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The Best Canadian Will Services

Where is the Best Place for Canadians to Create a Will?

Planning for the inevitable isn't exactly a dinner table conversation starter, but creating a will is a critical step in securing your legacy. Let's face it, none of us relish the thought of sorting out our assets posthumously. Leaving this to chance, however, means that legislation and the courts take the reins, deciding who inherits your estate and how much they receive.

In the absence of heirs, your hard-earned assets might even end up in the hands of the government. Not exactly the legacy you'd want, right? The good news is that creating a will is more straightforward than you might imagine, and the peace of mind it provides is immeasurable. So, buckle up, and let's explore why it's time to make your will a priority.

Wednesday, May 29th

2024 Canadian Will Service Reviews

CanadaWills Review Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award 5 Star Rating


5 Star Rating Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

CanadaWills is a free, user-friendly platform that has facilitated hundreds of thousands of legal wills over the last 20+ years. CanadaWills maintains a clean and intuitive website, prioritizing user privacy by not storing wills on their servers. Operating solely on donations, it's a cost-effective option with a straightforward online process. You can even create a Living Will, Power of Attorney, and Advance Directive at no cost. Serving as a fantastic starting point for Canadians interested in making a basic will for free, CanadaWills earns our highest recommendation.

Legal Wills Canada Review 4.5 Star Rating

Legal Wills Canada

4.5 Star Rating

Legal Wills Canada, part of the Parting Wishes family, brings over 20 years of experience to end-of-life planning, trusted by over 2 million Canadians and available across all provinces and territories. The basic will at $49.95 includes an array of features, from specifying estate distribution to setting up trusts for pets, while the Premium Estate Plan for Couples, at $199.95, offers additional features like funeral wishes, Power of Attorney for finances, Living Will, and a Digital Vault. Legal Wills Canada's affordable yet comprehensive services, backed by an "A+" rating and accreditation from the BBB, make it a top choice for estate planning.

Epilogue Review 4.5 Star Rating


4.5 Star Rating

Epilogue brings a modern twist to will-making in Canada. With a clean, user-friendly website, the platform aims to simplify the process and provide peace of mind to users and their families. Offering transparent pricing, Epilogue provides two options - $139 for an individual will (or $269 for a couple) and $199 for a will and incapacity documents (or $329 for a couple), with free lifetime updates. The most innovative feature here is the ability to create a free Social Media Will, addressing your wishes for your digital legacy. The 3-step process, insightful resources, and positive customer recommendations make Epilogue a highly recommended choice for will creation and more.

Willful Review 4 Star Rating


4 Star Rating

Willful is on a mission to simplify end-of-life planning for Canadians. The service offers three plans for individuals and couples, starting at $99. The platform provides a comprehensive Learning Centre, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and a straightforward process to create legally binding hard copies of your will. The downside? Willful isn't available in all territories and provinces. But, with an "A+" rating from the BBB, glowing customer reviews, and features in major outlets, Willful is a highly recommended and trusted option for most Canadians seeking a hassle-free will creation experience.

Vexxit Review 4 Star Rating


4 Star Rating

In operation since 2016, Vexxit connects you with a vetted network of legal and accounting professionals. Pricing starts at $479 for an individual will to $689 for a couple's will, with options for related documents and bundles at a discount. Not your typical DIY setup, Vexxit delivers active lawyer involvement in your will creation, with unlimited revisions during the process. While a bit pricier than will options in Canada that use a digital question-and-answer structure, Vexxit's transparent pricing, direct connection with trusted professionals, and positive client feedback make it a solid choice for Canadian wills.

Law Depot Review 3 Star Rating

Law Depot

3 Star Rating

LawDepot aims to be a versatile online will service in Canada, offering a broad array of legal documents for diverse needs. You can create a free will within the initial 7 days, with subsequent charges of $39/month or a $95.88 annual fee. While LawDepot provides extensive legal document options, its lack of specialization in will creation compared to competitors is evident and makes it less attractive than some of its rivals. LawDepot maintains a reputable "A+" rating and accreditation from the BBB, but its broader focus places it as an average choice among specialized will creation services.

Formal Will Review 2 Star Rating

Formal Will

2 Star Rating

At $79, the proudly Canadian service FormalWill is competitively priced, but hidden costs arise at checkout for making changes ($19.99 for unlimited tweaks within two years, $24.99 for unlimited modifications over three years). While the interface could be more flexible, the bigger concern is FormalWill's questionable reputation - the Better Business Bureau lacks info, their mail attempts failed, and even our calls went to voicemail during business hours. We've downgraded FormalWill in our ratings, due to these concerns. It may not be a fraudulent service per se, but for a top Canadian Will service, you should consider other options.

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The stumbling block for many is the uncertainty of where to start. The mystique around legal documents, coupled with the fear of complexity and cost, often leads people to procrastinate on this crucial task. The days of wrestling with schedules to consult pricey lawyers are behind us. Thanks to advancements in online legal services, the process has become more accessible than ever. Why not embrace this hassle-free approach to creating your will?

Online will services have emerged as a game-changer, simplifying the process and making it user-friendly. No need to navigate the labyrinth of legal jargon alone - these services guide you through a step-by-step process, demystifying each section and explaining the significance of the information required. Concerned about missing an essential step? No need to worry, because these platforms ensure that you leave no stone unturned.

One of the most significant advantages of utilizing online will services is the convenience of remote access to legal professionals. These experts not only verify that your documents meet Canada's legal requirements but also serve as your virtual guide, answering questions and providing assistance whenever needed. With some services even offering round-the-clock access to customer service agents, you can embark on this journey with confidence, knowing that support is just a message or call away.

As you start exploring your options among online Canadian will services, there are a few key considerations to bear in mind:

  • Cost. Of course, as everyone knows, legal documentation can be a financial burden. Opt for a credible service that strikes a balance between cost-effectiveness and quality. Creating a will should not break the bank.
  • Information provided. Don't let legal jargon befuddle you. Choose a service that offers clear guidance through help articles, direct access to customer service or lawyers, and maybe even a legal dictionary, ensuring that you understand every detail you're putting into your will.
  • Professionalism and reputation. The background of the staff members and attorneys associated with the service is crucial. Transparency in policies and the availability of a legal team to address your questions add an extra layer of assurance. When possible, see what other people have said about the company and their experience with creating a will.

At Top Consumer Reviews, we've done the legwork to rank the best online legal services for creating a will in Canada. Our aim is to equip you with the information you need to navigate this essential task confidently. Your peace of mind is our priority, and we hope this guide empowers you to take charge of your legacy. After all, planning for the future doesn't have to be intimidating - it just requires the right tools and a bit of guidance.

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Canadian Will Service FAQ

A Will is a legal document that outlines a person's wishes as to how their property and assets will be distributed once they pass away. It can also specify a person who is to manage their property as well. A Will holds up in court and ensures that all the asset management proceedings after you die are taken care of legally.
It's a good idea for everyone to have a Will. Once you turn 18, you are able to legally create one. Most people start thinking about creating their Will once they have children and start obtaining property and other valuables. This way they know that everything and everyone will be taken care of in the event that they suddenly pass.
A Will does not go into effect until you die. No one listed in the Will has any right or claim to assets or property if you are still alive. You maintain the rights to all of your property in the meantime. Once a person passes, their Will must be submitted for probate in circuit court to make sure that asset distribution is legal.
If you're planning to work one-on-one with a lawyer, a Will could cost you hundreds of dollars. Luckily, with online tools, you can quickly create a Will for a nominal fee. Some companies require you to pay for a subscription and to give you access to any legal document creation you want, while others allow you to buy one specific document. The final cost usually ends up being under $100.
No! With so many Will creation companies online, it is easy to walk step-by-step through the process and include everything you need in your Will. These companies have lawyers who review documents: they know the laws in each state to make sure your Will includes everything you need it to and that it holds up in court. You can think of online Will creation as a fill-in-the-blank process that eliminates a lot of the stress.
Making changes to a Will is not difficult. You can amend, update, modify, or even revoke your last Will if necessary. Another option is adding what is called a codicil, which is an amendment or addition to the Will. As long as your Will is signed and dated by you and a witness at the end of a modification, it remains legally binding.
Wills that have gone through probate become public record. This means that anyone can show up at the courthouse and view a Will in its entirety. County courthouses file Wills in a department called The Register of Wills.
If you pass away without having made a Will, the probate process kicks in and the state will handle your assets. Usually, they assign a personal representative to distribute your assets (typically the surviving spouse). The property will likely be distributed evenly to heirs, who might include parents, a spouse, siblings, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, and distant relatives. If you have specific instructions for what you want done with your property and assets, it is best to have a Will.
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