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The Best Cupcake Clubs

Which Cupcake Club is the Best?

Cupcakes have been enjoyed as a sweet treat since the late 1700s, with today's flavors ranging from classic yellow cake with vanilla frosting to unique variations such as Maple Cinnamon and Lemon-Lime Vanilla Bean or elaborate, theme-focused creations. These individual-sized cakes are popular among people of all ages and are perfect for a variety of occasions, from baby showers to potluck picnics.

If you're looking for a way to indulge in the artistic creativity of baked goods on a regular basis, a cupcake club membership is an excellent option. With various plans to choose from, you or a loved one can receive several cupcakes in different flavors delivered straight to your door.

Sunday, May 19th

2024 Cupcake Club Reviews

Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award Amazing Clubs Review 5 Star Rating

Amazing Clubs

5 Star Rating
  • 12 full-size cupcakes in every delivery
  • Four different flavors in every shipment (3 cupcakes in each flavor)
  • Priced from $77.95 to $79.95 per month, depending on subscription length
  • Free shipping
  • Choose a club lasting three, four ("seasonal" ), six, or twelve months
  • Receive cupcake deliveries monthly or every other month
  • Pay in full upfront or pay-as-you-go
  • Fun newsletter
  • Easy to give as a gift
  • Skip a delivery anytime
  • Exceptional customer service and satisfaction guarantee
  • 12 full-size cupcakes in every delivery
Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

Amazing Clubs' Cupcake of the Month Club is the best option for cupcake lovers who want to indulge in delicious, high-quality treats each month. They've been delivering cupcakes through their club since 2003, and they know how to do it right.

Mouth watering deliciousness

With this club, you'll receive a monthly delivery of 12 freshly baked, gourmet cupcakes in four unique and mouth-watering flavors (three cupcakes of each flavor), sourced from the best bakeries nationwide. From classic vanilla and chocolate cupcakes to more adventurous options like lavender honey and blueberry lemon, the flavors change each month to keep things interesting and exciting. Previous selections have also included Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Raspberry Lemonade, and S'mores, to name just a few.

Lots of flexibility

Across all club categories, Amazing Clubs is almost always in our #1 or #2 spot. That's because you just won't find any other option that's as flexible and affordable. You can have your cupcakes come for 3, 6, or 12 months, delivered monthly or every other month. There's also a seasonal club, and your cupcakes will come in three-month intervals. Depending on which club length you choose, you'll pay $77.95-$79.95 per delivery, with no extra costs for shipping. Customers particularly appreciate that Amazing Clubs doesn't require them to pay in full for their cupcake club (or any other membership): you can if you want to, but it's the same price if you pay for each delivery as it happens.

You'll know in advance what flavors are coming

While you don't get to choose the flavors that you'll get here, you will know in advance what's coming in each box. If there's one you just can't stand - one of our recipients refuses to eat anything with peanut butter, for example - you can contact Amazing Clubs and ask them to skip that month. They'll just add it on to the end of your subscription, no problem.

Give this club as a gift

Another benefit of Amazing Clubs' Cupcake of the Month Club is their gift-giving options. You can choose to set up a membership for a loved one or friend, and they'll receive a personalized gift announcement - you decide if you want it emailed or regular-mailed on a particular date, or print one off to deliver in person - and free shipping on all of their deliveries. This makes it a great option for birthdays, holidays, or other special occasions.

Best Cupcake Clubs

Fun newsletter with every delivery

In addition to the monthly cupcakes, members also receive a newsletter - The Cupcake Chronicles - that details the bakery and process behind each month's selection. This adds an educational element to the club and allows members to learn more about the art of cupcake baking, fun facts about their favorite treats, and even some serving suggestions for new ways to enjoy them.

These cupcakes are a hit

Customer feedback for Amazing Clubs' Cupcake of the Month Club has been overwhelmingly positive. Many customers rave about the quality of the cupcakes, noting how moist and flavorful they are. The variety of flavors is also appreciated, with members excited to see what new and unique options will be included each month. The convenience of having the cupcakes delivered right to their doorstep is also a major plus, as it saves them time and effort of baking or making a trip to the supermarket.

100% satisfaction - guaranteed

And, with Amazing Clubs' "You'll Love It! Guarantee" , you can trust that if anything isn't exactly as you pictured it, this company will make it right. We've tried many of this company's memberships and have found the service to be beyond reproach.

#1 cupcake club

Amazing Clubs' Cupcake of the Month Club is a top-notch option for anyone who loves cupcakes and wants to enjoy them on a regular basis. With delicious flavors, high-quality ingredients, a monthly newsletter, and gift-giving options, this club has everything you need to satisfy your sweet tooth. And with overwhelmingly positive customer feedback, you can trust that you're getting the best of the best with this club. Make it the first club you consider when choosing where to get your cupcakes.

Not Pie Review 4 Star Rating

Not Pie

4 Star Rating
  • 6-pack of gourmet cupcakes in each delivery
  • Most cupcakes topped with signature marshmallow
  • $33 for one delivery
  • $95 for three months
  • $130 for quarterly deliveries
  • $165 for six months
  • $330 for one year
  • Free delivery on all subscription boxes
  • Gluten-free, vegan, and gluten-free + vegan subscriptions available
  • Contact the store to reschedule deliveries or make special requests

Not Pie offers a classic cupcake subscription service for customers who value simplicity. The company was founded by an entrepreneurial couple, Joshua and Amanda, who were inspired to help people celebrate special occasions regardless of their location.

Fantastic flavors

The cupcakes from Not Pie are baked in small batches with the finest ingredients and exotic flavors. Their cupcakes are renowned for their heavenly taste and signature marshmallow frosting, which is often dipped in ganache. Past cupcake flavors have included fresh apple with caramel, triple lemon with fresh strawberry mallow, and churro cinnamon topped with fresh banana mallow.

Get a half-dozen cupcakes every month

Slightly smaller than some of the cupcake clubs in our review, Not Pie's deliveries only come with six treats per delivery. They'll all be the same flavor, whatever is featured that month. But, this club is reasonably priced for the quantity: $33 if you just want to try it for a month, $95 for three months, $130 for a quarterly plan, $165 for six months, and $330 for a full year - and shipping is included at no extra cost.

Gluten-free and vegan cupcakes available

This is also one of the only cupcake clubs in our review that lets you opt into a gluten-free or vegan subscription (or even gluten-free AND vegan treats). It's priced the same as the standard cupcake membership, and the gluten-free baked goods are usually the same flavor and design.

Best Cupcake Clubs

Can accommodate delivery changes as needed

Another benefit of choosing Not Pie for your monthly goodies is that they can be flexible with delivery dates. Most clubs ship out their cupcakes at the same time of the month, from one month to the next, but what if you're trying to have your sweets on a special occasion? Or if you need to reschedule because you're going out of town? No worries: just shoot them an email and they'll be glad to make the arrangements. That probably goes for any months you might want to skip a flavor, if mocha isn't your thing or you"re allergic to pumpkin and see it's on the menu for an upcoming delivery.

Can be given as a gift subscription

If you're giving Not Pie's cupcake subscription box as a gift, it's no problem to include a personalized gift note. You'll find that tucked away in the checkout, in the "Shipping Information" box where it asks if there's a message you'd like to send.

Peek their social media to see what's new

While you might not find a ton of feedback for Not Pie in the usual places (like the BBB and Trustpilot), pop over to their Twitter and IG to take a peek at what's been baking there lately.

Excellent choice for cupcakes

We've bumped Not Pie way up in our rankings since our last review. We really love that they've expanded their selection to include our vegan and gluten-free friends who also want tasty treats, and that they're so willing to shift delivery timeframes to accommodate important holidays or special moments. While you'll need to choose a different cupcake club if you absolutely must have a dozen every month, there's no reason not to sign up for Not Pie if six is your perfect number and you like the idea of having their signature mallow topping on most of your cupcakes.

Sweet! Review 3 Star Rating


3 Star Rating
  • Two mystery-flavor cupcakes in a jar
  • $25.99 for 3 months
  • $48.99 for 6 months
  • $89.99 for 12 months
  • $9.99 shipping fee for each delivery

Sweet! Is a Jersey Shore sweet shop that offers cakes, candies, and all kinds of treats. In business since 2010, the Belmar location is beloved by locals and tourists alike.

Two cupcakes... in a jar?!

As much as we'd be the first ones at the door if we were in town on a visit, we're a little mystified by the Cupcake of the Month Club at Sweet! It's not just because each delivery comes with a surprise flavor - that's pretty standard in the cupcake club industry and it makes it fun to see what you get. But, instead of coming in a box, your two cupcakes (yes, just two) come in a mason jar. How do you get them out without smearing frosting everywhere? Or squishing them? Sweet! loses points from us on presentation, because there's just no pretty way to serve the treats once you get them out of the jar. Have a napkin handy.

On the expensive side

We're also not overly impressed by the value here (or lack of it). To get two cupcakes a month for three months, you'll pay $25.99 - sounds good, until you tack on the $9.99 per delivery shipping fee. Do the math: you'll spend more on getting the cupcakes to you (almost $30) than you will for the cupcakes. And the final cost will be over $55 for a grand total of six cupcakes. That's a lot.

Best Cupcake Clubs

Better value with longer memberships

You could go with a longer subscription and get a better value. A 6-month cupcake club is $48.99, and a year-long membership is $89.99. But don't forget about that $9.99 shipping fee that will be added for each month of deliveries.

Good but not the best

We don't doubt that Sweet! bakes cupcakes that are delectable and that would be a lovely taste of home for anyone that's visited the shop in person. But when you compare this Cupcake of the Month Club to its higher-ranked rivals, there's just no comparison. Sweet! itself is worth a visit, but the cupcake membership here will probably get a "pass" from most customers who are looking for something a little more well-rounded (and definitely more than two cupcakes per delivery).

Unicorn Bake Shop Review 2.5 Star Rating

Unicorn Bake Shop

2.5 Star Rating
  • $30/month for six vegan cupcakes
  • No lengthy subscription required: cancel anytime
  • Delivery in the Portland, OR area only

Unicorn Bake Shop is a Portland-area bakery that specializes in vegan cupcakes. Carrie, the original "Unicorn" , realized her dream of owning a bakery and having a team of fun and friendly people. Definitely more joy than her previous job in IT.

Cool flavor variety

There are some interesting flavors in Unicorn Bake Shop's rotation. For example, during the month of this evaluation, they included Head in the Clouds (marshmallow creme vanilla cupcake with marshmallow buttercream), Blast Off (copycat of Taco Bell's Baja Blast), Space Cadet (chocolate cupcake with raspberry buttercream and drizzle), and several others.

Gluten-free available, but not in the cupcake club

While this store does sell gluten-free cupcakes, they don't have an option to choose those in the cupcake club. You'd have to place a special order outside of the subscription instead.

No commitment, just cupcakes and surprises

When you sign up for UBS' cupcake club, you'll get a six-pack of cupcakes for $30 - and sometimes you'll get sparkly surprises with them, like stickers or other extras. One additional upside to the cupcake club here is that there's no long-term commitment. You'll be charged $30 until you cancel, so you can let that roll as long as you wish.

Best Cupcake Clubs

Only for Portland locals

Unfortunately, unless you live in the Portland area, this cupcake club won't deliver to you. On the one hand, it's nice to think of your treats being hand-delivered every month - so if you do live there, this could be the perfect option. But, for most people dreaming of tasty treats coming right to their door, Unicorn Bake Shop isn't going to be available.

Reviews aren't always about the baked goods

It's also a little tricky to see what people think about this cupcake club and about the bakery itself. A few years ago, Unicorn Bake Shop took a position on a hot button topic, and many of the reviews (both positive and negative) were left in reaction to that - and not necessarily about the quality of the cupcakes.

Delivery area is too limited

Unless Unicorn Bake Shop expands its cupcake club delivery options, it's just not going to compete with rival subscriptions that can reach addresses across the US. We don't doubt that these vegan cupcakes are delicious, but most of us won't have the option to give this club a try.

Baked by Melissa Review 2 Star Rating

Baked by Melissa

2 Star Rating
  • 25 or 50 mini-cupcakes in each delivery
  • Prices start at $168.48 for quarterly club and $466.56 for 12-month club
  • One-time shipping fee of $15.95
  • Many different cupcake flavors in each box
  • Nut-free subscription available

Baked by Melissa is a popular bakery that specializes in bite-sized cupcakes. Founded in 2008 by Melissa Ben-Ishay, the bakery has become well-known for its colorful and creative cupcakes that are perfect for any occasion. Baked by Melissa offers a variety of flavors, from classic options like vanilla and chocolate to more unique and adventurous choices like chocolate chip pancake or peanut butter and jelly.

Beautiful bite-sized deliveries

One of the standout features of Baked by Melissa is their cupcake subscription service. With this service, subscribers receive a monthly delivery of their bite-sized cupcakes in a variety of flavors. The cupcakes are shipped fresh and arrive in a beautiful and colorful box that's perfect for sharing with friends and family or enjoying all to yourself.

Several options for your mini-cupcake club

There are several subscription options available from Baked by Melissa. You can opt for the YOLO, which is a quarterly membership delivered spring, summer, winter, and fall. Decide if you'd rather get 25 or 50 mini-cupcakes in each package: it's $168.48 for the smaller quantity and $259.20 for the bigger one. Flavors? You'll get an assortment including three new seasonal flavors, the ever-changing Mini of the Month, plus all eight original flavors. So, in a typical delivery, that could look like this: tie-dye, cookies and cream, PB&J, cookie dough, triple chocolate fudge, chocolate chip pancake, red velvet, mint cookie, sugar cookie, double chocolate cookie dough, cookie butter, and white chocolate cookies & cream.

No FOMO with the year-long membership

Feel like you'll be missing out if you don't get cupcakes every month? The FOMO subscription is for you, then. You have the same choice between 25 and 50 mini-cupcakes per shipment and the flavors will be the same - except you'll never miss a Mini of the Month or new seasonal special. You'll pay $466.56 for the year to get 25 per month, and $699.84 to get 50 mini-cupcakes each month for a year.

Nut-free club also available

Baked by Melissa is one of just a few cupcake clubs who also have a nut-free plan available. You'll pay the same and have the same subscription options (25 or 50, quarterly or monthly deliveries) in the Notta Nut club as the other plans, but your flavors will all be nut-free: tie-dye, cookies & cream, triple chocolate fudge, red velvet, cookie dough, chocolate chip pancake, and mint cookie. Just be aware that the bakery itself does process peanuts, tree nuts, and other allergens.

Best Cupcake Clubs

Helpful serving guidelines

By the way, how many servings will you reasonably get when ordering Baked by Melissa's minis, anyway? The bakery recommends 4-5 treats per person if you're serving them as a main dessert, and 2-3 cupcakes per person if you're also serving other things. That should help if you're subscribing to the club to keep your office break room stocked or planning on serving these cupcakes at a monthly event.

Enter gift message at checkout if desired

If you're giving this cupcake club as a gift, you can enter a message for the recipient during checkout. That's about the extent of the fanfare here, though: you won't get a fun newsletter or any other upgrades, just the cupcakes.

Customer satisfaction has plummeted lately

Unfortunately, we've had to drop Baked by Melissa significantly in our rankings. When we went to look at customer feedback, most of what we found in the months leading up to our review was negative. We weren't overly turned away by the business' "F" rating with the Better Business Bureau: the reason for the low grade was failing to respond to two customer complaints and for having 8 total complaints filed there. Those aren't exactly thousands of problems, after all.

Poor customer reviews

But when we looked on Yelp, we found rant after rant that specifically talked about missing or late deliveries. Most of those didn't have a response from Baked by Melissa either. Disgruntled customers ordered cupcakes to be delivered for a certain event, only to have them show up days after the fact, and with no offer of a refund or any other attempt to make it right. That's troublesome.

Not recommended

Maybe if you're not too particular about when your mini-cupcakes arrive, you could consider subscribing to the club at Baked by Melissa. But, from where we sit, this subscription isn't backed by a satisfaction guarantee that makes it worth the money (or the risk of not getting your goodies at all). Take a look at the other cupcake club choices in our evaluation, because you've got options who provide much more reliable service.

Compare the Best Reviews

Continued from above...

Whether you savor the delicate notes of a white chocolate raspberry cupcake, delight in the rich flavors of German chocolate, or want to explore unusual creations like tie-dye, there are many options to choose from. Some cupcake clubs even incorporate unique and fun twists, such as delivering bite-sized amounts of cupcakes or even cupcakes in a jar..

One of the main reasons why cupcake clubs have become so popular is convenience. You can enjoy freshly baked cupcakes without having to go out to a bakery or spend time baking them yourself. This is especially good for people with busy schedules who may not have the time or energy to bake their own cupcakes. Cupcake clubs can also be a great gift idea for friends and family members who live far away or who are difficult to shop for.

Another reason why people love cupcake clubs is the variety of flavors and styles of cupcakes that you can try. Each month, you can look forward to a new selection of cupcakes that are carefully curated by the cupcake club. These cupcakes may include traditional flavors like chocolate and vanilla, as well as more unique and adventurous flavors like lavender and honey or raspberry cheesecake. This variety can be especially appealing for people who enjoy trying new foods and flavors.

Cupcake clubs also provide an opportunity for people to develop their taste preferences and discover new flavors and styles of cupcakes that they may not have tried before. For example, someone who typically prefers chocolate cupcakes may discover a new love for lemon or coconut cupcakes through their subscription. This can be a fun and exciting way to expand culinary horizons and try new things.

With consumers wanting choices and so many great options to choose from, it's not surprising that cupcake clubs have become more and more popular over the past few years. However, cupcake club features vary almost as much as the flavors themselves. You may want to think about whether the company includes shipping, how many cupcakes are delivered, and what perks are included in club plans. Additionally, you'll need to decide whether you are looking for a classic cupcake experience or a more whimsical treat. A few cupcake clubs also have menu options that meet the needs of gluten-free and vegan customers.

In general, when selecting the right Cupcake Club for you, there are several factors to consider:

  • Variety. Are you (or your lucky recipient) a foodie through and through? Then choose a cupcake club that gives you several different flavors - either over the course of your membership or, better yet, within each delivery.
  • Cost. What will you pay for each monthly shipment of cupcakes? Is shipping included in the price? How many cupcakes will you get? Also, take note on whether you'll have to pay for the entire subscription in full when you place your order or if you can pay as you go.
  • Club length. How long would you like to receive cupcakes? Most clubs let you choose 3-, 6-, or 12-month plans. You may also be able to modify the frequency to every other month, essentially doubling the length of time you get your sweet treats delivered.
  • Gift-giving features. If you're sending a cupcake club to a special someone, look for a company that makes it extra-nice. This could include a gift announcement, a fun newsletter, and so on.
  • Reputation. Have many people purchased this cupcake club? Are there any customer reviews you can check out? Some smaller businesses might not have thousands of ratings to consider, so you might need to look at their social media accounts for more feedback.

If you're a self-proclaimed cupcake fanatic (no shame, we are too!), you need to join a cupcake club. To help, Top Consumer Reviews has done the hard work for you and ranked the best clubs available today. You can find the perfect cupcake club membership that fits your cravings and sweet tooth needs. So what are you waiting for? Let's get this cupcake party started!

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Cupcake Club FAQ

Not from the stale selection at your local grocery store! Cupcake clubs specialize in sourcing tasty treats from artisan bakers around the nation, bringing you flavors you likely won't find anywhere else. How does Dark Chocolate Passion Fruit or Vanilla Pomegranate sound? Those are just two of the mouth-watering selections you might get when you sign up for a cupcake club.
Most clubs offer monthly deliveries. From there, you choose whether you want the membership to last anywhere from three months to a year. Some providers also let you specify if you'd like your cupcake club to come every other month or even once per quarter.
You'll pay between $7.50 to $56 per delivery, depending on the cupcake club provider you choose. On the lower end of the price range, you might get two cupcakes in each shipment, while the higher end comes with a dozen treats.
That depends on the cupcake club. Some include delivery costs in the monthly price, while others charge per delivery - as much as $15 each time! You'll definitely want to take that into account as you decide which plan is the best one for you.
Most specialty memberships - like cupcake clubs- gain a lot of business through word of mouth. That means they want you to be thrilled with all of the treats you get! If you get a delivery with cupcakes that didn't survive the trip or aren't 100% amazing for any other reason, you can almost always request a refund, credit, or reshipment if you reach out to customer service.
Definitely! Some cupcake clubs have been around for many years, going to great lengths to keep finding new bakeries and flavors to delight their loyal subscribers. As subscription clubs have grown in popularity, the choices have expanded too. It's never a bad idea to see what other customers have to say about a club before committing to a membership.
One of the most entertaining parts of a monthly cupcake club - besides the actual eating, of course! - is finding out more about where they came from. Most clubs include a fun newsletter that gives you more details about your cupcakes: which bakery made them, how the flavor choices were dreamed up, and maybe even recommended beverage pairings!
Who doesn't love a good cupcake? More often than not, cupcake clubs are purchased as a gift, offering tasty treats that keep the happy moments coming for months at a time. You can usually include an announcement or special message when purchasing the club for someone else.
The Best Reviews of Cupcake Clubs