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Amazing Clubs Review

Friday, March 1st

2024 Cigar Club Reviews

Amazing Clubs Review 4 Star Rating

Amazing Clubs

4 Star Rating
  • Prices from $38.95 per month to $443.40 one-time
  • Prepay or pay monthly
  • 5 cigars per shipment
  • Cigar quality curated by a tobacco team
  • Excellent satisfaction guarantee
  • "A+" rating from the BBB

In the realm of gift club websites, Amazing Clubs stands out with its diverse array of "Of the Month" club offerings that cater to various preferences. Founded in 2003, Amazing Clubs offers a one-stop shop for clubs either for yourself or as gifts for friends and family. From beer and wine to snacks and sweets, they've got a club for everyone. The Cigar of the Month Club from Amazing Clubs offers exactly what it says: a selection of cigars every month for cigar enthusiasts.

Cigars selected by tobacco team

According to the Amazing Clubs, the quality of the cigars is top-notch. They offer matured cigars sourced from tobacco cultivators in globally acclaimed tobacco-producing areas like Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Ecuador, and other international locations. Amazing Clubs has tobacco experts on staff to ensure that each shipment has a curated selection of cigars that give customers a high-quality experience. Every month, you'll receive a special assortment of rare, well-matured cigars sourced from special tobacco farms across the globe. Each package includes five distinct and fresh types of cigars, carefully hand-rolled using the best, top-quality tobacco leaves.

Prepay or pay monthly for cigars

Amazing Clubs' Cigar of the Month Club offers a degree of personalization that makes it a breeze to set up a subscription according to your preferences. There are two ways to pay for a Cigar of the Month Club at Amazing Clubs. First, you can pay "in full" which means pre-paying for one of the durations (3, 6, and 12 months or a seasonal option). This is the best way to buy if you want to send cigars as a gift. The prices range from $116.85 to $443.40, depending on the length of the plan you choose. The other way to pay is by paying per shipment. This costs $38.95 and is charged to you monthly. There's no difference in your total cost either way; it's just a matter of whether you'd like the convenience of paying for it all at once or the wallet-friendly option of paying as you go.

No hassle guarantee

One standout feature of Amazing Clubs is that they offer an impressive "They'll Love It Guarantee." This guarantee means that if you're ever unhappy with any part of the Amazing Clubs service, you can contact the company for assistance. Amazing Clubs promises that you may cancel your membership at any time and for any reason. On top of that, you will receive full credit for any unshipped merchandise with absolutely no hassle involved. We've sampled many of the clubs sold through this provider, and we can confidently say that they stand behind this guarantee: if anything isn't exactly what you hoped for with your cigar club (or any other Amazing Clubs product), it'll be hassle-free to get a refund, a redelivery, or even a shipment of a different club instead of cigars.

Best Cigar Clubs

Cluttered web design

One aspect where there's room for improvement is the design of the Amazing Clubs website. Certain sections of the content might come across as overwhelming and challenging to read, especially for individuals using small screens or struggling with extensive blocks of text. This could potentially discourage some customers.

Top-tier ratings for customer service

When it comes to ensuring customer contentment, Amazing Clubs stands out as a highly regarded service. Amazing Clubs boasts an impressive "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau, coupled with an average review score of 3.8 stars across various third-party review platforms. Amazing Clubs has an impressive rating on Trustpilot in particular with over 1,500 individual reviews and a 5-star average rating. The positive feedback revolves around the efficiency, speed, and overall pleasant interactions that customers have experienced with the Amazing Clubs' customer service representatives. The vast number of reviews highlights how effectively the support team resolved a diverse range of issues, spanning from inquiries about gift certificates to cancellation requests.

Solid one-stop shop

With a commendable history of providing a diverse range of gift-of-the-month clubs, this company has earned a reputation for delivering consistent quality across its offerings. And, The Cigar of the Month Club is a top-scoring club at Amazing Clubs. The customizable nature of their club membership makes this a great choice for a wide spectrum of cigar aficionados who want different shipment times or commitment options. Further, the extremely positive feedback for Amazing Clubs makes this service stand out as a company that customers trust and return to for clubs of every kind. As a one-stop shop, Amazing Clubs is top-notch, and for cigars in particular it is a highly competitive service.

Where Can You Find the Best Cigar Club?

Whether you're a seasoned aficionado, a curious novice, or somewhere in between, joining a cigar club can significantly elevate your cigar experience. The surge in popularity of cigar clubs in recent years has introduced a variety of exciting options to the market. Being part of a cigar club allows you to enjoy these premium cigars at a discounted price compared to purchasing them individually.

But, a premium cigar club goes beyond just delivering cigars; they provide detailed information about each unique selection and its manufacturer. On top of that, the best cigar clubs offer flexibility, allowing you to tailor your membership to your preferences in terms of cigar types or shipment frequency. As the popularity of cigar clubs continues to grow, competition among them is fierce, so it's essential to be an informed consumer before making a decision.

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Cigar Club FAQ

All over the world! Most are made in Central and South America and the Caribbean. You can also find clubs with cigars originating in the Canary Islands and the US.
Most cigar clubs are shipped monthly, and you choose how long you'd like the membership to last - usually anywhere from 2-12 months. A few clubs give you the option to have cigars delivered quarterly, if you prefer not to receive them every month.
Not necessarily. Expect a monthly price ranging from $20 to $45 for a cigar club with 4-5 cigars in each package.
That depends on the cigar club you select. Some include the delivery fees in the monthly price, while others tack on shipping costs of approximately $5 per shipment.
Sometimes. Most cigar clubs have been around for many years, with thousands of happy customers - so you're unlikely to be disappointed. But yes, some providers go the extra mile by offering a refund or replacement if your cigars arrive in less-than-perfect condition for any reason.
Yes, although the club you select may verify your age to make sure you are old enough to smoke according to the laws where you live. Since most cigar clubs don't include products from Cuba, they avoid any trade restrictions that might otherwise limit their selection.
Many cigar clubs include an informative newsletter, describing the origin of each cigar, the process by which they were made, and even recommended alcohol pairings. You might also receive a reusable humidification device that will keep your cigars in top condition both in transit and while being stored at the home or office.
For any true tobacco aficionado, could there be anything better? Most cigar clubs provide gift-giving options, from personalized notes included in the first shipment to an announcement that can be sent via email on the date of your choice.
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Cigars continue to be valued for their complex flavors, aromas, and the sense of relaxation and luxury they offer during leisurely moments or social gatherings. The United States stands as one of the largest consumers of cigars worldwide, contributing significantly to global cigar sales. When it comes to cigar production, the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and Honduras lead the way, renowned for their expertise in crafting high-quality premium cigars.

Cigars come in two main types: premium hand-rolled cigars and machine-made cigars. Premium cigars are often made by skilled artisans, resulting in a superior smoking experience. On the other hand, machine-made cigars are produced using automated processes, allowing for mass production at a more affordable price point. While both types offer unique smoking experiences, a newcomer to the cigar world might not know where to find or try new ones. That's where a cigar club comes into play.

In order to get a taste of the wide variety of cigars, a club offers you a luxury experience and curated cigar choices from all over the world. There's no need to compare top name-brands and limited production labels; the club's experts take care of that for you (or for anyone you want to send a cigar as a gift). Plus, the convenience offered by top cigar clubs is unparalleled. Instead of tirelessly searching for cigars from different regions around the world, the club will deliver a curated selection right to your doorstep.

When selecting the right cigar club for you, it's important to check out their best features. If you're not sure where to start, we've made a quick list for you to help you narrow down your best options:

  • Cost. There are lots of cigar companies that sell a variety of products. Whether you're looking for rare cigars, hand-rolled cigars, or you just want something rolled by a machine, your budget can change where you shop and what you're shopping for. Keeping an eye on who offers good deals, discounts, and competitive prices can help you decide which one gets your membership.
  • Club length. Not all cigar clubs are structured in the same way. Some offer only one shipping frequency at month-to-month while others let you prepay for up to a year of shipments. Keep in mind how long you want cigars to help you decide where to buy.
  • Guarantees. Not all cigar clubs offer guarantees or price matching, but some of them do, and keeping an eye out for them can help you decide which options make you feel most secure when making a purchase. A 100% satisfaction guarantee is a great way to know that a company stands by the quality of its cigars.
  • Reputation. If you finish your research and still feel unsure, it's a good idea to look into the company's reputation. Read what other customers have said in reviews or see how the Better Business Bureau rates them. This helps you know if the company is trustworthy and offers the cigar experience you and other enthusiasts are looking for.

Top Consumer Reviews has searched out the best cigar clubs out there and ranked them for you, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your first (or favorite) cigar. So whether you'd like a Robusto, Toro, Churchill, or Corona, or maybe you'd like to try them all, we hope this information helps you select the best Cigar Club for your smoking experience.

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