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The Best Credit Card Consolidation Programs

Credit Card Consolidation - is It Right for You?

If you're carrying a high interest rate across multiple cards, you may benefit from such services. With more and more Americans facing large medical bills, job loss, and other financial setbacks, credit card debt is higher than ever. And, with interest rates and late fees, it's not unusual for people to get in over their heads. Credit card consolidation helps consumers to better manage their debt and get back on solid financial footing once more.

One of the biggest benefits of credit card consolidation is a sense of relief: rather than worrying about multiple payments and due dates, customers can focus on a single payment - one that often saves them not only stress but also money, as consolidation usually results in interest rates that are much lower than the credit cards themselves.

Friday, May 14th

2021 Credit Card Consolidation Program Reviews

TopConsumerReviews.com Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award National Debt Relief Review 5 Star Rating

National Debt Relief

5 Star Rating
  • Cost: Free consultation. Rates vary per customer's needs and qualifications.
  • New Customers: 1-888-919-1355
TopConsumerReviews.com Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

Are you in credit card debt but are trying to avoid declaring bankruptcy? If so, then National Debt Relief (NDR) is the company for you. NDR specializes in negotiating debt settlement as a means of providing financial freedom from debt. Well accredited, the company has a solid reputation for customer satisfaction.

The site is clean and easy to navigate, communicating a warm and friendly approach to business. There are over 2,000 customer reviews available to new clients and a dedicated page for "Accreditations." The company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and has won numerous praise and accolades during their years in operation.

You can contact NDR directly via telephone (1-888-919-1355) or you can apply online. As with most sites, their application process requires you to enter your information. Once contacted, you'll discuss your financial situation with one of NDR's certified debt counselors, who will walk you through a free debt analysis to determine the right course of credit card consolidation for you.

Best Credit Card Consolidation Programs

The consulting staff at National Debt Relief is both friendly and knowledgeable. Once their analysis is complete, you receive a free estimate with no upfront fees or obligations.

The site provides the following wealth of tools and information to help new clients with their decisions:

  • Debt Settlement
  • Debt Relief Benefits
  • Qualification Criteria
  • Debt Help By State
  • Free Budget Planner Worksheets
  • Free Debt Calculator

One of the most impressive qualities about this site is the "Proven Results" page. NDR updates this page regularly, with a wide range of clients, which we found reassuring. You can read actual settlement letters to get an idea of what it will feel like when you have achieved your financial goals.

Overall, this is the most comprehensive site that we've seen dedicated specifically to consolidating all kinds of debt. Clients with credit card debt will find peace of mind and excellent customer service if they choose to work with NDR. For these reasons, National Debt Relief earns our highest rating.

Credit.org Review 4.5 Star Rating


4.5 Star Rating
  • Cost: Most of the services offered are free. Some of the coaching services have a nominal fee depending on your circumstances.

Credit.org has a stellar reputation spanning more than 45 years in operation. Also known as Springboard Nonprofit Consumer Credit Management, this service offers non-profit financial coaching for a wide range of credit and debt concerns, including housing (foreclosure, reverse mortgage, pre-purchase), bankruptcy, student loans, and debt relief. The BBB rates credit.org as an "A+" accredited business across all of the services provided. Additionally, credit.org is accredited by the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC).

One of the most compelling reasons for considering credit.org is that many of their services are free of charge. For example, here's what you get when you choose to use their Debt and Credit Coaching:

  • Complete Financial Review
  • Free Credit Education
  • Debt Resolution Options and Suggestions
  • Resources and Referrals
  • Personalized Financial Action Plan
  • Ongoing Support

Yes, you understood that correctly: you'll pay absolutely nothing to use credit.org's phone coaching for these services. Because this service is funded by donations and government grants, you are able to access a wealth of support at no cost to you.

Best Credit Card Consolidation Programs

Now, that's not to say that everything is free when you use credit.org for debt relief coaching. For example, if you're looking for a more traditional debt management plan - to help you pay off your debt faster, reduce your interest rates, create a realistic budget, consolidate payments, and/or stop collection calls - you may pay a small enrollment fee along with monthly service costs.

What are those fees? They vary according to a number of factors. After our investigation, we can tell you to anticipate an enrollment cost of around $35 and monthly fees up to $20. Your exact costs will depend on the state where you live, your personal situation, and whether you qualify for a reduction or waiver of your fees due to hardship. Unfortunately, we couldn't find specifics from credit.org about their eligibility requirements for those reductions/waivers.

We really appreciate that credit.org has so much to offer at no charge. And, for many consumers, some knowledgeable, friendly coaching may be all they need for debt relief - to identify the best steps to take next and the ideal resources to get them there. Plus, credit.org's fantastic reputation over nearly 5 decades is a huge advantage in an industry where it seems like some new financial or debt service is always popping up. For their wide range of services, including free coaching for consumers, credit.org earns very high marks and is worth your consideration.

Curadebt Review 4.5 Star Rating


4.5 Star Rating
  • Cost: Free initial consultation. Cost of service will then vary based on client needs.

CuraDebt's team of financial advisors have a combined work history dating back to 1992. They formally organized the company in 2000, and have helped thousands of individuals find solutions to their financial concerns, providing a wide range of services.

CuraDebt offers the following services:

  • Creditor negotiation
  • Settlement
  • Arbitration
  • Debt consolidation plans
  • Debt management
  • Credit counseling
  • Tax Debt counseling
  • Tax Debt Relief
Best Credit Card Consolidation Programs

Professional in appearance, the website is easy enough to navigate, but for those beginning their search for the right company to work with, it might be overwhelming. The site isn't very scannable, so you'll need to allow yourself time to read the block paragraphs of information. There are several contact options such as live chat and email, which might save time.

Despite the somewhat difficult navigation of the site, CuraDebt is an accredited company maintaining good standings with the Online Business Bureau and The American Fair Credit Council. The site provides enough reviews and testimonials to instill confidence with their clients, with over 700 reviews verified by consumer agencies. They also utilize secret shoppers, which means clients can count on efficient customer service.

In regard to credit cards, you will find the most information under the "Debt Relief Programs" heading at the top of the home page. Here, CuraDebt lists all the services they address ranging from personal bankruptcy to non-profit debt consolidation. They are the closest thing to a one-stop debt relief shop, which showcases their experience.

Overall, the company is well organized and consumers can enjoy peace of mind if they decide to work with them.

Note: CuraDebt services are not available to residents in the following states: CT, GA, KS, ND, SC, VT, WA, WV, PA, PR, OR.

Upstart Review 4 Star Rating


4 Star Rating
  • Cost: Varies

Upstart is a peer-to-peer lending platform founded by former Googlers. At first glance, the site is neat and includes finance-related images such as pie charts and percentage signs to emphasize their purpose, which is to help people achieve their financial goals. The fonts are large, allowing easy reading, very helpful since financial information can be overwhelming. The site allows one to process information while pacing the reader through use of space and letter size.

Professional in look, the site however does not hope to impress in graphics or photos of people enjoying newfound financial freedom. Instead, the site uses facts and figures to communicate a serious, all-business tone. The only downside to this setup is that if a customer is not familiar with loans or borrowing lingo, they might be lost until they scroll to the bottom of the Home page to click on "Contact Us".

For customers who aren't sure where to begin, Upstart has a "Get Started" icon which asks them what they want to do. Upstart offers help with loan consolidation, paying off credit cards, paying medical bills, buying a car or other big purchases. Such a wide range of services is comforting to those seeking financial advice. The site also provides education to help you prepare for future financial decisions.

Best Credit Card Consolidation Programs

With respect to personal loans, Upstart is efficient. You can apply online and find out your rate within a few minutes. You're asked simple questions about your income and education history. Upstart then presents you with loan terms and options for payment. Once a customer agrees to the terms of the loan, funds are issued - sometimes, by the next business day. If you accept your loan by 5pm EST (not including weekends or holidays), you will receive your funds the next business day. Loans used to fund education related expenses are subject to a 3 business day wait period between loan acceptance and funding in accordance with federal law.

Upstart's reputation is very solid - you'll quickly see links to articles on prominent sites like Fox, Bloomberg, and other news agencies, along with testimonials from satisfied clients. Their underwriting model uses machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques to underwrite borrowers based on many variables, including but not limited to credit score, income, education, and employment. Such details helped us gain more confidence in the success of this company's services.

We found the blog articles very helpful. With topics ranging from selecting health insurance to saving money on groceries, a person seeking financial security could benefit from the wisdom these articles offer. Unfortunately, this tool is found at the bottom of the Home page. The website would function more effectively if they included this option at the top of the page along with "Contact" and "Team" information because it is on these pages where we found answers to our initial questions.

While Upstart's website is good, it could use some enhancements to make it more user friendly. Still, Upstart earns high marks for their quick processing of loan applications and many helpful financial features.

SoFi Review 4 Star Rating


4 Star Rating
  • Cost: No fees for application or origination fees

If you're looking for traditional credit card consolidation - where the service provider works with your credit card companies to pay off your balances, transferring your financial obligation to the provider itself, and probably offering you counseling on how to better manage your money in the future - SoFi may not seem like the ideal choice.

On the other hand, if you'd like a personal loan with a relatively low interest rate, customer-friendly perks like pausing your payments in the event of a job loss, and excellent customer service, you can effectively consolidate your credit card debt by paying off the balance with SoFi's help.

We love that SoFi makes it extremely easy to know what it will cost to borrow money, with no need to read between the lines or dig through the fine print on the website. When we reviewed their services, their variable interest rate loan products ranged from 5.05% to 10.85% APR, while fixed-rate products went from 6.20% to 12.49%. Compare that to your credit cards' interest rates, and you'll quickly see the value that SoFi brings to the table. There are also no fees charged for your application, for the origination of the loan, or for paying off your SoFi loan early.

Best Credit Card Consolidation Programs

Perks offered by this company include referral bonuses for bringing new customers in that receive a loan (both you and the new customer get a cash reward); unemployment protection, where your repayments can be put on hold for up to 12 months; and, job-hunting help from the Career Strategy specialists at SoFi, if you lose your job during your loan period.

In general, we really like SoFi's approach to reducing debt and their supportive approach to helping clients with low-interest personal loans. The only drawback with respect to credit card consolidation is that it's more a of a do-it-yourself method, as SoFi focuses on paying off your credit cards with a personal loan. So, if you'd be tempted to take that personal loan to buy "toys" instead of paying off your credit card balances, you might need to consider one of the other services in our review that do more traditional credit card consolidation.

LendingTree Review 4 Star Rating


4 Star Rating
  • Cost: Customized pricing based on customer's location and loan qualifications

With more than 20 years experience, LendingTree's name is one of the most recognizable in the industry. They specialize in connecting borrowers to multiple lenders who might fit their loan needs, which gives borrowers more options to consider.

Consolidating credit card debt requires sensitivity and understanding. This company's platform provides borrowers with a renewed sense of control - an important feeling when trying to find financial relief. While this may seem small, it showcases LendingTree's experience.

The website is very well structured and easily readable, with categories clearly marked. You will find the most information about credit card consolidation under "Personal Loans". From here, you simply click the "Get Started" icon, follow the prompts, and enter your information. Their process is designed to match you with up to 5 lenders with very compeitive rates.

Best Credit Card Consolidation Programs

The site provides helpful lists of options and lists out the pros and cons of each. The company offers the following debt options:

  • Balance Transfer
  • Cash-Out Refinancing
  • Home-Equity Loans
  • Personal Loans
  • Student Loan Consolidation

Programs are designed to help clients understand their debt, pay off their debt, and create budgets to stay out of debt. You can use the debt calculator to determine monthly payments prior to applying, and find answers to most of your questions by clicking on the "View all Debt Consolidation Questions" link. There are even programs to lower your payments should the need arise.

With this kind of guidance, it is easy to see why LendingTree has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Overall, this site is informative and user-friendly. New clients can feel confident in LendingTree's services and enjoy solving their financial problems through options and possibilities. For these reasons, this company receives high marks.

LendingClub Review 3.5 Star Rating


3.5 Star Rating
  • Cost: Varies per customer's needs

Founded in 2006, LendingClub has earned numerous awards such as being named to Forbes America's Most Promising Companies. At the time of our review, they carried an "A" rating with the Better Business Bureau. Unlike other sites, the "About Us" page has a link specifically listing all the awards this company has received over the years. One visit to this page should instill confidence in any new customer.

In regards to credit card consolidation, consumers will find the most answers to their questions under the "Personal Loans" heading on the home page. On average, customer reviews under this service gave 4.8 out of 5 stars. The page is very organized and one can find out rates, types of loans, and utilize financial education prior to applying. There is a clear option to find information to "Pay Off Credit Cards." Transparency is the site's greatest strength. LendingClub operates under the "we-have-nothing-to-hide" philosophy.

Best Credit Card Consolidation Programs

The company offers gracious payment options. There is no penalty for any pre-payment and you have a 15-day period to make your monthly payment before receiving late charges. Moreover, the site promises fixed rates, meaning your payment will not increase, and the company provides information explaining how consolidating credit card debt will improve your credit score, encouraging clients to circle the date they will be debt free.

LendingClub is a peer-lending company, partnering with a variety of investors to provide loans and financial solutions for clients. Interest rates start anywhere from 6.95% to 35.89%, depending on borrower's qualifications, credit score, and type of loan. The process is straightforward: simply enter your information and the amount you would like to borrow. After your information is validated, you'll receive the loan options that best fit your application. Once your choice is made, you'll be notified about which of their lending partners is willing to finance your loan.

Of course, no one is guaranteed a loan and you can expect a processing fee if you qualify. However, applying will not affect your credit score and the possibility of a loan at a lower rate justifies contacting this company. Overall, the site is professional and informative. We highly recommend contacting LendingClub to see if they might have solutions for you.

Avant Review 3.5 Star Rating


3.5 Star Rating
  • Cost: Customized rates based on state and customer needs

Crisp and clean - all the makings of a fresh start. What else does one look for when hoping to consolidate their credit card debt and find financial solutions? Avant's page offers all of these and more. Doing business since 2012, Avant is accredited, boasting an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and has been featured in articles in reputable publications such as Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal. Though young, this company knows how to provide quality service.

The website is well organized and easy to navigate. The process is quick and assures the applicant there will be no change to their credit score for checking your loan options. While the site does not specify credit card consolidation, Avant provides access to one of the larger ranges of loans available. Amounts range from $2,000 to $35,000, with varying rates based on each customer's qualifications. As an example, a $5,700 loan with an administration fee of 4.75% and an amount financed of $5,429.25, repayable in 36 monthly installments, would have an APR of 29.95% and monthly payments of $230.33.

The Avant platform has issued more than $1 Billion in loans with over 450,000 customers since they started doing business. Customers will find there is no specific credit card consolidation category, the site has testimonies from borrowers who shared they were able to use their loan to consolidate debt.

Best Credit Card Consolidation Programs

Usually, with direct deposit, the Avant platform can deliver money right into your bank account as soon as the next business day*. This is impressive for people who are in a hurry to get their money and start consolidating their credit cards.

Our biggest complaint is that the site lacks contact information. There is only an email option, so if you need a loan fast but have questions you would like to ask, this company might not be a good fit. As with most websites, Avant's is specifically tailored to encourage applying for a loan, asking basic information including your social security number. Once you apply, a loan officer contacts you and offers you a loan appropriate to what you qualify for.

If it were not for the articles, reviews and high rating with the Better Business Bureau, the lack of contact information might be reason to delay working with this company. However, on the strength of customer satisfaction and organization, this lending platform earns a respectable rating. We are hopeful that as Avant continues to grow, such missed details as contact information should not be a problem. We look forward to seeing their improvements.

Accredited Debt Relief Review 3.5 Star Rating

Accredited Debt Relief

3.5 Star Rating
  • Cost: Varies per customer's needs

Accredited Debt Relief's reputation is sound, built upon 20 years of debt consolidation services. Along with boasting an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, new customers can also find a list of accreditations and awards on their "About Us" page, establishing ADR's credibility.

The company partners with several debt relief companies and serves most of the United States. The website is neat and very well organized with a site map, and has a "Debt Relief Options" page to allow new clients a list of choices to meet their needs. New clients can choose from the following options:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Credit Counseling
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Debt Management
  • Debt Settlement

This list showcases their experience and we found the "FAQ" page answered many questions new clients would have before starting a credit card consolidation process, such as the typical life of a loan and average interest rates, demonstrating ADR's experience and sensitivity.

Best Credit Card Consolidation Programs

The site shares over 455 reviews - all with a five-star rating. What's more impressive is the site provides a list of "Proven Results" where any consumer can see how their plans have helped other clients, sometimes saving people over $10,000 in debt. It is clear this company knows what they are doing and we recommend requesting a free consultation or speaking to one of their certified debt counselors if you need guidance concerning reducing debt through credit card consolidation.

The application will ask for basic information such as how to contact you and the amount of debt you're needing to manage. Like most websites, the main focus is to allow one-to-one communication between the company and the client, so a customer service rep will call you to find out more information about your situation. Based on the reviews, new clients can expect kind and friendly service.

Of course, there are areas where the site could improve such as clarifying what states ADR does and does not work in. We can only imagine how a new customer would feel if they discovered customers weren't eligible in their state. However, considering the amount of success and peace of mind one could gain from working with this company, it's worth considering.

OneMain Financial Review 3.5 Star Rating

OneMain Financial

3.5 Star Rating
  • Cost: Customized rate based on customer needs

One Main Financial (OMF) offers personal consolidation loans to help credit card holders who are only making minimum monthly payments without seeing a decrease in their balances. The company began as Commercial Credit in 1912, but over the years, they have changed their name to Citi Financial and currently, to OMF. With over 100 years of company history, you will find multiple positive reviews and testimonials. They currently have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Most of the information, like many other sites, is found under "Personal Loans." We took advantage of their offer to comment on our website experience, expressing the need to help new clients navigate to the debt consolidation page in a more timely fashion. We'll see if they take our advice.

Best Credit Card Consolidation Programs

Their application is simple: you fill out your information and await approval. You are promised a fixed rate and one payment to make instead of multiple ones for numerous accounts. They do have an education page so clients can learn how to stay out of debt once their loan is paid. Unlike other companies, OMF encourages clients to visit their physical branches since they are also a bank. New customers may find speaking to a human being easier than dealing with a website.

Once your loan application is processed, you receive an email with additional information, and then you meet face to face with a loan specialist at one of their local branches. This kind of personal attention is impressive and demonstrates their understanding that money is a sensitive and private topic.

Overall, the site is professional and user friendly. However, compared to sites more tailored toward credit card debt, this company only lists it as one of their many services. If you have never tried to consolidate your debt before, you may or may not be able to work with someone who understands your situation.

Life Loans Review 3 Star Rating

Life Loans

3 Star Rating
  • Cost: Free Service that connects you to the right lender. They receive payments through referral fees. The cost of the actual loan depends on location and qualifications of each customer.

Rather than getting into the details of debt consolidation and other debt-related options, Life Loans gives tyou the opportunity to apply for a single loan with the intention of replacing your existing loans. Once you are approved for a loan, you can compare the rates and other information with the loans that you currently have.

Life Loans has a "Personal Loan Notice" informing potential clients that long and short term loans are available, so you have the option of loans starting from as low as $100 up to as high as $35,000. Rates and other terms are determined based on what state you live in and your credit score. You are not guaranteed a loan or any help negotiating any kind settlement or payment plan.

The application process is like most other companies where you enter your information and receive an approval. There is an online contact form, which most sites do not have. So, if you don't like talking on the phone, that might work for you.

Best Credit Card Consolidation Programs

If you have credit card debt and need help settling it, however, Life Loans may not be the best company for you. While their service is free, they have no direct responsibility regarding any of the loans presented to the client. The website states, "all terms are between you and the lender." So, despite listing payment plan options on their site, they really have no say in what will happen with your loan should you do business with them.

If you're seeking financial advice, you only have the option of applying for a loan. In regards to credit cards, we did not see any specific link or heading to address that particular concern. One issue we found was that we could not find this company listed with the Better Business Bureau and they have no testimonials or success stories for new clients to review.

We did find some of the "FAQ" page helpful. Conveniently, you have the option of renewing a loan if needed and there are tips to avoid late charges. However, the information is presented mostly in long paragraphs, so you need to be prepared to do a lot of reading to find the information you want.

Overall, the Life Loans website is neat and user friendly. However, it's more geared toward customers simply looking for a quick loan. If you're looking for more credit card consolidation options than just a loan applicaton, we suggest looking at one of the higher rated companies.

Payoff Review 2.5 Star Rating


2.5 Star Rating
  • Cost: Origination fees between 0-5%
  • Fixed rates between 5.99% APR and 24.99% APR

Payoff is a provider of personal loans, as part of the Happy Money brand. The company aims to "build a happier relationship between you and your money" by helping borrowers become savers. They try to do this with member tools that help them assess their cash flow, as well as how their reactions to stress impact their money habits.

Like some of the credit card consolidation loans in our review, Payoff's funds aren't required to be used specifically for paying off credit card debt. In other words, if you get your Payoff loan for anywhere from $5000 to $35,000 and use it on something else, you'll still have your credit card debt PLUS monthly payments on your new loan. That's not ideal. Interest rates range from 5.99% APR to 24.99% APR, with terms between 2-5 years. On the higher end of those interest rates, you could be paying more for the personal loan than you were paying on your credit cards!

You may also have a tough time qualifying for a Payoff loan. We appreciate their transparency in providing the criteria they consider, which include the following:

  • FICO score of 640 or higher
  • Debt-to-Income ratio of 50% or less
  • Minimum 3 years of good credit history
  • 2 open and satisfactory trades (lines of credit), with no more than one installment loan
  • No current delinquencies, and no delinquencies greater than 90 days within the last 12 months

Plus, we found in the fine print that Payoff loans aren't offered in MA, MS, NE, NV and WV. That seems to be a restriction coming from Payoff's lending partners through Happy Money, which includes Alliant, First Tech, TechCU, Teachers Federal Credit Union, and First Electronic Bank.

It also took a little digging to determine that many Payoff loans come with origination fees of up to 5%. Compared with many providers of credit card consolidation services that don't charge anything, that puts Payoff at a big disadvantage.

It would seem that their customers think so too. Even though Payoff had an "A+" rating from the BBB at the time of our review, we found more than two dozen negative customer reviews on that site alone. People repeatedly complained that Payoff bogged them down with unnecessary paperwork, logged loan payments incorrectly, and terrible customer service. There definitely doesn't seem to be much "happy money" happening here.

For all of these reasons, Payoff winds up as our lowest-ranked source of credit card consolidation services and loans. We're confident in suggesting that you'll have a better overall experience with one of the higher-rated companies in our review.

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Finding the right company to work with can feel overwhelming. Therefore, it is important that the right amount of time and research be given to allow yourself the opportunity to work with a company who will recognize the wisdom behind making such a financial decision while offering professional courtesy and encouragement. Fortunately, there are multiple reputable companies that provide these services.

As you choose the credit card consolidation provider that is best for your situation, you should keep in mind the following criteria:

  • Reputation. How long as the company been helping consumers with their credit card debt? Do they have a solid score with the Better Business Bureau and/or positive feedback from current and previous clients?
  • Cost. What should you expect to pay, if anything, for the service? Is there a free initial consultation? What payment plan should you expect moving forward?
  • Approach. How does the company carry out your credit card consolidation? Do you have multiple options from which to choose?

TopConsumerReviews.com has reviewed and ranked the best Credit Card Consolidation programs available today. We hope these reviews help you find a credit card consolidation provider that fits your personal situation!

The Best Credit Card Consolidation Programs Compare Credit Card Consolidation Programs Compare Credit Card Consolidation Program Reviews What are the best Credit Card Consolidation Programs Best Credit Card Consolidation Program Reviews

Credit Card Consolidation Program FAQ

Credit card consolidation is a strategy used to reduce debts by combining them all into a single payment. This is usually accomplished with a loan: the funds are used to pay off all open credit card lines in full, leaving the consumer with one monthly payment that is often much lower than paying the different debts individually.
If you're overwhelmed by your credit card debt and trying to avoid bankruptcy, consolidation might be the solution you've been searching for. Most providers of credit card consolidation services offer a free consultation, to determine what strategies are best for your situation.
That depends on which service you choose. Some credit programs focus more on counseling and helping you make better financial choices (which may include a consolidation loan), while others work with you to get a personal loan to pay off your credit card debts.
Yes. You could try negotiating with the credit card companies to lower your interest rate, reduce your monthly minimum payment, borrow money from family or friends, or get a side job to bring in extra cash to pay down your debt. However, if you're struggling, you probably have tried all of these things already and haven't had much success. Credit card consolidation can simplify your finances and allow you to obtain a better financial position.
It's likely that you'll see an improvement in your credit score after you go through the process of credit card consolidation. Your credit utilization should drop, and having a single monthly payment (instead of multiple credit card payments) should help you be on-time - both of which will boost your score.
That depends on the provider you select and their strategy for consolidating your credit cards. Many counseling services are completely free, while others may charge a fee to work with you. If you use a loan to consolidate your credit card debts, you can expect interest fees and possibly origination fees to process the paperwork. Read all of the terms closely before signing an agreement, so that there are no surprises.
Not exactly. If you're using a personal loan to consolidate your credit card debt, you really can't "get your money back" after you've accepted the loan. Be sure that you understand the terms and conditions of any loan you're considering before you sign on the dotted line. On the other hand, if you're looking at counseling services that are fee-based, some of them offer a refund policy for clients who aren't 100% satisfied with their services.
Definitely. Credit card consolidation is actually one of the most common reasons that thousands of Americans take out personal loans every year. Just remember that whether or not it works well for you will depend on the type of service you select (like counseling vs. a loan) and how well you follow its requirements (like using loan funds to pay off your credit cards instead of buying something you don't need!). No matter which route you choose, it's a good idea to see if the provider has a strong reputation with consumers and the Better Business Bureau, to boost your confidence that the credit card consolidation program is well-established and reputable.

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Select any 2 Credit Card Consolidation Programs to compare them head to head

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  • Credit.org
  • Curadebt
  • Upstart
  • SoFi
  • LendingTree
  • LendingClub
  • Avant
  • Accredited Debt Relief
  • OneMain Financial
  • Life Loans
  • Payoff
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