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Mollie B's Gourmet Cookies Review

Thursday, June 13th

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Mollie B's Gourmet Cookies Review 2 Star Rating

Mollie B's Gourmet Cookies

2 Star Rating
  • No preservatives
  • Individually wrapped for freshness
  • 1, 3, 6, or 12-month subscriptions
  • Cancel anytime

Mollie B's Gourmet Cookies is based out of Los Angeles and was created as a tribute to the shop owner's memories as a child with her grandmother, aunt, and mom as they made desserts together from scratch. The cookies are sold through Cratejoy, a platform that connects people with gift ideas and subscriptions based around their passions all in one place. Whether it relates to beauty, self-care, food and drink, entertainment, travel, spirituality, crafts, or anything in-between, you can find something that strikes your fancy at Cratejoy. Unfortunately, we don't know nearly as many details about Mollie B's Gourmet Cookies as we do with other cookie club services.

Same flavors each month

Each box of Mollie B's cookies contains a dozen handmade, individually wrapped cookies. Each month the flavors appear to be the same: 3 brown butter chocolate chip, 3 snickerdoodle, 2 chocolate obsession, 1 oatmeal cranberry spice, 1 oatmeal pecan praline chocolate chip, 1 honey roasted peanut butter, and 1 ginger molasses. If these aren't your favorite types of cookies, then this subscription isn't for you since there isn't any diversity outside of what's listed.

Month-to-month delivery

All subscription box orders go out the first week of each month, but we aren't sure if your first box ships a few days after you order, or if you have to wait until the following month. There is a 1, 3, 6, or 12 month subscription option and your subscription automatically renews until you cancel it (which can be done at any time).

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Non-transparent shipping costs

The month-to-month plan for cookie delivery from Mollie B's says it starts as low as $42.25/month. This is for those who subscribe to the 12-month delivery schedule, making the overall total $507. A month-to-month plan is $52/month, the 3-month plan is $48.90/month ($146.70 total), and the 6-month plan is $45.60/month ($273.60 total). None of these prices include shipping, which is calculated at the very end of the checkout process. You have to provide credit card information before seeing your total with taxes and delivery included. We don't like that! It's likely that shipping is based on where you live within the United States, but we aren't sure since we didn't want to give them our financial information first.

Room for improvement

Cratejoy, the platform on which Mollie B's Gourmet Cookies operates, has an "F" rating from the Better Business Bureau. They've received many complaints from customers and haven't responded to the majority of them. Some people say the company is unreliable and doesn't deliver goods paid for, others say customer service is a pain to try and contact, and even sellers get frustrated working through Cratejoy. Unfortunately, Mollie B's Gourmet Cookies doesn't have any reviews of their own, or a satisfaction guarantee. Given all that, we aren't too comfortable with a cookie club subscription from Mollie B's.

Where Can You Find the Best Cookie Clubs?

Calling all sweet tooths! If you want to indulge in unique flavors of delicious, fresh cookies without having to even leave your couch, then boy do we have news for you! Cookie clubs are available to bring you anything from a simple chocolate chip cookie to a sweet sugar cookie to enjoy - on the regular. You could also have them delivered to a loved one and win yourself the spot as their favorite person ever.

With cookie club memberships you can arrange for cookies to be delivered monthly, every other month, or every three months depending on your budget and self-restraint to not devour such gooey, amazing cookies all at once! The selection of cookies in each box is pre-determined by the company and they're always packaged for freshness. You'll usually receive more than one flavor of gourmet cookies in each delivery, so you are sure to always get a kind you love.

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Cookie Club FAQ

Most cookie clubs get their cookies from top-notch small businesses around the country. You won't get the same old thing you could find at any supermarket near you. It's like having a bakery come directly to you!
That's up to you. Cookie subscriptions can be set to arrive each month, every other month, or even quarterly. You can have your membership last for three months, six months, or a full year.
They'll cost more than buying a mass-produced package of cookies at the grocery store, but probably less than buying cookies from a specialty bakery. Costs average from $12 to $30 per month for up to three pounds of cookies.
Some cookie clubs include delivery fees in their monthly costs, while others tack them on at checkout. That can definitely add to what you'll be spending, so be sure to read the details before you sign up for a subscription.
Most of the time, yes. What company wants bad reviews for delivering subpar treats? If your cookies arrive in less-than-perfect condition, it shouldn't be hard to get a replacement or a refund.
Definitely! Some of the most popular cookie clubs have been around for two decades or longer, bringing delight to lovers of sweets everywhere. Even some of the newer monthly subscription plans have already earned a loyal fan base with their delicious treats.
It's rare for any subscription box to just send the products and nothing more. Your cookie club membership will probably come with an entertaining newsletter that tells you where your treats were made and gives you fun cookie trivia to share with your friends.
Of course! Who doesn't love cookies?! Cookie clubs make it really easy to give as a gift for any occasion: enter your greeting and it'll be included with your first shipment, or have it emailed directly on any date you wish. Cookie club providers vary with what they offer in terms of gift-giving features, so choose the one that gives you the most bells and whistles for your lucky recipient.
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If you're looking for a new and exciting way to treat yourself or a friend or family member, you can't go wrong with a cookie club membership. They are surprisingly affordable and a gift you know you can't go wrong with. Although not all cookie clubs work exactly the same way, you're in for a delightful experience and you can cancel at any time: you aren't locked into anything.

As you browse different cookie club companies, there are some important things to consider:

  • Flexibility. Do you have the ability to specify the membership length and frequency of deliveries that will cater to your preferences? Can you take a break from cookie deliveries and then start back up again later?
  • Cost. How does the cost of one cookie club compare to another? Do you pay a flat fee upfront or can you pay month-to-month? Is delivery included in the monthly price or will you pay extra for shipping?
  • Satisfaction Policy. What if you aren't happy with the cookie quality, taste, or timeliness of your monthly delivery? Can you get a refund if there is an issue with freshness upon delivery?

TopConsumerReviews.com has reviewed and ranked the best cookie clubs available today. We hope this information helps you indulge in a delicious club you or a loved one can enjoy all year long!

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