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The Best Copyright Registration Services

Which Copyright Registration Service is the Best?

Before you can select the right way to register your copyright, you should first be sure that it's what you actually need. There are three ways you can protect intellectual property: patents, trademarks, and copyrights.

A patent lets you claim ownership of an invention, either how it looks or how it works. If you're protecting your service, brand, or slogan, a trademark is the way to go. But, if an "expression of an idea" is what you've got - a book, song, photo, piece of art, or any other tangible creative work - then a copyright is indeed what you need.

Friday, July 19th

2024 Copyright Registration Service Reviews

LegalZoom Review Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award 5 Star Rating


5 Star Rating Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

LegalZoom offers copyright registration services that are affordable and comprehensive: they've already helped over 90,000 clients with that process alone. With your one-time fee, you'll get your application filed with the US Copyright Office, hassle-free. Clients rave about how easy it is to use LegalZoom to register a copyright, and we're pleased to keep it in the #1 spot above rival services.

Trademark Elite Review 4.5 Star Rating

Trademark Elite

4.5 Star Rating

If you anticipate needing a lot of expertise (or reassurance) while registering your copyright, Trademark Elite is an excellent choice. While you'll pay quite a bit more than average with this service, you'll have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have attorney support every step of the way. Trademark Elite is one of our preferred copyright registration services.

My Corporation Review 4 Star Rating

My Corporation

4 Star Rating

My Corporation welcomes individuals, entrepreneurs, and business owners to take advantage of their many services - which include copyright registration. You'll pay slightly more than average here, but it's worth it to get the attention to detail and knowledgeable help from My Corporation's support team. You should have no problems getting your work registered with the US Copyright Office when you use this service.

Copyright Registration Review 3.5 Star Rating

Copyright Registration

3.5 Star Rating

Copyright Registration got its start in 2022 and is the most affordable of all of the services in our review: your one-time fee of under $100 includes the USCO filing costs. Although this service is too new to give our highest recommendation just yet, we expect to see good things from Copyright Registration in the future and think it's worth a look.

Rocket Lawyer Review 3 Star Rating

Rocket Lawyer

3 Star Rating

Rocket Lawyer is one of the original DIY legal forms platforms, including all of the documentation you need to manage a copyright. Your membership gives you unlimited access to any legal forms you want, but that's about all: you'll need to take care of the filing yourself, and you'll have to pay extra if you want an attorney's advice on the process.

The Trademark Company Review 3 Star Rating

The Trademark Company

3 Star Rating

The Trademark Company offers a standard copyright registration service similar to what you'll see elsewhere. But, their Platinum package comes with something unique: an NFT for "the ultimate in protection" for your creative work. Mixed client feedback makes us hesitant to give The Trademark Company a strong recommendation, but take a look if having an NFT is important to you.

Trademark Engine Review 2 Star Rating

Trademark Engine

2 Star Rating

Trademark Engine seems pretty straightforward for copyright registration - at first. Complete the online questionnaire in under 10 minutes, pay $99 or $199, and they'll take care of the rest. But, client feedback indicates that the story won't end there: you could be charged much more after you enter your card, and Trademark Engine doesn't have a good track record for responding to complaints. Another copyright registration service would probably be less of a hassle.

Copyrighted Review 1.5 Star Rating


1.5 Star Rating

Copyrighted continues to be one of our lowest-ranked copyright registration services. Although you can get a Basic plan for free, your "registration" is only logged with the service itself and not with the US Copyright Office. There's no evidence that this company is providing any actual benefits to people who register, and they only offer an online form to ask questions (or to ask for a refund on paid services). You'll do better with a different copyright registration platform.

Copyright Registration Service Review 1 Star Rating

Copyright Registration Service

1 Star Rating

Copyright Registration Service might get your attention with its low fees. But don't be fooled: when you register your work with CRS, it doesn't get filed with the US government. Instead, your creation is listed with the official-sounding Intellectual Property Rights Office - which is the private business that owns CRS. This "service" is deceitful at best, so avoid it at all costs.

Copyright Application Online  Review 1 Star Rating

Copyright Application Online

1 Star Rating

Copyright Application Online is good for a laugh but not much more. The service can't decide whether or not it provides legal advice, no one answers the phones during regular business hours, and there's no evidence of the 30,000+ clients who have supposedly used this provider to register a copyright. Copyright Application Online is an obvious "winner" of our lowest possible rating.

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It might surprise you to know that you don't have to register your work to own its copyright. At least in the US, that right is automatically yours. However, the internet has made it all too easy for people to infringe on copyright: haven't we all heard a song and gone "Hey, I think they ripped that off from so-and-so!" or seen online fights about a photo that got turned into a meme... without the permission of the person who took it (or the person IN it)?

That's where copyright registration comes in. When you register your work with the US Copyright Office, you gain the ability to sue for infringement - because you have proof that the code, chorus, or comic actually belongs to you.

You might be wondering why you would pay for a copyright registration service, when you can file the application yourself at no extra cost (not counting, of course, the federal filing fees that typically start around $45). Let's face it: filing any kind of documentation with the government can be a process full of pitfalls, and when that process takes 8-12 months without any snags, the last thing you want is to have your copyright delayed because you had a typo, forgot to include some required element, or overlooked an important deadline. Copyright registration services have the expertise to make sure you don't experience any procedural issues that could slow down your application's approval.

Which copyright registration service should you choose? There are quite a few out there, but they're definitely not equal in terms of what they do and don't offer. Here are several factors to bear in mind as you make your choice:

  • Services Offered. What exactly does the copyright registration service do for you? Are you provided with an online form to fill out and then told how to file it yourself, or does the provider walk you through the application, review it, and then file it on your behalf?
  • Fees. You should always expect to pay the federal filing fee on top of any costs associated with the copyright registration assistance. Most providers charge between $100-$120, so if you're being charged a lot more (or less), be sure to figure out why. Make sure it's a good value that meets your expectations.
  • Reputation. Has the company received a favorable grade from the Better Business Bureau? Do clients say that using the copyright registration service was helpful? Does the company deliver what it promises? Is there any kind of satisfaction guarantee?

To help you get your copyright registered quickly and accurately, TopConsumerReviews.com has evaluated and ranked today's top services. We're sure this will make it easy and affordable to protect your hard work!

The Best Copyright Registration Services Compare Copyright Registration Services Compare Copyright Registration Service Reviews What are the best Copyright Registration Services Best Copyright Registration Service Reviews

Copyright Registration Service FAQ

Registering a copyright is one way to protect intellectual property. If you've invested your time and effort into creating something, you want to make sure that no one else can claim it as their own - and that's accomplished through copyright registration.
That's a great question! If your intellectual property is an "expression of an idea", you'll need a copyright. On the other hand, trademarks are used to show ownership of brands, slogans, or services, while patents apply for how an innovation looks or works.
Almost any kind of creation is eligible for copyright registration. Some of the commonly-copyrighted creative works include digital content like databases or websites, literary works such as poetry and short stories, photographs, and illustrations, and so forth.
There's quite a bit of paperwork required for copyright registration. Copyright services take out the guesswork by walking you through each step of the process. You'll have to answer questions about your creative work, and when your application is complete it'll need to be submitted to the US Copyright Office.
Not necessarily. You'll pay a standard fee to the US Copyright Office - usually from $45 to $65 per registered work. Any other fees depend on the copyright service you select; these typically cost anywhere from $9.95 per month for ongoing services to $99-$114 as a one-time fee.
Getting the paperwork completed and submitted can often be done in a single business day. As soon as your registration is received by the US Copyright Office, it goes into effect. But, it can often take up to a year to actually get your certificate in the mail!
Yes, most of them take the guesswork out of copyright registration, saving you time and giving you the reassurance that you've done everything correctly. However, it's always a good idea to look into the reputation of the copyright registration service you're considering: client feedback and/or the service's BBB rating may offer that perspective.
Sometimes. If any fees have already been paid on your behalf, you probably won't get those back no matter how dissatisfied you are. But, the best copyright services offer satisfaction guarantees that may include another filing of your paperwork or a refund of any fees you paid for the service itself.

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