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The Best China Dinnerware Stores

Where Can You Get the Best Selection of Fine China Dinnerware?

China dinnerware, often referred to simply as "china," is a type of fine porcelain or ceramic dinnerware that has been cherished for centuries for its elegance and timeless beauty. Despite the changing trends in dining and tableware, china dinnerware remains popular for several reasons.

First, china dinnerware is renowned for its delicate and refined appearance. The intricate patterns, often featuring floral or geometric designs, exude a sense of timeless beauty that enhances any dining experience. The delicate translucency of fine china also adds to its charm. But, while china may seem delicate, it is actually quite durable when properly cared for. High-quality china can last for generations, making it an excellent investment.

Friday, May 24th

2024 China Dinnerware Store Reviews

Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award Lenox Review 5 Star Rating


5 Star Rating
  • In business for over 100 years
  • Includes options from Kate Spade, Dansk, Cambridge, and more
  • Free replacement on Lenox-brand dinnerware that breaks through normal use
  • 120-day return policy
  • Free shipping on orders over $75
  • Save 15% by signing up for email newsletter
  • "A+" rated by the BBB
Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

Lenox, a brand deeply rooted in American heritage, has been a household name for over a century. With a wide-ranging selection of homewares and collectibles, Lenox offers everything from personalized Christmas ornaments to elegant picture frames and exquisite vases.

World-renowned reputation

And of course, the company is world-renowned for their extensive dinnerware collection, which encompasses a variety of materials. Some tof these include ironstone, porcelain, stoneware, and the coveted bone china. In fact, this esteemed brand has had the honor of being featured in the White House, where custom-made Lenox tableware graced the tables of six U.S. presidents.

Several brands of china to choose from

What makes Lenox even more enticing is its expanded brand family, which includes Kate Spade New York, Dansk, Cambridge, Hampton Forge, Reed & Barton, and most recently, Oneida (a brand you'll find reviewed separately on our list). When you browse for dinnerware, you'll discover these sister brands in your results list if they too offer china. If one of them catches your eye, you can easily filter your search to display only items from that brand. Lenox also provides convenient filters like color, features, and collections to help you narrow down your choices.

Everything from fun to formal

The sheer possibilities seem endless when it comes to Lenox's fine china dinnerware. From whimsical and playful patterns to luxurious and formal designs, this brand caters to a wide spectrum of tastes. For those who appreciate something floral and fun, the Sprig & Vine pattern is a delightful choice, while the Westmore pattern offers a more classic and formal feel.

Easy to see multiple color options

Many of Lenox's collections offer an array of color options. For instance, the appropriately-named Bay Colors set was available in four different colors at the time of this review, and the Kate Spade Willow Drive collection offered options in cream, grey, and blue. Conveniently, you can view these color options right on the results page. Plus, there's a handy heart button on every thumbnail image, allowing you to save your favorites (though, trust us, narrowing down your choices can be a pleasant challenge).

Best China Dinnerware Stores

Plenty of information for each piece

Once you find a china pattern that captures your heart, you'll see more details when you click on the individual product page. Use the dropdown box to select your preferred set options and adjust the quantity as needed. This flexibility ensures you get precisely the number of place settings you require, avoiding the hassle of buying more or less than necessary. The "More Information" section provides detailed product specifications, including size and capacity. Don't forget to scroll down to discover companion items that pair well with your chosen pattern.

Not made in the USA now

One thing to mention is that in 2022, Lenox closed its last remaining American manufacturing facility. So, while the company remains U.S.-based, their current dinnerware no longer bears the "Made in the USA" label. You may still find china dinnerware in stock (in older patterns) that retains that designation, but anticipate seeing a shift in their inventory reflecting this change.

Several ways to save

Signing up for Lenox's email list comes with a great perk: a 15% discount on your next order. Keep an eye out for this offer as you explore the website. And here's some more good news: Lenox offers free shipping on all orders totaling $75 or more, with no need for a coupon code.

Generous return policy

In terms of their return policy, Lenox provides a generous 120-day window for returns on all new and unused china dinnerware. While you're responsible for the return shipping costs, exceptions are made for defective, damaged, broken, or incorrect items.

Best China Dinnerware Stores

Exceptional breakage replacement coverage

Better yet, Lenox updated its Breakage Replacement Program in 2020. Whereas before you would only get a 50% discount on replacing that plate that you broke when it was slippery in the sink or the bowl that didn't quite make it into the cabinet without hitting the granite countertop, now Lenox will replace it for free. There are some requirements, though: you'll need to register your china dinnerware when you buy it (you can do that right on the website after you place your order), you'll need to submit a photo of the broken china, and it has to be specifically in the Lenox brand line (not Oneida or Kate Spade, for example). Still, even with those tiny hoops to jump through, Lenox's guarantee is phenomenal.

Excellent reputation

With over 130 years in operation, Lenox has earned its fair share of recognition, including an "A+" from the Better business Bureau. Customers consistently praise the unmatched quality of Lenox china, noting its elegant yet practical attributes. Comments like "microwave-safe metal accents," "dishwasher-safe bone china," and "chip-resistant and durable yet delicate" are just some of the accolades we found.

Best overall retailer and brand of china dinnerware

It's easy to see why Lenox remains our top choice among stores offering fine china dinnerware. Their user-friendly website makes shopping a breeze, offering a wide selection of beautiful plates, dishes, and cups designed to last for decades of memorable dining occasions. Furthermore, Lenox continues to uphold its reputation for excellent customer service, demonstrated by its upgrade to the breakage replacement program and maintaining a generous return policy. Whether you opt for china representing the epitome of formality or a fun holiday-themed or Disney pattern, you'll take pleasure in seeing Lenox grace your table. With reason, Lenox is our most highly recommended store for china dinnerware.

Wayfair Review 4.5 Star Rating


4.5 Star Rating
  • Over 2,500 options in fine china alone
  • Price points for every shopper, from budget to luxe
  • Easy-to-shop website
  • Free shipping on orders over $35
  • 30-day return policy
  • "A+" rated and accredited by the BBB

Who doesn't love to shop at Wayfair for all things home-related? Their inventory is vast and ranges from A(utumn holiday decor) to Z(ebra print sheets) and almost everything imaginable in between.

Thousands of choices in china

That's certainly true when it comes to china dinnerware. Wayfair's selection includes over 2,500 options in fine china alone. You'll find plenty of brands you know, like Wedgwood and Lenox, and dozens more that may be completely new to you. We recommend making generous use of the filters - color, material, shape, number of pieces, or anything else that you already have in mind - to get right to the china you're picturing.

Luxe dinnerware on offer

As always when we shop at Wayfair, we had fun looking at the most- and least-expensive options within the category. With respect to china dinnerware, Wayfair's most opulent offering during our recent visit was the Vista Alegre Terrace Porcelain China Dinnerware Set with Service for 4. Priced at $980 for a 20-item set (bread and butter plate, small plate, dinner plate, saucer, cup x 4), this elegant set also features a la carte matching serveware when you scroll down the page. Or, if the Vista Alegre brand doesn't speak to you, Wayfair also carries some higher-end china made by Wedgwood, Karaca, and East Urban, in patterns that range from traditional to trendy.

Best China Dinnerware Stores

Budget-friendly options too

Flipping to the most affordably-priced china dinnerware at Wayfair, we spotted the Brayden Studio Harek Porcelain China Dinnerware Set with Service for 12: for just $109.99 (sale price, marked down from a still-bargain $173.99), you'll get five-piece settings for your dozen favorite people, with a total of 60 plates, teacups, saucers, and pasta bowls. Believe it or not, despite the low-end price, people are high-end happy with this budget-friendly china: all six customers who reviewed it gave it a perfect five-star rating.

Ample (if sometimes contradictory) details

That's another thing we adore about Wayfair: the abundance of customer reviews, item photos, and details about each and every product they sell. That obviously includes dinnerware, so if it's important to you to know the exact measurements of each bowl, teacup, and plate, you're likely to find it. Just be aware as you shop that Wayfair's descriptions can sometimes be contradictory: for the Vista Alegre pattern we mentioned earlier, the Product Overview said that the dishes were microwave-safe, which seemed unlikely given the metal accents. Sure enough, when we clicked to read the extended description, it clearly said it wasn't for use in the microwave.

Free shipping over $35, 30 day returns

How about shipping and returns? This retailer gives free shipping on any order over $35, so you should have no trouble qualifying on your order of china dinnerware. Wayfair's return policy is a standard 30 days, and you're on the hook for the return shipping (which will be deducted from your refund when you use Wayfair's pre-printed label).

Best China Dinnerware Stores

Not an expert in china

So, why isn't Wayfair our #1 choice for china dinnerware? Well, obviously this isn't a specialty store: you get a broad range of brands to choose from, but it may not feature all the china dinnerware styles of a particular brand.

Customer service is very good, but not perfect

And, although the company has an "A+" rating and accreditation from the Better Business Bureau, Wayfair gets its fair share of complaints (over 2,000 filed with the BBB in the last year alone). That's to be expected for a retailer that ships millions upon millions of products around the globe, and the BBB's rating means that those complaints are being addressed.

Best option for dinnerware-and-more

Wayfair is one of our favorite one-stop shops for everything we need in our home, and it easily earns our second-place ranking for china dinnerware. No matter what brand you like, or budget you're trying to stick to, you'll find plenty of options here. Wayfair is an excellent place to buy china dinnerware.

Mikasa Review 4 Star Rating


4 Star Rating
  • About 3 dozen options in fine china
  • In business for over 75 years
  • Budget-friendly
  • 90-day no-hassle satisfaction guarantee
  • Breakage replacement at no cost on vegan bone china dinnerware
  • Free shipping on orders over $40
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Mikasa, with its origins as a dinnerware importer dating back to the 1940s, has a rich history of supplying fine china to upscale department stores like Bloomingdales and Macy's. Over the years, their offerings expanded to include direct retail sales to the public, encompassing a diverse range of home decor items such as vases and picture frames.

Easy-to-shop online store

Mikasa offers an extensive selection of dinnerware, including just over three dozen patterns in the fine china category alone. To make your shopping experience easier, take advantage of their filters. Depending on your needs, consider clicking on "Fine China" and selecting "Place Settings" or use the "Sets" filter to choose service for 4, 8, or 12. You'll find additional options to refine your search, such as color, pattern, shape, and more.

View the china at different angles

One convenient feature Mikasa provides is the ability to view essential details as you explore their china dinnerware. You can click the heart icon to save your favorite items, and hovering over an image allows you to see close-ups or different angles. While some china items may not have many customer reviews, you can still find the average rating for those that do.

Read the details

When considering a specific china dinnerware pattern or set, be sure to read the "Additional Details" section on the product page. This section provides important information about whether the china is microwave- and/or dishwasher-safe. For example, the Parchment Gold collection is hand wash only and should not be used in the microwave, while the Holiday Traditions pattern is a-okay to go in the dishwasher (but not the microwave). You'll also find details about the dimensions and capacity of plates, bowls, and cups.

Best China Dinnerware Stores

Budget-conscious can still be beautiful

Out of all the brands we've examined, Mikasa stands out as one of the most budget-friendly options. Few fine china manufacturers offer 5-piece place settings for under $75, but Mikasa offers several choices at or near that price point. Check out collections like Parchment, Cameo Gold, and Love Story to explore affordable options. You could fill your china cabinet with a 40-piece service for 8 for just $229.99 in the Parchment, Platinum Crown, and Regent Bead patterns.

Can you spot the savings opportunities?

Plus, Mikasa often offers storewide sales, occasionally reaching discounts as high as 25% off, including clearance items. If there's no sale happening when you're ready to order, you can still enjoy a 15% discount on your first order by signing up for the Mikasa mailing list. Plus, orders over $40 qualify for free shipping.

Parent brand isn't so well-liked

When it comes to Mikasa's reputation, it might initially appear confusing. The company is part of Lifetime Brands (who also owns well-known brands like Pfaltzgraff and Instant Pot), which holds a "D-" rating from the Better Business Bureau due to failure to respond to several customer complaints. However, it's important to note that most of these negative reviews were not specifically about Mikasa but rather other brands within the extensive Lifetime Brands portfolio.

Best China Dinnerware Stores

Mikasa has improved its reputation

And, when you look at the hundreds of independently-verified reviews on the Mikasa site, both for specific china dinnerware patterns and items as well as for the company itself, you'll see why we've moved this brand up in our rankings. Most customers wind up really liking their Mikasa dinnerware - and if not, the store's "No Hassle 90-Day Return Policy" for new and unused items is a good backup, at least if you take it out of the box and don't like what you see. Mikasa also has a free breakage replacement policy, but be aware that it only applies to their "Vegan Bone China" dinnerware.

A recommended brand for china dinnerware

Mikasa has grown to become an excellent choice for those seeking well-priced china dinnerware in a variety of patterns. Whether you buy it directly from the brand or you get it through one of the third-party retailers on our list, your Mikasa bowls, plates, cups, and matching serveware should last for many meals and parties in your future.

Noritake Review 3.5 Star Rating


3.5 Star Rating
  • Over 200 sets available in bone china alone
  • Easy-to-use website
  • Breakage replacement program: 25% or 50% off, depending on pattern
  • Free shipping on orders over $75
  • 30-day return period
  • In business since 1904

Noritake is a renowned Japanese brand with a rich heritage in fine tableware and ceramics, dating back to 1904. Known for its exquisite craftsmanship, Noritake has become a symbol of quality and elegance in the world of chinaware. The brand offers a wide range of beautifully designed dinnerware, stemware, and serveware, featuring both traditional and contemporary patterns to suit various tastes and occasions.

Dinnerware is the focus here

It's clear that dinnerware takes center stage at Noritake, with many styles and patterns featured prominently on the home page. So, where should you start? That's up to you. Maybe you're already a fan of the Colorwave collection, or you know you're shopping specifically for dinnerware sets. You'll find all of those starting points in the dropdowns at the top of the site.

Hundreds of options in bone china

To give you an idea of Noritake's ample selection, we went right to the Sets tab and used the filters to show us just bone china (and not porcelain, stoneware, or even wood). There were over 200 options to choose from. The remaining filters made it simple to narrow those down according to our priorities, whether that was china that was dishwasher- and microwave-safe or in a particular style (like geometric or floral patterns).

Best China Dinnerware Stores

Easy-breezy online shopping

As you start out, your matching results will be listed by pattern name, making it super-easy to see everything available in that design. For example, the Accompanist pattern offers everything from standalone sets of plates or bowls, as well as a 12-piece set of service for 4 (affordably priced at $249.99, we might add). But, you can always change the view to show you Noritake's options by price or by best-sellers, if either of those are a factor in your shopping for china.

Mid-range in price but still high quality

Noritake china dinnerware falls in the middle of the spectrum pricewise. The most expensive sets we found were in the $400 to $500 range, so nothing was either extremely high-end or cheap. While you won't find tons of reviews on any of the dishes in the bone china category, feedback in other places (including some of the third-party dinnerware retailers on our list) indicates that Noritake offers excellent durability and overall quality.

30-day returns and free shipping on orders over $75

Shipping is free on orders over $75 at Noritake, as long as the delivery is within the contiguous United States. Returns on unused items are accepted within 30 days, but you're responsible for the cost of sending your dishes back to the retailer.

Best China Dinnerware Stores

Register your pattern for news and discounted replacement items

When you register your pattern with Noritake, you'll receive updates on its status and notifications about new items in the pattern. Additionally, Noritake offers a breakage replacement program, allowing you to replace broken dinnerware, stemware, or serveware at a discounted price. This program applies to active patterns or those for which Noritake has stock available. For specific collections like Colorwave, ColorTex, and Hammock (including dinnerware, wood, and glass items), you can enjoy a 25% discount off the web price. For all other products, a 50% discount off the current manufacturer's suggested retail price is available. If you need to replace an item, simply contact Noritake Customer Service for assistance.

Solid option for china dinnerware

Overall, Noritake gives you the best of both worlds: high-quality china dinnerware at prices that are within reach for most shoppers. While their breakage replacement program isn't quite as generous as many of its brand rivals (who provide replacements on registered china at no cost), Noritake is still worth considering as a reliable china retailer with an extremely wide range of styles and patterns to choose from. Whether you're buying basic dishes for day-to-day use or formal place settings for holiday feasts, Noritake is a solid option.

Tiffany & Co. Review 3 Star Rating

Tiffany & Co.

3 Star Rating
  • In business since 1837
  • High-end china dinnerware and serveware
  • Complimentary shipping and returns (within 30 days)
  • Concierge assistance on demand
  • "A+" rated and accredited by the BBB

Tiffany & Co., often simply referred to as Tiffany's, is a legendary American luxury brand known worldwide for its exquisite jewelry, elegant timepieces, and high-end accessories. Founded in New York City in 1837 by Charles Lewis Tiffany and John B. Young, Tiffany's has established itself as an icon of timeless sophistication and exceptional craftsmanship.

Commitment to quality

The brand's signature Tiffany Blue Box has become synonymous with opulent gifting, and its iconic flagship store on Fifth Avenue, adorned with the famous Tiffany Diamond, is a symbol of luxury and refinement. Tiffany's commitment to quality, innovation, and design has earned it a place of prominence in the world of high-end jewelry and luxury goods, making it a coveted name for those seeking the finest in elegance and style.

Pricing is probably irrelevant

Let's be upfront: if you're shopping for china dinnerware at Tiffany's, you're probably not concerned with price, sales and discounts, or anything else that a budget-conscious shopper might focus on. So, we'll set those factors to the side and consider what you will and won't experience when buying the finest of china through the Tiffany & Co. website.

Only Tiffany's (of course)

First, what you won't get: it goes without saying that you won't be comparing brands, even higher-end ones like Wedgwood and Royal Albert. The selection here is literally just Tiffany-branded dinnerware. You also won't be getting sets of full place settings; you'll need to piece your service together item by item, but that also lets you mix and match if you see complementary designs and colors. Plan on spending more time on the Tiffany's site than you might elsewhere, because all you have to go by as you browse are product images and a brief description (plus the price) when you hover over them.

Best China Dinnerware Stores

Concierge china shopping

What you will experience when shopping for dinnerware at Tiffany's is the panache of the brand itself. Want concierge care as you consider which dishes to buy? Click to contact a client advisor anytime. China delivered at no cost to you, as well as free returns within 30 days? Of course. Only the best of care here.

Client feedback is unsurprisingly limited

There isn't much else to be said about Tiffany's china dinnerware. Customers are hardly coming out of the woodwork to take the time to review the quality of the plates or the longevity of the bowls: if they're buying anything Tiffany, it's not going to be top of mind to leave a comment (and the site doesn't even offer that capability). There's no breakage replacement policy like we've seen with (other) high-end brands because, again, if you bought Tiffany dinnerware to begin with, you can likely afford the replacement. Of course, the retailer itself has maintained an "A+" and accreditation from the Better Business Bureau, but is anyone really concerned about Tiffany's reputation?

Limited appeal for many shoppers

Bottom line: if you adore Tiffany & Co. and would love to set your table with their china dinnerware, you won't be deterred by the limited selection of designs or by having to put together each setting piece by piece. On the other hand, if you want high-end china and a smooth online shopping experience, we suggest looking at other brands like Wedgwood, Royal Albert, and so forth. When it comes to china dinnerware, Tiffany's is an acquired taste.

Bed Bath & Beyond Review 3 Star Rating

Bed Bath & Beyond

3 Star Rating
  • About 330 options for bone china
  • Options range from basic to high-end dinnerware
  • Free shipping on all orders in the continental US
  • Competitive prices
  • 30-day returns
  • Merged with Overstock in 2023

Bed Bath and Beyond: the name used to be synonymous with malls, frequent blue-and-white coupons in the mail, and everything you could want for your, well, bed, bath, or beyond. And now? You probably already know that they went out of business, but did you know that they were scooped up by Overstock?

Bed Bath and Beyond on the surface, Overstock underneath

That's really essential for your understanding of what you'll get when you shop for china dinnerware on the new-and-improved BB and B website: the selection is going to look like what you're used to with Overstock, and the overall shopping experience will be the same, including a lack of in-person options. (In other words, you won't be able to buy online and pick up from or make returns to a retail location - because there aren't any.)

No shortage of options for dinnerware

Now that that's out of the way, let's take a peek at what you'll have to choose from for china here. When you go to the fine china category at Bed Bath and Beyond, you'll discover upwards of 300 options. Most are sold in sets, but you'll also see plenty of one-off purchases (like a Christmas bowl or dog-themed cup and saucer pairing).

20brands to choose from

There were about 20 brands to choose from - including high-end names like Wedgwood and more budget-oriented like Mikasa - but if BB and B is going to follow the Overstock model, we'd guess that such a list could expand (or contract) at any time, depending on what the retailer has sourced recently. And, if a set is what you're looking for, we suggest using the filters to choose either "Dinnerware Sets" or "Formal Dinnerware Sets', depending on your tastes.

Best China Dinnerware Stores

Complete sets and single place settings available

Within the Dinnerware Sets category, Bed Bath and Beyond has a pleasing mix of both single place settings and complete service for a specified number of people. We appreciate having that flexibility: maybe you plan on regularly serving meals to an odd number of guests, so why be forced into a big set with more than you need? The most affordable 5-piece place setting at the time of our visit was the STP Goods Morris Garden for $36.49, with four other patterns still under $40. Moving onto 3-piece china dinnerware service for 4, BB and B was offering seven different Mikasa styles (all in white or off-white) for under $90.

Luxe china dinnerware also on offer

On the luxury end of the spectrum, we found several styles by Karaca with service for 12, typically priced around $900. But, there was an exceptionally good sale on the Karaca Azure Garden Bone China Dinnerware Set of 60 for 12, discounted to just $561.92. Royal Albert, Wedgwood, and Vera Wang dishes also grace the upper echelon of BB and B's china dinnerware selection.

More details, please

While most china at Bed Bath and Beyond doesn't have customer ratings to consider, the Royal Albert Old Country Roses 12-piece Dinnerware Set had more than 50 reviews during our recent visit to the site. We like being able to see those, because the details for the dinnerware here can be a bit scant for our liking. You'll get the basics, like how many dishes are in the set and whether or not they're dishwasher-safe, but not other info like plate dimensions or cup capacity.

Some ups and downs while browsing

Some of the site design at Bed Bath and Beyond can be hit or miss when you're shopping. For example, we love that on any given china dinnerware item, you can enter your zip code to see an estimated delivery date. That's perfect if you're trying to time it just right as a wedding gift, or if you've got a big dinner coming up and want to have everything just so. On the other hand, there's a long scroll to see all of the various suggested items and other BB and B products, and there isn't a section that strictly features the complementary products to the china pattern you're considering.

Best China Dinnerware Stores

Free shipping, 30-day returns

On the positive side, Bed Bath and Beyond offers free shipping on all orders in the continental US. It's not free if you need to make a return, though: you've got 30 days from the delivery date to initiate the process, the shipping cost is on you (no preprinted label and a deduction from your refund amount here), and your china has to arrive at BB and B within 45 days of when you received it.

Too soon to tell

We're a little hesitant to give Bed Bath and Beyond our most enthusiastic recommendation. If we're being completely frank, the BB and B-Overstock handoff and rebranding (after BB and B very publicly went bankrupt and closed down its brick-and-mortar presence) has us feeling a little guarded with our wallets. We really liked Overstock the way that it was, and we'd probably feel more secure after the dust has had time to settle a little further. Plus, when you look at customer feedback now, it'll be hard to tell: was it before the merger/buy-out? After? Will it trend upward or downward in the future, as everything shakes out?

You may want to wait

Could you get the china dinnerware of your dreams at Bed Bath and Beyond? Sure. Should you? The jury's still out on that one. If you spot the perfect pattern and it's not available anywhere else, go for it. Otherwise, it might be smarter for the near future to get it from a retailer whose recent past isn't quite so rocky.

Macy's Review 2.5 Star Rating


2.5 Star Rating
  • In business since 1858
  • Competitively priced on 30+ major brands
  • Can buy online and pick up in-store
  • Free shipping on orders of $49+
  • "A+" rated by the BBB

When it comes to shopping for china dinnerware, Macy's is a name that carries a certain flair. With over 150 years in business, including their iconic flagship store in New York City, Macy's is a renowned department store with a reputation to uphold.

Broad brand selection and competitive prices

Macy's offers an impressive selection of china dinnerware with nearly 40 brands to choose from. Some of the notable brands in their collection include Royal Copenhagen, Vera Wang Wedgwood, American Atelier, Mikasa, and many more. What's even more appealing is that Macy's prices are competitive with those found on the official websites of these brands. For instance, take the Noritake Crestwood platinum collection, priced at $314.99 for an impressive 50-piece set with service for 8: when shopping directly from Noritake, you'd pay $379.99.

Some limitations within each brand

However, it's worth noting that Macy's might not offer as extensive a range of options within each brand compared to purchasing directly from the brand's website: you may have an easier time getting a one-off replacement (for that cup you dropped on the way to the sink or the bowl that the cat knocked off the table) going directly to the china manufacturer itself. Nevertheless, Macy's typically has a good inventory of serving platters, bowls, mugs, and other complementary items within the patterns they carry. For example, in that Noritake Crestwood Platinum set we mentioned earlier, Macy's had nearly two dozen items in the pattern, ranging from accent plates and vegetable dishes to sugar bowls and coffee pots.

Buy online, pick up in store

One compelling reason to consider Macy's for your china dinnerware is the convenience of online ordering with the option for in-store pickup. While shipping is often free - $49 is the threshold for all customers, while those with Macy's rewards can get free shipping on orders of $25+, and top-tier Macy's credit card holders get no-cost delivery on every online order - having the ability to quickly grab a replacement plate for tonight's dinner or a last-minute bridal shower gift can be a lifesaver.

Best China Dinnerware Stores

Shorter timeframe for returns now

However, Macy's has downgraded its return window since our last review, down from a generous 90-day timeframe to a just-average 30 days. In-store returns are free, while you'll pay $9.99 for a shipping label if you prefer to mail your dinnerware back.

Customer service is awful for online orders

And, unfortunately, that's just the beginning of where Macy's falls short in their customer service, particularly for online orders. While Macy's maintains an "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau, we discovered almost 2,000 1-star rants on Trustpilot alone, many of which referenced problems with online purchases. Common issues included orders being charged but never delivered, challenges in obtaining refunds, and incorrect items being shipped. Frustratingly, many customers faced difficulties in getting a response from Macy's customer service representatives, encountering lengthy waits, disconnected calls, and unfulfilled promises.

Shop with caution

If you have a Macy's near you and can go in person if there's an issue with your online order, it may be worth shopping for your china dinnerware here. After all, this department store might have prices that are a huge bargain compared with buying directly from the brand itself. However, Macy's is missing some of the perks offered by the china retailers ranked higher on our list (like free breakage replacement or generous return windows), and we're less than confident that you'll get helpful customer service if there's a problem. You should probably check out all of your options (including the ones at the top of our rankings) before clicking that "place order" button with Macy's.

Wedgwood Review 2.5 Star Rating


2.5 Star Rating
  • British brand dating back to 1759
  • High-end china dinnerware
  • 60-day replacement window (may be holiday season nly)
  • Free shipping when you sign up for the email newsletter

Wedgwood, with its remarkable heritage dating back to 1759 in England, has a long-standing reputation for timeless eclecticism in fine china dinnerware. The company's founder, Josiah Wedgwood, introduced pioneering business practices like money-back guarantees and celebrity endorsements, while his grandson, Charles Darwin, adds to the brand's historical significance.

Distinctly British feel and flair

Wedgwood is the umbrella brand for Royal Albert, alongside the acquisition of Waterford, Rogaska, and Royal Doulton. For those seeking fine china with a distinctively British tea-time feel, this brand family holds the key.

Buy in sets or as individual pieces

When navigating the Wedgwood site, the best starting point for most first-time purchasers is the "Dinner Sets" section under the "Dinnerware" tab. While there are options for teaware, home decor, and individual items like mugs and cups, many shoppers prefer china in sets. You can filter your search by the number of pieces, collection, designer, color, pattern, banding, and more.

Online shopping experience has room for improvement

However, Wedgwood's website isn't the most user-friendly. While browsing china that aligns with your preferences, you won't find features like a favorites list, customer ratings, or a quick "Add to Cart" button. You'll need to click on the items that pique your interest and perhaps take notes on your own for further consideration.

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Unique stories behind the patterns

Once you select your chosen china, you'll discover an abundance of detail about the pattern. For example, the Kit Kemp Mythical Creatures set, priced at $450 for a 5-piece place setting, offers intricate storytelling of a "menagerie of weird and wonderful creatures" .

Affordable options too

For those looking specifically at affordable place settings, the Renaissance Gold 3-Piece Place Setting stood as the lowest-priced at the time of this review, on sale for $50. The pattern is dishwasher-safe, but with gold accents it shouldn't surprise you that it's not suitable for use in the microwave.

Free delivery only if you sign up for emails

We were disappointed to see that Wedgwood no longer offers free shipping - not even with a certain minimum order price (which you'd probably reach pretty easily, given the higher-than-most pricing on the dinnerware here). The only avenue we spotted was by signing up for their newsletter, though most rival china stores will give you an actual discount for that, not just fee-free delivery.

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No breakage replacement policy

Unfortunately, Wedgwood also doesn't provide any kind of breakage replacement. We guess they figure that if a customer can afford their china dinnerware in the first place, they should have no concerns with replacing any bowls, plates, or cups that get broken under normal use.

Outdated return policy

We also weren't reassured by Wedgwood's posted returns policy - because it referenced getting extended returns during the previous calendar year's holiday season (which was more than 6 months in the past). Did they extend it to be 60 days year-round? Who knows? When we tried to reach out through the site's online chat, all we got was a bot, and then a "contact us" form, with no telephone number and definitely no live agent. All we can say for sure is that for damaged or imperfect items, you must contact their Customer Care Advisors (and you can see how THAT went), while a return label is provided for other returns.

Nice china, not-so-nice customer service

Generally speaking, while customers are satisfied with Wedgwood china itself, praising its durable elegance, the brand's fanciful and eclectic styles (along with higher prices) may not be everyone's cup of tea (we couldn't resist the pun). Furthermore, the Wedgwood website and customer service (or lack thereof) could best be described as "rubbish" . If you're absolutely set on having Wedgwood china dinnerware, we strongly suggest that you consider buying it through a third-party retailer where you can count on getting attention if and when you need it.

OKA Review 2 Star Rating


2 Star Rating
  • British company in business since 1999
  • China dinnerware patterns with global influences
  • Free shipping with coupon code
  • 45-day return policy

OKA is all about the love of living well. Founded by Lady Annabel Astor, Sue Jones, and Lucinda Waterhouse, OKA started as a quest to discover unique designs worldwide to enhance homes.

Inherently British

The name "OKA" phonetically echoes "ochre," symbolizing the fusion of cultures and aesthetics at its core. OKA is known for its ever-changing yet inherently British aesthetic, blending hand-picked global treasures, rich textures, and timeless furniture. With two decades of collections, experiential stores in the UK and the US, a vibrant website, and a design-focused magazine, OKA fashions itself as a destination for home enthusiasts, inspiring a passion for design in others.

You choose what you want in your set

Shopping for china dinnerware at OKA is a vastly different experience from most of the other retailers and brands on our list. You won't find huge 40-piece sets of place settings for 4-8 people - or any sets at all, beyond groupings of just plates, just mugs, and so on. That could be perfect for you if you love to mix-and-match, but with the bold patterns featured by OKA dishes, maybe not (we're talking forest leaves in the Sherwood line, bold stripes and delicate curlicues in the Kintaro series, and blue Dutch-esque patterns in the Kraak line).

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Expect a place setting to be spendy

So, you'll be buying and browsing everything one by one, but that's not a stretch given that there are only 30-ish products in OKA's total dinnerware selection. You can expect to see prices in the neighborhood of $35 (for a Kraak sugar bowl) to $595 (for a set of 4 large Isphahan dinner plates. Do the math, and you'll see pretty quickly that it's going to cost a pretty penny (or pound? It's a British company after all...) to pull together a complete set for everyone who might be at your table.

Shipping is only free if you find a code

To get free shipping at OKA, you'll have to look around the site for a code (usually at the top of the page, if there's one to be had). Otherwise, expect delivery fees from $5 to $99 or more, depending on the total of your order and the package weight.

US-based customer support, 45-day return window

You'll have 45 days to return your dinnerware if it's not what you had in mind; just make sure it's in the original condition. OKA will cover the return shipping fees, once you reach out to their customer support team and get the RMA and the label. On a positive note, despite being a UK-based retailer, OKA has a customer service team in Dallas, so you can get help via the store's toll-free number during regular US business hours if needed.

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No breakage replacement policy

However, there's no breakage replacement offer here. If the inevitable happens and you drop your favorite OKA bowl in the morning because you're not quite awake yet, it's on you to buy a new one (*sad face*)

Durability could be a problem

And, that's a legitimate concern: when we filtered the more than 1,500 customer ratings at Trustpilot for OKA (most of which were positive, by the way, averaging a respectable 3.9 out of 5 stars), there were two that mentioned china dinnerware specifically. One said that even with careful treatment, three of their plates broke within a few months of purchase. And, without any reviews on any dinnerware (or anything else) on the OKA site, there's not a lot to prove that complaint wrong.

Too much room for improvement

So, let's recap: if you buy your china dinnerware from OKA it will cost much more than average (both for the dishes themselves and the delivery), and it will not be replaced for free if (and more likely when) it breaks. Without more feedback from customers who have bought and loved their OKA bowls, plates, and mugs, it's hard to say that this brand is worth the risk. We'd be glad to give OKA another look in the future, and hopefully by then they'll have a broader selection and lots of shopper reviews on each piece of dinnerware. But, for now, this isn't a china brand that we think most shoppers will find trustworthy and a good value for the investment.

Oneida Review 2 Star Rating


2 Star Rating
  • In business since the 1800s
  • Sister brand to Lenox, Kate Spade, and more
  • Affordably-priced for 12-piece sets

When shopping for flatware or dinnerware, you'll often encounter the renowned Oneida brand. Originating in the 1800s from the town of Oneida in New York, this company stands as one of the industry's most prominent and recognizable names.

China dinnerware is really limited

However, it seems like the brand is going out of the china dinnerware business. Why do we say that? The selection has dropped from over two dozen patterns to just three in the Porcelain category (and we're not even completely sure those count as china): Sketchbook, 24 Seven White, and Harbour were the only ones we spotted during our most recent visit, and those were only available in 12-piece sets. Granted, they were super-affordable at $69.95 for four dinner plates, four bowls, and four small plates, but if you're shopping for replacement items, serveware in matching patterns, or one-off pieces, you're out of luck now.

Other dinnerware types don't offer much either

You won't even have much more to choose from even if you switch to melamine or stoneware: the entire Oneida inventory consisted of just seven 12-piece dinnerware sets at the time of this evaluation.

Best China Dinnerware Stores

Dinnerware may not be on Oneida's radar much longer

So, what's the scoop? Is Oneida going out of business? That's hard to say, but the brand's acquisition by the same company that owns Lenox (our highest-rated china brand) and several others may be an indicator that, at least with respect to dinnerware, Oneida is fading into the sunset. That might not be the case for flatware or other Oneida products, but we're just not seeing much emphasis on offering new patterns of bowls, plates, and cups here.

You get what you pay for

That makes it not even worth it to dig into the return policy, shipping costs, or even the Better Business rating for the company - because it feels like, at any given moment, the dinnerware category could completely disappear from the Oneida site. And if you're spending under $70 for service for four, are you really that worried about any of those details? We wouldn't be.

Lowest-ranked brand for china dinnerware

Honestly, we're a little sad to have to give Oneida a low rating.. It's been a household name in three different centuries. But, unfortunately, that's not enough to keep the brand top of mind if they're not actively investing in their china dinnerware line. Oneida could be a fantastic way to go if all you want is a cheap set of dishes and you don't really care if you can't replace individual items when they break. But for most customers dreaming of a beautiful or unique pattern for a set of dishes (and often matching serveware) that they can pass down for generations, Oneida would be about the last option on the list.

Compare the Best Reviews

Continued from above...

Also, many people reserve their china dinnerware for special occasions like holidays, anniversaries, and celebrations. Using it during these moments adds a sense of tradition and significance to the event. Of course, you can always live like every day is special, because china can be suitable for a wide range of occasions, from casual family dinners to formal gatherings. Its versatility allows you to create different table settings to suit various events and moods.

Finally, collecting china dinnerware has been a popular hobby for many. Some patterns and brands have become highly sought-after collectibles, with enthusiasts scouring antique shops and auctions for rare pieces. The sturdy construction ensures that it can withstand daily use and occasional accidents.

However, when you're out shopping for china dinnerware at your local stores, you might notice that your options are a bit limited. Those big-box retailers usually stock just a couple of brands and a handful of patterns. So, if you want to match your china with your home decor or you have a particular brand in mind, turning to online stores is your best bet. They tend to have a wider selection, often at better prices.

Online shops make it super easy and fun to find the perfect china for you. They've usually got handy filters and clear images of each plate, cup, bowl, and saucer. The only tricky part might be trying to pick just one pattern from all the gorgeous options they offer!

Ready to get shopping? Here are some ways to narrow down the options as you search for your perfect china dinnerware:

  • Design and pattern. Choose a style that appeals to your personal taste and complements your existing tableware or decor. Consider whether you want a classic, traditional pattern or a more contemporary design.
  • Brand reputation. Research the reputation of the brand you're considering. Established brands with a long history of producing quality china are often a safe bet. Read customer reviews and ask for recommendations from friends or family who own china dinnerware.
  • Use and maintenance. Check if the china dinnerware is safe to use in the microwave and oven if you intend to heat or reheat food in them. Also research how easy it is to clean and maintain. Some patterns or brands may be dishwasher-safe, while others require hand washing.
  • Completeness and availability. If you plan to use your china dinnerware regularly, ensure that the set you're purchasing includes all the essential pieces you need, such as dinner plates, salad plates, cups, saucers, and serving pieces. Check if replacement pieces are readily available in case of breakage, and if you can get those replacements free of charge or at a reduced cost.

Whether for everyday use or special occasions, the right china dinnerware can elevate your table settings and create lasting memories. To help you find the best patterns and settings, the experts at Top Consumer Reviews have evaluated and ranked today's most popular brands and retailers. Your table will be picture-perfect in no time!

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China Dinnerware Store FAQ

Despite the name, the plates, bowls, cups and saucers aren't necessarily made in China - although that's why delicate dinnerware was originally given the name of "china" . There are two main types of dinnerware referred to as china, porcelain and bone. Bone china is created in a similar process as porcelain, but an extra ingredient (bone ash) is used when making it. This bone ash gives the final product a milkier white color.
That depends on your preferences. Bone china has a more delicate look and feel, to the point of being almost translucent. Porcelain colors are often brighter, the whites are whiter, and so on. Either one can make your dinner table look beautiful!
It takes a much higher temperature to fire china dinnerware. Those high temperatures make it more likely that a dish or bowl won't survive the firing process - making the ones that do come out perfectly a more expensive final product.
Read the printed materials that came with your dinnerware to determine if it can be used in the oven or microwave. You may also be able to find that information on the bottom of the plate, bowl, or cup itself. If your china has any metal accents, like a gold design or platinum band around the edge, DO NOT use it in the oven or microwave!
If you are using your great-grandmother's china that came over from England, it's probably best to wash it by hand using a gentle dish detergent and warm water. On the other hand, newer china is often made for the rigors of today's day-to-day life, including being washable in the dishwasher. Again, check the information provided about your china or look on the bottom of the dinnerware to see if it has been designated as dishwasher-safe.
Although it's not as common on gift registries now as it was in the past, china dinnerware still catches the eye of many engaged couples. It's fun to have a set of "nice" dishes for the first Thanksgiving meal together or for entertaining dinner guests. Plus, with many people embracing the idea of "you only live once" , china dinnerware is often found in everyday use.
Where else will you find the world's best selection of brands, patterns, and pieces of china? Local retailers often carry an extremely limited inventory of china, and they may not have enough on hand for the number of full place settings you want. Getting your dinnerware directly from the manufacturer or from an online home goods store ensures that you can get exactly what you're looking for, delivered safely to your doorstep.
Probably not. Many china retailers want to earn your business, so you'll often find free shipping offers with a certain minimum purchase amount. You may also spot discounts on your purchase that can make it even more affordable to get the dishes you've been dreaming of.
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