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The Rare Cheese Club Review

Tuesday, February 7th

2023 Cheese Club Reviews

The Rare Cheese Club Review 4.5 Star Rating

The Rare Cheese Club

4.5 Star Rating
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Hundreds of satisfied customers
  • Flexible delivery options
  • Uses 100% recyclable packaging

The Rare Cheese Club's name says it all. They are just one of the clubs run by Monthly Clubs, a family owned and operated business founded in 1994. Some of their other clubs include the International Wine of the Month Club, Gourmet Chocolate of the Month Club, Premium Cigar of the Month Club, Fresh Cut Flower of the Month Club, and Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club. Their other cheese club is The Original Gourmet Cheese Club, which earned our highest rating. Monthly Clubs' processes for delivering gourmet cheeses is labor intensive and each selection is hand-cut. Cheeses are individually wrapped to ensure the highest quality.

Limited-production cheeses

Each month, members of The Rare Cheese Club receive three small batch artisan cheeses made from high-quality, rare ingredients. Most of the cheeses can only be produced in one or two designated locations in the world and are limited-production from traditional age-old recipes. The cheeses are made of expensive milks from animals that are grass fed, often from farmsteads that produce both milk and cheese to ensure top freshness. Recent flavors include Tomme Saint Georges sheep milk cheese from France, BiancoSardo sheep milk cheese from Italy, and Sennerei Huban - Alp Blossom cow milk cheese from Germany. The unique cheeses total 1 1/2 pounds in each shipment.

Most flexible subscription option

To receive your monthly delivery of rare cheeses, the cost is $55.95/month plus $14.00 for shipping and handling. You can get really detailed with customizing your order and select the amount of shipments you want (1-12), the month you want the membership to begin, how often shipments should be delivered (monthly, every other month, or quarterly), and if you want to pay in one installment or monthly. This is the most flexible delivery plan of any other company in our review

Best Cheese Clubs

Sign up and save some money!

At the time of this review, there was a promotion where you could get $10, $15, or $30 off of your monthly subscriptions with a discount code depending on the frequency of your deliveries. We imagine there are frequent discounts you can take advantage of to make these cheese deliveries even more affordable. In addition, you can get exclusive discounts and offers if you sign up to be on Monthly Clubs' email list.

Satisfaction guarantee

The Rare Cheese Club comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This generously states that if your expectations aren't met in any way, you will get a replacement or full refund.

Excellent customer reviews

The Rare Cheese Club has an "A+" Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating that reassures us they are a reputable and reliable company. The Rare Cheese Club has been featured by Esquire, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, Today, Forbes, MSN, NBC, Fortune, and other well-known outlets. All reviews from customers on their website are excellent. Customers love exploring the new flavors, and the cheese club makes a fantastic gift. Everything about the Rare Cheese Club is likeable, earning it one of our highest recommendations.

Where Can You Find the Best Cheese Clubs?

Cheese clubs are where fancy, fun, and flavorful meet! Whether you're a big cheese lover or have someone in your life who can't get enough of the creamy delicacy, there are unique options that allow subscribers to try new flavors all year round! A cheese club membership is a great way to treat yourself or give an enjoyable, novel gift to someone you love.

With cheese club memberships you'll receive a monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly delivery depending on your preference. The selection of cheese is pre-determined by the company each month and comes packaged for freshness. You'll receive a variety of gourmet, specialty cheeses from producers all around the world, so you'll be able to try flavors you've probably never had before!

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Cheese Club FAQ

Definitely not from the limited selection of the cheese aisle at your supermarket! Cheese clubs work hard to find amazing varieties from around the world, often produced by boutique European makers or small businesses in the States.
Most cheese clubs are monthly, but you can customize your shipments to come every other month or quarterly with a few providers. Also depending on the cheese club you select, you can receive new shipments for a total of three months, six months, or for a full year.
You'll pay anywhere from $35 to $70 for each monthly delivery. That usually includes anywhere from 1.5 to just over 2 pounds of cheese. Your packages will likely contain several varieties of cheese, so you're also paying for the novelty of the experience.
Most of today's popular cheese clubs include delivery fees in the monthly cost. Check the details of any subscription you're considering to be sure that your shipping fees are part of the price.
Yes, almost always. These gourmet cheesemongers want only the most glowing praise from their loyal subscribers, so if your delivery isn't perfect you can probably get a replacement or refund right away.
Without a doubt! Subscription boxes have become more popular in recent years, but they've actually been around for a long time - and some cheese clubs have decades of experience and thousands of positive customer reviews.
Almost every cheese club comes with some kind of newsletter, which describes the origin of the cheeses in the box, recipes and pairing suggestions, and fun facts about the cheese industry. A small number of cheese clubs have plans that come with pairings, like asiago and honey, all in one box.
Cheese clubs are an excellent choice for cheese-lovers and foodies in general. You'll likely find options for including a gift message with the first delivery or having one sent via email on the date you prefer. A few subscription providers let you upgrade your shipment with gift packaging too.
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If you're looking for a new and exciting thing to try, you can't go wrong with a cheese club membership. Although not all cheese clubs work exactly the same, you're in for a fun experience and you can usually cancel at any time or pause your subscription if you want to take a break from your deliveries.

As you browse different cheese club companies, there are some important things to consider:

  • Flexibility. Do you have options for the membership length and frequency that will cater to your budget? Can you take a break from deliveries and then start back up again later if needed?
  • Cost. How does the cost of one cheese club compare to another? Do you pay a flat fee upfront or can you make monthly payments?
  • Satisfaction Policy. What if you aren't happy with the cheese quality, taste, or timeliness of your delivery? What happens if there's an issue with freshness upon arrival? Can you get a refund?

TopConsumerReviews.com has reviewed and ranked the best cheese clubs available today. We hope this information helps you indulge in a gourmet cheese club you can enjoy all year long!

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