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The Best Cigar Clubs

Where Can You Find the Best Cigar Clubs?

Are you an aficionado? A novice? Somewhere in between? No matter where you are on the cigar enthusiast scale, joining a cigar club could be the best way to enhance your cigar experience.

The popularity of Cigar Clubs has really increased in recent years - and brought new and exciting cigar clubs into the marketplace. But don't just keep the fun to yourself. Gifting a cigar club membership to those in your life who care about cigars is a great way to increase their cigar enjoyment as well!

Friday, September 29th

2023 Cigar Club Reviews

Premium Cigar of the Month Club Review Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award 5 Star Rating

Premium Cigar of the Month Club

5 Star Rating Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

The Premium Cigar of the Month Club offers a flexible cigar club membership. Their team of experts test over 12,000 cigars each year and only deliver the top 5% rated cigars to club members. With member friendly flexibility and great cigars at a reasonable price we feel Premium Cigar of the Month Club could be your next cigar club.

Thompson Cigar Review 4.5 Star Rating

Thompson Cigar

4.5 Star Rating

With more than 100 years experience in the cigar business Thompson Cigar knows what they're doing. Their Cigar Tour Sampler of the Month Club delivers five premium cigars from around the world each month. Get an informative newsletter with each shipment and learn more about the world of cigars as you enjoy your unique cigars each month.

Rare Cigar Club Review 4.5 Star Rating

Rare Cigar Club

4.5 Star Rating

The Rare Cigar Club delivers top rated, extremely rare and limited production cigars. Their team of experts test over 12,000 cigars each year and only deliver the top 5% to club members. With flexible membership options and the highest quality top-end cigars available this club caters to the most discerning cigar aficionado. If you're looking for the best of the best, the Rare Cigar Club could be a perfect fit for you but will cost you a bit more than many other club options.

Cigars International Review 4 Star Rating

Cigars International

4 Star Rating

Cigars International's Cigar of the Month Club has two membership levels available: the Original Club (4 cigars per month) and the Double Decker Club (eight cigars per month). Choose your club duration and enjoy premium cigars from around the world. Try top brands from the top cigar producing regions each and every month.

Cigar of the Month Club Review 4 Star Rating

Cigar of the Month Club

4 Star Rating

The Cigar of the Month Club from Clubs of America provides shoppers and gift givers a lengthy list of monthly membership options for cigars, wine, coffee, beer and much more. Clubs of America has been in the club membership business for over 25 years. They deliver premium cigars from the world's top regions in their customizable Cigar of the Month Club. Choose your membership duration and delivery frequency and get it all with no shipping costs. We think the Cigar of the Month Club from Clubs of America might be a good fit for your next cigar club membership.

Amazing Clubs Review 3.5 Star Rating

Amazing Clubs

3.5 Star Rating

Amazing Club's Cigar of the Month Club will send five cigars to you or the gift recipient for the duration you choose. You can also choose how often the shipments arrive. These premium cigars arrive with the Tobacco Road newsletter with information on the monthly selections. Amazing clubs has a great "They'll Love It" guarantee allowing you to rest easy with your cigar club purchase. For those looking for the best cigars, Amazing Clubs will probably deliver fine but is likely not putting the same resources into the effort as some of the companies ranked higher.

Gotham Cigar Club Review 3 Star Rating

Gotham Cigar Club

3 Star Rating

Gotham Cigar Club, a division of a larger tobacco company, delivers 5 cigars each month to members of each of their four cigar club levels. The cigars are sourced from around the world and at a reasonable cost. Each shipment is sent with both a cigar cutter and wooden matches, and an information newsletter about the monthly selections. We, however, wished the website had more information about the cigar selection process and their membership options had more shipment frequency flexibility.

Southern Cigar Company Review 2.5 Star Rating

Southern Cigar Company

2.5 Star Rating

Southern Cigar Company has only been around the cigar club world for a handful of years and started with a goal to connect cigar lovers with great cigars. Southern Cigar has a few membership options delivering four cigars from locations around the world to your door, each month. The website is well done and user friendly but we would like to see more information about the club cigars and selection process.

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Instead of searching long and hard for different types and sizes of cigars produced in the best regions around the world, let one of the top cigar clubs deliver them to your door. Rather than weighing the advantages of top name brands vs. smaller limited production labels, have the experts do the work for you and your gift recipient. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy your membership benefits. And get it all at a discounted price compared to buying them individually on your own.

With every shipment you can expect the best cigar clubs to deliver information on each unique selection and the manufacturers. And the very best cigar clubs give you more than just high quality cigars. They give options and allow the customer to tailor the membership to their needs. With a rise in cigar club popularity there is a lot of competition for your business and savvy consumers will do their due diligence.

Be sure to look into these club aspects when choosing the right cigar club for you:

  • Cigar Origin. What regions of the cigar world are the cigars produced? Domestic manufacturers or are they made in more exotic locations?
  • Duration. How long is club membership? Do you have options to make it the right club for you?
  • Frequency. How often do your cigars arrive? Do you have frequency flexibility?
  • Membership Minimums. Do you have the option to cancel membership when the time is right for you? Or are you locked in for specific term lengths?
  • Cost. Compared to the competition, is the club a bargain or over-priced?
  • Shipping. Any extra costs for shipping? What does that do to your overall price?

TopConsumerReviews.com has reviewed and ranked the best cigar clubs available today. We hope this information helps you find the right cigar club for your needs!

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Cigar Club FAQ

All over the world! Most are made in Central and South America and the Caribbean. You can also find clubs with cigars originating in the Canary Islands and the US.
Most cigar clubs are shipped monthly, and you choose how long you'd like the membership to last - usually anywhere from 2-12 months. A few clubs give you the option to have cigars delivered quarterly, if you prefer not to receive them every month.
Not necessarily. Expect a monthly price ranging from $20 to $45 for a cigar club with 4-5 cigars in each package.
That depends on the cigar club you select. Some include the delivery fees in the monthly price, while others tack on shipping costs of approximately $5 per shipment.
Sometimes. Most cigar clubs have been around for many years, with thousands of happy customers - so you're unlikely to be disappointed. But yes, some providers go the extra mile by offering a refund or replacement if your cigars arrive in less-than-perfect condition for any reason.
Yes, although the club you select may verify your age to make sure you are old enough to smoke according to the laws where you live. Since most cigar clubs don't include products from Cuba, they avoid any trade restrictions that might otherwise limit their selection.
Many cigar clubs include an informative newsletter, describing the origin of each cigar, the process by which they were made, and even recommended alcohol pairings. You might also receive a reusable humidification device that will keep your cigars in top condition both in transit and while being stored at the home or office.
For any true tobacco aficionado, could there be anything better? Most cigar clubs provide gift-giving options, from personalized notes included in the first shipment to an announcement that can be sent via email on the date of your choice.
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