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Etsy Review

Saturday, June 22nd

2024 Christmas Ornament Store Reviews

Etsy Review 4 Star Rating


4 Star Rating
  • "A" rating from the Better Business Bureau
  • Over 1,000,000 ornaments to choose from
  • Unique, beautiful, handmade ornaments
  • Shopping supports small, local businesses

If you enjoy browsing unique products from small business owners, Etsy should be your go-to retailer. As an online marketplace that sells nearly everything you can imagine, much of it handmade, Etsy quickly grew and made a name for itself with a huge selection, easy transaction process, easy-to-use site, and the opportunity for people to support small businesses.

Staggering selection

With over 1,000,000 Christmas ornaments to choose from, Etsy makes it hard for any other retailer to compete. You can narrow down the huge selection by selecting special offers (like free shipping), how soon you want the items to ship, price, color, and item type. Once you filter the available Christmas ornaments, you'll still have nearly an endless amount to choose from. Many of them are customizable and you can add the year, names of family members, drawings of loved ones, a picture of your home, the shape of the state you live in, photos, anniversaries, and more.

Easily find highly rated products

The top hits for anything you search on Etsy are always trendy and highly rated. Don't be surprised if prices are slightly higher than what you might find elsewhere since you're dealing with small businesses and sellers who often hand make their products. Since Etsy takes a cut of their profits, sometimes this causes prices to be higher than they would be otherwise. When looking for Christmas ornaments, you'll first see sellers that have positive reviews from past customers and good feedback on their products. Shopping from these sellers gives you a higher likelihood that you'll be satisfied with your purchase and not have any issues. When you click on an item to explore it further, you'll see estimated delivery dates, the cost to ship to your zip code, a detailed description of the item, and the option to put in your customizations (if any).

Return policies vary by shop

Each seller on Etsy has their own policies, so it's important to read them before making a purchase. Most sellers don't allow returns or exchanges for customized items since they can't be resold. Personalized Christmas ornaments will probably be final sale. Non-customizable items usually come with anywhere from a 7- to 30-day return policy.

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Work through the sellers

When you're shopping from Etsy, you aren't buying products directly from them. Etsy is a platform that allows sellers to list their products, set their prices, create return and exchange policies, and operate "independently" under Etsy's general guidelines. Etsy makes a profit from sellers on their site from each transaction rather than being in charge of and managing the transactions. So, if you have an issue with an item you buy, it's likely the fault of the seller, not Etsy. Instead of contacting Etsy to resolve the problem, you'll need to work with the seller first.

Negative feedback doesn't reflect on the company overall

If you read customer feedback about Etsy, you might be surprised that there appears to be more bad than good things said about the company. However if you dive deeper, you'll see that these are usually either from sellers who don't like all the rules they have to follow in order to run their shops, or from customers who are upset about an order they placed and don't fully realize they need to go to the seller to get it taken care of. Overall, Etsy is a great and reliable place to shop if you make sure to read reviews from customers on specific shop owners and the Christmas ornaments they sell.

Make your tree one-of-a-kind

Overall, Etsy is a fun place to shop for Christmas ornaments. Since many of their items are handmade and sold by small businesses, you might spend more than you would through another retailer and end up buying individual products rather than bulk ornament sets. However, since you can sort by price, you're sure to find options you like that will fit your budget. Buying Christmas ornaments through Etsy will ensure you find something high-quality and unique that will make a beautiful addition to your Christmas tree. Etsy has earned a high rating as a reliable online Christmas ornament shop.

Where is the Best Place to Buy Christmas Ornaments?

For most people, putting up the Christmas tree and decorating it each year is a big event. Some people string popcorn or berries around the tree and hang ribbon, tinsel, or garland. Others hang bright, sparkly lights of all colors. However, the most meaningful decorations on a Christmas tree are the ornaments. They are what differentiate one's Christmas tree from all the rest and can tell a family story.

Many people choose to have all of their Christmas ornaments color-coordinated or stick to a theme like snowmen, Disney, animals, or something else they love. There are usually a few handmade ornaments made by children and loved ones that are given as gifts. Sometimes families treasure antique ornaments that have been handed down for generations. Each ornament means something to the person who owns it and together they make a statement about your style, traditions, and memories.

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Christmas Ornament Store FAQ

While no one knows for certain exactly when the tradition of decorating Christmas trees began, it's believed to have its origins in 16th century Germany. Almost 300 years later, it became popular in the United States as well, and the tradition really gained steam when the department store Woolworth's started importing hand-blown glass ornaments from Germany.
Glass ornaments have been around the longest and still convey a nostalgic feel when used to decorate a tree. But, as personalization options increased, bespoke ornaments became the most popular way to make the holidays shine - from sports-themed trees to baubles commemorating everything from a new home to a graduation.
You can buy Christmas ornament assortments with 10-20 in a box for $20 or less. Individual ornaments are usually priced anywhere from $2 to $20 or more, depending on what they're made of and how much personalization is involved.
Many Christmas ornament retailers include complimentary delivery with your order. You might have to purchase a certain number of ornaments or meet a minimum dollar amount to qualify.
Lots! Photo ornaments are really popular: you can get a set with all of your favorite memories from the year's travel adventures, your pets, or anything you can imagine. Personalized ornaments with important dates and names are also very common, to recognize an accomplishment that happened during the year, to celebrate a baby's first Christmas, and so on.
Some Christmas ornament stores are open year-round, and that can make it easy to shop in advance. The closer you get to Thanksgiving (when a lot of people put up the decorations), the more likely it is that an ornament you want might be out of stock. The selection in brick-and-mortar stores can be pretty sparse between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but you will probably have more luck shopping online.
That depends on the store! Some pride themselves on being your one-stop Christmas shop, letting you get all of your lights, garland, tree toppers, stockings and ornaments in one online order. Others stay laser-focused on providing the best selection of Christmas ornaments alone.
Return policies vary. If you purchased personalized ornaments, the policy may be strict - and if you spelled a name wrong, you probably won't get your money back. Otherwise, many stores give you 30 days or more to send your ornaments back if you get them and they're not what you expected.
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If you're moving away from home for the first time, newly married and excited to start new traditions, or just looking for some fresh new ornaments to add some holiday spirit to your Christmas tree, you can easily find ones you love online. You can browse thousands of Christmas ornament categories, colors, and styles with the click of a few buttons. The ornaments you choose will be a big part of your Christmas memories for years to come!

As you browse Christmas ornament stores, there are some important things to keep in mind:

  • Selection: Does the retailer sell a range of designs, themes, and colors of Christmas ornaments to choose from? Can you buy sets that come with multiple coordinated ornaments?
  • Pricing: How does the cost of Christmas ornaments at one retailer compare with another? How much will you be charged for shipping?
  • Return Policy: If the Christmas ornaments don't look as good as you'd hoped on your tree or you change your mind about the theme you want, can you easily return the ornaments you purchased? Will you have to pay restocking fees?

TopConsumerReviews.com has reviewed and ranked the best Christmas ornament stores available online. We hope this information helps you find the right Christmas tree decor to set the tone for a wonderful holiday season!

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