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GNC vs TF Supplements

Sunday, January 24th

2021 Creatine Supplement Store Reviews

GNC Review 4 Star Rating


4 Star Rating
  • Selection: 30+ products
  • Cost: From $10.99 to $85.49

GNC probably has the best name recognition among all of the creatine retailers in our review, with numerous brick-and-mortar locations throughout the country. While their online store only carries a modest range of creatine supplements at prices that tend to be on the high side, GNC makes it worth your while with a generous return policy, a rewards program, and free shipping on orders over $49. This is definitely a store to consider for your creatine products and other supplements.

TF Supplements Review 2.5 Star Rating

TF Supplements

2.5 Star Rating
  • Selection: 60+ products
  • Cost: From $9.99 to $50.99

TF Supplements advertises a good selection of 60 creatine products. Their prices are reasonable, and a flat rate shipping fee of $7.99 means you won't get any surprises with larger orders. The store also offers a solid 30-day return policy, with store credit instead of a refund on opened products. Unfortunately, out of the five dozen creatine supplements listed on the site, only 4 were actually in stock. If you're looking for a wide range of products to choose from, you won't find it here.

Where Can You Find the Best Selection of Creatine Supplements?

If you're looking to put on muscle, gain strength, and perform better in the gym or out, you've probably already looked into the benefits of creatine. As a substance that occurs naturally in muscle cells, creatine is one of the few nutritional supplements that is regularly recommended by trainers, sports nutritionists, and experienced athletes.

Creatine is reliable, safe, and has been repeatedly demonstrated to deliver improvement with no known negative effects. There are three amino acids that make up creatine: L-arginine, glycine, and L-methionine. Believe it or not, 1% of a person's total blood volume consists of creatine: 95% is stored in the skeletal muscle, and 5% in the brain. That's all very interesting, but why do people take creatine as part of their supplement regimen?

Compare the Best Reviews

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The main reason for using creatine is to increase muscle mass and improve power and strength during exercise. This can be especially important for vegetarians who lift weights, because meat is the most common natural source of creatine. But, even for people who eat meat, it's almost impossible to eat as much as you'd need to get the amount of creatine your body can use for adding muscle. In a very small dosage (3-5 grams per day), most athletes see significant gains in a short period of time.

Surprisingly, creatine isn't just for athletes! Studies have shown that supplementing with creatine can improve many neurological conditions ranging from Alzheimer's Disease and Parkinsons to epilepsy and even brain and spinal cord injuries. Remember that 5% of creatine is stored in the brain, after all.

But, not all creatine products are created equal - and the same goes for the retailers that sell them. How can you tell which store offers the best supplements at the best prices? Keep in mind the following criteria as you decide which creatine supplier should get your business:

  • Selection. How many different types and brands of creatine does the store carry? Can you get it in powder form, capsules/tablets, and so on? Be sure to click on the individual products that interest you, because you may find that the one you want is actually out of stock.
  • Price. How do the retailer's prices compare with other stores? Do you get a good value for your dollar? Are there any customer-friendly perks like free shipping or promotional discounts?
  • Reputation. What do customers say about their experience when ordering from this store? Is there a good return policy and/or satisfaction guarantee in place? How well does the company handle any problems that arise?

TopConsumerReviews.com has reviewed and ranked the best retailers of creatine on the market today. We hope this information helps you find the supplement that will help you reach your health and fitness goals with noticeable results!

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