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Ritual vs Talkspace

Saturday, March 25th

2023 Couples Therapy Reviews

Ritual Review 2.5 Star Rating


2.5 Star Rating
  • $260 per month
  • $663 for a 3-month subscription ($221 per month)
  • $1,170 for a 6-month subscription ($195 per month)
  • Trained therapists and social workers
  • Clear pricing and discounts for multi-month subscriptions
  • Seven sessions per month, both individually as as a couple
  • Readings and daily activities provided

Ritual has experts with degrees in their field to help you and your partner, both individually and together, to meet your relationship goals. You'll follow the readings and daily exercises in your assigned unit called Pathway, and you each meet individually with your expert once a week and once a month as a couple. Most organizations don't offer seven live sessions per month. The concept is great, but there's a lot of key information missing from their site, so we just don't feel comfortable putting Ritual near the top of our list.

Talkspace Review 2.5 Star Rating


2.5 Star Rating
  • $436 per month for four sessions
  • $396 per month if you pay quarterly for the weekly sessions
  • Multiple therapists selected for your choice
  • Communicate via text, voice, or video messaging at any time
  • Unlimited texting to your therapist
  • Some insurance accepted

Whether you're newer in your relationship or have been together for what seems like forever, there are experts at Talkspace in your stage of couplehood. You get sessions as well as unlimited texting to your therapist. Talkspace likes to boast that they're providing affordable and accessible care to everyone. But we'd say they don't get bragging rights for being affordable. We'd also say they're not accessible if the main client complaint is that some therapists have canceled appointments at the last minute and Talkspace hasn't offered a refund or even a resolution. Take a look at other online therapy options for couples before committing to Talkspace.

Where Can You Find the Best Online Couples Therapy?

You've heard of couples therapy, but what is it and whom is it for? Is it if you just want to iron out some kinks to keep your relationship on the right track? Is it for figuring out if this person could be your person? Is it for all the stresses that you can go through while planning a wedding? Is it a last-minute resort before ending a relationship? Yes, yes, and yes!

Couples therapy helps with all things couplehood, such as communication, repeated topics of disagreement, financial conflict, intimacy challenges, infidelity recovery, power and control, dating compatibility, and premarital counseling. It's not just for people who are on the verge of a breakup or divorce.

The Best Couples Therapy Services Compare Couples Therapy Services Compare Couples Therapy Reviews What are the best Couples Therapy Services Best Couples Therapy Reviews

Couples Therapy FAQ

Couples counseling is for anyone in a relationship, whether it's to see if you and the person you're dating are compatible for the long run, whether you're finding wedding preparation to be stressful, whether you're working out the kinks with communication and expectations, or whether it's a last resort before a breakup or divorce.
Just like you might talk with your doctor online these days, it's the same with a couples therapist. You'll log on, and you and your partner will begin your session. Find a comfortable, quiet place where you and your partner can have the space to yourselves to talk about personal issues without an audience.
Online couples counseling can help so many aspects of your partnership. There are so many issues that start out small and can develop into deal breakers. If you're relatively new in your relationship, it can help you discover if you both are compatible and have what it takes for the long haul, do premarital counseling, and help in the wedding process when things get stressful. In any stage of your relationship, it can help with financial conflict, power struggles, parenting, effective communication, and more.
If you attend your appointments and put in the work, research shows it can be 70-90% effective. Make sure you find a counselor that's compatible for you both and agree to work on your relationship outside the sessions Most people who make that commitment find couples counseling quite beneficial.
When you want counseling as an individual or as a couple, you can choose a therapist or a coach. Therapists usually have a Master's Degree or higher and are specialized in their area of practice - in this case, couples or family therapy. Therapists may want to find out why there's a lack of communication, for example, and ask about your past experiences to help you work up from that. Coaches, on the other hand, don't necessarily have even a Bachelor's degree, but may be trained in life coaching. They don't usually delve into your past as they aren't professionally trained to do so. They look at what's happening today and help you and your partner set goals and objectives for the future.
The registration process can vary from a couple of clicks and a payment to filling out a lengthy questionnaire before being matched with a therapist. You can choose your online couples therapy platform based on how much you'd like to disclose before getting started, if that's important to you.
Online appointments for couples therapy can vary from 30 to 80 minutes, and this is a huge difference. Usually the 30-minute appointments are intended for you and your partner to check in after having done your assignments for the week. Those who offer 45 minutes or more allow you to talk about what's going on and how to work through it. Some find that 45 minutes is fine for one person to interact with the therapist, but many find that 60 or 80 minutes is better when there are two people involved in the session.
That depends on you both and the organization you choose. You'll probably want to attend at least a month so you can address issues, spend time working on them, and then report progress. Some companies re-evaluate your plan each month. Some have a set curriculum, if you will, and want you to work on and complete a certain number of units. If you choose a life coach rather than a therapist, they may not want as many sessions.
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What stops people from getting into couples therapy? So many people think about it but never follow through. They don't know where to start, how to start, what to expect, and they're concerned about taking time out of their day or weekend to get to the appointment. No worries, we've got you covered with all of those answers.

As telehealth is increasingly popular in the medical field, so it is with therapy. You can book an appointment with one click, you can see the therapist's professional bio, their ratings, and maybe even get to know the therapist's interests and hobbies. You can virtually see the therapist in the comfort of your own home, whether by video conferencing, phone conversation, or live chat. And of course, there's no driving time or rush hour, as you're not meeting at their office.

With our highly recommended online couples therapy options, we want you to find the best option for you and your partner. Here are a few things to consider as you make the decision:

  • Cost. What's the cost per session? Are you required to sign up for a monthly membership?
  • Therapist or coach. Do you want to see a licensed therapist with a Masters degree or higher? Would you prefer a coach rather than a therapist?
  • Individual therapy options. If issues arise that you want to work on without your partner, do you want individual counseling to supplement the couples counseling?
  • Session options. Which suits you best: video chatting, phone conversation, or live chat?

To help you find the right online couples counseling for you, Top Consumer Reviews has reviewed and ranked the best services available today. We hope this information helps you connect or reconnect with your partner, or help your premarital journey run as smoothly as possible.

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