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The Best Catholic Dating Sites

What is the Best Online Dating Site for Catholics?

Dating can be a real rollercoaster of emotions. Trying to be at the right place at the right time to meet your dream man or woman can feel like a ton of pressure. But with the revolution of online dating, websites and apps are popping up to bring people together in the most unexpected ways including through important life philosophies or religious beliefs.

With online dating, you're always in the "right place" and can let go of any worries of missing out on a chance encounter with your perfect match by choosing the wrong meetup. If you're a person who values your Catholic faith or want to find a partner who shares those beliefs, you're in luck. There are tons of dedicated online dating sites out there that cater specifically to Catholic singles.

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2024 Catholic Dating Site Reviews

CatholicMatch Review Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award 5 Star Rating


5 Star Rating Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

CatholicMatch is one of the standout options for Catholic Dating sites out there. Started in 1998, they claim to be the largest site for finding love. The biggest highlight? CatholicMatch boasts a fantastic selection of Catholic singles from all corners of the country. Plus, it's backed by influential Catholic leaders, which is a major plus. Additionally, CatholicMatch is a breeze to navigate, well-designed, and packed with features to connect you with fellow Catholic singles. With well-rated mobile apps and top ratings from the BBB, CatholicMatch stands out as the highest-performing dating site for Catholics available today.

EliteSingles Review 4 Star Rating


4 Star Rating

Launched in 2013, EliteSingles is a subsidiary of Spark Networks, a global dating company responsible for other popular sites. The personality profile used by EliteSingles is based on the Big Five Model of Personality, a widely accepted theory in psychology. This model identifies five main personality dimensions, including extraversion, agreeableness, openness, conscientiousness, and neuroticism. EliteSingles claims to use intelligent matchmaking to help educated singles find highly compatible partners from their extensive user base. While this site doesn't cater strictly to Catholics, it's still an excellent choice for online dating.

Ave Maria Singles Review 4 Star Rating

Ave Maria Singles

4 Star Rating

Ave Maria Singles, established in 1998, is a dedicated platform for single Catholics seeking a partner who shares their unwavering faith and values. Unlike other online dating experiences, Ave Maria Singles prioritizes offline connection, recognizing the significance of in-person meetings in initiating genuine relationships. The platform's philosophy revolves around the belief that the majority of communication is nonverbal, making face-to-face interactions a vital part of the dating process. Although the marriage-focused approach of Ave Maria Singles appeals to many customers and is certainly worth considering, there are a few dating options available that surpass it in terms of features and membership numbers. As a result, Ave Maria Singles can be seen as a middle-ground choice overall and a good dating site for those who are looking for particularly devout partners.

Catholic Chemistry Review 3.5 Star Rating

Catholic Chemistry

3.5 Star Rating

Catholic Chemistry is an online platform with a mission to facilitate friendships, marriages, and wholesome relationships that glorify God through a shared love for Jesus Christ. Guided by their Catholic faith, every aspect of the platform is infused with their beliefs, from profile questions and advertising to the inclusion of catechetical information and scripture. As a newer option in the Catholic dating scene with the site only founded in 2018, Catholic Chemistry is still growing. For this reason, the site only gets a 3.5-star rating from us, especially since there isn't a large user base or third-party reviews.

Catholic Dating Club Review 2.5 Star Rating

Catholic Dating Club

2.5 Star Rating

If you're looking for the cleanest, most modern dating site for finding the Catholic love of your life, this may not be the one. However, they've got a free basic membership to check out what they're all about. But because the pricing for the paid membership isn't available unless you've made an account, customers won't know how much it costs until they've put in the work to make a profile, which isn't ideal. With those concerns, plus very few reviews, this isn't the ideal site for your Catholic romance. On the other hand, for same-sex couples, this may be a helpful site as Catholic Dating Club offers same-sex matching options right on their front page.

Catholic People Meet Review 1.5 Star Rating

Catholic People Meet

1.5 Star Rating

Catholic People Meet is one of the most disappointing sites for Catholic dating, and this is mostly due to its design. With outdated web pages, and a difficult-to-navigate site, it ranks among the lowest platforms in this review. The site's clunky layout, blurry stock photos, and lackluster profiles add to the disappointment. While it offers free browsing and basic dating features, the emphasis on Catholicism is minimal, making it challenging to find genuinely committed individuals. Overall, it's better to check out the options that sit higher in our list in this review and leave Catholic People Meet to the developers who need to spend some time updating it for their user base.

Online Catholic Dating Review 1.5 Star Rating

Online Catholic Dating

1.5 Star Rating

Established in 2019, Online Catholic Dating is a site that appears to offer a range of membership plans and utilizes a matching algorithm to identify like-minded members. While the site provides features such as priority listing and profile videos to enhance visibility, its commitment to user privacy is limited, as all user information is publicly available. The absence of a mobile app and lack of identity verification are notable drawbacks, and the site lacks a substantial presence on review platforms. For these reasons, it might be safer to check out one of the higher-rated services for Catholic dating available in this review.

Catholic Mates Review 1 Star Rating

Catholic Mates

1 Star Rating

For a site this outdated, it may surprise you that Catholic Mates was created in 2004. On top of the dated design, this site has a host of red flags that put it solidly in last place for this review. Catholic Mates is a subpar option for online dating. Not only does it appear to have little relevance to Catholic-specific dating beyond its name (as they allow plenty of non-Catholic and even non-religious members), but it is also priced very high for a site with a specific age range and low user base.

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These dating sites and apps are designed to provide you with a specific dating pool to help you connect with someone who shares your commitment to the Catholic way of life, beliefs, and values. Instead of having to rely solely on chance encounters at school, church, or work, you can scroll through profiles and find hundreds of like-minded men and women who tick all the right boxes.

The best part is, signing up and creating your online dating profile is super easy. Just a few clicks and taps, and you're in the Catholic dating game. With questions about age, interests, and educational background, you can narrow down potential matches as well as help your future first date get a sneak peek into who you are and what you love.

A great dating site will likely ask you for specifics about your ideal partner, so they can work their magic and help match you with profiles that align with your interests and romantic desires. So, with just a few swipes, you might just find that special someone who's a perfect match for you.

If it's your first time embracing the convenience and excitement of online dating and letting the virtual Cupid work its magic, don't worry: the apps and websites are built with safety and security in mind. The goal is to connect with like-minded folks looking for faith-based relationships while prioritizing your comfort and safety. Who knows, your Catholic soulmate might be just a few clicks away!

With so many different dating sites available for Catholic romantics, it can be hard to decide where to start your journey. We totally understand. So, we've put together this checklist to help you narrow down your options:

  • Price. Love is priceless, they say. But let's be real: if you're shelling out your hard-earned cash every month for a dating site, it can be a buzzkill. When it comes to Catholic dating sites, the payment options can vary. Some sites offer the flexibility of month-to-month payments, while others might nudge you towards longer membership commitments. Keep in mind how much you want to spend and what finding your special someone is worth.
  • Membership. When it comes to dating sites, it's a numbers game. The larger the user base, the greater the pool of potential dates at your fingertips. It's simple math: more people equals more opportunities to find that special someone. Keep in mind that more options increase your opportunity to find the love of your life, so looking at how many people have membership on a particular Catholic dating site may help choose where to make your next profile.
  • Features. Consider the level of detail in the dating profiles and the ability to specify your location preferences. Look for a site that provides accurate and relevant results, while also being user-friendly and offering plenty of options. Also, look at the features: how many search filters are there? Can you send photos or voice chat? Some features can help you connect better with your future special someone, so make sure the site you choose has the features you want.
  • Security. When deciding on a Catholic dating app, considering the level of security it offers is crucial. A reliable and secure app prioritizes the safety of personal information, implements robust privacy measures, and provides tools for managing privacy settings. By choosing a secure app, like one that requires photo authentication, users can have peace of mind and enjoy a positive and trustworthy online dating experience.

To help you find the best place to start your Catholic online dating ventures, Top Consumer Reviews has reviewed and ranked the best online dating sites that cater specifically to romantics who want Catholic beliefs to be a part of their next relationship. We hope this helps you get started and focus on finding your special someone who shares your beliefs and your life philosophy!

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Catholic Dating Site FAQ

Absolutely! While new services are popping up every year, some of the most well-known Catholic dating sites have been around for more than 20 years.
For most devout Catholics, it's a must for their partner to share their faith. Although you might find singles who check the "Catholic" box on a general dating website, they may not be as orthodox or active as you're expecting. Catholic dating sites make it easier to find someone with the same beliefs and practices.
Tens of thousands of people create profiles every year. Some sites even have page after page of "success stories": couples who have met through the service and found their "happily ever after."
That depends on the site you select. Most offer subscriptions that range from $9.95 to $29.95/month.
Most dating sites let you create a profile and view possible matches without paying for a membership. But, once you find someone you'd like to contact, you'll probably have to choose a paid plan.
Just like any other dating situation, you should be careful as you get to know people. Some Catholic dating services have helpful articles with advice on navigating the process safely.
Sometimes. A site might offer a "match guarantee", extending your membership at no extra cost if you don't find a good fit in the first six months. But, most services let you cancel your plan at any time, so you're not locked into your dating service if you don't like it - you just won't get a refund for the time you've already used it.
Is the Pope Catholic? Yes, there are many happy couples that got their start through a Catholic dating site. While YMMV ("your mileage may vary"), these services are worth taking a chance. You could be just a few clicks away from true love!
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