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Where Can You Buy the Best Cufflinks Online?

It's a good question, as men's formal wear can sometimes feel limiting. After all, there are only so many acceptable colors of suits and blazers. However, cufflinks are a popular accessory for men that can express style and sophistication in a single glance. And the convenience and accessibility offered by online shopping has made shopping for cufflinks easier than ever.

One of the key benefits of online cufflink stores is the vast array of options available. Online stores provide a wide range of cufflinks to choose from, catering to different styles, tastes, and occasions. From classic designs, to contemporary and quirky ones, customers can easily explore numerous options with just a few clicks. Moreover, online stores often collaborate with brands and designers, giving shoppers access to a diverse selection of cufflinks from around the world.

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2024 Cufflink Store Reviews

Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award Cufflinks Review 5 Star Rating


5 Star Rating
  • Wide price range of good quality cufflinks ($50 to $3,300,000)
  • Free shipping on orders of $100 or more
  • 1-5 day shipping
  • Sizeable selection of college and franchise-branded cufflinks
  • Designer partnerships
  • Custom cufflinks available
Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

Founded in 1999, Cufflinks has been in the online cufflink business for ages, and is now headquartered in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Operating as the retail arm of their cufflinks wholesaler, Cufflinks Inc., how does Cufflinks' offerings compare to their competitors?

A price for most budgets

One of Cufflinks' most endearing qualities is the sheer range of mid to high quality cufflinks on availability. Whether produced in-house through their wholesaler, or in partnership with high-quality designers, Cufflinks' offerings range from the sensible, the stylish, to the downright exorbitant (with their most expensive offering coming in at an astronomical $3,300,000 for white-gold and canary-diamond cufflinks). Don't worry though - the vast majority of their cufflinks fall within a reasonable range of $50 to $200.

Varied and creative selection

We appreciate Cufflinks' wide selection of hobby, alma-mater, and interest cufflinks. At a good balance of price and quality, many of their themed cufflinks will range from $80 to $300. While a bit pricier than a knockoff, you'll be receiving high-quality, well-crafted cufflinks for the price. Whether Star-Trek, Harry Potter, Star Wars, or your favorite SEC football team (Roll Tide!), Cufflinks has an excellent range for those looking for gifts.

Best Cufflink Stores

Custom and engraved cufflinks

In addition to their wide range of offerings, Cufflinks offers engraved and custom orders. So if they don't have what you're looking for, or you're looking for a way to enshrine a cherished photograph, note, or heirloom, Cufflinks' engraving and custom-design options can help you provide a personalized touch. They also offer large-scale custom orders, which can act as an excellent thank-you gift for a firm or office.

A fair return policy

Cufflinks' return policy is fair. First, the items have to be in "unused" condition. Aside from that, as long as you return within 15 days of delivery, you are eligible for a refund. Within 30 days, you'll be looking at store credit alone (or an equal exchange). When coupled with a 1-5 days shipping time, their return policy is fair by our standards. Keep in mind that a 10% restocking fee applies if your return falls outside of the aforementioned parameters.

Well reviewed and well worth your time

Cufflinks has an "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau, and while general customer reviews are few and far between, they all rate a positive experience with Cufflinks. With their wide selection, fair prices, and customization options, Cufflinks is one of the best out there selling high quality accessories online, and is well worth your time if you're looking for the best.

Nordstrom Review 4.5 Star Rating


4.5 Star Rating
  • $50 to $600 designer and affordable cufflinks
  • Very generous return policy
  • Free standard shipping for all purchases
  • Pick up in store, or ship to your home

With a long history as a top department store, Seattle-based Nordstrom has graced malls and downtown locales since the mid-20th century. While most department stores are having trouble transitioning to the economic patterns of post-pandemic consumer behavior, Nordstrom has a history of good-quality offerings. So, how does that translate to their cufflinks?

Good range of good brands (and sales)

Nordstrom offers a good selection of cufflinks, mostly between the $50 to $300 dollar range, though occasionally trending to $600 to $800. While many of their $50 to $100 dollar offerings on our list are sourced from the wholesaler/website Cufflink Inc, Nordstrom's clearance sales often price their offerings below the wholesaler itself, which is a nice plus. In addition, Nordstrom offers a range of designer cufflinks from Gucci, Tateossian, Mont Blanc, David Yurman, and others - while not the top-of-the-top, they're well-regarded and high-quality brands.

Best Cufflink Stores

Flexible returns

Where Nordstrom really takes the cake is their flexible and generous return policy. With no specifications on "worn" or "not worn" , and even accepting returns if you don't have a receipt, Nordstrom promises to work with you for a satisfactory conclusion to any return or exchange. We appreciate that Nordstrom is willing to listen to and work with their customers regarding returns, as opposed to hiding behind opaquely-worded return policies. In fact, this excellent return policy is the main distinguisher between Nordstrom and other department store retailers on our list.

The best department store on our list

Nordstrom's combination of good sales, attractive range of cufflink options, and generous return policy, all have earned them the second-best spot on our list, and the best of the department stores therein. Whether you're shopping in store or online, perusing Nordstrom's cufflinks is well worth your time.

Cufflinks Depot Review 4 Star Rating

Cufflinks Depot

4 Star Rating
  • Free shipping on orders of $49 or more (plus $29 "gift" )
  • Price range of $50 to $2,000
  • 5-10 day shipping
  • Engraving and custom options
  • Returns within 14 days, final after 21 days

With an acumen of clients including TV shows such as Law and Order, and magazine features in Playboy and the Wall Street Journal, Cufflinks Depot has earned itself some distinguished clients. That being said, how does this Orlando-based internet retailer stack up to others on our list?

A good range of designer and themed offerings

Cufflinks Depot partners with a wide variety of brands and designers, which leads to a diversity of options whatever your budget: in general, their prices range from $50 to $1,000. Selling officially licensed merchandise from major brands such as Star Wars and Harry Potter, Cufflinks Depot's biggest selling point is free shipping on orders of $49 dollars or more, with an additional "gift" valued at $29 (they do not detail what this gift is, however). This is coupled with a wide selection of hobby-themed and engravable cufflinks, which can be the perfect way to give a creative and surprising gift, or commemorate a loved one through an engraved photograph or phrase.

An unfortunately-designed website

Where Cufflinks Depot falls short is in the navigation of products: it is simply not a well designed site. Where other retailers offer intuitive search functions, clear pictures, and concise descriptors of the specific metals their cufflinks are made of, Cufflinks Depot is a mixed bag. Not only are the cufflinks shown with poor image quality, but often some key details as to the makeup/metals of their cufflinks are left out.

Best Cufflink Stores

Missing information

For example, their "Two-Tone Round Engravable Cufflinks" state that the center is Sterling Silver, but give no indication as to the metal of the gold section; this trend is repeated across many of their offerings. Additionally, their inventory is sectioned-off in such a way that they impede casual browsing (such as delimiting their "sports" section by every sport, as opposed to being able to simply browse sport-themed cufflinks in general). Taken as a whole, the Cufflinks Depot website significantly detracts from the experience of purchasing cufflinks.

Good reviews and fair returns

If you return your merchandise within 14 days, you are eligible for a full refund; between 14 and 21 days and you're looking at store credit, while anything beyond that is a final sale. Additionally, Cufflinks Depot has an "A+" rating with the Better Business bureau, which speaks well to their customer service. While Cufflinks Depot's return policy is not bad by any means, keep in mind that competitors on our list offer shorter shipping times and longer return policies.

Good but not great

While almost equal in quality to the best on our list, Cufflinks Depot misses the top spot due to its sub-optimal website presentations, its low-information cufflink listings, and low-quality sample images. While by all accounts still offering a good product, and while their $49 free shipping is nice, the presentation of their product is hampered by unintuitive website design, and by insufficient descriptors of their products. As a purveyor of good quality cufflinks, we hope that Cufflinks Depot's website - and product-specifications - grows in quality to match that of their product.

Macy's Review 4 Star Rating


4 Star Rating
  • Huge variety and reasonable-to-luxury offerings ($50 to $1,000)
  • In-store pickup offered for online orders
  • Competitive pricing with rival retailers
  • Free shipping with orders of $49 or more
  • Returns within 30 days accepted both online and in-store

A shorthand for large department stores, and a symbol of luxury for years, Macy's has long cemented itself as an American staple (complete with movie representation and Thanksgiving Day parades). As an iconic brand and a solid spot in the collective unconscious of consumer America, how does Macy's hold up to the more specialized cufflink purveyors on our list?

Good range of mid-tier cufflinks

While it's a tough market for department stores more generally, we are impressed with Macy's cufflinks offerings. With around 900 cufflinks on offer, about 500 of which fall in the $50 to $100 price range, Macy's is one of the best mid-price cufflink purveyors on our list. On a closer look, many of its branded designer cufflinks are cheaper than the best on our list when bought on sale (which we appreciate). As far as a diversity of mid-price cufflinks goes, Macy's does an excellent job, even though they offer fewer high-end cufflinks than competitors.

Best Cufflink Stores

Generally good shipping and return policies

As an added bonus, their retail locations mean you can pick up your order in store or mail to your home, with free shipping on orders of $49 or more. We also appreciate Macy's generous return policy. Even if you order online, as long as you return within 30 days, Macy's accepts all returns for full refund, swaps, or in-store credit. While their shipping and returns aren't the best on our list, we appreciate the flexibility of both.

Overall, a fine choice for mid-price cufflinks

While they do not offer a myriad of flashy ultra-high-end cufflinks or any customization options, Macy's does an excellent job providing a good variety of sensible and stylish cufflinks (many sourced from another wholesaler featured on this list). If there is a Macy's close to you, or you are a fan of their frequent sales and rewards programs, then Macy's can be a good choice for your cufflinks.

Cufflinks Inc Review 4 Star Rating

Cufflinks Inc

4 Star Rating
  • Wide range of designer and officially licensed cufflinks (pricing varies)
  • Shipping within 5-7 business days (FedEx unless specified)
  • Engraving: no minimum order required
  • 2-D custom cufflinks: 25 minimum order
  • 3-D custom cufflinks: 50-100 minimum order

Located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Cufflinks Inc is the wholesale arm of Cufflinks, and offers bulk menswear accessories for separate sale. Cufflinks Inc. offers wholesale options for a wide variety of brands, designers, and franchises. Whether you want your store to carry Disney, Star Wars, NBA, Harry Potter, or just plain good-looking cufflinks, then Cufflinks Inc offers some high-quality options. Keep in mind that their cufflinks are not necessarily cheap, as the recommended MSRP ranges between $70 and $300 for a majority of their cufflinks.

Well supported custom cufflinks

One of Cufflinks Inc main draws are their robust custom-order cufflinks. Whether you're looking for a simple engraving, a 2-d flat cufflink, or 3-d piece, Cufflinks Inc can get it done. Keep in mind that order minimums and production times vary based on the complexity of the project, and the quality of the precious metal you choose. For example, while both 2-d and 3-d pieces will take about 4 to 6 weeks for a working sample, the production of your 3-d order will likely take about 5-6 weeks. Simultaneously, while a stainless steel order of 3-d cufflinks would require a 100 order minimum, the same cufflink made of sterling silver would only require a 25 order minimum. Pricing, of course, varies based on the complexity of your design, the precious metal chosen, and the size of your order.

Best Cufflink Stores

Samples and high-quality presentation

One thing we appreciate is that their custom orders include a sample showing sent to you before you commit to an entire purchase, and their non-custom orders include high-quality photographs and descriptive sizing and metal details for each cufflink. While these are small (and necessary) gestures, it is good to see that Cufflinks Inc is communicative, and puts their wholesale retail partners first in both custom and non-custom orders.

An excellent wholesale option

Whether you're looking for prefabricated high-quality cufflinks sourced from menswear professionals, or for officially-licensed products to sell in your store, Cufflinks Inc is an excellent wholesale option. If you're not looking for wholesale, but interested in Cufflinks Inc custom options or just a simple one-off gift purchase, be sure to visit their retail site at Cufflinks.

Neiman Marcus Review 3.5 Star Rating

Neiman Marcus

3.5 Star Rating
  • Large selection of $500+ designer cufflinks
  • Standard offering of mid-price cufflinks
  • 30 day returns (if in unworn condition)
  • Free shipping

Neiman Marcus has made a name for itself over the years as a high-quality luxury retailer. While Neiman Marcus LLC declared bankruptcy during the pandemic, and was purchased by an investment conglomerate, they have bounced back over the last few years and are performing well selling luxury and designer wear. That being said, how does their renewed success translate to their cufflink offerings?

Slightly higher price, more designer variety

Many of Neiman Marcus' designer cufflinks can be found from the wholesaler/retail website on our list: Cufflinks and Cufflinks Inc. While this isn't necessarily a problem, it just means that many of their mid-priced to high-end cufflinks can be found for the same price, or $20 to $100 dollars more than their competitor. That being said, Neiman Marcus has a good selection of high-end designer cuffs in the $500 to $3,000 range from brands such as Jan Leslie, Tateossian, David Yurman, and others. So, if designer and assured high-end quality cufflinks are what you're looking for, Neiman Marcus may very well be the best place to buy them.

Best Cufflink Stores

Free shipping: an okay return policy

We appreciate that Neiman Marcus offers free shipping for all purchases, which takes about 3-5 business days. However, their return policy is a bit lackluster; while Neiman Marcus accepts returns within 30 days, they do not accept items that have been worn or aren't in their original packaging. This means that if you try on your cufflinks at home, it is likely you won't be able to return them. When compared to competitors, Neiman Marcus' return policy doesn't quite meet the mark.

Good for designer cuffs, but not much else

While certainly a good choice for high-end designer clothing, Neiman Marcus' cufflinks are mostly a slightly higher price of what can be found elsewhere with a less generous return policy. Sure, it might be nice to grab a pair to go along with a clothing purchase you're already planning on, but don't go out of your way to buy some mid-price cufflinks with Neiman Marcus.

Brooks Brothers Review 3 Star Rating

Brooks Brothers

3 Star Rating
  • Price ranges of $5 to $300
  • Modest offering of high-end cufflinks
  • Free shipping on $200 plus purchase

Brooks Brothers has been a staple in high-end menswear since the 19th century (even providing Abraham Lincoln with his own, custom, presidential suit). Their long history in menswear hit a considerable snag, however, as a move away from formalwear during the pandemic led to their bankruptcy and buyout. That being said, how do their offerings look today?

Playfully vintage, high-end cufflinks

As of this review, Brooks Brothers offers cufflinks that can best be described as playfully vintage, with selections including refurbishments of silver pennies and dollars, American flags, the Statue of Liberty, and Monopoly-esque silver barbell and flatirons. While their offerings are tasteful there are relatively few, and they are also expensive: ranging from $90 to $250 dollars (although their "cloth knot" cufflinks are in the $5 range, which is a good, cheap option).

In store pickup or home delivery

A nice feature of Brooks Brothers having retail locations is that you are able to pick up in store (if you want to avoid shipping fees), or, if something isn't to your liking, you are able to return in-store as well, even if you purchased online. Returning online, however, entails a $7 fee. And, keep in mind that you only get free shipping with a purchase of $200 or more.

Best Cufflink Stores

Some poor customer service

Brooks Brothers' mix of retail/online options does little for their overall customer support, however, as shoppers frequently complain of frustrating return policies, and inefficient and poorly communicated shipping. Brooks Brothers' poor customer service ratings are reflected in their "D-" rating with the Better Business Bureau.

High quality clothes, somewhat lacking accessories and support

In short, while Brooks Brothers appears to continue selling high-quality menswear, in spite of the recent closure of most of their American production plants, their selection of cufflinks and other accessories are pricey and relatively limited. If you're already in the market for good quality menswear in general, then sure, it may be worth it to add on a pair of cufflinks to get free shipping, but if their current theme doesn't float your boat (or is outside your price range) then there are better accessory providers on our list.

Glamira Review 2 Star Rating


2 Star Rating
  • Over 1,000 cufflink options
  • Prices between $250 to $3,000
  • Free delivery
  • 60-day return policy
  • "Lifetime warranty" (but excludes third party repairs)

With an emphasis on personalized wedding and engagement rings, and touting its worldwide reach, Glamira specializes in high-priced luxury jewelry. When it comes to cufflinks, however, how does this supposedly-glamorous online retailer compare?

Huge variety...

Glamira offers a dizzying variety of high-end cufflinks, all in the $250 to $3,000 dollar range, each of which is customizable based on the precious metal and any desired accent stone. Whether you want silver, gold, palladium, amethyst, diamond, sapphire, garnet, or other stones, Glamira offers a wealth of customization options for each of their over 1,000 cufflink options.

...but poor user interface

While seemingly promising, Glamira's customization and variety can be somewhat of a hindrance. Navigating their website - with its frequent popups, automatically-opening windows when hovered over with the mouse, and frequently shifting user interface - is quite frankly a pain. While their sorting system does let you sort by the cut of the gem (trillion, baguette, pear), their style sorting options are just plain unhelpful. For example, what exactly is a fashion cufflink? And why are there 600 of them in one category? Glamira's website feels like it's trying to overwhelm their visitors into submission, which is unfortunate to say the least.

Good shipping and returns, a poor "lifetime warranty"

While Glamira does offer 60-day return and resizing (which we appreciate), there are significant caveats to other elements of their policy. For example, their "lifetime" warranty has some curious exceptions: their description of "manufacturer defect" precludes defects that involve the setting of gems. Failures in gem setting are attributed to "customer misuse" (read: just wearing the damn thing...). Additionally, taking their jewelry to a third-party jeweler apparently voids the warranty; the fact that the warranty of a piece of jewelry is voided by taking it to someone able to assess the quality is not a good look for Glamira. These issues are all the more salient when viewed in light of what we found regarding the quality of their product.

Best Cufflink Stores

Reviews hidden through careful management

While Glamira advertises their in-house production facilities as a guarantee of quality, customer reviews would indicate otherwise. Don't be fooled by Glamira's almost 5-star rating on their linked major review site. Such review sites often include business partnerships that allow them to strategically hide or remove negative reviews.

False advertising

A bit of digging reveals that a major British news company found that Glamira had falsely advertised a ring as a banded mixture of white and rose gold. When investigated by an expert, it was found to be a pure rose-gold ring with white-gold plating (a fact which Glamira denied). This investigation also found significant gem-setting errors, which Glamira denied and attributed to "customer misuse" ("it fell off a kitchen counter" ...which we think is hardly "misuse" ). When coupled with Glamira's "F" rating with the Better Business Bureau, these business practices appear unacceptably shoddy considering the price of their product. In short, Glamira - while having all the hallmarks of glamor - appears to have a history of cutting corners both in the quality of craftsmanship, and as such, we cannot recommend them for purchasing cufflinks.

Spending big money? Don't spend it at Glamira

An online retailer that is asking you to spend money (often) in the multiple thousands better have a spotless record and an extensive warranty. Glamira's only saving grace is their robust combination options, which no other retailers offer. However, it's hard to get excited about customization when just a bit of digging beyond the most SEO managed results reveals Glamira's record is far from spotless. If you want customizable quality, for your cufflinks, do yourself a favor and visit one of the more highly-rated retailers on our list, or even (at Glamira's price point) a local jeweler who can work to your specifications.

Cuff Daddy Review 1.5 Star Rating

Cuff Daddy

1.5 Star Rating
  • Wide selection of low-price (somewhat knock-off) cufflinks: $15 to $80
  • Moderate selection of personalized and vanity cufflinks
  • Free shipping over $50
  • Budget copies of designer labels

With a website that has an almost charming (read heavily into that "almost" ) mid-2000's feel, Cuff Daddy offers a substantial list of personalized cufflinks.

Wide and cheap selection of styles

Cuff Daddy's key distinguisher from its competitors is the moderate variety of cheap options on offer. Whether aviation, baseball, safari-animal or anything in between, Cuff Daddy offers a playfully broad selection of styles, all of which will range from $30 to $50: a decidedly budget price when compared to other companies.

Perpetual sales

Even though we love a good bargain, we don't necessarily appreciate the deceptive "sales" pricing on Cuff Daddy: every item on their website has a "crossed out" normal price, and a reduced "sale" price (of course, this sale is likely perpetual, as with many budget internet retailers). At Top Consumer Reviews, we think such labeling practices are deceptive, and would appreciate products simply listed as their actual price.

Deceptive labeling

Many of Cuff Daddy's offerings will cite cufflinks made of "gold" , sterling silver, and Swarovski crystal... all for less than $30 dollars? Additionally, many of their "gold" offerings do not note the purity of their offerings, which is repeated in their "rose gold" , and "Swarovski simulated pearl" cufflinks. Cuff Daddy is often a bit cagey about what their precious metal offerings are actually made of (though apparently they ship their cufflinks with a certificate of authenticity?). After a bit of digging, their "Rose Gold'' offerings are listed as "rhodium-plated brass" by online retailers with more strict labeling requirements.

Best Cufflink Stores

Imitation is flattery?

Additionally, they appear to imitate major designers as well, as their "classic gold" cufflinks (not gold) appear to be an imitation of Ox & Bull Trading Company's "Gold Knot Cufflinks" (which are made of gold). So, no, you aren't finding actual rose gold or gold-knot cufflinks for $29.99, just convincing brass imitations (but you wouldn't know it from their website). We would appreciate it if Cuff Daddy would more accurately label their imitation precious metal offerings; by deceptively labeling their products, it casts into doubt the quality of their entire stock.

A good return/exchange policy

While we may take umbrage with the quality of their cufflinks, reviews of Cuff Daddy through major online vendors (though few) trend positive, mostly praising the low price: however, many customers also note the low quality, and their tendency to break. But, Cuff Daddy's return policies are quite generous. If you mail your product to them within 60 days of purchase, they will refund your purchase or give store credit. They won't cover postage, however, unless they are at fault for the return. Considering the quality of their offerings, their return policy is surprisingly fair.

Fun designs, just know what you're buying

In sum, Cuff Daddy can be a great choice if you're looking to buy a variety of playfully-designed cufflinks to liven up your wardrobe. Just take care, as their low price is reflected in the fact that many of their supposed precious metal offerings are not precious metals at all, and in general, Cuff Daddy appears to imitate major designers for discount prices.

Walmart Review 1 Star Rating


1 Star Rating
  • Huge selection of 2$ to $50 dollar cufflinks
  • Some poorly-labeled and misleading cufflink claims
  • A base return policy of 14 days

Walmart needs almost no introduction: for good or ill, you can find one in almost every city, and they are well known as a low-price big box grocery, home goods, accessory and clothing retailer. All of that aside, how do their cufflinks compare?

Huge selection of very cheap goods

Walmart has a huge range of cheap cufflinks (over 1,000). Keep in mind that a vast majority of Walmart's sellers are third parties pushing cheap, poorly labeled, and misleading products. (In other words, no, that "gold/onyx" cufflink for $3 is not gold, not that it's labeled anywhere.) We know this for a fact as Cuff Daddy - one of the low-price, imitation brands that often mislabels precious metals - also sells through Walmart's online marketplace. And Walmart itself states that they don't verify product descriptions. So, if you buy cufflinks through Walmart's website, just know to have a critical eye towards any claims of quality.

Best Cufflink Stores

An okay return minimum... but experiences will vary

Because each third party has their own specific return policy through Walmart, your experience is going to vary. Their minimum policy states that third-party sellers need to give you at least 14 days to return "luxury" items, and 30 for everything else. These returns are handled by the same third parties that may deceptively label their products, so good luck if you try to return, as your experience is likely going to widely vary. At a certain point, why bother going through the trouble of mailing a $10 cufflink to a likely pseudonymous third-party reseller, when you would've been better off buying a slightly more expensive cufflink from a more trustworthy source?

You get what you pay for

Look, if you need ultra-cheap cufflinks in the $50 and under range, Walmart is undeniably a good choice: just keep in mind that you get what you pay for. If you want good, quality cufflinks for around $50, there are much better sellers on our list. But, if a huge selection of dirt-cheap cufflinks is your only consideration, then Walmart could very well suit your needs.

Compare the Best Reviews

Continued from above...

Another advantage of online cufflink stores is the convenience they offer. With online shopping, you can browse and purchase cufflinks from the comfort of your own home - or any location with internet access. This eliminates the need to visit traditional, physical stores and saves valuable time and effort. Additionally, online stores are open 24/7, allowing you to shop at your convenience. This flexibility is particularly advantageous for individuals with limited mobility or those residing in remote areas with limited access to physical retail stores.

Additionally, online cufflink stores often provide competitive pricing due to their lower overhead costs compared to brick-and-mortar stores. They eliminate expenses associated with physical retail spaces, such as rent, utilities, and staffing. These savings are often passed on to their customers in the form of reduced prices and special promotions. Moreover, online stores frequently offer exclusive discounts, seasonal sales, and loyalty programs, enhancing the affordability and value for customers.

Cufflinks actually didn't become a popular part of the modern wardrobe until the advent of the men's collared shirt and suit as the de-facto uniform of 19th century professionals. With buttons simply too flimsy to hold the thick and heavily-starched clothes of the time, and mass-production affording the streamlined creation of simple accessories, cufflinks became a menswear staple until cultural changes of the 60's led to less-professional menswear. As they are no longer an everyday sight, a good set of cufflinks can be a unique way to set your wardrobe apart.

While online cufflink stores offer numerous benefits to their customers, it can be a chore wading through the fly-by-night websites and deceptive marketing practices in search of quality cufflinks. As you start looking for the perfect accent to your wrist, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Metal and quality. What are your cufflinks made of? Are they gold-plated or gold? Rose-gold or brass? Be sure to check, as some less-scrupulous providers may not specify.
  • Hobby and vanity cufflinks. Many cufflinks range from high-fashion to playfully specific: an alma-mater or sport-themed cufflink can make an excellent and surprising gift.
  • Customization. Many of the best providers on our list provide customizable and engravable cufflinks. Whether a photo, phrase, or 3D image,, reputable companies on our list can bring your vision into life with their customization plans.
  • Return Policy. Return policies with retailers of cufflinks range from the generous to the frustratingly restrictive. Especially if you are purchasing cufflinks as a gift, be sure to browse the return policies before purchasing cufflinks (or any product) online.

Here at Top Consumer Reviews we've done the heavy lifting of locating and reviewing the best cufflink purveyors on the web. By winnowing the wheat from the chaff, you can rest assured that the retailer you choose will have the appropriate price range and style for your choice of cufflinks.

The Best Cufflink Stores Compare Cufflink Stores Compare Cufflink Store Reviews What are the best Cufflink Stores Best Cufflink Store Reviews

Cufflink Store FAQ

Cufflinks are essentially removable buttons, used to keep shirt cuffs closed. They come in a wide range of styles, materials and price points.
If you're wearing a dress shirt with French cuffs - the traditional style for black tie events, for example - you'll definitely need cufflinks. Why? These cuffs don't come with buttons sewn in, making cufflinks a must to keep your cuffs closed and tidy. You can wear cufflinks with cuffs that do have buttons, if you like the way they look!
That's entirely up to your preferences. Most cufflinks come in sizes ranging from 0.5" to 1" .
Metals used in cufflinks tend to be .925 sterling silver, stainless steel, palladium, 14k or 18k gold. Some may use gemstones for added elegance, or have intricate, eye-catching designs. You can also get cufflinks made of silk, leather, or bone.
Start by having your cuffs long and unfolded. Next, fold the cuffs back so that the holes are lined up. Place your cufflinks through all four layers of fabric (i.e. the folded-back cuffs on both sides of your wrists) and secure the backing mechanism. It's that easy!
Cufflinks should be considered as pieces of jewelry, and as such you may want to consider having them professionally cleaned from time to time by a jeweler. Otherwise, metal cufflinks can be kept tidy with a soft-bristled toothbrush, mild soap, and a cotton cloth to dry them before storage. If your cufflinks have gemstones, you want to avoid moisture and abrasives and just polish them with a soft, dry cloth.
A cufflink box is a nice way to store and organize them. These boxes have separate compartments to prevent scratches, and they keep your cufflinks out of direct sunlight and heat that can damage them. Even if you don't buy a specific box for your cufflinks, store them in a dry place and avoid using plastic bags or containers that can make them tarnish more quickly.
That's easy: you want the world's best selection at the best prices. It can be hard to find cufflinks in your typical brick-and-mortar jewelry store or department store, especially if you're looking for a novel design or something extremely high-end. There are many reputable retailers of cufflinks online today, who deliver an amazing array of cufflinks and offer an impressive level of customer service. Be sure to see what other clients have to say about any cufflink store you're considering, as well as the retailer's BBB listing, if you want added reassurance that you've chosen a reliable company for your purchase.
The Best Reviews of Cufflink Stores