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Z Chocolat Review

Friday, February 3rd

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Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award Z Chocolat Review 5 Star Rating

Z Chocolat

5 Star Rating
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • "A+" Better Business Bureau rating
  • Double the chocolates at no extra cost
  • 2-day shipping to the US
  • Lots of gift options
Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

zChocolat is an elegant chocolate company based out of France. They were founded in the early 2000's by Jean-Philippe Khodara who set out to establish a chocolate brand unlike anything else that was available on the market. The "z" in zChocolat is the mathematical symbol for the infinite range of whole numbers and the 26th number of the alphabet, representing the 26 flavors of chocolate in this store's numbered collection. zChocolat uses high-quality ingredients, exceptional flavors, and abides by very rigorous manufacturing standards.

26 robust flavors

zChocolat offers a wide variety of 26 flavored chocolates, all with a unique number attached to their name and they all come in the same shape. For example, chocolate number 3 is full of rich caramel intermingled with passion fruit, coconut, and mango puree covered in a Venezuelan and Malagasy blend of 70% dark chocolate. Chocolate number 12 consists of a blend of toasted Dutch sesame seeds in a Valencia almond praline encased in 40% West African milk chocolate couverture. Obviously these are extremely fancy, unique flavors that cannot be found anywhere else.

Transparent ingredient information

Each chocolate type has a thorough product description page with all the ingredients, allergens, and nutrition facts. There is no questioning what's in these chocolates and we appreciate the transparency.

Optional add-ons

An assortment of 15 zChocolats is $45.21. You select all the flavors you want, add a personalized gift message if needed, select an image for your box (birthday balloons, flowers, holiday, etc.), decide whether or not you want gift wrapping (for an additional $11.29), if you want to add a mahogany wood accessory to the drawstring pouch of the gift (an additional $11.29), and if you want a concierge to call the recipient of the chocolates to verify the delivery address and let them know a gift is on the way (additional $14.69).

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Double the chocolate at no extra cost

Something really neat that zChocolat was doing at the time of this review was doubling all orders at no extra cost. If you order one assortment of chocolates, you'll get a second one that zChocolat says you can send to your gift recipient, keep for yourself, or donate it to a hospital or charity. This is an extremely kind gesture that shows this company genuinely cares about their customers and the community.

Expensive but fast shipping

The cost for shipping from zChocolat is quite a bit more than what you'll pay elsewhere. The cost is $24.42 for up to 5 items. If you're buying more than 5 items, then shipping is $9.50 per item. zChocolat delivers overnight to New York State, a few zip codes in Connecticut, and New Jersey. Chocolate to all other states is delivered in 2 business days. Signatures are always required upon delivery. You'll receive a tracking number via email once your chocolates have shipped and an alert within 3 hours of delivery so you know when to expect the package. All packaging includes insulated containers and refrigerant packs to keep temperatures between 59 and 67 degrees.

Satisfaction guaranteed

You don't have to worry about whether or not you'll be happy with your order from zChocolat since they offer a generous 100% satisfaction guarantee. This means that they will immediately replace, exchange, or refund your order if you aren't completely happy for any reason. It's unusual for a chocolate company to offer refunds, so we are pleased to see how strongly they stand behind their products.

A rich experience

It was no surprise to find that zChocolat has an "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau. They provide a thorough experience for people looking to give a gourmet, beautiful gift of chocolates. We appreciate zChocolat's dedication to customers and quality. Although this is a slightly expensive place to buy chocolates, you can rest assured knowing this is a one-of-a-kind brand that will provide a rich experience you won't get anywhere else. They've earned our highest rating for chocolate companies.

Where Can You Find the Best Chocolate?

No matter the occasion or time of year, chocolate makes one of the best gifts - because who doesn't love chocolate? It can be given alone or in conjunction with another item to sweeten the sentiment! However, if you're trying to deliver a delectable array of chocolates it can be tricky to ensure they aren't melted upon arrival and that they're beautifully packaged.

To make life easier, there are quite a few chocolate stores that eliminate all the hassle of delivery for you. It only takes about 5 minutes to go online, browse the fancy selection of chocolate flavors and arrangements and have it sent off to a friend or loved one. You can browse products in your budget in addition to saving yourself gas money and the time it takes to go to the store and mail your chocolates.

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Chocolate Store FAQ

According to the World Cocoa Foundation, people around the world - mostly in the US and Europe, not surprisingly - eat enough chocolate to equal three million cocoa beans every year! Chocolate is the most popular sweet tooth-satisfying dessert almost everywhere.
The sky's the limit. Do you have a favorite brand like Godiva or Hershey's? You'll find every imaginable variety when you shop online. Are you looking for a unique flavor combination or a gorgeous assortment of hand-dipped caramels and truffles? You can get that too. The difficult thing will be holding yourself back from buying all of them!
Supporting small businesses and shopping local is great - and your closest candy shop may even sell their products online too. But, there's no guarantee you'll get the kind of chocolate you want if you limit yourself to brick-and-mortar retailers you can drive to. And, if you're ordering chocolate to give as a gift, you'll probably have more options for gift packaging and shipping when you buy from an online chocolate store.
Chocolate! (Just kidding.) The best chocolate stores make it easy to see the different types of sweets they sell and how much you'll pay, plus any shipping costs you should expect. Some stores have fun promotions that can save you money or double the amount of chocolate in your order. You can also consider what other customers have said about their experience with the chocolate retailer: how the treats taste, if the deliveries arrive on time and in good condition, and how any problems were resolved by the customer service team.
It can be - but it doesn't have to be. If you're buying chocolates in large quantities and exotic flavors, of course you should expect to pay more. But, chocolate stores usually have plenty of options for people shopping on a budget too.
That depends on the chocolate store. Some give you free shipping to earn your business, but you might have to place a minimum order amount to qualify. It should be fairly easy to determine what, if anything, you'll pay for delivery as you browse their website.
Yes, most of the time. Online chocolate stores want you to be thrilled with the sweets you get - after all, word of mouth is great for advertising, and they'd love for you to tell everyone you know about the amazing chocolates they sell. If your chocolate doesn't arrive in perfect condition, or something is just off with the taste, contact the customer service team. It shouldn't be hard to get a refund or replacement order.
Yes, yes and yes! Some chocolate shops provide numerous options for gifting, from mixed assortments to hard-to-find varieties in beautiful gift wrapping. You could even choose a chocolate club membership that will literally be a gift that keeps on giving, with new packages arriving every month for three months to a year.
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There are quite a few differences between the companies who offer chocolate deliveries, so we've provided all the important information for you to consider when choosing who to do business with. Once you realize how easy and enjoyable it is to purchase and send chocolates online, you'll be hooked. We can't think of a more delicious gift to send or receive.

As you browse different chocolate stores online, there are some important things to consider:

  • Selection: Are there a lot of chocolate flavors to choose from? Is there a big range of colors and gift options to create the presentation you want?
  • Cost: How does the cost of one chocolate store compare to another? Do they charge a reasonable fee for shipping? Are there several pricing options that allow you to stay within your budget?
  • Return Policy: If you are unsatisfied with the chocolate or gift wrapping, can you get your money back? What if the chocolates are melted or damaged upon arrival? Is it easy to get a replacement box and work with customer service?
  • Reputation: What do shoppers have to say about the chocolate store you're considering? Does the business have a good track record for keeping customers happy?

TopConsumerReviews.com has reviewed and ranked the best chocolate stores available today. We hope this information helps you find a company that provides a seamless and enjoyable experience so you can send chocolates to your friends and family all year long!

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