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The Best Cheesecake Clubs

Where Can You Find the Best Cheesecake Club?

Whether you prefer the traditional flavors like plain and strawberry or love to go for more unique combinations like carrot cake and pumpkin, cheesecake is one of the world's most decadent, sought-after desserts.

But, unless you have a great restaurant near you that carries a wide range of flavor options, you might find it hard to get a near-perfect slice of cheesecake. The selection at your local supermarket is probably disappointing at best, and so many places for eating out just don't have what it takes to make it worth it to bring a piece - or a whole dessert - home to share or to give as a gift.

Thursday, February 9th

2023 Cheesecake Club Reviews

Amazing Clubs Review Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award 5 Star Rating

Amazing Clubs

5 Star Rating Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

Amazing Clubs takes the cake (pun intended) when it comes to Cheesecake Clubs. Whether you subscribe to a 3-, 6-, or 12-month plan, you'll get some of the world's most unique flavors at affordable prices - and the most flexible payment and delivery options available anywhere. Amazing Clubs blows away the competition when it comes to customer satisfaction too, backing every shipment with an unparalleled guarantee and friendly customer service reps who'll make it right if anything goes awry. For gift-giving or for your own sweet tooth, this is the best Cheesecake Club on the market.

Eli's Cheesecake Review 4 Star Rating

Eli's Cheesecake

4 Star Rating

Eli's is one of Chicago's favorite dessert-makers, and their Cheesecake Club offers some delicious options you won't find with other providers (like a sampler option that gives you several flavors of cheesecake with each delivery). Like some of their competitors, delivery fees aren't included in the price of the membership, so keep that in mind when considering the total cost of each plan.

Harry & David Review 3.5 Star Rating

Harry & David

3.5 Star Rating

When it comes to food as a gift-giving option, Harry & David is one of the experts. So, it shouldn't be a surprise that they team up with world-famous restaurant The Cheesecake Factory to deliver mouth-watering sweets on monthly plans ranging from 3 to 12 months. However, this club will cost more than some of the higher-rated retailers in our review, and you may get a flavor or two repeated in the longer Cheesecake Club plans.

David's Cookies Review 3 Star Rating

David's Cookies

3 Star Rating

David's Cookies has a total of four Cheesecake Club plans - and all of their desserts are certified kosher. This dessert club has prices that are comparable to other stores, and you can expect the same quality you might already be familiar with from their cookies. Gift-giving options aren't as impressive as some of the higher-rated retailers, and you may need to contact the company to get clarification on their delivery policies.

Flying Noodle Review 3 Star Rating

Flying Noodle

3 Star Rating

Who wouldn't love a Cheesecake Club with a fun name like Flying Noodle (and a fun story behind it)? If you love all things Italian, you'll enjoy shopping at this online store. Their Cheesecake Clubs have four different delivery options, all priced competitively and with shipping included at no extra charge. But, unlike most similar memberships, this company doesn't tell you what flavors you can expect with each delivery - making it a less-than-ideal choice for recipients with food allergies/sensitivities or for shoppers who prefer to know what they're getting/sending in advance.

J.M. Rosen's Review 1 Star Rating

J.M. Rosen's

1 Star Rating

J.M. Rosen's offers cheesecakes hand-crafted under the direction of Fernando Casillas for over 30 years. This is the most expensive cheesecake club in our review, with a 3-month plan coming in at $180 plus $30 in monthly shipping fees. While local customers say these cheesecakes are worth every penny, the online store makes it hard to actually subscribe, and the customer service response was nonexistent when we tried to get help. We recommend you choose a cheesecake club from a more responsive - and less spendy - provider.

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That's where Cheesecake Clubs come in! Why settle for boring, lumpy desserts when you can have the nation's best cheesecakes delivered right to your doorstep? These subscriptions range from 3-12 months and often include seasonal flavors you may not find at any restaurants or stores near you: blackberry, peppermint and more. Carefully packaged to arrive in flawless condition, these desserts are sure to impress even the pickiest recipients - or to satisfy your own sweet tooth.

Of course, pricing and options vary, so it's important to look for the Cheesecake Club that will best meet your needs. The top providers offer excellent satisfaction guarantees, ensuring that you or your lucky recipient are completely satisfied with each and every delivery - or they'll give you a replacement or refund.

As you consider all of the delicious options out there, here are several criteria to pick the best Cheesecake Club:

  • Variety. What kinds of flavors will you get in your subscription? You can find plain, strawberry and chocolate chip just about anywhere, so will you get to try flavors that may become a new favorite? Will the plan repeat any of the flavors over the course of the membership?
  • Subscription Length: most clubs offer 3-, 6- and 12-month plans. Can you also get a seasonal plan that comes every 3 months?
  • Delivery Fees. Some Cheesecake Clubs include shipping costs in the fees, while others charge up to a hefty $30 extra per month. Be sure to add up those costs when determining what you'll pay for your subscription.
  • Reputation. What do other customers say about the Cheesecake Club? Is there a solid satisfaction guarantee in place? Can you expect a well-packaged delivery of a fresh-tasting cheesecake every month?

TopConsumerReviews.com has reviewed and ranked the best Cheesecake Clubs available today. We hope this information helps you pick the sweetest, richest treats for your next gift-giving occasion - or for your own delight!

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Cheesecake Club FAQ

Depending on the club you select, your cheesecakes could come from the world-famous kitchens of your favorite dessert brand or from small bakeries around the nation. No matter where your cheesecakes are made, you can count on them to be delicious month after month!
You choose! While most cheesecake clubs offer monthly shipments, some allow you to spread out the deliveries to every other month or even once every three months.
On average, you can expect the monthly price of a cheesecake club to be around $40. The size of the dessert varies from club to club, ranging from 8 to 16 servings, so keep that in mind as you look at prices from one provider to another.
That also depends on the cheesecake club company you select. Some include the cost of delivery with the membership fee, others tack on shipping charges from $5 to $30 for each shipment.
Yes, most of the time. You might need to send in a photo if your cheesecake was damaged in transit, but most cheesecake clubs prioritize their customers' satisfaction and will make it right if your dessert isn't fresh and in perfect condition.
Most of the time, it's like your mom used to say: "you get what you get (and you don't have a fit)" . Fortunately, you can usually see which cheesecake flavors are scheduled for each month; if there's one that you really dislike (or maybe even are allergic to!), you can often contact the customer service department and ask for that month's delivery to be skipped, adding on a different flavor to the end of your membership term.
Most cheesecake clubs want you to have fun with your treats, so they send out a newsletter with each shipment. From details about your cheesecake's origin to recommendations for pairings with beverages - and maybe even a joke or two! - you'll be able to take your enjoyment of cheesecake to the next level.
Absolutely! Can you imagine how happy it would make YOU to find out you would be getting monthly deliveries of your favorite dessert? Cheesecake clubs are so popular as a gift that most membership plans have easy gift-giving features, like being able to include a personalized message and a fun announcement letting your lucky recipient know that there are tasty things on the horizon.
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