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Amazing Clubs Review

Sunday, March 3rd

2024 Chocolate Club Reviews

Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award Amazing Clubs Review 5 Star Rating

Amazing Clubs

5 Star Rating
  • Priced from $50.95 to $52.95 per month, depending on club length
  • Chocolate Selection: one pound of assorted chocolates
  • Duration: 3, 4, 6 or 12 months
  • Frequency: monthly, every other month, or quarterly
  • Shipping: included in your monthly cost
  • Exceptional satisfaction guarantee
  • Millions of happy customers
  • "A+" rated by the BBB
Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

If you're on the hunt for subscription clubs that deliver something special, Amazing Clubs should be your top choice. When it comes to a wide range of hand-crafted gourmet foods and top-quality products, you just won't find a better option on the market.

You'll know what you're getting ahead of time

Now, let's talk about their Chocolate Club because it's seriously amazing (see what we did there?). They're all about keeping you in the loop: you get to see a list of previous selections and they even tell you what chocolate delights are coming your way in advance. And, if you're not feeling a particular month's selection - maybe toffee squares aren't your thing or there's an ingredient you're sensitive to - you can just skip that month and have a delivery added on to the end of your plan. Flexibility at its finest.

Fantastic variety and no duplicates in a year

But trust us when we say that you won't want to skip often because Amazing Clubs' chocolate game is strong. From dark chocolate cranberry almond bark to cheesecake truffles and white chocolate key lime creams, you get a full pound of heavenly treats in each delivery. And the best part? You won't get the same chocolates twice in a year. Variety is the spice of life, after all.

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Really flexible

Now, whether you're treating yourself or giving this as a gift, you're in control. Choose how you want to pay: all at once or per shipment, because the price remains the same either way. You've got options for how long you want to subscribe too: 3 months, 4 months (seasonal), 6 months, or a full year. But wait, there's more - do you maybe want your chocolates every other month instead? If so, you can make a 12-month subscription stretch over two years. And you can even pick a specific start date, up to 11 months in the future.

Competitive prices and lots of discounts offered

Depending on how long you go for, the monthly price ranges from $50.95 to $52.95, with shipping included in the cost. Plus, Amazing Clubs loves dropping discounts, especially after your first purchase. Keep an eye out for emails with sweet deals - anywhere from $5 to $70+ off. Sneaky tip: spend some time on the site, then act like you're closing the window - a pop-up discount might appear, valid for the next hour.

Terrific as a gift-giving option

Amazing Clubs is one of our all-time favorite options for gift-giving, too. Each delivery comes with a delightful chocolate lover's newsletter called The Sweetest Tooth. It's got info about the chocolatier, fun chocolate facts, serving suggestions, and more. And if you're surprising someone, you can choose to send the announcement by mail or email on a specific date, or print it out for a last-minute touch. Your recipient will get notifications of each delivery (and you will too), and either one of you can reach out to skip one if needed.

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No one can match this satisfaction guarantee

But here's the real deal-sealer: their reputation. Amazing Clubs lives by their "They'll Love It!" guarantee. Check out the 400+ reviews on their website - you'll be amazed. When we received a package of melted chocolates at the peak of summer and discovered that even the cold pack was warm to the touch, it was no problem at all: we called Amazing Clubs' customer service team, and they arranged for us to get a replacement delivery the next month (and let's be real: melted chocolate is just fine after you put it in the freezer for a while, even if it's not pretty anymore). We didn't even have to send in photos of the melty mess, and the rep offered to even substitute a completely different club from their wide selection if we didn't want to take our chances with chocolate again. You're just not going to find any other club on the market, chocolate or otherwise, that goes as far as this one does to make you happy. Is it any surprise that the BBB gives Amazing Clubs a perfect "A+" grade?

Still the #1 chocolate club on our list

Amazing Clubs is the heavyweight champ of monthly clubs, with millions of happy customers and still counting. If you're aiming to wow a friend or boss with a fantastic selection of chocolates each month, or just want to treat yourself (you deserve it), this chocolate club is where it's at. Amazing Clubs earns our top rating and then some.

Which Chocolate Club is the Best?

Chocolate clubs are more popular now than ever before - and it's easy to see why. These clubs offer a delightful experience that goes way beyond just eating chocolate.

First and foremost, the universal love for chocolate is a central driver of chocolate club popularity. Chocolate has been a beloved treat for centuries, transcending age, gender, and cultural boundaries. Its rich, indulgent flavor provides a comforting escape from the ordinary, making it a universal pleasure. Chocolate subscription clubs tap into this passion, transforming it into a regular, eagerly anticipated event, offering a dependable source of joy in the subscribers' lives.

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Chocolate Club FAQ

That depends on the club you select. Some chocolate clubs specialize in single-source, small-batch chocolates that are hand-crafted by artisans around the world. Others provide a more traditional experience with boxed chocolates or bars you might find in a specialty store near you.
Most chocolate clubs give you a range of options: monthly, every other month, or quarterly. You can usually choose how many total deliveries you would like as well, from three-month plans to a full year.
They can be, but you'll find affordable options too. On average, your chocolate club will cost somewhere between $17 and $59 per month. Most clubs include shipping in those prices.
Many chocolate clubs go the extra mile to make sure that you - or your lucky gift recipient - are 100% satisfied with every delivery, giving you a full refund or shipping a replacement if something isn't right. However, not every company provides this level of customer service. It's a good idea to check out the policies (and reputation) of each club before making your purchase.
Chocolate is a great year-round gift, and the best chocolate clubs take care to package each shipment with the weather and destination in mind. Ice packs and insulation may be included, to help keep the chocolate in perfect condition while en route.
Absolutely! Some of the top chocolate clubs have been around for decades, with a long track record of customer satisfaction.
That's a great question. If you or your recipient have food allergies, you'll need to consider the options very carefully. Unfortunately, most clubs don't let you customize your deliveries beforehand: "you get what you get". There are a few that let you preview each month's delivery and skip it for any reason, and some are developing an "allergy-free" club membership that avoids the top known allergens.
Of course: who doesn't love chocolate? Chocolate clubs are a great way to send a little taste of joy for months to come. Your selected club may have gift options like emailed or printed announcements, gift wrapping, or add-on treats and toys to make your deliveries even more special. Many chocolate clubs also include a fun newsletter, providing interesting facts about chocolate, the background of the specific chocolates in the box, and even recipes!
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Variety is another important part of a chocolate club. Many chocolate subscription clubs carefully curate diverse selections of high-quality chocolates. These selections often include chocolates with varying cocoa percentages, origins, flavor profiles, and forms, such as bars, truffles, and pralines. The promise of new and diverse chocolate flavors and textures with each delivery keeps subscribers engaged and excited. This continuous variety fosters a sense of anticipation and curiosity.

Another reason why chocolate clubs are so popular is their convenience. In our fast-paced modern world, convenience is a highly prized commodity. Chocolate subscription clubs offer a hassle-free solution for accessing gourmet chocolates. Subscribers receive their personally selected chocolates at regular intervals, eliminating the need to shop for high-quality chocolates or search for unique, artisanal brands. This ease of access aligns with the preferences of busy individuals who want to savor life's finer pleasures.

Before diving in, it's important to figure out what kind of chocolate you're into. Do you find yourself craving a beautiful mix of milk and dark chocolates all wrapped up? Or are you more of a connoisseur, excited about single-source bars that melt in your mouth and bring out unique flavors? Chocolate is so universally-loved that even the Aztecs thought cacao seeds were a gift from a wise god.

Considering how much chocolate we all eat - about 11 pounds per person per year in America alone - is it any surprise that chocolate clubs have become a huge hit? These memberships deliver amazing truffles, bars, and tasty bites right to your door. The best part? Experts in chocolate hunt down the most delicious and interesting flavors for you to enjoy, and all you have to do is sit back and wait not-so-patiently for your box to arrive.

And if you're thinking about giving a chocolate club membership as a gift, you're on the right track. You can choose how often the chocolates are delivered, whether it's every month or every few months, usually for up to a year. Imagine getting chocolate regularly - that sounds like a pretty sweet deal.

Of course, not all chocolate clubs are the same. Some focus on bars, others put together mixed boxes similar to what you'd find for special occasions like Valentine's Day, and some are a surprise each time. As you think about your options, here are a few things to consider:

  • Variety. What kinds of chocolates are in the club? Will you get a mix of different ones? And if you have allergies or specific preferences, does the club have options for you?
  • Flexibility. Can you choose how often you receive chocolates? Some clubs offer different delivery choices, like every month or every other month, and most will let you choose when you'd like the deliveries to start (right away or for a special future date on the calendar). Do you need to pay in full or can you pay as you go?
  • Value. Is the chocolate club worth the money? Maybe you could find something similar at a local shop or from another online subscription. It's okay to spend more for amazing chocolates, but not all clubs are worth the cost.
  • Reputation. What do people who've tried the chocolate club say? Does the company guarantee that you'll be happy with what you get?

At Top Consumer Reviews, we've looked at and ranked the best chocolate clubs out there. We hope this info helps you choose the perfect club: whether it's for you or someone else, a chocolate club can bring months of delightful chocolatey moments.

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