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Zales Review

Thursday, May 30th

2024 Charm Bracelet Store Reviews

Zales Review 4 Star Rating


4 Star Rating
  • About 70 bracelets and 500+ charms to choose from
  • Bracelets and charms in silver, yellow gold, and white gold
  • Free shipping, no minimum purchase
  • 60-day return policy, by mail or at a Zales store
  • "A+" rated and accredited by the BBB

Zales first opened as a one-location jewelry store in Texas back in 1924. Nearly 100 years later, the jeweler has retail locations throughout North America and Puerto Rico. And, as part of the Signet Jewelers family, Zales has a "sister" relationship with Jared and Kay.

A little like a treasure hunt

It's not very easy to find what you're looking for at Zales, at least when it comes to charm bracelets. While you can see all 70 charm bracelets on a single page, the charms themselves are harder to find. Search for "charms" and you'll get jewelry that's obviously meant to be worn on a necklace, plus a bunch of smart watch add-ons that won't work with charm bracelets either. Zales carries over 500 charms suitable for bracelets or necklaces in the Rembrandt brand; the easiest way to see what's available is to type "charms" in the search box and wait for the Rembrandt option to come up.

Mostly silver, some enamel

Once you get to that page, there are categories you can select: Family, Heart, Travel, Animal, Hobby and Religious. But, as we browsed all available charms, we wondered which categories some of them would fall under. A corkscrew? A gavel? A skull? Still, there's a decent selection of sterling silver charms here: maybe not many of the more whimsical, colorful enamel styles we've spotted with some jewelers, but plenty of options if silver is your thing. There are a few other charm brands on offer here; the quickest way to see them is to look in the "Also Viewed" section of the page of any charm that catches your attention.

More info, please?

We wish Zales would go a little bit further to provide shoppers with information about each charm: most noticeably missing is any kind of size or dimensions. With limited images of the charms and no measurements, that dangly martini glass or sweet little pineapple could be much more diminutive than you pictured. And, while customers are welcome to leave reviews, it was hard to find many charms that had any.

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Generous policies, good reputation

On a more positive note, Zales was offering free shipping with no minimum purchase on all charms and bracelets at the time of this review. Also, Zales gives you 60 days to return your purchase by mail or to a retail location near you; unlike many stores, Zales doesn't insist that your bracelet be unused/unworn to qualify, just that it's still in "good" condition. Finally, the Better Business Bureau gives Zales its highest recommendation: an "A+" rating and accreditation too.

Upscale options here

Another advantage that Zales has over many of its rivals is higher-end jewelry. Not every store offers options in 14k yellow or white gold, but this one does. If you're looking for a charm bracelet that's more elegant than eclectic, Zales has some beautiful choices. Our favorites were the locket charm bracelets that would be ideal to honor or remember loved ones in a classic, upscale way.

Solid option for charm bracelets

If you've got the patience to sift through the Zales online store until you find the bracelet and charms you want, it could be well worth it. We love this store's customer-friendly return policy and free shipping, and it's nice to see higher-end choices that go beyond the cute and kitschy. You can trust Zales as a good jeweler when deciding where to buy a charm bracelet.

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Where Can You Get the Best Charm Bracelets?

There's no better way to commemorate an important achievement like a college graduation, celebrate a special occasion, or keep reminders of treasured memories close at hand. From cute costume jewelry with dangly trinkets to elegant adornments in 14k gold, there's a charm bracelet to suit every style and budget.

When designing this one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry, your first consideration should probably be the bracelet style. Bangles are solid, sometimes with an opening on the side, and the corresponding charms have a hole in the middle that you slide on and off by unscrewing the fixed charm in the middle or on one of the ends.

The Best Charm Bracelet Stores Compare Charm Bracelet Stores Compare Charm Bracelet Store Reviews What are the best Charm Bracelet Stores Best Charm Bracelet Store Reviews

Charm Bracelet Store FAQ

A charm bracelet is a type of jewelry worn on the wrist that features little trinkets, for lack of a better word, to make it unique. These charms can be dangly and attached by jump links, or they can be shaped like a bead and strung on the bracelet itself. Charm bracelets have been around for thousands of years!
Most charm bracelets are made of gold or sterling silver. You can also find designs made of plastic (not very durable, of course), leather, stainless steel, brass, bronze and pewter. The charms themselves can also be made of those materials, and many of them include gemstones (real or imitation).
As much or as little as you like! You can easily get costume jewelry bracelets for under $15, or you can pay $2,000+ for a 14k gold charm bracelet (and that's just the price of the bracelet itself, without charms yet!). If you're adding to your bracelet over time, that's a great way to make it more affordable instead of buying all of your charms at once.
You've zeroed in on the main reason charm bracelets are still so popular! You can buy a bracelet and charms to represent a meaningful experience: maybe a bangle with charms for each year of someone's life, like a school bus for when they started school and a pair of ballet shoes for the year they began dance lessons. Another popular theme is travel: charms of a mini Eiffel Tower, a passport, and an airplane could show off a past trip (or be a cute way to reveal an upcoming surprise vacation!).
Most retailers have sizing guides to help you determine your wrist size and the recommended bracelet size. Keep in mind that a closed bangle will go on differently than an open bangle, for example, or that you may prefer that a snake chain fit closely or loosely. Also bear in mind that some chain charm bracelets may expand a little over the first year, depending on how often it's worn and how many charms are added.
That depends on the style. Some leather styles may only hold a total of 7 charms, while chain bracelets can usually hold anywhere from 10-20. Read the details on any bracelet you're considering to ensure it can accommodate the number of charms you're imagining.
You won't find a better selection anywhere else! There are a few brick-and-mortar jewelry stores that offer charm bracelets, but your options there will probably be limited at best. Shopping online for a charm bracelet lets you get exactly what you want - you may even buy your bracelet from one retailer and your charms from another. Why not!
Most people prefer to wear their charm bracelets on their non-dominant hand. Especially if you're using bulky and/or dangly charms, they can get in the way or feel irritating when you're writing or doing other things. But, if you wear a watch on your non-dominant wrist, you may not like the feel of the bracelet scraping against it. Go with whatever feels best!
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Continued from above...

Snake chains are similar in the way the beads slide on, but the bracelet itself is more flexible. Or, if you prefer the kinds of charms that attach with a jump ring or a clasp, you'd choose a more traditional chain bracelet.

Once you've chosen the bracelet style, it's time to have some fun and create something new! What are you commemorating and who will be wearing this unique creation? It's hard to imagine a charm that isn't available somewhere: you won't just see classic graduation years, travel mementoes like miniature Eiffel Towers and palm trees, but also choices that might be considered somewhat... odd. How about a gold bandage or a beaver on skis? You do you!

Now that you have an idea of how your charm bracelet will look, where should you buy it? There are lots of online stores to choose from, so how can you tell where to start? Here are some factors that can help you narrow it down:

  • Selection. Obviously, you'll have an easier time finding what you want if you start with an online retailer that has a large range of options. Some stores have a lot of novelty items in their inventory but nothing on the classic, elegant side.
  • Easy-to-Use Website. An ample inventory isn't much use if you can't easily see what's in stock. How many hoops (*pun intended*) do you have to jump through to browse the charms and bracelets in the store? Is there enough information about each bracelet and charm? We prefer retailers who give actual dimensions, so that shoppers aren't disappointed when they see the charm's size in real life.
  • Gift-giving Options. If the charm bracelet will be a gift, look for a store with perks like free gift wrapping or the "Smart Gift" feature.
  • Return Policy. The best charm bracelet retailers let you send it back if it's not what you had in mind, usually within a 30- or 60-day timeframe. Some stores will even cover the return shipping fees.
  • Reputation. Does the store have good feedback from shoppers? Can it be trusted with your purchase?

To help you find the perfect bracelets and charms, TopConsumerReviews.com has evaluated and ranked today's most popular stores. We're sure this information will enable you to create an amazing themed charm bracelet - or add cute new charms to one you already have!

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