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British Candy Box Review

Sunday, October 2nd

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British Candy Box Review 3 Star Rating

British Candy Box

3 Star Rating
  • Cost: Starting at $26.58 per month, plus approx. $14 for shipping
  • Candy Club Selection: 3 clubs to choose from, with just candy or candy + snacks
  • Duration: Auto-renews until you cancel
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Shipping: Approximately $14

British Candy Box is the creation of siblings Kate and Alex, who love all things food, travel and lifestyle. They curate a monthly delivery of the most-loved brands in Britain, like Walkers, McVitie's and Cadbury, for a unique flair in the candy subscription marketplace.

Change The Currency Display First

Before you start browsing the British Candy Box website, you may want to change the currency: look for the British flag in the upper right corner of the page and choose the one for your area (e.g. US Dollar, Canadian Dollar, etc.). However, be aware that when you go to check out, prices will still be in GBP - so what you'll actually pay will vary based on the exchange rate when you place your order.

3 Clubs To Choose From

There are three clubs you can choose when getting monthly deliveries from British Candy Box:

  • The Great British Box: priced at $26.51, this club gets you 10-12 items. This usually includes four full-size chocolate bars, three smaller chocolate bars, two snacks or potato chips, and three smaller sweets like candy or lollies.
  • The Ultimate British Box: the "big sister" of the Great British Box, this club is priced at $37.67 and includes most of the same types of products as the other plan...but more of them! You'll typically receive one large chocolate bar, four full-size bars and three smaller bars, four snacks/potato chips/biscuits, and four sweets like lollies or candy.
  • The British Snack Box: if you want a candy club that's also suitable for tea time, this plan is the one for you. You'll pay $34.18 for each delivery, which includes two individual tea bags, two full-size packets of biscuits (we call them cookies), four snack bars made of granola or cereal, four chocolate snack bars, and four packages of crisps, chips or crackers.
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No Gift Options

All clubs are delivered monthly until you cancel. There's no commitment required. Unfortunately, there are also no gift options with this candy club. You can specify a different shipping address from your billing address, but that's it: no options to include a gift note or anything else. It also seems that your deliveries will happen based on when you order, not according to a monthly shipment calendar. So, while you can't specify a future date for your gift to arrive, you also don't have to wait for it to roll into a new month to have your candy box shipped out.

Shipping Costs Are High

As you might expect, shipping your candy subscription from England will be expensive. For The Great British Box, the smallest plan offered by BCB, our delivery fees were £10. That worked out to be just under $14 on the day we placed the order. If you want tracking once your box reaches the US, you'll pay an extra £7 - and, at that point, you're spending almost as much in shipping as you're paying for the candy itself!

Not Many Customer Reviews - Positive Or Negative

That's a tough sell, given that there aren't many reviews to be found for British Candy Box. The store's social media channels are almost exclusively for promoting the owners of the company - nothing wrong with that; there are some fun videos there, and you can get to know the team behind your candy club much more intimately than with most subscription plans. But, if you want to find out if customers think this membership is worth the money, especially with costly shipping fees outside of the UK, you'll only find a handful of comments on all of their channels combined.

Good Club For Fans Of The UK

For that reason, British Candy Box earns a respectable 3-star rating but winds up at the bottom of our rankings among candy clubs. It looks like an entertaining way to get tasty treats from across the pond; if money is no object and you're an Anglophile, you probably won't choose any other candy club! On the other hand, if you just want a fun, affordable array of snacks on your doorstep every month and you're on a budget, there are better options out there for you.

Where Can You Find the Best Candy Club?

If you've got a sweet tooth that needs to be satisfied on the regular, subscribing to a candy club is a fun way to do it. What could be more entertaining and tasty than getting a fresh assortment of candies delivered to your home or office every month?

How do candy clubs work? It's easy: you choose the type of candy you want and how often you'd like to get deliveries, and voila! Options range from old-fashioned favorites like Bit O Honey and Blow Pops to global novelties from Japan and the UK.

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Candy Club FAQ

Great question! Most chocolate based candies, like candy bars can be frozen. The shelf life for frozen candy, if stored in an airtight container or bag, can last anywhere from 12 to 18 months.
There are many kinds of memberships such as the Fun Box, Party Box, Signature Sweets, or a chocolate-only collection. Each package will contain anywhere from 3 to 6 full size products. Candy types can range from sweet and sour to spicy to even indulgent chocolates.
The shelf life of hard sweets can be stored at room temperature or dry, cool conditions up to one year. Whereas the shelf life of hard candy can vary. Typically candy bars and concession candy can last up to one month. Bubblegum, candy corn, dark chocolate, Jordan almonds, and licorice have a shelf life of 2 months. Milk or white chocolates tend to last 3 months and jellybeans last up to 6 months. Longer shelf-life candy that lasts up to 12 months include caramel, gummy candy, hard candy, lollipops, and novelty candy. The longest shelf life is 24 months and is typically limited to mints. In general, the temperature the candy is stored at is important to the overall quality of the sweet.
Great question! Nut-free means that the candy has been made without a trace of nuts. In fact, Nut-free candies are generally created and packaged in a nut-free facility. If you still have questions, feel free to reach out to the company's customer service.
When looking at the package, unless stated, there should be the letter K or U with a circle around it. There are more kosher symbols, but those two are the most popular. If you still are uncertain, feel free to contact customer service or visit oukosher.org and search the product name and brand to see if it is on the approved kosher food list.
Dark chocolate, also known as semi-sweet, has 4 main differences from milk chocolate. Dark chocolate contains no more than 12% milk fat, less cocoa butter, contains at least 15% chocolate liquor, and has a more intense chocolate flavor. The only other difference is that milk chocolate uses fresh whole milk rather than milk fat.
It all depends on the number of guests you have, but a good rule of thumb is to estimate that each guest will eat about 4 oz. of candy. The formula to calculate this is the total number of guests multiplied by (four ounces) = total. For conversion to pounds, 4 ounces is equal to 1/4 of a pound. So, if you had 200 guests, you would have 50 pounds of candy.
Of course, this whitish powder is called chocolate bloom and is not white mold. Chocolate bloom does not affect the quality of the product and occurs when there is a temperature change. Keep in mind, if the chocolate is older than the recommended shelf life and contains white stuff on it, we recommend you discard the product and purchase fresh and delicious new candy.
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Subscription options vary by provider: some allow you to choose a timeframe in advance - say, 3 months or a year - and your membership will stop at the end of that time. Others automatically renew your membership from month to month, until you cancel your candy club. You will also find a few candy subscriptions that let you space out your deliveries to once every three months or longer (if you need to pace yourself!).

Candy clubs are also a terrific choice for gift-giving. Many companies let you enter a gift message for your lucky recipient, to personalize the sweet surprise they're receiving. Wouldn't you rather get candy in the mail every month, instead of a sweater you won't wear or a gift card to a store you don't like? Of course you would - and so would the people on your list!

No two candy clubs are alike, so how can you decide which one should get your business? Here are several factors to consider:

  • Selection. Does the candy club offer the types of treats that you or your gift recipient like best? How much is included in each shipment? Some clubs send just 10 treats per delivery, while others have dozens - or hundreds! - of candies in each box. Are you looking for traditional sweets or novelties from around the world?
  • Price. What will you spend each month for the candy club? Be sure to factor in shipping costs: a few providers include it at no extra charge, while others have fees that almost double the price of the membership.
  • Reputation. What do other candy fans say about the club? Does the company have a positive track record for on-time deliveries and helpful customer service? Has the Better Business Bureau given the club a good rating?

TopConsumerReviews.com has reviewed and ranked the best candy clubs available today. We're sure this information will help you pick the right monthly subscription to satisfy your sweet tooth!

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