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Becker CPA Review Review

Sunday, March 3rd

2024 CPA Exam Prep Course Reviews

Becker CPA Review Review 4 Star Rating

Becker CPA Review

4 Star Rating
  • "A+" Better Business Bureau rating
  • 14-day free trial
  • 94% student CPA test pass rate
  • 3 preparation packages

Becker aims to empower people to advance their careers through professional education. They have partnerships in over 55 countries to help people obtain their CPA licenses. Their focus is on delivering the most current content available and providing software functionality that reflects the exam in every way. In addition to CPA review, you can also receive help with practicing for the CMA (Certified Management Accountant) and CPE (Continuing Professional Education) tests as well.

High success rate

Based on stats from 2020, Becker CPA Review helped students pass 94% of the CPA exam sections they attempted. The students who used this resource passed over 33,000 sections of the CPA exam, which represents 1/3 of all exams passed in 2020. The content in their platform that contributes to this success includes practice multiple choice questions, video lectures, printed and digital annotated textbooks, digital flashcards, practice tests, simulated exams, task-based simulation questions, 4-part review courses, and more.

Hefty costs, but worth it

The cost for Becker CPA Review depends on what features you want to access. They have 3 different packages that include:

  • Advantage: $2,399
    • 24-month access to all the essential exam test prep tools and features and 4-section CPA course
  • Premium: $2,999
    • Unlimited access to all Advantage features, plus live online classes and exam coaching
  • Pro: $2,199
    • Unlimited access to all Premium features, plus multiple choice question bank and one-on-one tutoring

The cost for this program is hefty. However, if you end up having to take the CPA exam a couple of times in order to pass, then Becker would have paid for itself by saving you the time and money spent on the test itself. If you're a serious student who is willing to commit the time and take advantage of all this test prep service has to offer, you will definitely get a lot of value from Becker CPA Review.

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Test it out for free

Since it's a big commitment to pay for and put your time into a CPA test prep course, Becker offers a 14-day free trial of their platform. You'll be able to review the structure of the course and have access to approximately 60 review sessions, 31 hours of lectures, two full units per content section, about 1,490 multiple choice questions, 100 task-based simulations and SkillMaster video tutorials, unlimited practice tests, digital flashcards, and more. This should be more than enough material to give you an idea of whether or not Becker CPA Review is the right test prep course for you.

Demo video of the platform

Becker's platform layout is no secret. They have a demo video that's nearly 20 minutes long that anyone can watch on the website that goes over how to use all the comprehensive features, update your information, access materials, and more through their platform. We highly recommend viewing this in addition to using the free trial before signing up. You'll see how easy their site is to use and feel confident in knowing that nothing is left out here. Becker definitely has covered all the details and is a reliable place to go for test preparation.

Students praise Becker

Becker CPA review has an "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau. We were pleased to see that student reviews of the service were exceptional, with many people saying that they not only passed the CPA exam, but they got really high scores. Comments about how the format and content from Becker matched the actual test as well as helpful customer service representatives are good reasons to give this platform serious consideration. If you're able to commit to the cost of the program, this is a fantastic option.

What's the Best CPA Review Program?

Whether you're just about to graduate from college or you've been wanting to build on your education and become a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) for a few years, there's no time like the present to prepare for the exam to further your career. To become an accountant, it just takes graduating with a bachelor's degree and getting hired by a company.

However, CPA designation is more prestigious because it shows an extensive knowledge of accounting and it takes effort to pass the rigorous exam administered by the state. Taking the CPA exam is not something that can be done on a whim. It's considered one of the most challenging exams for obtaining standardized professional credentials out there, which means you need to be well-prepared.

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CPA Exam Prep Course FAQ

The full name for the CPA exam is the United Certified Public Accountant Examination. It is administered for people who want to become U.S. Certified Public Accountants. It is designed to assess the skills and knowledge that entry-level CPAs need to practice public accountancy. It is a four-part examination that takes a total of 16 hours. Once you take the first part, you have 18 months to finish the 3 remaining parts.
If you're wanting to be a public accountant, it is critical that you take and pass a CPA exam. It assures clients that they are dealing with a dedicated, qualified professional. Once you pass the CPA exam, your personal credentials will be elevated so you can apply for new positions and move up in your career.
You can take the CPA exam as many times as you need to. You only have to wait 24 hours to retake the CPA exam if you are not satisfied with your score. It's not uncommon for candidates to take it two or more times since it is challenging and materials are frequently updated.
The three different question types found on a CPA exam are multiple choice, task-based simulations, and written communication tasks. The four testing sections include auditing and attestation, business environment and concepts, financial accounting and reporting, and regulation. Test takers will have to prove their real-world knowledge on the CPA exam to show that they are ready to work with the public.
There are some fantastic online resources for students looking to take the CPA exam. You'll usually pay a fee for updated materials you can review for each section of the test or an all-inclusive fee for access to all the study materials you'd need for all four sections. These include practice tests, video lectures, practice questions, e-books, personalized study plans, flashcards, lecture notes, and more. From the comfort of your own home you can take some online courses and be well-equipped for the CPA exam.
The cost for CPA exam prep depends on the company you choose to use and the amount of material you need access to. It can cost a couple thousand dollars for extensive packages that give you full access to study lectures, videos, notes, practice tests, e-books, and more that cover all four sections of the CPA exam. If you're just needing help on one particular section, you can usually pay a few hundred dollars for the materials you need. Check out the highest-rated CPA exam prep companies and choose the best one for your budget and study needs.
CPA exam prep courses are as long or short as you need them to be. Some of the courses set up a customized study plan for you to make sure you get through all the material you need before your test. However, most of the studying is up to you. The more time and effort you put into going through the study material, the better you'll score on the CPA exam. Usually you'll have access to enough material to study for multiple hours a day and still have plenty to get through.
Some companies offer a money-back guarantee of sorts if you don't pass the CPA exam after one or two times. This usually means meeting a long list of requirements proving that you put in the time and effort, went through all of the material provided, and still weren't able to pass the CPA exam. You may qualify for a percentage of the total cost back. Other companies might let you use the study materials until you do pass the exam, in which case it is up to you to put in the time and effort to learn everything you need to. With the quality of online CPA prep courses these days, you shouldn't have a problem passing your test if you put in the work.
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There is nearly a 50% fail rate, so having the resources to give you the knowledge you need before going in will not only save you money (nearly $1,000), but also a lot of time. The exam is 16 hours long and broken into four sections, so it's not a test you want to keep repeating.

There are quite a few test prep courses available online to help students learn what they need to know before heading into the CPA exam. They're crafted by experts who are very familiar with the ever-changing nature of the exam, so you'll get a range of information to help you succeed on all the sections.

Most of these courses are available on your mobile device, so you can study and practice from anywhere at any time. Having a go-to resource for your CPA test prep is essential for even the most knowledgeable accountants in order to get the most out of your time and money.

There are many companies that offer CPA test prep courses. Consider the following factors when deciding which prep class to use:

  • Price: How does the cost of one review program compare to others that are available? Do you have to subscribe for a long period of time or can you pay month-to-month until you are ready to take the test? What's included in the cost?
  • Instruction method: Everyone has a slightly different learning style, so make sure you know how material is presented. Is it through videos? Text only? Are you able to work one-on-one with an instructor if needed?
  • Guarantee: If you pay for a CPA test prep course and find that it isn't going to help you as much as you hoped, can you cancel at any time? Do they have a guarantee that allows you to get a refund if you use all their resources and still fail the test?
  • Reputation: Is the company accredited with the Better Business Bureau? What do students have to say about the effectiveness of the course? You'll want to use a test prep company that has a strong reputation with helping people pass the CPA exam.

TopConsumerReviews.com has reviewed and ranked the best places to turn for CPA test prep. We hope this information helps you find the study materials you need to be confident and prepared going into your CPA exam!

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