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The Best Credit Repair Companies

Which Credit Repair Service is the Best?

Americans have finally started to understand the importance of a good credit score: from 2011 to 2021, the nationwide average increased from 689 to 714! Anything over 700 is considered to be "good" and can be the key to opening doors financially - everything from renting an apartment to securing an auto loan or mortgage may rest on your credit report.

Unfortunately, not everyone understands what goes into a positive credit history. Late payments, applying for multiple credit cards in a short period of time, or even problems with mistaken identity can all lead to a less-than-excellent credit profile. Some people get lured in by the promises of low monthly payments or 0% APR credit cards, only to find themselves drowning in debt.

Thursday, July 18th

2024 Credit Repair Company Reviews

Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award Sky Blue Credit Review 5 Star Rating

Sky Blue Credit

5 Star Rating
  • "A+" rated by the BBB
  • In business for over 30 years
  • 90-day guarantee
  • Start and stop service as needed
  • 35-day dispute cycle
  • Free consultation
Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

In business since 1989, Sky Blue Credit is our year-after-year winner for credit repair services. This company promises to make the process "a happy and satisfying experience" . Judging from their customer feedback, they do.

Find out what your next step should be

Take advantage of Sky Blue's free consultation. They'll ask questions to learn more about your financial situation, and they'll make a recommendation about what your best next steps should be - even if it means that you don't sign up for their services.

All-inclusive monthly pricing

If you do choose to get your credit repair here, you can expect simple, affordable pricing: $79/month for individuals and $119/month for couples, with a setup fee equal to one month's service. Everything is included in your plan:

  • Professional analysis
  • Unlimited disputes on a rapid 35-day cycle
  • Customized dispute letters
  • Statute of Limitation research
  • Score assistance
  • Credit rebuilding
  • Debt validation
  • Goodwill letters
  • Cease and Desist letters
  • Coaches on call

Fantastic refund policy

Sky Blue's guarantee is unparalleled in the credit repair industry: "if you are not satisfied, just tell us why and we will refund your money" . You've got 90 days from your date of enrollment to request that refund, which won't exceed what you've paid over that timeframe (of course). Good luck finding any other provider who will give you all of your money back, hassle-free. You can also pause and restart your credit repair plan as needed, with no penalty or service fees attached.

Best Credit Repair Companies

BBB says A+

As you'd expect from a top-ranked credit repair company, Sky Blue Credit has an "A+" from the Better Business Bureau, and there were only 10 complaints filed there over the three years prior to our evaluation. That alone is impressive.


  • $79/month for individuals
  • $119/month for couples
  • Review/setup fees equivalent to one month of service

Clients love the results and service

Across the board, Sky Blue clients are thrilled with the service they receive: their credit scores go up, they get ample coaching and answers to their questions, and the overall customer service experience is first-rate. We also appreciate how many people said that Sky Blue reps were upfront with them when they didn't think their credit repair service was the appropriate next step, rather than pushing them into paying for a plan that wasn't needed - or might make things worse.

#1 in credit repair

Credit repair can feel like a scary prospect - but it doesn't have to be. Sky Blue Credit will take you by the hand (figuratively speaking) and lead you step-by-step through the process, advocating for you with the credit bureaus and directly with creditors until you've seen the improvements you want in your credit report. With straightforward and affordable pricing, world-class customer service, and a fantastic reputation, Sky Blue Credit remains at the top of our list among credit repair providers.

Credit Firm Review 4.5 Star Rating

Credit Firm

4.5 Star Rating
  • "A-" rated by the BBB
  • Over 25 years in business
  • $49.99/month
  • Over 100,000 customers
  • More than 1,300,000 derogatory accounts deleted
  • No first work or setup fees
  • Free consultation

Credit Firm has been around for a long time - over 25 years, actually. They may not be the biggest name in credit repair, but they're one of just a handful of providers to earn an "A-" rating or higher from the Better Business Bureau. Even more impressive is the fact that this company has only received three complaints there in as many years.

Under $50/month for unlimited credit repair

This is an extremely straightforward and affordable credit repair service. No matter what type of help you need, you'll pay a flat monthly fee of $49.99 as an individual or $89.99 as a couple. What will you get for the money? Your service includes a legal in-depth credit audit, the ability to cancel anytime with no penalty, plus unlimited credit bureau challenges, procedural compliance verifications, inquiry challenges, personal info variation challenges, goodwill interventions, debt validation, and escalated info requests.

The data shows that it works

Many credit repair services say they do a good job, but Credit Firm takes it a step further and proves it. You can see a ticker on their Results page showing deletions and repairs finished recently, like a deleted foreclosure from CitiMortgage or a late payment repair with Capital One. They average 9.7 removals per client after three months of service, and 30.1 one removals after a full year.

Best Credit Repair Companies

No setup costs

You won't find a satisfaction guarantee here. But is it really necessary when you're paying such a low monthly rate and you can cancel at any time? You also won't have any initial fees, which is what most of Credit Firm's rivals offer to refund if their clients are unhappy. Might as well skip that step and get to work, right?


  • $49.99/month for individuals
  • $89.99/month for couples

Positive reputation with clients

And if what we read from a few dozen Credit Firm clients is any indication, you should have a great experience using this credit repair company. They don't have as many reviews as some of their competitors, but almost everyone comes out with a greatly improved credit report after working with Credit Firm.

Affordable, simple, effective credit repair

What else can we say? If you like the thought of having simple pricing for a reliable credit repair service, Credit Firm should be at or near the top of your list. Their services are effective, clients are satisfied, and there are very few complaints about how this company operates. Schedule your free consultation and see what you can accomplish with Credit Firm on your side.

The Credit People Review 4.5 Star Rating

The Credit People

4.5 Star Rating
  • In business for over 20 years
  • Over 100,000 clients
  • Almost 1,500,000 removals
  • Pay $79/month or $419 for a six-month plan
  • $19 initial fee
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Free consultation

The Credit People is the credit repair provider that has made the biggest jump in our ratings over the years. The company has done a lot to improve their service, offer better support, and deliver greater results. That's what we like to see.

60 days or less to see improvements

The Credit People invites you to give them a call for a free consultation, or to ask for tips on your current financial situation, no strings attached. Once you've signed up, you'll get a welcome email and phone call, plus information on how to log on to your personalized online account. That's where you'll keep track of the progress made on your credit repair. The Credit People say you should see improvements in 60 days or less. As long as you're a member of their program, their team will be working behind the scenes to dispute any inaccurate, incomplete or unverifiable items on your credit report, removing late payment entries, closed accounts, liens, and much more.

Options for month-to-month or one-time payment

When you get started with The Credit People, you'll pay an initial fee of $19. From there, you'll pay a flat-rate fee of $79 per month, and you can cancel at any time. Or, if you'd like to make a one-time payment of $419, you'll have access to all of The Credit People's repair services for six months.

Improvement by the numbers

This is one of a small number of credit repair services that posts statistics reflecting their results. Though your results may vary, of course, they say that most clients see an increase of 53-187 points on their credit score. Over 70% of clients are approved for auto loans, home loans, refinancing and new credit after having their credit repaired here.

Best Credit Repair Companies

BBB rating doesn't match company's performance

We're a little confused by the Better Business Bureau's rating for The Credit People. There were only 12 complaints filed there in the last three years and 11 additional reviews, and yet the BBB gave the service a "C+" rating for "concerns about the industry" as a whole. We found appropriate, thoughtful responses to every complaint on the BBB's site, taking the time to thoroughly explain how their service works (and how clients' financial choices while using the service impacted their score, outside of The Credit People's control and influence).


  • $79/month or $419 flat-rate fee for 6 months of service
  • One-time set-up fee of $19

Stellar satisfaction guarantee

Another reason that The Credit People is far better than the BBB rating might suggest is their "unbeatable satisfaction guarantee" . If you're on a monthly plan, you can cancel at any time and not be charged for that month's service. Or, if you've paid upfront for six months of help, you've got a full six-month satisfaction guarantee.

A credit repair service that delivers

By the looks of things, this credit repair service is doing a fantastic job. We found hundreds of clients who worked step-by-step with an expert from The Credit People and got results. Some comments came from customers who had previously used a much more expensive company (who you might happen to see in our other reviews) and had gotten little to no progress there - and who were thrilled to see how much their credit report improved after a short time with this service. We're pleased to give The Credit People a significant bump in our rankings and recommend giving them a try for effective credit repair.

Ovation Credit Services Review 4 Star Rating

Ovation Credit Services

4 Star Rating
  • "A+" rated and accredited by the BBB
  • No-risk refund policy
  • Free consultation
  • In business for 20 years

Ovation Credit has been in business for about 20 years and was acquired by LendingTree in 2018. Their team is here to help you improve your credit and correct any errors on your report. Across more than one million Ovation clients, this credit repair service sees an average of 19 improvements per customer.

DIY credit repair for $79/month

You can get a free consultation before deciding which Ovation plan is right for your needs. You'll pay an $89 first work fee no matter which one you ultimately select between Essentials and Essentials Plus. The first package is $79/month and is more of a do-it-yourself-with-guidance approach. Your Ovation team will help you understand the dispute process and recommend the steps you can take to dispute every item on your credit report that you think is unverifiable, incomplete, misleading or inaccurate. There's no credit monitoring provided with this package.

$109/month for full-service plan

If you want someone to do the work for you, the Essentials Plus is your best option here. Their team will send unlimited validation dispute letters, goodwill letters, and recommendation letters as needed to repair your credit and help you obtain credit in the future. This plan also includes TransUnion credit monitoring. You'll pay $109/month for Essentials Plus.

No-risk refund policy

Ovation offers a no-risk refund policy. No credit repair company can legally guarantee specific results, but Ovation promises that if they fail to provide agreed-upon services in any month, they won't charge you for that timeframe. They don't go into specifics on how you'd determine if they were or weren't working, but at least you know they'll give you a break if there's an interruption of the service.

Best Credit Repair Companies

A+ and accreditation from the BBB

With respect to reputation, Ovation has done the seemingly impossible: an "A+" rating and accreditation from the Better Business Bureau, where most of their rivals struggle to get above a "C" . There have been fewer than 100 complaints logged there in the last three years, but they've all been handled appropriately. We also found lots of four- and five-star reviews from Ovation clients who said their credit report improved while using this service, and who praised their support team for being easy to reach and a breeze to work with.


  • $79/month for Essentials Plan
  • $109/month for Essentials Plus Plan
  • $89 first work fee

Slight drop in rankings

While we can still wholeheartedly recommend Ovation as a reputable source of credit repair services, we've dropped them slightly in our rankings. They've got several noteworthy rivals who offer more for the money: $79 for DIY credit repair isn't as competitively-priced now as it was several years ago, and for that monthly payment (or less) you'll find companies who will take care of it for you.

Still a good option for credit repair

We still give Ovation lots of credit (see what we did there?) for having a flawless record with the Better Business Bureau and for providing credit repair that clients can trust. The only caveat is that your money might go farther with some of the other services in our evaluation, so be sure to shop around a little before choosing Ovation as your top pick.

Credit Saint Review 4 Star Rating

Credit Saint

4 Star Rating
  • "A" rated and accredited by the BBB
  • In business for 15+ years
  • Free credit evaluation
  • No first work fees when you add one family member
  • 90-day money-back guarantee

Credit Saint takes a two-pronged approach to credit repair: not only will they work to identify what items in your credit history are damaging your score (and then target them for challenge, dispute, and/or removal), but they'll also look at the positive aspects of your credit and coach you on how to open/close credit and pay bills to maximize your score.

3 credit repair plans

The service level you choose at Credit Saint depends on your personal situation. Here are the three options:

  • Credit Polish ($79.99/month + initial work fee of $99): described as being "medium aggressive" , this plan comes with challenges to the three credit bureaus, score analysis, creditor interventions, and credit score tracking.
  • Credit Remodel ($99.99/month + initial work fee of $99): this tier has a high aggressiveness rating and includes all of the features of Polish, plus inquiry targeting.
  • Clean Slate ($119.99/month + $195 initial work fee): Credit Saint's most aggressive credit repair option gives you unlimited challenges to the three credit bureaus, plus all of the services previously listed.

A little more info, please

We would like to see Credit Saint make a few things a little more obvious. First, it wasn't until we went into the Get Started section (where you can request your consultation online, if you'd prefer not to make a phone call) that we learned that they offer a "no first work fee" when you sign up a family member for credit repair. We also couldn't find any statistics about how many deletions and challenges they've entered over the years. At least you can count on Credit Saint's guarantee: you've got 90 days to see if they are successful at deleting any questionable items from your credit, and they'll give you a refund if not (subject to a few extra terms and conditions).

Best Credit Repair Companies

Strong rating from the BBB

It's pretty rare for a credit repair service to be both "A" rated and accredited by the Better Business Bureau, but Credit Saint has earned that distinction. There were nearly 60 complaints logged at the BBB in the last three years, but that "A" rating means that you can trust this company to handle concerns professionally and appropriately.


  • $79.99/month + $99 initial work fee for Credit Polish
  • $99.99/month + $99 initial work fee for Credit Remodel
  • $119.99/month + $195 initial work fee for Clean Slate

Good client feedback

We also found a decent number of reviews elsewhere from Credit Saint clients who are very happy with the results of their credit repair services. Most of them referred to the initial consultation and start-up process, though, and not much was said about the effectiveness and end results. Then again, "no news is good news" : if people aren't returning in droves to complain about the service a few months later, we'll call it a win.

In the top five for credit repair

Credit Saint makes our top five among credit repair services, if for no other reason than the fact that they have such a good reputation with the Better Business Bureau in an extremely tough industry. Your monthly prices will be reasonable here, and Credit Saint's guarantee should make it risk-free to get some improvements to your credit score in the first three months.

MSI Credit Solutions Review 4 Star Rating

MSI Credit Solutions

4 Star Rating
  • Free consultation
  • Refund policy
  • Monthly fees under $100 for individuals, under $140 for couples
  • Available everywhere except Georgia, Kansas, Louisiana, South Carolina and Vermont

MSI Credit was founded in 2006 and has received several Angie's List Super Service Awards for excellence in credit repair and consulting. Their services are available nationwide, with the exceptions of Georgia, Kansas, Louisiana, South Carolina, and Vermont.

Get your credit report first

You can enter your information to request your free consultation, or you can call MSI directly. They're going to go over your credit report with you; if you don't already have yours, there's a link you can click to get it. Just be careful: when we went to the third-party service that MSI Credit recommended, we noticed that it had a $1 7-day trial and then an automatic $30.99/month charge. You don't want to be caught off guard by that.

Straightforward pricing for individuals and couples

We appreciate the simplicity in pricing here. You'll pay $98/month as an individual or $138 as a couple. Your initial setup fee is equal to one month of service. What will you get for your money? Unlimited disputes to the three major credit agencies, debt validation/cease and desist letters, one-on-one consultations with a credit expert, plus additional support and coaching.

Limited refund policy

You've got a guarantee if you choose to work with MSI: if you fulfill your end of the bargain (as spelled out in your service agreement) and yet you don't get a negative or derogatory item removed from each of the three credit bureaus, they'll refund your initial service fees. That's not the most stellar refund policy out there - you have to be a client for at least 6 months, and initial service fees are only about a month's worth of those - but it's better than nothing.

Best Credit Repair Companies

Not many complaints

MSI Credit is one of many credit repair providers we evaluated with a low rating from the BBB ("C+" , in this case). It's pretty tough for businesses in this space to rank well, and MSI Credit is no different. Fortunately, they only had eight complaints filed with the BBB in the three years prior to this evaluation: hardly a pattern of dishonesty or poor service.


  • Monthly fees of $98 for an individual, $138 for a couple
  • Setup fees equivalent to one month's service

Client satisfaction is high

Customer feedback for this credit repair service is encouraging. Over 90% of MSI Credit's clients give them a 4- or 5-star rating. It was good to see satisfied customers who even named specific team members for offering excellent service, not to mention the corresponding improvement in their credit reports. Sure, there were a few complaints from people who didn't think they got a good value from their monthly credit repair service here, but the vast majority are glad they chose MSI.

Trustworthy credit repair

MSI earns a better-than-average rating from us. We think their refund policy could be a little more generous, and some credit repair services can offer you the same benefits at a lower monthly price. However, because MSI is doing a good job of helping people improve their credit reports and has a solid reputation overall, we have no concerns about recommending their services.

The Credit Pros Review 3.5 Star Rating

The Credit Pros

3.5 Star Rating
  • "A-" rating from the BBB
  • In business for over 10 years
  • 90-day guarantee
  • Free initial consultation
  • 3 plans to choose from

As a fintech firm that helps clients avoid credit-oriented mistakes, The Credit Pros want to get you on solid financial ground - for the first time ever or once again, depending on your circumstances. As with most credit repair companies, you'll get a free initial consultation here. Schedule it directly through the website (in English or en espanol) and you'll get a phone call at the time you designate.

First level of service isn't worth the money

You'll have three plans to choose from at The Credit Pros. Surprisingly, the first tier (Money Management) doesn't come with anything we'd label as "credit repair" . For $69/month, you'll get your credit report from one bureau, ID Cover dark web monitoring, alerts from TransUnion, bill reminders and a budgeting system. Honestly, we'd recommend skipping this plan, because that's a lot to pay for services that are pretty much free and you can easily manage on your own.

Middle-tier service offers standard credit repair tools

For $119/month, The Credit Pros' Prosperity plan starts to dive into more traditional credit repair services. You'll get credit bureau challenges, creditor interventions, cease and desist letters, and a letter of reference (that they don't really explain what it is or why you would need it).

Top plan includes a credit-building loan

Finally, the Success Plus plan will cost you $149/month. The big differences over the other two plans are three-bureau reports and scores and a credit builder loan to help you improve your scores, with payments reported to all three bureaus.

Best Credit Repair Companies

Unimpressive 90-day guarantee

You've got a somewhat limited 90-day guarantee with The Credit Pros. If they don't get any questionable items deleted or updated on your credit report, you can get a full refund. Of course, it's genuinely not that hard to get a single change made in three months - and you should be beyond disappointed if any credit repair service can't do more than that in 90 days.


  • $69/month for Money Management
  • $119/month for Prosperity
  • $149/month for Success Plus
  • First work fee of one month's payment

Decent reputation

How do The Credit Pros perform when it comes to client feedback? The Better Business Bureau gives the company a solid "A-" rating, which can be hard to come by in the credit repair industry overall. Over the three years leading up to our evaluation, there were just over 60 complaints registered with the BBB - but, at least the last time we checked, the details of those complaints weren't on display there. The good news is that, both on the BBB site and in other places, there are plenty of positive reviews for The Credit Pros: at least 200 people gave the service a five-star rating, citing big improvements to their credit scores in just the first month alone. Clients describe reps as helpful and patient, and generally think that this credit repair service is worth the money.

Reliable but overpriced

Overall we give The Credit Pros a solid rating. We're not totally convinced that their lowest tier of service is worth what they're charging, but the two plans that actually jump into credit repair services seem to do the job. Compare your options here with a few of The Credit Pros' higher-ranked rivals and then you'll be in a great position to choose the best service for your needs and budget.

Lexington Law Review 3 Star Rating

Lexington Law

3 Star Rating
  • In business since 2004
  • Over 70 million removals and 22.3 million challenges and disputes
  • Has represented over 8.7 million clients
  • 89% of clients with improvement see an average credit score increase of 40 points
  • 3 levels of service to choose from
  • Free credit report consultation

Lexington Law was founded in 2004, with the goal of revolutionizing the credit repair industry. Since that time, the company has represented nearly nine million clients in more than 70 million removals and over 22.3 million challenges and disputes on credit reports. They take advantage of what they call "digital partnerships" to reduce usage of the mail system, which translates into faster results for you: nearly 90% of their clients who have a score improvement see it go up 40 points, on average.

Pay attention to consultation vs. signing up

You can call Lexington Law for a free credit report consultation, which includes your credit score, credit report summary, and a credit repair recommendation. You can do this online as well, but watch for the difference between the consultation and the signup form: the latter encourages you to "get started today for only $4.99" . It also asks if you'd like to sign up with a family member or other household member to get a 50% discount on your first work fees. (It's worth pointing out that we had to use three different email addresses before we landed on one that Lexington Law didn't reject as "invalid." ) Those first work fees are usually the equivalent of a month of service, depending on which tier you choose.

Choose from 3 credit repair plans

Lexington Law gives you three service levels to consider for your credit repair needs:

  • Concord Standard ($95.95/month): you'll get bureau challenges and disputes, creditor interventions, inquiry assistance, ID theft insurance, and Lexington Law's DebtHandler service.
  • Concord Premier ($119.95/month): includes all of the features of Standard, and adds credit report watch alerts.
  • Premier Plus ($139.95/month): this package gives you all of the benefits of the first two service levels, plus your TransUnion FICO score, lost wallet protection, junk mail reducer, and a personal finance manager.

Hundreds of complaints filed with the BBB

The Better Business Bureau gives Lexington Law a "C-" grade, citing no reason other than "concerns about the industry" in general. That's not usually enough for us to downrank a credit repair service. In this case, however, there were over 700 complaints with the BBB in the three years prior to our evaluation. They all received a response from Lexington Law reps, and many of them reflect the clients' lack of understanding of the service itself and what they were committing to at the time of sign-up.

Best Credit Repair Companies

Mixed feedback from clients

Aside from the BBB listing, feedback for Lexington Law runs hot and cold. You'll find clients with lots to say, some very enthusiastic and positive and others much less so. We found about 400 five-star reviews and just 50 one-star ratings - but many of the unhappy comments were more recent, while a majority of the satisfied reviews were older. We also saw references to cancellation fees in client comments but didn't spot those terms anywhere on the Lexington Law site - so you'll want to read the fine print carefully before signing up here.


  • $95.95/month for Concord Standard
  • $119.95/month for Concord Premier
  • $139.95/month for Premier Plus

Look at lower-priced options first

If you decide to put your credit repair in the hands of Lexington Law, you could come away very happy with the process. But, from where we sit, we think it's safe to say that there are comparable services that can do the same work for less money, and with stronger guarantees of your satisfaction with the service. Lexington Law isn't a terrible choice for credit repair, but you'll want to take a look at the competition first.

Credit Repair Review 2.5 Star Rating

Credit Repair

2.5 Star Rating
  • Free online consultation
  • 8.2 million removals and 26+ million challenges and disputes since 2012
  • Over 850,000 clients in the last 10 years
  • Most clients see a 40-point increase in their credit score in six months
  • Monthly fees from $69.95 to $119.95, plus first-work fee equal to one month's payment

Credit Repair has been around for over 10 years. In that time, they proudly proclaim that they helped over 850,000 clients, with more than 8 million removals and 26 million challenges and disputes. According to their data, the average Credit Repair customer sees a 40-point increase in their credit score within the first six months.

Prices aren't obvious

Credit Repair offers "a service for all budgets" . Their least expensive option is Basic; it's what they recommend for anyone who has just a few negative items to get removed from their credit report. Moderate is the mid-range tier, and Aggressive is, well, for anyone with a lot of items to address. However, Credit Repair doesn't take the next obvious step and tell you what those levels will cost. You'll have to do their free online evaluation first: with a soft pull on your credit (that won't impact your score), you'll get your score, a summary of all negative items, and a recommended credit solution. And that's when they'll tell you what your particular solution will cost.

You'll pay about $100/month or more

It felt unnecessarily complicated to have to dig way into Credit Repair's blog to find their pricing. Why not just come out and say it, like your rivals do? If the article we found is accurate to current pricing, you'll pay $69.95 for the basic (also labeled as Direct) plan, $99.95 for standard, and $119.95 for advanced. Those are all monthly fees, plus a "first-work fee" equivalent to a one-month payment.

Doesn't spell out the benefits

What will you get? All packages come with bureau challenges, inquiry assists, goodwill intervention, and credit score updates (quarterly on direct/basic and standard, monthly on advanced plans). Your extra $30/month on standard plans only gets you a FICO Score Inquiry Assist service, for you to dispute unfair or inaccurate inquiries on your account. And advanced? That will come with "more" challenges, creditor interventions, and cease/desist interventions - but since they never specify how many of those you get with the other two plans, it's hard to tell if it's worth it to get "more" .

Best Credit Repair Companies

Lackluster BBB rating

It's never a good thing when a company has a bad rating from the Better Business Bureau. Unfortunately, Credit Repair has a "D" there: an improvement over the "F" they used to have, but still nothing that's going to leave you impressed. Then again, there were only 85 complaints filed there over the last three years, and several of those were from clients who didn't take the time to read the fine print of what they signed up for. Credit Repair representatives appear to be taking the time to respond appropriately, regardless of the reason for the complaints.


  • Ranges from $69.95 to $119.95 per month
  • First-work fees equal to one month of service

Some clients say yes, some say no

Still, customer feedback overall here is a mixed bag. You've got the people who went to the BBB to register their complaints, and yet there are over 400 individuals who gave Credit Repair a perfect five-star rating. You can see some of those positive comments if you visit this company's social media pages (if you're willing to sift through the spammy crypto reviews that no one at Credit Repair seems to be in a hurry to delete).

Actively helpful on social media channels

Speaking of social media, we were glad to see this company actually taking the time to post helpful things on a regular basis. Some of their rivals give the impression of having abandoned their IG or FB pages, but we were able to learn more about building credit, discover new financial blogs to follow, and watch a video about credit in posts as recent as the day before this evaluation.

Still room for improvement

Overall, we think that Credit Repair is on the right track but that they still have a long way to go before we'd trust them with our financial well-being. This service would benefit from offering more transparency, particularly with pricing, and we'd like to see many more positive client reviews by the time of our next evaluation - not to mention a higher rating from the Better Business Bureau. In the meanwhile, check out the higher-ranked credit repair services we researched.

Pyramid Credit Repair Review 2 Star Rating

Pyramid Credit Repair

2 Star Rating
  • Free initial assessment
  • $119 or $198 per month, no enrollment fee
  • 15-20% discount for teachers and veterans/active duty military
  • 90-day money-back guarantee

Pyramid Credit Repair got its start in 2011 with DIY credit repair software, expanding in 2013 to provide more hands-on help to consumers. However, we have questions about their reliability in the industry.

No-cost initial consultation

Like most credit repair companies, Pyramid offers a free initial assessment. Call to schedule an appointment to talk about your situation and see if any of their services can help you reach your financial goals.

Simple pricing

There are only two plans to choose from here: $119/month for individuals and $198 for couples. Unlike some credit repair services, Pyramid doesn't assess an enrollment or setup fee. Also, this company offers discounts ranging from 15-20% if you're a teacher, veteran, or active duty military. They say you can expect to start seeing results on your credit report within 45 days. If Pyramid isn't able to update anything on your credit report - correcting an error, removing unverifiable entries - within the first 90 days of your plan, you'll get a full refund of any fees paid thus far.

Could be more specific

Pyramid Credit Repair is pretty tight-lipped as to how, exactly, they go about improving your credit report. They say they'll give you a "customized game-plan" but don't get into the specifics. Do they just dispute items or do they try to negotiate adjustments? Good question.

Gone quiet on social media

An even better question: is Pyramid still in business? Maybe. We couldn't find a listing for Pyramid Credit Repair with the Better Business Bureau - the same as the last time we evaluated this service. All of their social media channels had no updates after late 2020/early 2021, other than announcing a new pricing schedule in early 2022. And yet, they're still answering the phones, so something is still happening here.

Best Credit Repair Companies

Where are the current reviews?

We could say the same for Pyramid's client feedback - or lack thereof. At first, we were excited to see that this credit repair company had at least 80 five-star reviews... until we saw that the most recent was back in 2019. Reviews on Facebook were newer - but unfortunately, they were all spam and encouraged us to contact a different company if we were interested in investing in crypto. Not exactly the first step you'd take to repair your credit, by the way.


  • $119/month for an individual
  • $198/month for a couple
  • No enrollment fee

A virtual office location?

Poking around in Pyramid Credit's Terms of Use, we found that this is a DBA for Credit Concierge, with a business location in a virtual office space in New York City. Does that inspire confidence that this company really has the 273 "dedicated daily" team members they brag about in their "About Us" page? We don't think so.

Won't push you to hire them

The one positive thing we can say about Pyramid Credit Repair is that among the comments from clients in 2019, it said repeatedly that they were told upfront if the service wasn't going to be right for them - that they weren't pressured into signing up for a program that wasn't in their best interests. At least there's that.

Not a credit repair service we'd choose

We have a hard time coming up with a reason why someone would choose Pyramid Credit Repair over a higher-rated service. Getting your credit fixed is important, and you need to know exactly what you're paying for and how your team will go to work for you - but you'll get none of that here.

Credit Repair Consultants Review 1.5 Star Rating

Credit Repair Consultants

1.5 Star Rating
  • Three credit repair plans to choose from
  • Free credit audit
  • Over 20,000 clients since 1998
  • Refund and guarantee policy
  • Serves clients nationwide
  • Can help you qualify for a mortgage

At Credit Repair Consultants, their goal is to use every available legal method to help you get the best possible credit. Their services work to remove anything that negatively impacts your score.

Set up your free consultation

If you'd like a free credit audit, click on the button and fill out the contact form. You'll be asked for your name and email address, your credit goals (buy a home, get better interest rates, become debt-free), as well as any other desired outcomes like raising your credit score or consolidating debts. A member of the Credit Repair Consultants' team will reach out to get you started. He or she will look into your credit score and help you understand it, as well as determine if your credit profile is getting in the way of your future abilities to secure loans at a competitive rate (or at all).

Choose among 3 plans

Credit Repair Consultants offers three plans to choose from:

  • Standard (from $79.95/month): CRC contacts the three credit bureaus on your behalf, using applicable laws like FCRA and FACTA to challenge items on your credit report.
  • Premier (from $89.95/month): includes the benefits of the Standard plan, plus working directly with creditors and debt collectors to negotiate goodwill adjustment requests and other remedies.
  • HomePlus (from $109.95/month): all of the benefits of Premier, and with the added goal of helping you eventually qualify for a mortgage. When you reach the point of qualifying for a home loan and you receive one through one of CRC's approved brokers, you'll get a refund for everything you've spent on your credit repair up to that point (essentially making it free).

Satisfaction guarantee - with limitations

This credit repair service comes with some guarantees and refund policies, but you need to understand the terms. First, if CRC isn't able to remove any negative items from your credit report in the first 120 days of being a client, they'll refund your application enrollment/setup fee (minus the $45 they paid to order your reports in the first place). Also. after you've been a client for 12 months, you can request an evaluation of your account: if the total you've paid is more than what they've helped to improve or delete (at a rate of $60 for every "success" ), they'll refund the difference. Finally, if anything removed or deleted mistakenly reappears on your credit file within a year from the removal/deletion date, Credit Repair Consultants will reinvestigate and get it removed at no extra charge.

Best Credit Repair Companies

Not enough recent, positive feedback from clients

While we were glad to see that Credit Repair Consultants have made a lot of needed upgrades to their website since our last evaluation, we were disappointed not to find a corresponding upswing in their reputation. This provider's rating with the Better Business Bureau has totally fallen off the radar, landing on "Not Rated" due to insufficient information. When we went to check out "all of the positive reviews" on their Facebook page, it turned out that almost all of them were from people posting crypto spam and not actually reviewing CRC. Most of the seemingly valid reviews there and elsewhere were years out of date. Even their blog's "recent posts" were all over a year old. We also read a handful of negative reviews from that same timeframe, from clients who said that communication was lacking and they felt that the service was a waste of time and money.


  • Setup fees of $189/individual or $309/couple
  • $79.95/month for Standard plan
  • $89.95/month for Premier plan
  • $109.95/month for HomeSure plan

Not the best option for credit repair

It's possible that Credit Repair Consultants delivers a solid credit repair experience - but there's just not enough client feedback to prove it. Even the BBB seems to think that this service is a mystery, and we're not thrilled that the comments we dug up were primarily unrelated spam and complaints. You've got far more reliable options for credit repair, and we invite you to consider the higher-ranked credit repair providers in our review.

Credit Monkey Review 1 Star Rating

Credit Monkey

1 Star Rating
  • Serves residents of all states minus Pennsylvania
  • In business since 2019
  • Free initial consultation
  • 90-day guarantee

Credit Monkey has been in business since 2019, making them one of the "youngest" credit repair services in our evaluation. They serve clients in 49 states (Pennsylvania is excluded) and offer a free 15-minute consultation.

Multiple credit repair packages

There are several tiers of service available through Credit Monkey. The lowest-priced package is $99/month. This package includes disputes on up to five negative items each month, plus $1 million in identity theft fraud insurance and identity theft alerts. $159/month gets you up to 10 negative items disputed. At the $199/month level, you'll also get monitoring of up to five credit cards (to help you not make late payments) and resolution of credit report inquiries. The three packages priced at $299, $399, and $499 per month start going into public records, tax liens, and so forth; the latter two subscriptions also come with a credit line of $5,000 and $10,000, respectively. Credit Monkey doesn't go into any detail as to what any of those services do, how they work, or why you'd want those credit lines.

90-day risk-free guarantee... sort of

In theory, you've got a "glorious" (their wording, not ours) 90-day, risk-free guarantee here. After you've been enrolled for six months, you can request a refund if Credit Monkey hasn't removed "3 or less" items within the first three cycles of disputes. Does that mean it counts if they only remove one? It seems like they ought to give you a refund if they haven't removed at least three negative items.

Not concerned with BBB rating

Because Credit Monkey is so new on the market, there's not as much feedback from clients to consider. The company has a "C" rating from the Better Business Bureau, but that's only because of one complaint that didn't get a response. We're not overly concerned, because there were only four complaints filed over the last year, in contrast with almost two dozen positive reviews also posted to the BBB's listing.

Best Credit Repair Companies

Fake reviews?

What did get us concerned was looking at the patterns in the positive reviews for Credit Monkey, not just on the BBB site but elsewhere. When we checked out not just the reviews but the individuals leaving them, almost every single time those people had left positive reviews for one or two other businesses - and those businesses were the same (Credit Monkey and "Joe's Video Games" ). That's usually a red flag indicating that the reviews aren't legitimate - that people are being paid to leave the reviews, and that most of those reviewer profiles are fake too.


  • Plans range from $99 to $499 per month

Suspicious advertising

The deeper we looked into Credit Monkey, the sketchier things got. Look at their Facebook page: you'll see promos from Brett Favre, Snoop Dogg, and a few other celebrities - but they never mention the name of the service, and they all read from some script that references a 15-minute phone consultation. It feels like someone paid for a Cameo from each of them and then used it for their advertising.

Red flags everywhere

Then we found tons of typos on Credit Monkey's posts - and even on their website. Beyond that, when we went to the "Meet Our Team" page, there was absolutely zero information about the people behind the service: no CEO, no "credit repair specialists" , nothing. Oh, and then there was this little gem, which should tell you a lot about how this business operates: "we have coached hundreds more on how to attract more clients and drive revenue and profits into their credit repair business" . So that's how it is!

Not a company you can trust

We have no confidence whatsoever that Credit Monkey is a reputable credit repair service. It looks like most of their positive reviews are fake, legit clients say that they got no improvement to their credit history when using this company, and even their advertising is suspect. We can't recommend strongly enough that you stay away from Credit Monkey when considering credit repair options.

Compare the Best Reviews

Continued from above...

That's where credit repair services enter the picture. These providers work to dispute items on your credit report that might be inaccurate, unverifiable, or erroneous. Depending on which company you choose, the service might also include cease and desist letters, goodwill letters to help you qualify for credit in the future, credit monitoring to keep you on track, and one-on-one coaching.

You shouldn't expect miraculous, rapid increases in your credit score - most credit repair processes result in a modest increase of about 40 points, though some may bring you up by 100 points or more - but it could be what makes the difference for your financial goals and credit needs.

As you start to explore the possibility of credit repair, you'll soon see that there are many providers hoping to gain your business as a client. Which one is the best for you? Here are a few things to keep in mind as you decide:

  • Services provided. What is included in your monthly fee? Will you get a certain number of challenges and disputes or is it unlimited? Is credit monitoring included? Will you get coaching on managing your finances going forward, so that you can avoid needing credit repair down the road?
  • Fees. What will you pay for the services you receive? Is it month-to-month or a one-off cost? Is there an initial work fee or setup cost? Also, many services expect that you will have a credit report in hand at the time of your first consultation; some include that with your fees, while others charge you for it. Be aware that you can request your credit report once per year for free: the CFPB recommends using AnnualCreditReport.com to get yours from all three of the major credit bureaus at no cost.
  • Results. The best credit repair services tell you what to expect and how quickly. It can take a month or two before your credit score changes, even if your provider is working diligently behind the scenes on your behalf.
  • Reputation. The Better Business Bureau isn't a big fan of the credit repair industry, so it's not uncommon to see reputable providers with a less-than-stellar BBB grade. Rely on client feedback to paint a clearer picture instead. Do customers say the credit repair service was effective? Was it worth the money they paid? Did their assigned reps update them regularly with the progress made on their credit reports?

To help you get your finances back on track, TopConsumerReviews.com has evaluated and ranked the most popular credit repair services available today. We're confident that this information will give you everything you need to choose the right partner in your journey towards a fantastic credit report!

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Credit Repair Company FAQ

Credit repair is just like it sounds: a process by which your credit history and score are improved. This happens through negotiations with creditors, removing negative information reported to credit bureaus, and other strategies.
That will depend on several factors: your state of residence, the type(s) of issues you're looking to resolve, and so on. Most credit repair services offer a free consultation, to determine if you're eligible for their help and which approach to take in your specific case.
Credit repair services typically charge a one-time setup fee and monthly service fees. One-time fees range from $19 to $195, and monthly fees from $29 to $159.95. You might get a discount if you sign up as a couple, or if you're a current or former member of the military.
Most of the actions taken on your behalf by a credit repair service can be done on your own. But, how much time do you have? Are you typically available to make calls during business hours? Hiring a credit repair provider can save you a significant amount of time and hassle. And, there's something to be said for letting the experts do the work, using their knowledge and connections to ensure that your credit repair process is done effectively.
The first step with any credit repair service will likely involve a thorough review of your credit report. Your representative will discuss your credit history in detail, help you identify actionable items, and give you a recommendation for which services are best suited to your needs. From there, credit repair providers work diligently to address the issues and resolve them, for as long as you maintain your subscription to their services.
Most services state that you'll see negative items removed from your credit history within the first 90 days. The amount of time it will take to see an improvement in your credit score will depend on your particular circumstances.
Sometimes. A few credit repair services guarantee that you'll see those deletions within the first three months, and you'll get a refund of any fees paid if that doesn't happen. Other providers actually specify a minimum credit score improvement. It's a good idea to know exactly what you'll get from the service you select, before you sign up as a member.
Credit repair is legitimate: working with a reputable service, you can absolutely see big changes in your credit report. On the other hand, there are companies that don't deliver what they promise. Be sure to check out the reputation of any credit repair service you're considering: customer feedback, number of years in business, and the service's BBB rating are all helpful indicators of a provider's trustworthiness.

Choosing a Credit Repair Company

If your credit score needs some professional help here's how to search for a quality credit repair company.

Start at the Computer
Searching online for a credit repair company provides many benefits in finding and choosing the right service provider for you and here's why:

  • If you do your credit repair research online you avoid the annoying sales pitch from a pushy salesman that is most concerned about their next commission check.
  • Perform your research when it's most convenient for you, in the quiet of your home and without children playing or co-workers nearby.
  • The internet allows you to quickly identify the services of several credit repair companies at once. If you are looking for credit dispute offerings plus advice on how to improve your credit score long term you can easily identify what companies offer this level of service.
  • Knowing what several companies charge for their repair services provides you the knowledge to make an educated decision. Feel confident that you are improving your financial outlook and doing so while saving money over other providers.
  • The internet will allow you to read and educate yourself on the Fair Credit Reporting Act that governs credit agencies, promotes accuracy in reporting and regulates how negative information is reported and disputed.

Look for These Characteristics
When searching for the best credit repair company look for the following characteristics in a quality company before making your selection:

  • Make sure you identify a credit repair company with a solid reputation before considering it a worthy contender. Look for red flags like promises to wipe your credit clean with little effort, a request for a large payment upfront to cover costs, or discussions of creating a new identifier to fool the credit agencies.
  • Make sure you understand what you're signing up for. Will you be obligated to use the service for a specified period of time? Do they identify rules on how many disputes they will file in a specific period? Make sure you read the fine print and understand their policies before moving forward.
  • When you're working closely with your credit repair service you'll appreciate the convenience of companies that offer an online account for you to monitor the status of their efforts. Companies that require a lot of hand holding, phone calls, and emails are not going to be efficient.
  • You'll want credit repair company that puts the customer first. Companies that fail to return calls timely or are unprofessional on the phone are going to wear thin over time. Make sure you identify if your credit repair company of choice prioritizes the customer.

Compare Credit Repair Companies

Select any 2 Credit Repair Companies to compare them head to head

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  • The Credit People
  • Ovation Credit Services
  • Credit Saint
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  • Pyramid Credit Repair
  • Credit Repair Consultants
  • Credit Monkey
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