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Japan Candy Box vs Treatsbox

Friday, July 19th

2024 Candy Club Reviews

Japan Candy Box Review 4 Star Rating

Japan Candy Box

4 Star Rating
  • Candy Club Selection: 10 Japanese treats every month
  • Cost: From $24.90 to $29.90 per month, depending on subscription length
  • Duration: 1, 6, or 12 months
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Shipping: Free delivery worldwide

Japan Candy Box is an adorable candy club that brings the modern-day culture of Japan to your doorstep with a monthly delivery of 10 delightful treats, spanning both sweet and savory snacks. Customers are quick to praise this club for the sheer enjoyment of it, right down to the charming packaging and monthly theming. The company elevates the experience by providing free shipping to candy enthusiasts worldwide, and an affordable monthly price of under $30. Indulge in cuteness overload and savor the flavors of Japan with this fantastic international candy club.

Treatsbox Review 3.5 Star Rating


3.5 Star Rating
  • Candy Club Selection: An assortment of lollipops, hard candies, gum, salty snacks and chocolate, with options for Regular (8-10 treats), Epic (18-22 treats) or Colossal (30-34 treats) sizes
  • Cost: From $24.99 to $59.99 (CAD, not USD)
  • Duration: Auto-renews every month until you cancel
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Shipping: Around $16 CAD per delivery

Treatsbox is a Canadian candy club with a mix of well-loved and unique treats. They offer three box sizes: Regular, Epic, and Colossal, priced in Canadian dollars (CAD). While the subscription cost at Treatsbox may seem high, especially with high shipping fees to the US, currency conversion often favors US customers. Gift options are available, but shipping timeframes and box contents aren't customizable. Treatsbox is active on social media and gets lots of attention from happy subscribers. If you appreciate diversity and surprise in your candy club deliveries, it's worth considering.

Where Can You Find the Best Candy Club?

Do you, or someone you know, have a craving for sugary treats that just won't quit? If you're looking for a delightful way to satisfy your sweet tooth on a regular basis, you might want to consider joining a candy club - or giving one as a gift. These delectable subscriptions offer a wide variety of candies, from classic favorites to exotic treasures sourced from around the globe.

Imagine the joy of receiving a fresh assortment of candies at your doorstep every month or having them sent to your office. It's a treat everyone would eagerly anticipate. But with so many candy clubs to choose from, how do you find the best one for your sweet cravings?

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Candy Club FAQ

Great question! Most chocolate based candies, like candy bars can be frozen. The shelf life for frozen candy, if stored in an airtight container or bag, can last anywhere from 12 to 18 months.
There are many kinds of memberships such as the Fun Box, Party Box, Signature Sweets, or a chocolate-only collection. Each package will contain anywhere from 3 to 6 full size products. Candy types can range from sweet and sour to spicy to even indulgent chocolates.
Dark chocolate, also known as semi-sweet, has 4 main differences from milk chocolate. Dark chocolate contains no more than 12% milk fat, less cocoa butter, contains at least 15% chocolate liquor, and has a more intense chocolate flavor. The only other difference is that milk chocolate uses fresh whole milk rather than milk fat.
Great question! Nut-free means that the candy has been made without a trace of nuts. In fact, Nut-free candies are generally created and packaged in a nut-free facility. If you still have questions, feel free to reach out to the company's customer service.
When looking at the package, unless stated, there should be the letter K or U with a circle around it. There are more kosher symbols, but those two are the most popular. If you still are uncertain, feel free to contact customer service or visit oukosher.org and search the product name and brand to see if it is on the approved kosher food list.
It all depends on the number of guests you have, but a good rule of thumb is to estimate that each guest will eat about 4 oz. of candy. The formula to calculate this is the total number of guests multiplied by (four ounces) = total. For conversion to pounds, 4 ounces is equal to 1/4 of a pound. So, if you had 200 guests, you would have 50 pounds of candy.
The shelf life of hard sweets can be stored at room temperature or dry, cool conditions up to one year. Whereas the shelf life of hard candy can vary. Typically candy bars and concession candy can last up to one month. Bubblegum, candy corn, dark chocolate, Jordan almonds, and licorice have a shelf life of 2 months. Milk or white chocolates tend to last 3 months and jellybeans last up to 6 months. Longer shelf-life candy that lasts up to 12 months include caramel, gummy candy, hard candy, lollipops, and novelty candy. The longest shelf life is 24 months and is typically limited to mints. In general, the temperature the candy is stored at is important to the overall quality of the sweet.
Of course, this whitish powder is called chocolate bloom and is not white mold. Chocolate bloom does not affect the quality of the product and occurs when there is a temperature change. Keep in mind, if the chocolate is older than the recommended shelf life and contains white stuff on it, we recommend you discard the product and purchase fresh and delicious new candy.
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The process is simple: you get to select the type of candy you love and how frequently you want to receive your candy deliveries. Each candy club has its own unique subscription options. Some allow you to pre-select a fixed timeframe, like 3 months or a year, after which your membership ends. Others offer automatic renewals on a monthly basis until you decide to cancel your subscription. There are also candy clubs that give you the flexibility to space out your deliveries, perhaps receiving them once every three months or even less often, in case you want to pace yourself.

Candy clubs also make an excellent choice for gift-giving. Many of these clubs offer you the opportunity to include a personalized gift message for your lucky recipient, making the sweet surprise even more special. Who wouldn't prefer a monthly candy delivery over an outfit that doesn't quite fit or a gift card to a store they may never visit? The answer is simple - candy clubs make for thoughtful and delightful presents, sure to bring smiles to the faces of those you care about.

With numerous candy clubs available, it can be challenging to determine which one will suit your preferences. Here are some factors to consider when making your decision:

  • Candy type and quantity. What types of candies does the candy club offer? Make sure they have your favorite treats: traditional, retro, international, or something else? Also consider the quantity included in each shipment. Some clubs provide just a handful of candies, while others deliver dozens or even hundreds.
  • Cost. How much will you pay each month for your candy club subscription? Keep in mind that some providers include shipping in the membership cost, while others may have additional fees that can significantly increase what you spend.
  • Reputation. Research the candy club's reputation, like feedback from other candy enthusiasts, to ensure you are making the right choice. Check if the company has a history of on-time deliveries and responsive customer service. Finally, look for ratings and reviews from organizations like the Better Business Bureau to gauge the club's overall reliability.

If you're struggling to decide which candy club to choose, Top Consumer Reviews has reviewed and ranked the best ones available today. So why wait? Explore the world of candy clubs and indulge in a monthly experience that brings delight straight to your doorstep. Whether it's for yourself or a loved one, a candy club subscription is sure to add a little extra sweetness to your life!

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