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Experian vs Free Credit Score

Friday, December 4th

2020 Credit Monitoring Company Reviews

Experian Review 2 Star Rating


2 Star Rating
  • Cost: From $9.99 to $29.95/month

Experian is one of the three main credit bureaus used to generate credit reports. Experian reports are provided through most competitors. One of their most unique features is Experian Boost that allows people to build credit off of cell phone and utility payments. However, Experian has mostly negative reviews from customers who report that they overcharge, have poor customer service, and do not offer the help with building credit that they claim they do.

Free Credit Score Review 1 Star Rating

Free Credit Score

1 Star Rating
  • Cost: $24.99/month

Free Credit Score offers both free services and a paid membership. With the free services, consumers gain access to their Experian credit report (updated every 30 days) and FICO score. Free Credit Score does not stand out among competitors by offering anything out of the ordinary. Their premium membership costs more than some of the other credit monitoring services and we found it is nearly impossible to contact customer service with issues. We have ranked Free Credit Score the lowest among the credit reporting services we have considered.

Who Provides the Best Credit Monitoring Service?

Where is the best place to monitor your credit? In order to purchase a home, buy a car, or obtain almost any kind of loan, you need good credit and history. Falling behind on credit card payments, making too many expensive purchases, opening multiple credit card accounts, filing for bankruptcy, not paying monthly bills, and other factors may cause your credit score to drop significantly. On the flip side, staying on top of credit card payments, paying bills right away, and paying off loans are a few of the ways you can build a fantastic credit score.

Staying aware of your current credit score and proactively working to keep it up will help you, in almost all, financial aspects of your life. During the interview process, companies looking to hire may even request access to a modified credit report to check for signs of financial distress. This helps companies know if candidates may be at risk for committing theft or fraud. With new online services, you can easily access your credit score and stay on the road to financial success.

Compare the Best Reviews

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Aside from working to qualify for a loan or your next big career move, a big issue in the world today is identity theft. It is estimated that nine million Americans are victims of identity theft each year. Sometimes this can be caught by watching to see if your credit score takes a major hit. If this is the case, you can dispute the credit report and work to fix the problem. Working with a credit monitoring company that has good customer service to help you through potential issues is important.

Before choosing a credit monitoring service, we suggest you keep the following criteria in mind:

  • Cost. Will you be charged a monthly fee? How do rates compare to their competitors? Find a company that works to keep things budget-friendly.
  • Customer Service. It is important to have easy access to a knowledgeable customer service team that can clearly answer your questions. It can be frustrating to be left confused or jump through hoops to speak to an agent.
  • Resources. Is the website easy to navigate with plenty of straightforward options to manage your credit report? The company should be your advocate for helping you improve your credit score and find the lowest rates on purchases.

To help you identify the best credit monitoring service, TopConsumerReviews.com has reviewed and ranked a variety of options. We hope this information helps you find a credit monitoring company that will provide a good experience for you!

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