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The Best Cheesecake Clubs

Which Cheesecake Club is the Best?

Cheesecake, with its wide array of flavors ranging from the classic plain and strawberry to more adventurous combinations like German chocolate and coconut cream, stands as one of the most indulgent, popular desserts worldwide.

Yet, for those who don't have the fortune of living near a top-notch restaurant offering a diverse selection of cheesecakes, obtaining a near-perfect slice can be quite challenging. Local supermarkets often disappoint with their limited choices, and many eateries lack the necessary finesse to make it worthwhile to bring home a delectable piece or even an entire cheesecake as a gift or for sharing.

Friday, July 19th

2024 Cheesecake Club Reviews

Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award Amazing Clubs Review 5 Star Rating

Amazing Clubs

5 Star Rating
  • Each delivery comes with a 1.5-pound cheesecake (8-10 servings) and a fun newsletter
  • Priced from $52.95 - $54.95 per month, depending on subscription length
  • Free shipping
  • Pay in full or pay as you go
  • Choose subscriptions that last three, four (seasonal), six, or twelve months
  • Choose delivery every month or every other month
  • Easy to give as a gift
  • "They'll Love It!" guarantee
  • Excellent reputation
Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

If you're in search of a monthly subscription club that consistently delivers exceptional products, look no further than Amazing Clubs. With over 40 plans to choose from, they offer a diverse range of items sourced from small-batch artisans, small family farms, and unique boutiques that you won't typically find in your local area. Whether you're passionate about bacon or enjoy indulging in the warm glow of candles, Amazing Clubs has something for everyone. Their commitment to quality and variety regularly earns them a top spot on our list of gift-giving options, and we're particularly enamored with their Cheesecake Club, which stands out as our #1 pick in the industry.

Fun and flavorful subscription

When you subscribe to Amazing Clubs, each delivery will include a generous 1.5-pound cheesecake, perfect for serving 8-10 people. Their selection of flavors is truly mouthwatering, featuring a delightful range of options. You'll discover seasonal favorites such as Apple Walnut, timeless classics like Chocolate Marble, and innovative creations like Pineapple Swirl and Carrot Cake. Your cheesecake club also comes with an entertaining newsletter, "The Smooth and the Sweet" , which will tell you all about the bakery that made your dessert, give you serving suggestions, and maybe even teach you some fun facts you never knew about your tasty treat.

Flexible payment terms

What sets Amazing Clubs apart is their flexibility. First, you have the choice between paying in full or paying per shipment, with both options having the same total price: from $52.95 to $54.95, depending on how long your subscription lasts. This allows you to select the payment method that suits you best. In terms of subscription duration, Amazing Clubs offers a range of options to accommodate different gifting needs.

Lots of delivery options

Whether you're looking for a thoughtful 3-month subscription, a seasonal club with a total of 4 deliveries spaced every 3 months, a longer 6-month plan, or a full year of deliciousness, Amazing Clubs has got you covered - and with any of those memberships, you can opt for monthly or bimonthly deliveries. The availability of these various subscription lengths allows you to choose the perfect duration for your intended recipient or for your own enjoyment. And, by the way, there are no extra costs for shipping.

Best Cheesecake Clubs

Many ways to save

Amazing Clubs is known for its frequent discount offers, making their already affordable cheesecake club even more enticing. As you explore their website, you may encounter a pop-up discount if you start to exit the page without placing an order. By taking advantage of this limited-time offer, you could save anywhere from $5 to $30, depending on the duration of the club you've selected. Once you become an Amazing Clubs customer, the savings don't stop there. Get ready to receive exclusive discount offers via email, and sometimes even more than once a week. These email promotions provide additional opportunities to save on your cheesecake club subscription (or any other you fancy). With the combination of their competitive pricing and the potential for extra discounts, you have the chance to enjoy their mouthwatering cheesecakes while keeping your budget in check.

Great for giving as a gift

Amazing Clubs also sets the bar high for gift-giving. First, they understand that timing is important: if you know you're going to forget that anniversary or birthday that's still several months away, no problem. You can set your deliveries to start up to 11 months in the future, and your gift announcement can be sent by email or regular mail to align with that date. Or, you can print one out and give it in person, it's up to you. And, if your gift recipient happens to have a specific flavor preference or if a particular month's selection doesn't appeal to them, they can simply inform Amazing Clubs, and that month's flavor will be skipped. Plus, the best part is that they won't miss out because Amazing Clubs will extend the subscription by an additional month (and all of that applies if YOU are the recipient as well). This level of customization and accommodation sets Amazing Clubs apart from other cheesecake clubs, making it an unparalleled choice for cheesecake enthusiasts.

It's guaranteed that you'll love it

One of the reasons why Amazing Clubs is so beloved by customers is their fantastic "They'll Love It!" Guarantee. If, for any reason, any of the cheesecake deliveries doesn't hit the mark - whether it's damaged during shipping or the flavor doesn't quite satisfy your taste buds - the company jumps into action to make things right. They'll swiftly send a replacement or even add an extra delivery to the end of your subscription: whatever it takes to ensure you're happy. Just take a peek at the customer reviews, and you'll see how quickly and sincerely the company responds whenever there's a hiccup. It's truly refreshing to see a company prioritize customer satisfaction, and Amazing Clubs has a long-standing reputation for doing just that.

#1 cheesecake club on the market

When it comes to Cheesecake Clubs, Amazing Clubs is simply the best choice. Who wouldn't want a scrumptious cheesecake every month, guaranteed to be delivered in perfect condition and backed by a top-notch customer service team? And let's not forget about the unbeatable price. Whether you're treating yourself or surprising someone on a special occasion, this club ensures you receive the finest desserts conveniently at your doorstep. It's no wonder it's our top-ranked Cheesecake Club for another consecutive year.

David's Cookies Review 4.5 Star Rating

David's Cookies

4.5 Star Rating
  • About 16 servings of cheesecake each month
  • $125 for 3 months
  • $240 for 6 months
  • $360 for 9 months
  • $450 for 12 months
  • $6.95 shipping per delivery
  • 30-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee

When it comes to baked goods, David's is renowned for their delightful assortment of cookies - no surprises there. However, their offerings extend far beyond that, encompassing an extensive selection of indulgences such as brownies, desserts, and cheesecakes. Since 1979, David's Cookies has been serving up sweetness, attracting hundreds of thousands of customers who have happily satisfied their cravings for delectable treats by choosing David's as their go-to destination.

Plans ranging from 3-12 months

Among the Cheesecake Clubs we reviewed, David's stands out as one of the few offering a unique 9-month subscription option. While it may not be the most popular choice, it could be an ideal selection for all the months of pregnancy cravings for a soon-to-be mom? Alternatively, you can opt for the more traditional durations of 3, 6, or 12 months.

Some flavors are repeated

To explore the monthly flavors in detail, simply visit the David's Cookies website. They match most of their offerings with the current season, such as featuring mango in July and pumpkin in October. Some selections repeat too, so you shouldn't expect twelve different flavors when you opt for the year-long club. Unfortunately, you can't skip any cheesecake varieties you don't like, so keep that in mind as you review what flavors are coming and when.

Best Cheesecake Clubs

You get a lot for your money

David's doesn't provide specific information regarding the size of the cheesecakes or the number of servings per cake. However, looking both at the photos and at the comments from subscribers who said it was more than they could eat in a month, we think it's safe to conclude that you'll get about 16 servings in each delivery - which makes David's one of the most generous cheesecake clubs out there. You'll only be spending about $40 per month (a little more for the 3-month club, a little less for the year-long membership) plus $6.95 in shipping fees - and for that same price elsewhere you'll only get 8-10 servings of cheesecake. (Also we noticed in our last review - and again this time - that there's a discrepancy on the David's Cookies site: in one place, it says that these cheesecake clubs include free delivery, while in others it references that $6.95 we mentioned. We recommend that you expect to pay for shipping. If it drops off during checkout, so much the better).

You might be able to set the delivery date

Please note that all deliveries from David's Cheesecake Club are scheduled to ship out on the third Tuesday of each month. If you have a specific date in mind for your cheesecakes to arrive, such as for a birthday or special occasion, it's important to consider that this may not be the most suitable option for your gift-giving needs. Once again, we encountered conflicting information during the checkout process, as there was an option to select a desired arrival date. If specifying a particular date for your delivery is crucial to you, we recommend reaching out to David's directly before placing your order.

"Just average" for gift-giving features

Compared to other companies, David's gifting options are somewhat underwhelming. While you can include a free gift message to be included on the packing slip, they do not offer the option to print out an announcement or send an email notification.

Best Cheesecake Clubs

Extremely well-liked by customers

Overall, customers love David's Cookies, with ratings averaging 4.7 out of 5 stars across nearly 1,000 shopper reviews. And, although there were only 20 reviews specific to the cheesecake club here, they were all positive. Shoppers said that the desserts arrived in perfect condition and were consistently delicious.

Excellent satisfaction guarantee

Additionally, you'll have the peace of mind that comes with David's 100% satisfaction guarantee. If, within 30 days of the delivery date, you encounter any issues with your cheesecake, simply reach out to their customer service team via phone or email. Rest assured, David's will quickly resolve the matter by either reshipping your dessert or providing a full refund of the total value.

Great value as a cheesecake club

We're pleased to move David's Cookies' cheesecake club up in our ratings. While the company could go a little further to make this an excellent gift-giving option, we're sold on the fact that we'd get double the dessert here for the same price we'd pay elsewhere. Yes please!

Eli's Cheesecake Review 4 Star Rating

Eli's Cheesecake

4 Star Rating
  • $165 for a 3-month club
  • $329 for a 6-month club
  • $639 for a 12-month club
  • Each delivery serves 14-16
  • Shipping costs are not included in the club price
  • Schedule first delivery for the week of your choice
  • 15-day refund/replacement policy

For over four decades, Eli's Cheesecake has proudly held the title of "Chicago's Finest." Since 1980, their delectable desserts have been meticulously crafted through slow baking in small batches. With a commitment to quality, they use locally sourced regional ingredients, ensuring each bite is bursting with optimal flavor and unmatched freshness.

Missing a few previous options now

We were a little disappointed to see that Eli's has decreased the number of cheesecake club memberships they offer since our last review: you can't choose a seasonal or sampler selection anymore, and those were some of our favorite options across providers. Instead, customers can select a 3-, 6-, or 12-month plan and that's all.

All flavors scheduled in advance

But, if you're the kind of person who prefers to know in advance what flavors are on their way, Eli's caters to that. The three month club will always include Original Plain, Chocolate Chip, and Strawberry, while the six month version also comes with Cookie Crazy, Tiramisu, and Turtle flavors. And the 12-month plan? Oddly enough, Eli's doesn't list which flavors are included, so you're at the mercy of the thumbnail images to try and guess them. (For what it's worth, November looks like Pumpkin and March is probably Chocolate Mint.) Or, you can reach out to Eli's live chat and ask: we did that, and although it took a few minutes to connect with a rep, she said that she'd be happy to email us the flavor list (and that they'd work on the website to make it a little more intuitive. Thanks!).

You'll get more - and spend more

If you choose Eli's Cheesecake Club, be prepared to get a lot more - and, accordingly, to spend more too. Each cheesecake here serves 14-16: double what you'll get with most rival clubs. When you look at the initial price, it doesn't seem like too much more than the competition at $165 for a 3-month club, $329 for a 6-month club, and $639 for a 12-month club. However, shipping fees aren't factored into those prices. Tack on an extra $50.85 for the 3-month club, $101.70 for the six-month membership, and $155.40 for the year-long plan - and those are just the estimates on the main cheesecake club pages. When you get to the checkout, your actual shipping fees could be a lot higher: in our area, on the 12-month club, we'd pay $203.40 in total shipping costs, bringing our final price up to $842.40 for the year. Do the math, and that's over $70/month. (But, keep in mind that it's almost double the servings of any other cheesecake club in business.)

Best Cheesecake Clubs

Some features are flexible, others aren't

Flexibility is a little mixed with Eli's cheesecake club. On one hand, we love that you can choose the week your deliveries start - and even though the website says otherwise, the chat rep confirmed that subsequent deliveries will continue to be in the week of the month you chose during setup (not automatically defaulted to the second week of the month, like it says in the product description). That's great if you're trying to time the first delivery to line up with a special occasion. On the other hand, there's no ability to skip or swap a flavor here: probably not a big deal on the 3- and 6-month clubs (because the flavors are basic and clearly shown), but what if you're giving this club as a gift and your recipient absolutely can't stand one of the flavors? They're out of luck.

Well-known but club feedback is limited

How about this cheesecake club's reputation and overall customer satisfaction? Eli's itself is really well-known, but there's almost no feedback for the dessert subscription: only one of the three club lengths had any reviews, and even that one just had a single rating. The rep we connected with said that they'll refund or replace any cheesecake shipments that have a problem, though be aware that their "Customer Care Policy" says that you have to give them a call within 15 days of delivery to make that request. Finally, Eli's had a "B-" at the time of this evaluation, but that was just for failure to respond to a complaint: the only one filed with the BBB. That's not much of a reason to worry about this legendary cheesecake company.

A good cheesecake club to consider

Despite some downsides, Eli's cheesecake club is still near the top of our list. Even though you'll pay more, you'll get more: almost double the servings of any other membership on the market. And, c'mon, it's ELI'S world-famous dessert. We have every reason to believe that you're going to love each cheesecake you get - truly getting what you pay for when you go with Eli's.

Flying Noodle Review 3.5 Star Rating

Flying Noodle

3.5 Star Rating
  • From $52.95 to $54.95 per month, depending on club length
  • Pay in full upfront
  • Shipping is included at no extra cost
  • Choose a membership that lasts three, four (seasonal), six, or twelve months
  • Easy to give as a gift: send an announcement by mail/email or print for in-person delivery
  • Includes a fun monthly newsletter
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Flying Noodle has been delighting customers with Italian gourmet gifts for more than 25 years. Their impressive selection of monthly clubs caters to various preferences, ranging from wine and beer aficionados to chocolate and cheesecake enthusiasts.

Still in business despite appearances

When you first check out the Flying Noodle website, you might start wondering if they're still in the game. The Cheesecake Club page had a not-secure URL the last time we visited, and the site didn't seem to have any recent updates since our last review. But don't worry - we called their toll-free number and got connected to a representative right away. So, even though their website looks outdated and their social media pages seem inactive, Flying Noodle is still open for business.

You can skip a flavor you don't like

We were glad to get someone on the phone to answer our questions, because the website won't tell you a whole lot about this cheesecake club: it just mentions a few previous flavor selections (like chocolate, strawberry cream, and banana-caramel), lets you know your delivery will always come with their newsletter ("The Cheesecake Chronicles" ), and that each cheesecake will serve 8-10 people. The rep explained that once you start your membership here, you'll be informed in advance about the flavor of the month. If, for any reason, the upcoming flavor doesn't tickle your taste buds or if you have any allergies, simply give Flying Noodle a call. They'll happily accommodate your request to skip that specific delivery and extend your membership with an additional shipment at the end.

Four club lengths available

You've got four cheesecake club options with Flying Noodle: three months for $164.85, six months for $323.70, Seasonal (every three months) for $219.80, and twelve months for $635.40. Shipping is included on all memberships. You can also select an "every other month" shipping frequency if you'd like to stretch out your cheesecake club a little.

Best Cheesecake Clubs

Easy to set up as a gift subscription

When it comes to gifting, Flying Noodle's Cheesecake of the Month Club makes it a breeze. Simply indicate that you're giving it as a gift, select the desired month for deliveries to commence (they always arrive during the last week of the month), and decide on the preferred method of sending a gift card: printing it from your computer, receiving it by mail or email, or even getting a blank card to personalize and give in person, the choice is yours.

More info would be helpful

We really wish there were more information about Flying Noodle's cheesecake club, because none of the reviews on their site are specific to this membership. It's worth noting that Flying Noodle received a "B-" rating from the Better Business Bureau due to a lack of response to one complaint. While that isn't exactly a major concern, it certainly doesn't work in their favor.

Not bad but needs more feedback

It's worth noting that Flying Noodle provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee and allows you to cancel your subscription and get a refund for the remaining months. However, when it comes to comparing this cheesecake subscription with its competitors, it falls a bit short - particularly with details about the club and feedback from previous subscribers. Before settling for Flying Noodle, we recommend checking out the cheesecake memberships that we've ranked higher.

Cakes by Jeff the Chef Review 1.5 Star Rating

Cakes by Jeff the Chef

1.5 Star Rating
  • Four 4" cheesecakes delivered every month: three flavors of your choice plus one seasonal selection chosen for you
  • Novel flavors
  • $39.97/month + $25 shipping per delivery
  • Extras include a silicone baking mat and a 10" cheesecake in your birthday month

You might have seen Jeff the Chef on Sugar Showdown on The Food Network. He's worked hard over the last decade to perfect the chemistry of all his sweet creations, including his grandma's delicious recipes and those he experienced while attending Le Cordon Bleu. This is definitely a mom-and-pop enterprise.

Unique cheesecake club

The setup of this cheesecake club is quite different from the others in our review. Instead of getting one large cheesecake divided into multiple servings, this one comes with four 4" desserts: three flavors that you select, and one seasonal flavor that will be chosen for you. And, as an extra bonus, you'll get a free 10" cheesecake during your birthday month when you're a subscriber. Also, the cheesecake flavors here are unique. You could choose Frosted Animal Cookie, Banana Pudding, S'mores, Strawberry Shortcake, and many others.

Perks for club members

Cakes by Jeff gives subscribers some extra benefits. Your membership comes with a free baking mat and a 25% discount on other products and apparel.

You'll pay at least $39.97/month

What will it cost? This cheesecake club is priced at $39.97 per month. Does it include shipping? We're not sure. On the membership page, it says that the price includes the shipping costs. However, when we went to check out, we had to pay a $25/month shipping fee if we weren't going to pick up locally.

Best Cheesecake Clubs

Zero customer service

Unfortunately, we were disappointed by the overall lack of customer service here. When we reached out via text using the number on the site, we never got a response. We wanted to ask some clarifying questions about some of the conflicting info we spotted on the site (like the shipping fees), but got nothing back. Sadly, that's what other customers seem to be saying as well, especially those who order online - many of whom tried to sign up for the cheesecake club. Time and again, mention is made of orders placed and credit cards charged, with no deliveries that ever come. People try to reach out via text and via email, and they get nothing in reply. That's just not acceptable.

Desserts lacking in quality

Even the people who buy Jeff's desserts in person don't seem to love what they get. Over and over, the comments say things like "he's a nice guy but this was the worst dessert I've ever eaten" or "I don't understand how some of his ratings can be so high" .

Better choices available

Honestly, if it weren't for the fact that his social media channels had posts from the last few months, we'd wonder if Jeff the Chef had gone out of business. While there's no reason not to give his baked goods a try if you spot them at an event, we can't recommend subscribing to this cheesecake club. If other customers' experiences are any indicator, you may only wind up with frustration when you enter your credit card and get nothing sweet in return. Try one of the better-established cheesecake clubs in our review instead.

Compare the Best Reviews

Continued from above...

Fortunately, Cheesecake Clubs have emerged as the solution to this predicament, bringing the finest cheesecakes directly to you. These subscription services typically span a duration of 3 to 12 months and frequently feature seasonal flavors that might be unavailable near you. Imagine relishing the exquisite taste of apple walnut or tropical mango cheesecakes, packaged with care to arrive at your doorstep in perfect condition. These treats will impress even the most discerning palates and satisfy your craving for something sweet.

One of the key attractions of cheesecake clubs is the opportunity to explore a wide variety of flavors and styles. Members can indulge in a diverse selection of flavors, ranging from classic options like New York-style or strawberry cheesecake to more adventurous and unique combinations. This variety ensures that subscribers never get bored and constantly have something new and interesting to look forward to. It also caters to different tastes and preferences, appealing to a wide range of cheesecake lovers.

Furthermore, the convenience of monthly delivery allows for hassle-free gifting options. Many people choose to subscribe to cheesecake clubs as a thoughtful and unique gift for their loved ones. Whether it's for birthdays, anniversaries, or special occasions, sending a monthly cheesecake delivery is a delightful surprise that shows care and consideration. It eliminates the need to search for presents and offers a memorable and delicious treat that can be enjoyed throughout the year.

Naturally, the pricing and options for Cheesecake Clubs vary, so it's crucial to find the one that best suits your needs. The leading providers in this industry go the extra mile by offering exceptional satisfaction guarantees, ensuring that you or your fortunate recipient will be completely content with each and every delivery. In the rare event that something doesn't go quite right, most clubs are prepared to provide replacements or refunds, demonstrating their commitment to delivering excellent customer service.

So, how can you choose the right cheesecake club for you or as a gift for that special occasion? You can use these criteria to help make your decision:

  • Flavor Selection. What can you expect from the cheesecake club? Is it mostly traditional flavors like plain NY cheesecake and strawberry, or do you get to try varieties you've never had before?
  • Satisfaction Guarantee. What will the company do if your cheesecake arrives in poor condition? Or if it tastes bad? Look for a cheesecake club that gives you a no-hassle refund or replacement.
  • Flexibility. Are you locked into a traditional "cheesecakes every month" schedule, or can you opt into an every-other-month plan? Do you have to pay upfront or can you pay as you go? Will you know in advance what you're getting, and can you skip a month if it's something you don't like (or that you're allergic to)?
  • Gift-Giving Options. Is it easy to set the club up as a surprise for a friend or family member? Will you get any extras with the membership, like a fun newsletter? Can you set up the cheesecake club well in advance and then have the gift announcement sent on the date of your choice?

Whether you're looking to surprise a loved one with a delectable cheesecake gift or seeking to indulge in the finest flavors yourself, Cheesecake Clubs offer a convenient and delightful solution. Top Consumer Reviews has done the research to let you know which clubs bring the epitome of cheesecake excellence directly to your doorstep - and which ones might be a disappointment! Get ready to elevate your dessert experience, impress your loved ones, and indulge in the sweetest and most decadent cheesecakes available today.

The Best Cheesecake Clubs Compare Cheesecake Clubs Compare Cheesecake Club Reviews What are the best Cheesecake Clubs Best Cheesecake Club Reviews

Cheesecake Club FAQ

Depending on the club you select, your cheesecakes could come from the world-famous kitchens of your favorite dessert brand or from small bakeries around the nation. No matter where your cheesecakes are made, you can count on them to be delicious month after month!
You choose! While most cheesecake clubs offer monthly shipments, some allow you to spread out the deliveries to every other month or even once every three months.
On average, you can expect the monthly price of a cheesecake club to be around $40. The size of the dessert varies from club to club, ranging from 8 to 16 servings, so keep that in mind as you look at prices from one provider to another.
That also depends on the cheesecake club company you select. Some include the cost of delivery with the membership fee, others tack on shipping charges from $5 to $30 for each shipment.
Yes, most of the time. You might need to send in a photo if your cheesecake was damaged in transit, but most cheesecake clubs prioritize their customers' satisfaction and will make it right if your dessert isn't fresh and in perfect condition.
Most of the time, it's like your mom used to say: "you get what you get (and you don't have a fit)" . Fortunately, you can usually see which cheesecake flavors are scheduled for each month; if there's one that you really dislike (or maybe even are allergic to!), you can often contact the customer service department and ask for that month's delivery to be skipped, adding on a different flavor to the end of your membership term.
Most cheesecake clubs want you to have fun with your treats, so they send out a newsletter with each shipment. From details about your cheesecake's origin to recommendations for pairings with beverages - and maybe even a joke or two! - you'll be able to take your enjoyment of cheesecake to the next level.
Absolutely! Can you imagine how happy it would make YOU to find out you would be getting monthly deliveries of your favorite dessert? Cheesecake clubs are so popular as a gift that most membership plans have easy gift-giving features, like being able to include a personalized message and a fun announcement letting your lucky recipient know that there are tasty things on the horizon.
The Best Reviews of Cheesecake Clubs