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Angels Cup Review

Wednesday, February 28th

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Angels Cup Review 4 Star Rating

Angels Cup

4 Star Rating
  • Prices start at $9.99/month
  • Freshness is a priority
  • Comparative tasting opportunities
  • More options would be nice

Angels' Cup coffee club is good subscription for coffee newbies and experts alike, particularly for those seeking variety in their coffee shipments. Founded in 2014, Angels' Cup seeks to create frequent opportunities for comparative tasting of roasts, while also building a community of people who are all trying the same coffees at the same time, via their Angels' Cup app.

Calibrate your experience

Rather than relying on a single expert, or even a team, to tell you which coffees are worthwhile, customers can decide for themselves how something tastes, and then calibrate the experience by comparing their blind tasting notes with others. Angels' Cup's mission is to help you develop a better sense of taste; and the publishers at GQ, USA Today, Eater, TrendHunter, Uncrate, and many more, attest to the company's success in this endeavor.

3 coffee club options

At Angels' Cup, customers have 3 coffee club options to choose from:

  • All Stars - where customers receive one 12oz bag of coffee, that's been highly rated from their community
  • Cupping Flight - which sends four 1oz samples of various roasts, allowing recipients to better learn what they love
  • Black Box - which expounds on the Cupping Flight by sending four 2.75oz coffee samples to customers, combining variety with more product

Freshness is top priority

The coffees delivered by Angels' Cup are sourced from all over the world, and last year they shipped over 500 unique coffees to subscribers. The freshness of the beans delivered is top priority, and brews are mailed out within only a few days of roasting. With their deliveries, coffee club members can select between light, medium, or dark roasts, as well as whole bean, coarse grind, or fine grind coffee. Delivery frequency can also be set to weekly, every 2 weeks, every 3 weeks, or every 4 weeks. Not satisfied with your order? Plans can be cancelled at any time, and Angels' Cup offers a 100% guarantee or your money back, with no questions asked.

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Payment options

We like that customers have the option to pay per shipment, in advance of 6 shipments, or even in advance of 12 shipments. Buyers can also gift a coffee subscription, although this only includes a one-time shipment/purchase, and then the recipient can choose to opt in for future deliveries and assume future payments.

Wish list items

We also value how Angels' Cup prioritizes variety, although we do wish there was more than the one option for a single 12oz bag, considering there are two versions of, what is essentially, the variety packs. It also seems that, despite the Angels' Cup app which allows for comparative coffee rankings and notes, these customer ratings do not influence future deliveries - leaving little choice or agency for people who might like more say in their coffee experience. They also do not provide international shipping, or shipping to Canada, at this time.

Satisfied customers

For all of the described reasons, and considering their very affordable cost, customers are overall satisfied with Angels' Cup. However, they could offer a few more coffee club features, such as increasing the number of options for greater quantities of roasts, and options for customer input on future orders. Their coffee is quality though, and their virtual community is an innovative strategy to bring coffee-lovers together.

Strong choice

The Angels' Cup website is very aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly, and personality shines through via humorous quips and comments on the website. Angels' Cup may not be the premiere coffee club subscription on our list, but if you're seeking variety in your coffee-tasting experience, they may just be the best choice for you.

Where Can You Find the Best Coffee Club?

For thousands of years, and all across the globe, humans have loved, labored, longed, and linked together over coffee. A drink that so many of us consider a daily staple, with such rich history, should give us more than simply a jolt of energy. If you're tired of the same old grocery chain blends, then it may be time to consider a coffee club subscription!

With all the coffee clubs available today, you have your choice of flavors, bean types, sourcing regions, and price points, like never before. Some coffee clubs will personalize their shipments to your preferred tastes; some value your feedback and deliver future shipments based upon your opinions; and some are so transparent in their operating practices, that you may just feel inspired to go out and make the world a better place.

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Coffee Club FAQ

That depends on the club you select. Some offer a wide range of both ground and whole bean coffee from around the world, while others limit their selections to just one or two varieties from a single country of origin.
You decide! Need your supply replenished every week? No problem. Just looking to try something new once a month? You can do that too. Just choose the club that offers the frequency you want.
They're surprisingly affordable. You'll pay anywhere from $9 to $28 per delivery. Shipping is included in the price of most coffee clubs.
Most coffee clubs want you to love what you get - and keep coming back for more! You'll usually be covered by some kind of satisfaction guarantee, with a replacement or refund if you're not happy for any reason.
You're in luck! There are a few coffee clubs that offer plans with K-Cups.
Yes, and they're a great way to make sure your coffee is fresh and flavorful. While new clubs are always popping up, there are many providers that have been around for decades - and have the positive customer feedback to prove it.
It would be nice to see add-ons like unique mugs or creamers, but most coffee clubs just stick to what they do best: the coffee itself. A few clubs include a fun newsletter with each delivery, giving you in-depth information about each selection you receive, coffee facts, and maybe even a recipe or two for brewing your next cup in a different way.
Of course! What java addict wouldn't love to get something new and delicious for their morning cup? Coffee clubs let you show your love and appreciation for a lucky gift recipient - for as long as you like!
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Not certain what kind of coffee is your favorite? You can put your trust in the experts and rest easy knowing that you are sure to enjoy whatever their award-winning curators send you. Or, if you know that you have a particular liking for bold and dark brews, acidic and floral-forward cups, or medium blends with chocolatey notes, then many of our reviewed companies will take your preferences into account for deliveries.

When considering which coffee subscription club is best for you, it may be helpful to study the following factors:

  • Expertise. How knowledgeable are you as a coffee drinker, and what level of expertise are you seeking? Certain coffee clubs may be more catered to novices vs experts, or could carry inventories aimed to please both.
  • Variety. Are you interested in a variety of flavors? Or sourcing regions? How about the thousands of roasters, who each put their personal touch on the coffee delivered? If instead, you want a coffee club that specializes in one type, flavor, or region, that may also be something to seek in your subscription.
  • Flexibility. Everyone's lifestyle has different needs and availabilities. Consider how much product you're looking for and how often you'd like it to be delivered.
  • Price. All of the above considerations can come at a wide variety of price-points. Of course, consider your budget, but also consider whether you might prefer to pay as you go, or pre-pay ahead of time. Many companies will offer discounts on products for pre-paying upfront.

At TopConsumerReviews.com, we've reviewed and ranked the best coffee clubs available today. We can't wait for you to learn, taste, and find your own perfect cup o' joe. We hope these reviews help identify the best coffee club for you!

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