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The Best Christmas Card Stores

Where is the Best Place to Buy Christmas Cards Out There Today?

Each year, the tradition of exchanging Christmas cards with loved ones holds a special place in our hearts. These festive greetings find their way to our fridges and fireplace mantles, adding a touch of warmth and joy to the holiday season. Opening your mail becomes an extra exciting time during the Christmas season as you can expect to look forward to unique Christmas cards from everyone you know.

Christmas cards are more than just greetings. They offer windows into the lives of those who matter most to us, so we can celebrate the familiar faces we cherish but don't see as often as we'd like. And in today's digital age, the landscape of Christmas card creation has definitely changed.

Sunday, March 3rd

2024 Christmas Card Store Reviews

Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award Zazzle Review 5 Star Rating


5 Star Rating
  • Prices from $3.50 for 10 cards
  • 743,123 different Christmas card designs
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee
  • 25% student discount
  • One-stop shop for gifting
  • Customize photos and text
  • Pro tools for designing
  • "A+" rating and accreditation from the BBB
Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

Zazzle, a unique "build-your-own" style website, got its start in 2005. The site presents a wide range of custom Christmas cards, catering to customers who love a premade template they can just fill out. However, while most of their templates start out as complete designs, you can easily edit them to your heart's content. While Zazzle offers a range of personalized products outside of holiday messages, it really shines with its greeting card selection.

Everything you can imagine in one place

If we had a "most card designs" award, Zazzle would easily score the win. There are 743,123 (yep - that's six figures) individual designs just in the Christmas section of the website. Their options range from paper fliers, folded cards, flat cards, and foil cards, and you can customize all of them. Their designs range from rustic to luxury and everything in between. There are even some modern corporate-appropriate designs if you're looking to send the holiday cheer to your employees. There are cards with or without photographs that offer you full creative freedom. And guess what? If you're looking for your favorite Christmas characters, there are 264 Christmas card themes with Snoopy and other Peanuts characters on them, so you should have no trouble finding something that makes your Christmas cards truly personal.

Tons of cards plus easy design option

We love the design of Zazzle. It's super easy to browse. There are tons of filters to help you find exactly what you need. And if you're in a pinch, you can easily find what you want in the search bar. But the real perk of Zazzle is the online design portal. When we tried it out on one of our favorite cards we were pleasantly surprised to find some real pro features in their editor. For example, every element on a card is moveable. So, if you pick a template and wish there was one fewer snowflake, you can take it off the card completely or move it to a new location.

Real pro features

Further, you can add and move photos anywhere on the card. There are guides to show you where the print area is, and the program comes with a snap tool that helps you align your elements exactly center or even distances from other elements on your card. Finally, all of the images, text, and photos show up as individual layers on a toolbar which helps you drag and drop and keep the key parts of your design in front of the background elements. It may require a little learning curve and fiddling if you really want to design from scratch, but the designer is much more robust than many other options in this review.

Best Christmas Card Stores

Wide price range for all budgets

The wide range of prices at Zazzle works for any budget. If you're looking for a low-cost Christmas greeting, you can opt for a flat card. The lowest-cost options start at around $0.35 per card. For a 10-card pack, that would cost you around $3.50. This includes white envelopes. The most expensive Christmas cards at Zazzle are folded cards with foil decorations. These start at around $3.17 per card, making a 10-card pack cost around $31.70 with envelopes included. The price range is huge at Zazzle, and it's perfect for the luxe card-makers and budget-friendly Christmas fans.

Total one-stop shop

Zazzle is a veritable smorgasbord of custom gifs. You can pick from other stationery-based items like photo books, wall art, or calendars. Or if you're feeling like stepping outside the box, you can design cool gifts like neckties, skateboards, coffee mugs, pillows, and blankets. If you can imagine customizing it, Zazzle has something for you.

25% off for students

Zazzle offers an impressive 25% student discount across its entire website. To access this discount, students can quickly verify their status as a student through Student Beans. Once verified, they receive a unique discount code from Student Beans, which can be applied during the checkout process on Zazzle's website. This discount provides students with substantial savings on their orders, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious shoppers.

Shipping added during checkout

Unfortunately, the only downside to this retailer is that Zazzle calculates the cost of shipping during the checkout process after an account has been created, so there aren't any flat rates available here. They don't appear to offer free shipping either unless they have special promos, which weren't available at the time of this review.

Best Christmas Card Stores

100% satisfaction guarantee

Zazzle offers customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee with their orders. So if anything shows up wrong with your Christmas cards, you have the ability to return them for a refund or replacement. Zazzle offers a 30-day window to make returns, which is competitive with return policies from other companies on our list.

Top marks from reviewers

Zazzle has a stellar "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau and a high 4.6 out of 5-star rating on average from verified third-party review sites. This includes tens of thousands of individual reviews to back up the rating, which is extremely impressive. Tons of these reviews focus on the high quality of the stationery products offered by Zazzle. Customers love the quality of the prints, the paper, and the quick shipping for greeting cards. Repeated words in the review included terms like "professional," "stylish," and "detailed."

Infinite design possibilities with Zazzle

The allure of Zazzle as a prime Christmas card destination extends far beyond its vast selection. What truly sets this platform apart is the sheer diversity of designs it offers, surpassing the offerings of any other retailer we've encountered. With top marks from the BBB and a chorus of praise from satisfied customers, we feel completely confident recommending Zazzle as our top option for this review. The prices are great, the design interface offers full control over your final design, and you've got unlimited ways to celebrate Christmas. It's a no-brainer to award Zazzle the #1 spot in this review. It's a perfect fit for those seeking to make their holiday greetings truly memorable.

Canva Review 4.5 Star Rating


4.5 Star Rating
  • Prices starting from $10 to $19.80 for minimum order
  • 2,652 different templates
  • Online editor allows for original photos and text
  • Clipart and shapes included
  • One-stop shop
  • Free shipping
  • Free downloads included
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Founded in 2013, Canva got its start as an online design and visual communication platform with a mission to offer worldwide access to design tools and effortless publishing. Designers from around the globe use Canva to create imaginative artwork along the lines of things you've seen from ADOBE suite professionals. Customers can take advantage of Canva's wide variety of built-in templates to start crafting with help, or they can build a design totally from scratch. With a range of unique Christmas card templates, there are unlimited options for your design plans. And the best part? Many of the templates are totally free.

Tons and tons of templates

At Canva you'll find a whopping 2,652 templates for Christmas cards, which includes both flat and folded cards. 802 of those templates are completely free of charge. The others have paid elements, which you can pay for individually, or if you're going to be designing often, you can pay for a premium membership, and get free access to all the designs right away. There are tons of different styles to choose from. Some of the options at Canva include:

  • Modern
  • Minimalist
  • Professional
  • Corporate
  • Gold
  • Collage
  • Script
  • Funny

There are tons more included on the site. If you can imagine it, Canva has it. Plus, you can always start with a blank template and build your own Christmas card from scratch if you're feeling extra creative.

Canva makes you feel like a kid on Christmas

Canva offers a robust set of features that make designing Christmas cards as easy as pie (or maybe Christmas cookies?). And most of the time, it doesn't cost a dime. With easy-to-use drag-and-drop tools, you can quickly create a wide range of card designs whether you want a flat cart or a folded card. On top of the custom templates, you'll have access to a vast library of free images, icons, and graphics. And if you want to add your own photos and artwork (even, say, a familiar Christmas character), you can easily upload them to the Canva editor and begin arranging them in the template in minutes. Plus, if you and your spouse (or your roommates) want to partner up and make a group Christmas card, you'll have the added benefit of real-time collaboration with others.

Full range of pro tools

And that's not even the design tools yet. For example, Canva's Brand Kit feature helps you maintain the same styling consistently across all your designs. This is especially helpful for creatives who want to make multiple Christmas cards in different shapes or styles or add a card design to another item. Plus, you'll have access to their color palette generator and a one-click background remover tool if you want your photo to just be you or your kiddos. But our favorite tool of all? The snap function. With Canva you can move elements all over your greeting card. However, to keep those elements all lined up, Canva offers a snap feature that shows you dotted lines on your design so you can line up all your elements exactly center or side-by-side. No more squinting at your screen and hoping your card won't come out off-center when you print.

Best Christmas Card Stores

Free and premium pricing available

Pricing at Canva is a tailor-made fit. You can buy as few as 1 card or up to 1,000. So whether you're looking for a handful of cards for family and friends or a corporate stack to send out to all your employees, there are plenty of card bundles to choose from. The prices differ depending on if you go with flat cards (labeled as "invitations" ) or folded cards. Here's how the prices shake out with the base styles for cardstock and finish:

  • Invitation style: $17 /10 cards and $18.80 with envelopes
  • Folded style: $18 /10 cards and $19.80 with envelopes

Pro version available - at a price

While you can design totally for free and print without incurring extra costs, there is a "pro" version of Canva that keeps some of its features behind a paywall. Canva Pro costs $119.99 per year, so that might be a steep price for customers looking for one or two Christmas cards. However, you don't have to subscribe to Pro to use the Pro features. The only difference is that you will be charged per "premium element" you use in your design, and that price will be added at the end of your design process. Oh, and one more thing: if you're not planning to print your Christmas cards, you've got one final option. You can download the images you create 100% for free. So, if you're looking to make digital cards or email greetings, you don't have to pay a dime. Plus, if you've got cardstock and a good printer at home, you can just print out the designs yourself.

One-stop shop for print services

If you want to explore what else Canva has to offer, you can check out their products on their main page. They have a variety of options for digital items (such as social media posts and video presentations), as well as a host of printables and fun gear like posters, drinkware, business cards, and hoodies. It's like a one-stop destination for all your digital design needs, and the best part is that you can easily use your designs across different types of products. Many creative professionals consider Canva one of the top websites in the industry.

Free shipping on all orders

One of our favorite features? Canva throws in free standard shipping for your printed orders. That's right. You don't have to pay anything other than the printing fees. Shipping is totally free of charge (the word "free" comes up a lot with Canva, doesn't it?) Plus, they've got a "happiness guarantee" that promises if you're not happy with your order, Canva will fix and reprint or totally refund you.

Best Christmas Card Stores

Rave reviews for Canva

People all over the internet are talking about Canva, and while it appears the listing for Canva is under construction on the Better Business Bureau, customer reviews more than make up for it with a solid 4.5-star average rating. From what we gathered in the reviews, customers love that the platform is free, the design interface which is intuitive and doesn't require a steep learning curve, and the "drag-and-drop" style of designing.

Great for design

Canva is a top-notch design platform, and it's considered a leading choice for creating artwork for professional designers and hobbyists alike. This one-stop shop has thousands of Christmas card templates to choose from, and with completely free designs (where you only pay for printing), you can put together that family greeting in a flash, and at no charge. You don't need to buy in bulk (unless you want to), and with completely free shipping there's no real downside to letting Canva handle the printing for you.

Top option for free designs and pro tools

If you want a 100% free Christmas card, you can just download the digital file without paying a cent. Canva offers complete design and financial flexibility with the digital design power of a pro-level tool. It easily shares our highest rating as a place to buy custom Christmas cards online.

Greeting Card Universe Review 4.5 Star Rating

Greeting Card Universe

4.5 Star Rating
  • Prices from $3.89 (or less) per card
  • 70,842 different cards
  • Free shipping on 10+ cards
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee
  • One-stop shop for all cards
  • Customize photos and text
  • "A+" rating and accreditation from the BBB

Greeting Card Universe bills itself as a company that values the joy of receiving paper greeting cards in a world filled with social media and smartphones. The collection at Greeting Card Universe features cards for various occasions, both major and minor, including milestones, achievements, and lesser-known holidays. Whether it's celebrating teenagers' daily achievements or addressing sensitive situations, Greeting Card Universe has the right card for any occasion. They also cater to various cultural celebrations, striving to have a card for any festivity, including a massive collection of Christmas cards.

Insane inventory

If you're looking for a site with one of the widest varieties, Greeting Card Universe is a frontrunner. When they say they have everything, they mean it. For just Christmas cards alone, Greeting Card Universe offers a whopping 70,842 different cards. Yep, you read that right: seventy-thousand. There are 148 different categories to help you narrow down your perfect Christmas card. Some of these include card styles like:

  • General Christmas cards (4,710 options)
  • Photo cards (1,946 options)
  • LGBTQ cards (1,727)

Explore deeper with the filters

As you explore deeper into their filters, you can find cards with cities, Santa and elves, gingerbread houses, gothic, music cards, and money cards as well as a range of "for x" cards like "for husband" or "for grandma" if you're looking to buy something for a specific recipient. However, if you're looking for holiday favorites like Peanuts characters or other items that might require a license to sell, Greeting Card Universe doesn't offer them.

Minimal design opportunities

It's worth noting that the only cards that are fully customizable are the "your photo here" cards. However, compared to the selections at other retailers, the 1,946 different "your photo here" cards at Greeting Card Universe are highly competitive. On the other hand, what you can edit about the card is somewhat limited. You can only upload one image and change one editable line of text. There are a few other cards that allow you to edit the message inside the card before you add it to the cart, but beyond that, everything else about the card stays the same.

Best Christmas Card Stores

Don't judge a site by its landing page

Site design is one place where the Greeting Card Universe doesn't quite stack up against its more modern competitors. However, this is a case where you don't want to judge a book by its cover. The design might feel old-fashioned and outdated, but the site itself works perfectly fine. The pages load quickly, the card previews are clear, and each listing has a wealth of details about the cards themselves including the name of the artist who created the card design, the size and paper quality of the cards, and the pricing based on how many cards you buy. The only really clunky part about the site is that the prices aren't visible during browsing. You can only see the prices once you click on the cards themselves.

More expensive than competitors

As far as we could tell during our research, all of the cards at Greeting Card Universe start at $3.89 per card. The prices go down incrementally as you buy more cards. For example, if you buy between 10-24 cards, the price per card is only $3.09. However, this makes a pack of 10 cards cost $30.90, which is more expensive than the multi-packs at other companies in our review.

Cards, cards, and more cards

When looking for cards at Greeting Card Universe, it's easier to ask "What don't they have?" , since listing what they do have would take all day. There are cards for every occasion. Birthdays, event announcements, invitations to parties, baptisms, and graduations, thank you cards for every occasion, all conceivable holidays (even the lesser-known ones like Grandparents Day or Boss' Day), and many more. Greeting Card Universe has every single card type you can imagine. However, if you're looking for something outside of cards, you might be at a loss. There aren't gifting extras or shipping labels available here. The company focuses completely on its specialty: cards.

Free shipping on 10+ cards

Greeting Card Universe offers some deals for shipping. For example, any order of 10 cards or more is automatically given free shipping. Plus, all cards are mailed the day after you order, so there's no worry about long waits. And, if you're looking for a smaller order, but still don't want to pay for shipping, you can order your cards to be delivered to a local FedEx store and pick them up free of charge.

Best Christmas Card Stores

30-day satisfaction guarantee

Greeting Card Universe offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee for all orders. If you receive items that are damaged, defective, or printed incorrectly (excluding customer-added content), they will provide free replacements or issue a full refund. So, as long as the error is on them (and the complaint isn't about something the customer did, like misspelled text), Greeting Card Universe is happy to make it right.

Ratings are out of this world

Here's the scoop: we haven't seen a site with this much positive feedback in a long time. Greeting Card Universe holds an "A+" rating and accreditation with the Better Business Bureau. Further, the site also holds a 4.9 out of 5 stars from over 300 individual reviews on the BBB site. From verified third-party review sites, Greeting Card Universe has an average rating of 4.9 stars out of 5. This is with tens of thousands of individual reviews to back up the score. Customers say that the site is easy to navigate, the customization options are very user-friendly, and the selection offers unique and entertaining cards customers couldn't find elsewhere. If you're looking for a Christmas card store with the best reputation out there, Greeting Card Universe is the one.

Best shop in the universe

The bottom line? Greeting Card Universe is one of our favorites. There are tens of thousands of card options for every conceivable occasion. Whether you want a religious Christmas card, a funny Christmas card, or something modern and minimal, you'll be able to find it here. With the ability to customize both photos and text, a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, and free shipping on orders of 10+ cards (or free delivery to FedEx), there are really no downsides to doing your Christmas card shopping at Greeting Card Universe. However, we'd like to see lower prices overall. While the cost isn't enough to offset the other amazing features of this site, it did knock it a bit lower than other retailers in this review. For this reason, the store earns the #3 spot on our list, and we highly recommend taking a browse through their incredible collection of cards this Christmas season.

Brookhollow Review 4 Star Rating


4 Star Rating
  • Prices starting from $10 to $22.70 for minimum order
  • 1,961 different templates
  • Online editor allows for original photos and text
  • One-stop shop
  • Shipping from 2-10 days
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • "A+" rating from the BBB

Brookhollow Cards is an exciting online retailer where the joy of giving meets an expansive selection of cards and thoughtful gifts for every occasion. Only in business since 2019, the company has quickly made a name for itself. Whether you're in search of Christmas greetings, birthday wishes, or special occasion sentiments, Brookhollow Cards has you covered with an extensive array of customizable cards that cater to your unique needs. You can purchase between 10-10,000 different cards, which sets Brookhollow up as a perfect place to buy in bulk.

Tons of pretty designs, but no familiar characters

If you're looking for a variety of Christmas cards, Brookhollow will be right up your alley. There are 1,961 different template options for customizable Christmas cards. Brookhollow's selection includes flat, folded, and postcard-style designs as well as a wide variety of themes including:

  • Animals
  • Beach/tropical
  • Calligraphy
  • Christmas trees
  • Cities
  • Family

Beautiful, but generic, designs

Whether you want something abstract, classic, or totally unique, you'll be able to find it at Brookhollow. You can even find some of those goofy animated drawing cards. However, if you're looking for familiar mainstays like Christmas Snoopy or popular characters, you're going to be out of luck at Brookhollow. The designs are beautiful, but all of them are generic, so Peanuts fans might need to shop somewhere else.

Design UI could be more creative

The site is overall a breeze to navigate. All of the cards are thoughtfully organized into clear categories, ensuring you find the perfect card to convey your sentiments whether you're looking for something to give to employees at work, a joke card, or something religious and heartfelt. It's important to note, however, that when you get into the card editor itself, the site runs a bit slow. Despite the slowness, you do get a full range of editing abilities. For folding cards, you can edit the exterior, the inside top, the inside bottom, the back of the card, and even the envelope. You can also choose just to edit the template information or add your own text and images to completely personalize. The only downside? It can feel a little clunky to add your own materials if you've never used an editor before, and the program lacks "snap" features to help center and align text. Instead, Brookhollow has "printing areas" and it will move your text back to where it's supposed to be, but this does take away some of the creativity if you want off-set text or photos.

Best Christmas Card Stores

Flexible prices for flat and folded

There are a couple of factors that will affect the price at Brookhollow. First, you can expect different prices depending on which type of card you choose. Second, there are different versions of those cards once you get into the design area (and the design program automatically chooses the most expensive one). Finally, there is a purchase requirement with most cards requiring a minimum of 10 cards. Here's what those prices look like in total:

  • Postcard flat: $10 /10 cards
  • Junior folded: $17 /10 cards
  • Standard folded: $21 /10 cards
  • Signature folded: $21.50 /10 cards
  • One-sided 5x7: $22.70 /10 cards

It's important to note that these prices don't include other modifications like paper type and gloss finish or adding addresses to the envelope which will increase the prices further.

Calendars, coasters, chocolates and more

Christmas cards aren't the only products sold at Brookhollow. The store also offers an enticing assortment of calendars, napkins, postcards, coasters, chocolates, address stickers, and other charming gifts that are bound to put a smile on your face. So, whether you're trying to stock up for all your greeting card needs or bundle cards and gifting all in one place, Brookhollow has your back.

Quick shipping in 2-10 days

When a customer places a custom printed order, they can typically expect a printing and production time of 1-4 business days. After this stage, the shipping time comes into play, which usually ranges from 1 to 6 business days, depending on the chosen shipping method.

Best Christmas Card Stores

100% satisfaction guarantee within 30 days

Brookhollow guarantees its products 100%. The guarantee promises that if any mistakes are made during production, the company will completely replace your cards completely free of charge. However, if products aren't defective at the time of delivery, they will not be eligible for return or exchange. Customers have 30 days to report any issues with their order.

Great for spreading Christmas Cheer

What truly sets Brookhollow Cards apart is the chorus of satisfied customers who sing their praises. With countless shoppers describing their experience as efficient, affordable, high-quality, and brimming with beautiful card options, it's no wonder Brookhollow enjoys a stellar reputation. The company holds an impressive "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau. On top of that, Brookhollow also has a remarkable average of 4.8 stars out of 5 across different third-party review sites. Some of the recurring comments from customers included praise for how "classy" the cards looked when they were delivered or how easy the design process was. In particular, Brookhollow Cards appears to be popular with businesses who need to send out bulk cards to their employees.

Merry and bright options with Brookhollow

With tons of unique Christmas cards available, it's clear to see why customers love the design flexibility of Brookhollow. We wholeheartedly recommend them for their stellar Christmas cards, as well as their services for birthday cards, special occasions, holidays, and a plethora of other customizable cards. The only thing you won't find here is famous characters in the designs. However, if you're looking for classy cards with unique designs, you can find exactly what you need here. It's no surprise that Brookhollow Cards has earned one of our highest ratings among Christmas card retailers, making them a go-to destination for heartfelt greetings and thoughtful gestures. Join the ranks of thousands of happy customers and embark on your card shopping journey with Brookhollow Cards today.

Hallmark Review 4 Star Rating


4 Star Rating
  • Prices from $2 per card
  • 435 different cards
  • Free shipping on orders of $50+ or with membership
  • Free in-store pickup
  • 90-day returns with shipping
  • One-stop shop for gifting
  • Characters included on cards
  • Customize photos and text
  • "A+" rating from the BBB

Hallmark's story dates back to 1910, and it's been a cherished household favorite for generations for cards and gifts alike. Even those who aren't as familiar with it might remember the name from when they (or their kids) browsed the shelves for Webkinz in the early 2000s (we certainly do). The iconic Hallmark logo, a symbol of heartfelt sentiments, brings to mind holidays past, picking out Christmas cards with your parents, and playing with snow globes. With a reputation steeped in tradition, Hallmark has become synonymous with heartwarming Christmas cards over the years.

Full range of cards including icon characters

Despite their venerable reputation, the selection of Christmas cards at Hallmark took us by surprise. Given their iconic standing, we anticipated a more extensive product line for Christmas cards. While an inventory of 435 cards isn't too shabby, it's not nearly as many as some of the competitors in this review who offer a thousand or more cards in their inventories. But, as an added bonus, Hallmark now offers cards that you can customize. There are 224 cards that you can personalize with either photos, messages, or even (in 9 designs) videos. Plus, you can find a wide variety of card types from minima and modern styles, religious styles, pop-ups, and other unique designs. Of course, Hallmark also has family favorites like Peanuts-themed cards and other Christmas characters.

Clean and modern site for an old-school store

For a store that got its start as a brick-and-mortar retailer over 100 years ago, Hallmark's website is extremely well-designed. The company has a clean purple and white color scheme and a modern appearance overall. There are a range of expandable filters you can use to find the perfect card for your Christmas wishes including finding particular characters, finding cards with the right tone (funny, heartfelt, edgy), or even finding cards that have the right amount of personalization for your needs. Plus with pricing filters and a toggle that allows you to see which items are available for local in-store pickup, you can completely tailor your shopping experience with Hallmark.

Best Christmas Card Stores

Fair prices per card and per box

Most of their Christmas cards are offered on a per-card basis. The prices start as low as $2 per card, making a pack of 10 around $20 including the envelopes. The most expensive single card is a pop-up option that costs $14.99. In terms of boxed sets, Hallmark's cards run from $14.99 (for 24 cards) to $24 (for 8 premium cards). So, depending on the design you prefer, you can get a great deal with Hallmark when buying Christmas cards in bulk.

One-stop shop for gifting

While cards are its specialty, Hallmark offers way more than just mailable greetings. Its inventory includes a delightful array of home decor, ornaments, gift wrap, and fun gifts for every member of the family. The company offers a few different brands to shop from including Hallmark Greetings, Hallmark Retail, Crown Media, and Crayola. So, whether you need gift ideas or party supplies, you can find what you need at this one-stop shop.

Three ways to get shipping for free

There are a couple routes to score free shipping with Hallmark. If you sign up for Crown Rewards, you'll score free standard shipping when your order is $20 or more. Plus, you can personalize and send greeting cards for free using their online Sign & Send, and they'll even give you the stamp. And, if you ship the items you want to a nearby store, you can pick them up free of charge. Finally, if you don't want to join the membership or drive in to pick up your cards, any order of $50 or more (per shipping address) will also get free standard delivery without needing a promo code.

Best Christmas Card Stores

Some customers didn't like the in-person experience

Hallmark maintains a flawless "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau, but there are pockets of customer complaints scattered across the internet. It's worth noting that at some third-party review sites, Hallmark has a 5 out of 5-star rating average. However, from the sites where it didn't get such great marks, Hallmark had complaints regarding customer service. Now, keep in mind that many of these comments are for particular retail locations and not the online shopping experience, so negative reviews about service or rude employees may not reflect the company as a whole, but just one location.

90-day returns with shipping

Hallmark offers free returns for online orders. They have a strong commitment to product quality and provide a 90-day return window from the original purchase date. Once your refund is approved, they'll give you your full charge back plus Hallmark covers the cost of return shipping too.

A nostalgic favorite that stands the test of time

While Hallmark doesn't quite make it to the top four in this review due to its slightly smaller variety and fewer custom options, it still stands out as a great stop for your online Christmas card shopping. Whether you want custom cards, cards with characters, or religious cards for your Christmas cheer, Hallmark remains a reliable source of greeting cards. Plus, it stands out as the best one-stop shop for cards, gifts, paper, decorations, and more. And, don't forget, they own the Hallmark Channel, so you can enjoy ooey-gooey holiday films while you fill out your Christmas Cards this year. Hallmark has it all in one place. Those factors, plus its stellar card-pack prices land it a solid 4 star rating.

Paper Culture Review 3.5 Star Rating

Paper Culture

3.5 Star Rating
  • Prices from $30.40 for 10 cards
  • 905 different cards
  • 14-day returns
  • Eco-friendly platform
  • Customize photos and text
  • "A+" rating from the BBB

With Paper Culture, eco-friendly is the name of the game. All of their designs are built on environmentally conscious practices and are meant to convey a sense of contemporary elegance. With every order, the company contributes to tree-planting efforts both locally and globally. In their local community, they collaborate with organizations like Friends of the Urban Forest, Our City Forest, and local schools and municipalities to plant trees. Nationally, their focus is on State and National Forests that have suffered from fires, insects, and disease. Internationally, they engage in tree-planting initiatives that directly impact lives by offering income, food, and shelter.

A wonderland of modern cards

Modern styling is the focus of Paper Culture's Christmas card designs. Their collection has some of the classiest options on the market. They offer 905 different styles to choose from, and these cards are highly customizable, allowing you to infuse your own personal touch by adding messages and photos to each template. On top of that, you can find flat cards in horizontal and vertical orientations, you can find circle-shaped cards, and standard folded cards in the Paper Culture inventory. One thing they don't have is some of the more warm-and-fuzzy familiar designs like cards with Peanuts characters or more old-fashioned Santas.

Dashing through the Christmas cards

The cards aren't the only thing that's modern at Paper Culture. The site is designed to appeal to modern tastes with a clean and simple site ensign, tons of filters to help; you find what you need, and clean, easy-to-view previews of cards as you scroll through your options. You can sort cards by format, the number of photos, photo orientation, color schemes, and item orientation as well as what you might find in the cards themselves. Some of our favorite filters include:

  • Whimsical playful
  • Rustic artisanal
  • Warm wishes
  • Oh what fun

You can also narrow the cards by color, style, and themes like "color blocking" or "hand lettering." However, one filter they didn't have was a price filter, which might make the shopping experience less enjoyable for customers who are worried about their budget.

Best Christmas Card Stores

Higher prices reflect eco-friendly production

While you may notice that some of Paper Culture's prices are slightly higher than what you might find elsewhere, there's a crucial factor to consider: all of their products are crafted from 100% post-consumer recycled paper. Paper Culture's commitment to sustainable practices offers customers the confidence to shop only items that are environmentally friendly, even if they come with a slightly higher price tag. Most of the cards say they start around $2.04 per card. However, this price only applies if you buy a minimum of 300 cards. If you want a more standard number, like a 10-card order, the price per card is around $3.24 each. So the total for a 10-card pack would be $32.40.

Extra personalized paper products

On top of cards, Paper Culture also offers photo books and gift items on its website. The gifts include fun eco-friendly items like photo prints, personalized wall decals, photo calendars, and cute kids' memory games. Most of their items revolve around personalizing your favorite family photos. So if you're looking for more generic gifts like stuffed animals, jewelry, or home decor, you're not going to find them at Paper Culture.

100% satisfaction guarantee within 14 days

Paper Culture stands firmly behind the quality of its products by offering a remarkable 100% satisfaction guarantee. It's as straightforward as it gets: if you're not absolutely thrilled with your order, you can easily request a refund within 14 days from the shipping date or 7 days from the moment your Christmas cards arrive.

Best Christmas Card Stores

A favorite of wedding sites

Since the last time we checked, Paper Culture has earned a solid rating from the Better Business Bureau. The BBB has awarded Paper Culture with an "A+" rating. In terms of third-party reviews, though, it isn't as popular. The company only holds a 2.8-star average at one site. However, it is fairly popular on wedding blogs and wedding review sites which have offered Paper Culture an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars. This makes perfect sense as many of these designs feel very wedding-appropriate, so anyone looking for a Christmas card/wedding announcement combo will enjoy Paper Culture.

Top retailer for eco-friendly cards

Paper Culture stands out as a commendable business with its unwavering commitment to the environment. We wholeheartedly encourage you to explore their exquisite, eco-friendly Christmas card collection and consider supporting a brand that is making a meaningful difference in the world. But with a shorter return window and higher prices, Paper Culture fell lower on our list than some of our top-performing companies. However, it's still definitely worth your time, and it stands as the top Christmas card option for eco-conscious customers.

The Gallery Collection Review 3 Star Rating

The Gallery Collection

3 Star Rating
  • Prices from $82.69 to $83.13 for 25 cards
  • 2,065 different cards
  • Great for large businesses
  • Customize photos and text

The Gallery Collection got its start back in 1929. This distinguished establishment proudly claims its position as a leading business-to-business and online mail-order printer of customized Christmas, holiday, and everyday greeting cards across the United States. Their impressive clientele includes renowned entities such as Amazon, American Express, Coca-Cola, Frito-Lay, Holiday Inn, Volvo, and a multitude of other household names. With nearly a century of experience under its belt, The Gallery Collection is not just a purveyor of cards but a keeper of tradition and a herald of heartfelt connections. However, due to their B2B sales mode, the minimum order for cards from The Gallery Collection is much higher than many competitors in our review.

2,000+ custom card templates

The Gallery Collection offers an impressive array of over 2,065 Christmas cards available at the time of this evaluation. In their products, you'll discover not only meticulously crafted templates to upload your own photos into, but also options where you can add and change text, and create your very own Christmas message. You can find a selection of cards based on the city, cards with various Christmas messages like "Merry Christmas," "Feliz Navidad," and "From all of us" You can also choose between flat or folded cards, depending on the style that works best for your holiday greeting. However, like many other companies we researched, you won't find many familiar characters or cartoons on these cards. So if you're looking for a nostalgic Peanuts card, for example, you'll need to keep browsing.

Some cards are too specific

To navigate this abundant selection, customers have the convenience of sorting through cards based on the front greeting message, card style, theme, and industry. However, it's worth noting that while they provide 12 specific industries as categories, there may be instances where the cards in these categories may not perfectly align with the associated professions, a slight letdown for those seeking specific career-related greetings. It's worth noting that some of the functionality is a little frustrating at The Gallery Collection. For example, in order to see many of the filters, you have to spend a lot of time scrolling. These would be more convenient in drop-down menus. Further, there isn't a specific filter for price, and no prices are listed on specific cards until you get into the design process, which may disappoint budget-conscious shoppers.

Best Christmas Card Stores

Expensive with high card minimums

The first thing you need to know about the pricing at The Gallery Collection is that the minimum purchase is 25 cards. From what we saw in our research (without a price filter) the prices per card range around $3.31 (for flat cards) to $3.33 (for folded cards). So, for 25 cards, you can expect to pay a minimum of $82.69 to $83.13. These prices apply specifically to custom cards. You can buy some of the cards at The Gallery Collection in smaller quantities, but you have to be willing to purchase the ones with pre-created greetings. If you go this route, it's much more affordable, with 10 cards costing around $19.95. However, if you're dedicated to the custom cards, you might want to search somewhere else for a more budget-friendly deal.

Not a lot of extras

The Gallery Collection doesn't really offer any extras outside of cards. There are a handful of other stationery-based items like business cards, but there aren't enough to really get excited about. If you're looking for a one-stop shop, this won't be the spot for you.

Shipping costs a minimum of $10

Shipping from The Gallery Collection is a flat-rate fee, and in the area we checked, that worked out to be $10.48. However, the final price of shipping may change depending on where you're located. Despite being more expensive than many other sites, The Gallery Collection doesn't offer any deals or minimums for free shipping to offset the costs.

Best Christmas Card Stores

No details on returns

The Gallery Collection is a little vague in terms of returns and guarantees. The company has one sentence hidden in the FAQ that says they'll "make it right" if there are problems with an order. However, there are no specifics about how this will be achieved, or any timeframe involving refunds or returns.

Popular with businesses and corporations

The Gallery Collection's online reputation is a bit hit or miss. The company is listed as "NR" by the Better Business Bureau, but from Trustpilot, the company shows tons of reviews singing its praises. Customers have given The Gallery Collection an average rating of 4.7 stars out of 5 with reviews talking about the company as dependable and high-quality. Many of these patrons have maintained a longstanding relationship with the retailer, returning year after year to place their trust in this Christmas card store. It is particularly popular with large businesses that regularly send out cards to employees.

Mid-tier option for Christmas cards

While we love the solid customer loyalty, combined with the extensive selection of Christmas cards, The Gallery Collection isn't quite as impressive as some of our top stores. Without a lot of extras to buy, high shipping premiums, and a questionable return policy, there are some places where The Gallery Collection can easily improve. They're good, just not great. But if they jump on some improvements in the future, they have the opportunity to be a real greeting card powerhouse.

DaySpring Review 2.5 Star Rating


2.5 Star Rating
  • Prices from $3.99 to $47.97
  • 147 different cards
  • One-stop shop
  • Faith-focused cards
  • Recognizable characters on cards
  • Free shipping on $50+
  • Returns available

Standing out as a faith-focused enterprise, DaySpring offers Christmas cards that resonate with the Christian background of the Christmas season. DaySpring got its start in 1971, founded by four Christians whose collective goal was to illuminate the path to Christ through the power of printed messages. DaySpring spreads the message of faith and hope through its eclectic array of cards, gifts, books, Bibles, and office supplies to kindle the spirit and fortify the soul. While their offerings span a spectrum of faith-inspired items, it's their Christmas cards that take center stage.

Christmas card collection is crafted with care

When you embark on your journey through DaySpring's Christmas card offerings, you'll encounter perhaps a smaller number of cards than you expect given the wide variety offered at other sites. There are just 147 cards available at DaySpring. However, DaySpring stands out through its unique faith-based messages which aren't offered at some other retailers. Consequently, all of their Christmas cards are designed to serve as vessels for heartfelt messages rather than standalone greetings. And, if you're a fan of cartoon characters or classic Christmas characters, you can definitely expect to find them here.

Site design is a breath of fresh air

The DaySpring store and website is, in a word, gorgeous. With a clean and minimal design, unique logo, and easy-to-read fonts, every page feels like a breath of fresh air. The filters and dropdown menus are easy to use, and there's no question that you'll find what you need in a snap. The only major site complaint is loading times. You'll need to have a little patience while shopping at DaySpring. You should also be aware that DaySpring does not provide options for photo uploads and customization. So if you want any level of DIY or creativity, you'll need to shop somewhere else.

Best Christmas Card Stores

Single and multi-card packs

Most of the Christmas cards within DaySpring's repertoire are offered in charming boxes containing approximately 10 to 18 cards, though there are options for single cards. The single cards start as low as $3.99 while the boxes start at $4.99 and go as high as $47.97 for 3 boxed sets in one order (with Peanuts characters on them). This diverse pricing offers choices for customers to buy single or multiple cards or to even stock up for holidays to come.

Bringing faith into your home

While DaySpring may not occupy the top spot in our Christmas card rankings, it shines as an exquisite resource for devout Christians seeking artistry, jewelry, apparel, and gifts infused with a touch of faith. Their product lineup exudes a chic, modern flair and simplistic style that resonates with contemporary sensibilities. You can find a variety of Christian-focused books, Bibles, and even home decor items to spread your faith around every corner of your home.

Unlock savings and free shipping on $50+

There are a couple ways to save at DaySpring. First, by simply joining their email list, you can unlock a rewarding $10 discount on your very first order. What's more, when your order reaches the $50 threshold, DaySpring graciously extends the gift of free shipping no matter what you purchase. So, if you need to buy Christmas cards in bulk, you can easily end up getting your shipping free of charge.

Best Christmas Card Stores

Returns allowed, but parameters unclear

While DaySpring may not offer an explicit product guarantee, they do extend the courtesy of allowing returns. But, the specifics of their return policy are somewhat unclear. If you run into a problem, you're encouraged to contact DaySpring's customer service team via email, providing their order number as part of the process. The site notes that within 24-48 business hours, DaySpring will reach out to assist with processing the return request, ensuring that your concerns are addressed with care. But it's worth noting that the length of time for your return window and other details about how returns aren't listed on the website.

Customers complain about service at DaySpring

According to the Better Business Bureau, DaySpring holds an "A+" rating. Unfortunately, according to reviewers, DaySpring's reputation isn't so hot. The company only has an average rating of 2.7 stars out of 5. The mixed reviews range from customers raving about the quality of the cards to other customers enraged by their customer service. For example, one customer paid for expedited shipping and didn't get their order on time. The company didn't refund the higher shipping cost, and the cards weren't usable during the Christmas season. Further, there are even complaints from former employees, so this might not be a store running their business in a manner that best reflects their Christian values.

Losing points for poor customer service

Though they may not have the widest array of Christmas cards on the market, the message of faith and inspiration that they convey makes DaySpring a lovely destination for those looking to infuse their holiday season with heartfelt devotion and Christian grace. However, with some concerning reviews from customers, it becomes clear that the Christian message and belief system imbued in the cards may not stretch to how DaySpring runs its business. It's a shame, as this is a unique spot to pick up Christmas cards that really speak to a person's faith during the season.

Current Review 2 Star Rating


2 Star Rating
  • Prices from $10.49 to $13.49
  • 175 different cards
  • One-stop shop
  • 6-10 day shipping time
  • 60-day return policy
  • "A+" rating from the BBB

Back in 1950, Current had its humble beginnings at the base of Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs. The founders, Orin and Miriam Loo, had a small publishing gig, and they began using the postcards for fundraising. Fast forward to today, and Current now offers 13,000+ products and serves millions of happy customers. But, this family-owned business still stayed small in one area: Christmas cards. The fact is, if you're looking for a ton of variety to browse through, Current isn't going to be the stop for you.

Design styles aren't so "current"

When it comes to Christmas cards, Current doesn't offer a very impressive array. There are only 175 different cards available at Current, which stands out as far fewer than the extensive collections found in other online stores with thousands of Christmas cards in stock. You can find vertically and horizontally oriented cards with Current, though we didn't see any flat cards in stock. When it comes to designs (though we acknowledge that preferences may vary), it appears that the majority of the Christmas cards at Current aren't very, well, "current" (pun intended). Modern, minimalist designs that resonate with today's customers are relatively scarce, and almost all of the cards have a very old-fashioned or dated style that might only appeal to a small market of Christmas card shoppers.

Old-fashioned without opportunities to customize

If we're honest, the cards themselves aren't the only thing that feels outdated. Current's website design feels old-fashioned and clunky. There hasn't been a lot of effort to put together a modern feel for the site design and functionality. It works, and you can find what you need, but the overall feeling is that Current is a little behind the times. For example, when we clicked on a card style to see more, it took almost a full minute for the site to load. Another example was that there were several card styles that were out of stock. However, this isn't listed on the browsing page, and can only be seen when customers click through the cards to add them to cart. So, you might pick out the one you like only to find at the last minute that you can't buy that one. Frustrating!

No custom cards here

Importantly, there aren't any custom cards at Current. So, what you see in stock is what you get. While some customers might prefer this pick-and-buy selection, those looking to add a little personality to their Christmas greetings might be disappointed.

Best Christmas Card Stores

Low-cost for 14 cards

The cards at current are usually sold in sets of 14, with prices spanning from $10.49 to $13.49 at full price. There were a handful of cards on sale at the time of this review, though many of these were out of stock when we checked. In general, the sale prices started as low as $2.49 for a pack of 14 cards. However, finding cards that are in stock in the sale section will definitely be a problem.

Unique puzzle and jewelry selection

While there isn't much to write home about in terms of cards, there are plenty of other items to shop for at Current. You can choose from custom checks, address labels, stationery, gift items like coffee mugs, jewelry, and puzzles, as well as other holiday items like wrapping paper and faith-based decorations. However, across the board, many of the items even from other areas of the site feel just as old-fashioned as the Christmas cards. So if you're looking for modern gifts and designs, you might need to keep shopping.

Important cutoff dates for shipping

At Current, the standard time to fill your order is within 2-3 business days. Then, after that timeframe, you should expect 3-7 days for shipping. Shipping costs are standard based on UPS and FedEx pricing. There are faster shipping options if you're willing to pay extra, but it doesn't keep the cost very budget-friendly. However, customers should be aware that there are cut-off dates listed on the shipping section of the website for particular holidays. For example, all orders for Halloween-themed items need to be placed by 10/18 to guarantee delivery for those items. There will likely be a similar cutoff date for Christmas cards too (which is only made public close to the holiday), so make sure you check back in as the Christmas season begins.

Best Christmas Card Stores

60-day return policy

While Current doesn't have a listed satisfaction guarantee, there is a generous 60-day return policy. Customers just need to fill out a convenient online contact form to begin the return process. It's a reassuring safety net in case your Christmas cards don't meet your expectations.

Customers are looking for cards elsewhere

While the Better Business Bureau offers Current an "A+" rating, a deeper exploration reveals a more nuanced narrative. Customer feedback from third-party sources suggests a prevailing sense of dissatisfaction. Reviews repeatedly talk about problems with out-of-stock or backordered Christmas cards. Many customers noted that their orders arrived too late to mail to friends and family. Others complained about mishandled orders and complications related to order cancellations. Overall, customers don't seem pleased with the level of customer service offered at Current.

Current is badly in need of updating

While the lack of Christmas card variety is one negative aspect of shopping at Current, the prevailing dissatisfaction expressed in customer reviews confirms that it might be better to shop somewhere else. If you do decide to go with Current, you can expect long shipping times, out-of-date and old-fashioned designs, and a general feeling that Current might be stuck in the past. Given these concerns and the fact that you can't customize the site's Christmas cards at all, it has earned a 2-star rating from us.

Shutterfly Review 2 Star Rating


2 Star Rating
  • Prices from $30.41 for 10 cards
  • 470 different cards
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • One-stop gift shop
  • Custom photos and text

Shutterfly, a well-established photo printing enterprise founded in 1999, has been serving the personalized photo market for years. The Shutterfly company, along with its affiliated brands, specializes in personalized items and customized designs. Shutterfly operates under three main divisions: Consumer, which includes Spoonflower, Snapfish, and Shutterfly itself; Lifetouch; and Shutterfly Business Solutions. Their overarching goal is to assist individuals in crafting products and preserving moments that truly showcase their unique identities.

Cute designs, but missing some Christmas mainstays

There are 470 different Christmas card templates to choose from at Shutterfly. These appear in an array of classy, modern styles that are reminiscent of a wedding invitation. You can choose from a variety of inspirations, like religious or non-religious Christmas cards, the number of photos you can add to your design, the orientations of the cards, and various themes like:

  • Simple
  • Foliage
  • Vintage
  • Snowflake
  • Ornament
  • Art-deco

However, you won't find many of the traditional foldable cards (there are only 51 options in the entire inventory), or any cards with family-favorite characters like Peanuts and very limited designs of characters like Santa (there are only 2 individual designs with Santa on the site).

Solid site design, but nothing to write home about

There's a lot of nice stuff on the Shutterfly site, but it's not a huge difference from many of its competitors. The white, blue, and orange color scheme is clean and modern. Plus, the site offers a wide array of filters to help you sift through the card selections easily. It works perfectly, it just doesn't jump out as being super exciting, that's all.

Some notable features

Still, creating a custom Christmas card at Shutterfly comes with a couple of neat features. First, Shutterfly offers unlimited photo storage, so you can make sure that all your pics and happy memories are where you need them to be as you sift through your best shots for the card templates. And, if that's not cool enough, Shutterfly also offers a mobile app so you can upload photos and design on the go. You can change things like the card shape and the type of card, as well as add 1-5 photos depending on your template and change the predetermined text in small ways like adding names. However, it's not the most flexible designer we've seen in this review, so it doesn't stand out as well as it could among Christmas card stores.

Best Christmas Card Stores

Not the most budget-friendly

At first glance, Shutterfly looks pretty affordable. The site lists single cards starting as low as $0.98. However, when you click into the listings, it's clear that price isn't normally available. Customers would have to order 1,000 cards to get that deal. If you get a normal-size package of 10 cards, it's $3.41 per card or $34.10 total. There are also more expensive cards and add-ons like finishes or cardstock types that can increase your final total when you add the items to cart. In general, compared to other platforms, Shutterfly isn't particularly low-cost, which could turn away some customers shopping on a budget.

Tons of unique and artistic gifts

In addition to a variety of Christmas cards, Shutterfly provides an extensive selection of items, encompassing photo books, stationery, prints, gifts, calendars, wall art, decor, and wedding products, all of which can be tailored with personal photos to imbue each item with a unique touch. You can also find some unique items under the "artist designs" header where there are blanket designs, socks, pillows, mugs, and more.

Flat-rate shipping costs

Thankfully, shipping costs at Shutterfly are low. With orders between 2-250 items, the shipping is a flat rate of $1.88. You can expect your order to arrive within 6-10 business days for that standard shipping rate. There are, however, opportunities to get faster shipping if you want to pay a little extra.

Best Christmas Card Stores

Vague 100% satisfaction guarantee

Shutterfly backs all its services with a comprehensive 100% Happiness Guarantee, but the details of that guarantee are a little light. According to the site, Shutterfly will "make it right" if you're not satisfied with your order. However, they don't specify if this is through reprint, refund, or another avenue like store credit. You may need to reach out to their customer service to get more details if you're worried about needing to make returns.

Not ideal for Christmas cheer

Shutterfly's reputation has experienced a decline recently. The company used to have an "A-" rating from the Better Business Bureau. However, their rating has recently dropped to a disappointing "D-." On top of that, there have been numerous complaints registered with the BBB, along with negative feedback from verified third-party review websites. Across four different review platforms, Shutterfly's average star rating is a mere 1.7 out of 5, significantly lower than its rivals. Customers frequently express dissatisfaction with product quality in their reviews, and poor customer service is a common complaint. In short, it seems that Shutterfly has not been maintaining its standards in recent years.

Service leans toward the low end

With only a "D-" rating from the BBB, Shutterfly stands out as a significant disappointment. Given that many of the complaints surrounding the company involve a general lack of customer service and low quality merchandise, Shutterfly stands out, but in a bad way. While it has a decent selection of greeting cards, there are fewer of them than at other top-rated companies, and there aren't any noteworthy features that make up for the poor ratings. Despite claiming a 100% guarantee, the company clearly isn't providing that satisfaction for most of its customers. For this reason, Shutterfly receives one of the lowest ratings among Christmas card stores on our list.

Simply to Impress Review 1.5 Star Rating

Simply to Impress

1.5 Star Rating
  • Prices from $41.55 for 15 cards
  • 2,201 different cards
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Offers other merchandise
  • Customize photos and text

Heather Hasse, a devoted wife and mother, founded Simply To Impress in 2003 with a mission: to harness the power of pictures to encapsulate moments and memories, all without the burden of expensive cards. Simply To Impress offers a variety of custom stationery, but its primary focus leans more toward the realm of photo cards and invitations than traditional greeting cards. However, we want to start off with a quick cautionary note upfront: numerous customers have struggled with disappointing outcomes from Simply To Impress, and it's not a top contender for reliable stationery of any kind, let alone Christmas cards.

1,400+ Christmas Cards

Simply To Impress makes an initial favorable impression, through its selection of Christmas cards. With an impressive collection of 2,201 Christmas designs on sale, this would seem like a great place to start browsing. However, following along with several other retailers in this review who focus on minimal "classy" designs that are most often seen on wedding invites, Simply To Impress lacks some of the cute and traditional styles offered by companies that have standard greeting cards. For example, you won't find any designs with Snoopy and friends on cards from Simply To Impress, and there are only 4 designs that have a Santa character on them (or something that hints at Santa). Thankfully, for those looking for religious cards to share the reason for the season, this Christmas card store offers around 900 options that meet their needs.

Busy design but user-friendly

The interface of their website reflects an inviting and intuitive design, though it comes across as a little cluttered. With all the filters along the left side of the screen, it leaves less space for the scrolling options. Plus with various fonts and green and orange colors, the site has a bit of a busy feel. However, the browsing experience is still fairly straightforward, though you can't limit the filters by price, which was frustrating. The editor for the personalization is user-friendly, though a bit limited in design choices. You can upload photos into predetermined photo boxes, but you can't move those around. The only movable elements are text, which customers can add anywhere on the card and drag around until it's in the right spot. With click and drag tools, we'd prefer there to be a "snap" feature or rulers to help designers get their elements centered if need be. Unfortunately, Simply To Impress doesn't offer that.

Best Christmas Card Stores

High prices compared to competitors

The first thing you need to know about Simply To Impress' pricing is that the company requires a minimum card purchase of 15 cards. So, if you only want the minimum, prices per card start around $2.77. If you order the required minimum of 15, you're looking at a purchase of $41.55 at the lowest, which is about $10 higher than most rival stores on our list. This doesn't include possible add-ons for paper type and finish. Basically, this isn't going to be the best stop if you're on a Christmas card budget.

Their extras are a little limited

On top of cards, Simply To Impress offers a variety of custom stationery items. These include products like:

  • Self-inking stamps
  • Personalized ornaments
  • Personalized stockings
  • Style

The rest of their inventory is card-focused, like thank-you cards or wedding invites, which is more limited than some stores who offer blankets, pillows, and other fun items.

No deals on shipping

Unfortunately, there aren't any deals on shipping at Simply To Impress. Instead, there's a range of flat-rate shipping options that follow normal shipping prices. These include Standard (2-5 business days) for $8.75, Expedited (2 days) for $15, and Overnight shipping for $25. While there might be occasional promotions that offer free shipping, there weren't any at the time of this review.

Best Christmas Card Stores

100% satisfaction guarantee is questionable

Simply To Impress does offer a 100% guarantee, assuring customers of a refund should they be dissatisfied with their order. However, given some of the concerning things we saw in the customer reviews, this assurance rings a bit hollow. For example, many customers noted that they were unable to get in contact with customer service. So, it's a little hard to take advantage of a guarantee if you can't reach out to their service team to process it.

Simply doesn't impress

For all its promise, Simply To Impress is surrounded by reviews indicating customer dissatisfaction. The site doesn't have any presence on the Better Business Bureau, so we only have third-party reviews to rely on to get a clear picture of the company's reputation. With these reviews, an unsettling pattern emerges. There are many reports of orders either arriving late or, in some unfortunate cases, not at all. As mentioned previously, customers also note that it's nearly impossible for them to get a hold of customer service. On average the company only holds an average rating of 1.7 stars out of 5 across different verified review sites.

Not worth the worry

We find ourselves compelled to caution against rushing headlong into an order with Simply To Impress - primarily to spare you the frustration of an order that doesn't meet your needs. If you go through the work to personalize a Christmas card, it should yield joy, not disappointment. The prospect of the cards arriving with unexpected alterations or languishing in postal limbo is, honestly, not worth taking the risk. For this reason, Simply To Impress falls to the bottom of the list in this review.

Compare the Best Reviews

Continued from above...

Gone are the days of just browsing aisles of cards in brick-and-mortar stores for the perfect set of Christmas cards. Now, you can find (and create) beautiful Christmas greetings from the comfort of your own home. Online Christmas card stores are a perfect way for you to infuse your unique personality into the holiday tradition. No longer confined to cards with cliched pre-written messages, these digital platforms empower you to craft fully customizable Christmas cards that reflect your individuality and creativity.

The practice of sending Christmas cards has its origins in the 19th century, with the first commercially sold Christmas cards being made in London in 1843. Since then, the tradition has only grown more popular. In a recent report by the Greeting Card Association (yes, that's actually a thing!), approximately 1.6 billion Christmas cards are bought and shared during the holiday season within the United States alone.

So what can you do with digitally designed Christmas cards? There are so many creative options, it's hard to know where to start. For example, you now have the opportunity to incorporate images of memorable vacations, professional photoshoots, whimsical cartoon caricatures, or candid snapshots capturing your true essence. Depending on the shop, card enthusiasts can enjoy the artistic freedom of designing their cards from inception to completion or simply peruse a collection of pre-made templates. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

With so many different options on the market today, it can be hard to know where you should start making your perfect Christmas greeting. So, we've put together a short list of criteria that might help you narrow down your options for a more rewarding shopping experience:

  • Cost. Check out how the pricing of Christmas cards from different providers compares. Is there a cost advantage in purchasing in bulk? Are there any minimum purchase requirements that should be considered?
  • Selection. How do the templates look? Are you able to customize them as much as you'd like? If you opt for non-personalized cards, is there still a wide array of designs to explore and choose from?
  • Functionality. Evaluate the user-friendliness of the design platform. Is it intuitive and streamlined, allowing you to select and purchase your cards without unnecessary complications or hassles?
  • Satisfaction guarantee. Understand the provider's policy regarding customer satisfaction. If the received Christmas cards fall short of your expectations, you'll want to know about the possibility of refunds or reprints.

At Top Consumer Reviews, we're here to make your Christmas season a little more merry by reviewing and ranking the finest Christmas card stores on the market today. This way you can skip the worry and browsing process of finding the best cards and get right to making the perfect Christmas cards for your loved ones this season. Merry Christmas!

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Christmas Card Store FAQ

Sending Christmas cards is a tradition that started in the 1840s in England. Henry Cole, who worked at a post office in the UK, wanted to make the postal service more appealing to the everyday person. He and John Horsley, an artist friend of his, printed 1000 copies of a Christmas greeting card as an experiment - and here we are, almost 200 years later!
Yes! In the US alone, over two billion Christmas cards are sent every year. That represents over 60% of all greeting card purchases!
Of course! Whether you want that cute photo card that gets hung up on everyone's refrigerator or a classy greeting sent to your business clients, you've got plenty of options for making Christmas cards exactly how you need them.
The earlier, the better, to ensure that the design you want is still in stock and can get to you in enough time to send out your cards. Check the timeframes and ordering deadlines of any Christmas card printer you're considering; if you're running a little behind, there may be options for expedited production and delivery.
You'll find cards that cost less than $1 to options for $3 and up per card. With most retailers of Christmas cards, you'll pay less for each one when you order more (e.g. you'll pay $1 per card if you order 100 but $2 per card if you order 20). You can also get ready-made Christmas cards in boxed sets; they tend to cost less than personalized greetings.
Some printers offer printed envelopes as an upgrade, but most expect that you'll do the addressing yourself. If you don't have the time for hand-written addresses, it's not hard to print off address labels from your mailing list.
Most of the time, yes. Christmas card printers want you to love your greetings and will usually give you a full refund or a reprint at no cost.
That depends on the retailer you choose, but many of them recognize that there are other celebrations besides Christmas. You might have to search a little harder on their websites, but you should find several options you love!

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