addition to these credit bureaus, there are also third-party services that offer comprehensive credit monitoring, identity theft protection, and other related features.

However, not all services are created equal. It's one thing if you just want an updated credit score every year (after all, you can get that for free from the credit bureaus), but another thing entirely if you want your service to be actively tracking what's going on with your credit profile. You may even be surprised to see that some free credit monitoring options provide more features than their paid counterparts.

Not sure what you want? Here are some key features that may appeal to you; take a look and see which ones are a must-have, and choose your credit monitoring service accordingly:

  • Credit score monitoring. This is the most basic feature that should be included in any service you choose. But, be sure you understand which credit bureaus are tracked: is it Equifax Canada or TransUnion (or both)? The more inclusive the service, the better informed you'll be. Also, check out how often your credit score will be updated: daily, weekly, or monthly?
  • Early detection of suspicious activity. Credit monitoring services can alert you to any unusual or suspicious activity on your credit report, allowing you to take swift action if unauthorized changes or transactions occur.
  • Identity theft protection. Will the service you're considering contact you if there's an attempt to open a new account or misuse your credit information (to rent an apartment, for example)?
  • Personal finance management. Some services offer additional tools and resources to help users manage their finances more effectively, such as budgeting tools and credit score simulators.

To give you an overview of the credit monitoring landscape in Canada, the experts at Top Consumer Reviews have evaluated and ranked today's most popular services. Whether you're just looking for a basic, free option to watch over your credit score or a robust monitoring platform, use our research to choose the service that's the right fit for you!

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