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Michaels Review

Monday, April 15th

2024 Christmas Tree Store Reviews

Michaels Review 3 Star Rating


3 Star Rating
  • Prices range from $50 to $5,865
  • 2,000 Christmas trees
  • Free delivery on orders over $49 and in-store pickup
  • Customer reviews and photos for popular trees
  • Promo codes and coupons often available
  • 60-day return window
  • BBB "A" rating

You might not immediately think of Michaels when you're on the hunt for a Christmas tree, but you might want to reconsider. Believe it or not, their online catalog is a treasure trove of festive options, boasting nearly 2,000 trees to choose from. If you've got an artsy streak, you can pick up an unlit tree and treat it like a blank canvas for all your creative whims. And hey, since it's Michaels, why not toss some craft supplies into your cart for making your own ornaments? But if DIY isn't really your thing, no worries. They've got you covered with pre-lit trees and a selection of ready-made ornaments, too.

Filtering is a little clunky

The Michaels website is not excessively showy, and it has the typical filtering and sorting features to help you locate the perfect Christmas tree. Rather than wading through over 1,700 tree options, you can apply various filters to trim down your choices if you already know your ideal tree height, budget, or lighting color. One odd thing we noticed, though, is in the height sorting feature: each height category actually appears twice, once as "5 feet" and again as "5 ft," for example. To see all the trees of a specific height, you'll need to select both versions of the category.

Free delivery and in-store pickup

Additionally, with numerous Michaels stores around, there's an option for "Free Store Pickup," allowing you to order the tree online and pick it up whenever it suits you. Plus, if your tree costs $49 or more, the store offers complimentary standard delivery.

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Some trees have customer reviews with images

As you might guess from a well-known retailer like Michaels, their most popular Christmas trees come with customer reviews, which can be super handy if you want to be certain you're getting a good quality tree. For example, their best-selling 7.5ft. Pre-Lit Augusta Pine Artificial Christmas Tree by Ashland has a robust average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, backed by over a hundred shopper reviews. Plus, if you dig a little deeper into the product page, you'll find customer-uploaded photos. We found it particularly insightful to look at the before-and-after shots of this specific tree - from the time it's taken out of the box to its full, fluffed, decorated, and glowing glory.

Popular trees are pricey, but you might find coupons

Now, let's talk savings. The 7.5ft. Augusta Pine tree comes with a $379.99 price tag, so it's not what you'd call a budget option. However, Michaels does offer some potential discounts to lighten the load on your wallet. Specifically, we spotted a 20% off coupon code right under the tree's listing that applied to all regular-priced items in our cart. So, while the initial cost may be on the higher side, keep an eye out for these promo codes to make it a bit more palatable.

Not as many budget-friendly choices

If you're looking for a full-height Christmas tree in the $100 to $200 price range, your options at Michaels are somewhat sparse compared to other retailers we've reviewed. That said, there are a couple of choices you might consider. For instance, the 6ft Pre-Lit Kincaid Spruce with Multicolor Lights is priced at $192, and there's also the 6ft Pre-Lit Rocky Mountain Mixed Pine for $155. As of the time of this review, however, neither of these options had any customer reviews.

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Returns must be unopened

If you're shopping for a Christmas tree online from Michaels, the good news is that their return policy is decent, although not exactly the gold standard of generosity. You have a 60-day window to return your tree if it doesn't meet your standards. However, all returns must be new, unused, and in their original packaging. So, if you're thinking of staging a Christmas morning complete with presents and family photos, only to return it on Boxing Day, think again. Michaels will only refund you for a tree in pristine, untouched condition, as if it never knew the joy of holding up your ornament collection for a season.

BBB's second-highest rating

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) ranks Michaels pretty highly with an "A" rating, which is their second-best grade. There are a few hundred complaints, but most of them focus on in-store issues or less-than-stellar interactions with staff face-to-face, which isn't something you need to worry about when purchasing a Christmas tree through their website. That said, a handful of these complaints also mention difficulties getting in touch with customer service for online orders. On the bright side, Michaels seems to be on the ball when it comes to addressing these grievances; they've responded to most of the complaints listed on the BBB's website, and that's a point in their favor.

Decent, but not our favorite

Our takeaway? Michaels is a decent option, but when it comes to their online Christmas tree offerings, they don't exactly knock it out of the park compared to other retailers we've checked out. If you're a Michaels die-hard, already turning to them for your crafting and home decor essentials, then go ahead and add a Christmas tree to your cart. But if you're just in the market for a great Christmas tree, we don't see a compelling reason to start your journey with Michaels. T

Where Can You Find the Best Christmas Trees?

Ah, the holiday season - a time when the scent of gingerbread cookies wafts through the air, houses don twinkling lights like evening stars, and Bing Crosby's crooning voice seems to be everywhere. It's magical, but let's not forget the most important piece: nothing anchors this Yuletide enchantment quite like a Christmas tree.

The Christmas tree is more than a festive decoration; it's a symbol of tradition, family gatherings, and the memories we cherish year after year. But as we all know, finding that perfect tree can be, well... a pine in the neck (sorry). That may help explain why online Christmas tree shopping has exploded in popularity over the last few years.

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Christmas Tree Store FAQ

Whether you look to the ancient Romans and Egyptians for their symbolic use of evergreens or to Americans bringing over the German tradition of candlelit trees in the 1800s, it's easy to see that Christmas trees have been a treasured part of winter holiday celebrations for centuries. Modern traditions now include personalized ornaments for each new year, trees themed to recognize favorite sports teams or fandoms, and, of course, the large-scale trees featured in NYC's Rockefeller Center and other big cities around the world.
That's definitely a question of preference. Some families love the annual tradition of trekking out to the Christmas tree farm (or parking lot store!) and selecting the perfect tree for that year. Other people prefer to have a tree that they can use for many years without sacrificing a living one. Artificial trees don't tend to shed "needles" as readily as real ones, and there's no need to keep it watered to prevent drying out and becoming a fire hazard!
In the past, your only option for Christmas tree lights were the incandescent variety - and strings of lights might only last a season or two before burning out. LED lights are usually a little more expensive, but they last longer and use a fraction of the energy that incandescent bulbs need - ultimately saving you money in the long run.
You're not wrong to wonder - that's how it used to be! You may still find some light strands where one faulty bulb will take out the whole bunch, but most lights on pre-lit trees use a technology that keeps the tree lit even if a bulb (or several) go out. You'll often get extra bulbs and fuses with your purchase, if your tree requires them.
Some are easier than others. You may have to insert individual branches into the "trunk" , hang tree sections from a center pole, or fluff the branches after being in storage. There are some Christmas trees that come in just two sections (base and top) and can be set up in a few minutes. Keep the assembly method in mind as you shop, especially if you're buying a larger tree that might be unwieldy to put together!
Most trees, particularly the pre-lit types, are rated for indoor use only. Depending on the retailer you shop, you may be able to find models that are designed for indoor/outdoor use. You might need to check the product specifications for each tree, if the site doesn't have a category just for outdoor use Christmas trees.
You won't be surprised to hear that it depends on the retailer. You may find that returns are only accepted on unused, unopened Christmas trees, that returns are accepted but you'll be charged a restocking fee, and/or you'll be on the hook to pay for the return shipping. It might be worth doing an exchange for a tree you'll like more rather than doing a return: many stores will cover your return shipping costs if you're getting another Christmas tree from their inventory.
Absolutely! And, for many people, it's a much better option than buying one at a brick-and-mortar retailer: would you rather have your Christmas tree delivered right to your doorstep or have to figure out how to get it home from the store? Most Christmas tree stores have been in business for many years, with a well-established track record of high-quality merchandise and attention to customer service - so go find that tree you've always wanted!
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The quest for the ultimate Christmas tree often involves braving jam-packed stores with lines snaking around the corner, wrestling with tree stands, and asking questions like, "Is it too tall? Is it too thin?" It's enough to turn you into a Grinch. But what if we told you that the perfect tree is just a click away? That's right - buying a Christmas tree online has become not only possible but surprisingly streamlined.

Convenience plays a big role in the rise of online Christmas tree shopping. In today's fast-paced world, where time is a precious commodity, the ability to browse and purchase a Christmas tree from the comfort of your home is highly appealing. Online platforms offer a seamless experience, eliminating the need to visit physical tree lots or stores, sparing you from the hassle of transportation, long lines, and the time-consuming process of selecting a tree in person.

In addition, online stores provide an extensive array of Christmas tree options. From traditional evergreens, to artificial trees with different designs, sizes, and features, you can explore a diverse range of choices at your fingertips. This variety caters to individual preferences, letting you find the perfect tree that complements your decor and available space.

And don't forget about the convenience of doorstep delivery. Once you've selected and purchased a Christmas tree online, it can be delivered right to your door, sparing you the logistical challenges of transporting a bulky tree yourself. This service-oriented approach not only provides a hassle-free shopping experiences, but also helps support a stress-free holiday season.

Whether you're a purist pining for a fragrant Douglas Fir, or an innovator seeking an eye-popping novelty tree in neon colors, we've got you covered. Perhaps you've got a soft spot for live trees but are considering an artificial one for the sake of convenience? Rest assured, there are options that offer the best of both worlds.

While on the hunt for the perfect Christmas tree, how do you determine which retailer is worthy of your hard-earned money? To help you make your decision, consider these key factors:

  • Selection. When choosing a Christmas tree at a store, consider the variety of trees available. Some stores may only have a few styles, while others have many. Is this a boutique store targeted at homemaking enthusiasts, or is it catered to a more general audience? Check if the trees are in stock and if you can buy both live and artificial trees. One store on our list even offers both options.
  • Cost. Check if the store has options that fit your budget. How do their Christmas tree prices stack up against competitors? Do you get free shipping or seasonal discounts that make your purchase more affordable?
  • Reputation. What's the word on the street? What are fellow consumers saying, not just about the Christmas trees but also about the quality of customer service? Is the retailer backed by the Better Business Bureau?

The experts at Top Consumer Reviews have taken the hassle out of your holiday hustle by meticulously vetting an array of Christmas tree stores, both online and brick-and-mortar. Our goal is to help you find the perfect merry-and-bright tree for your home or office this holiday season.

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