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Canva Review

Sunday, March 3rd

2024 Custom T-Shirt Store Reviews

Canva Review 4.5 Star Rating


4.5 Star Rating
  • Tees for $25
  • Men's, women's, and kids' tees
  • Unique design UI
  • Free version includes templates
  • Free shipping
  • Free digital downloads and sharing

Established in 2013, Canva emerged as an internet-based design and visual communication platform, driven by a goal to provide global accessibility to design and seamless publication. Designers worldwide utilize this platform to craft innovative artworks, benefitting from its array of on-site templates and the option to upload personal images. Whether commencing with a Canva template or creating entirely original designs from the ground up, users can embark on their creative journey, all for free.

User-friendly design editor

Complete with a comprehensive array of features, Canva offers free drag-and-drop design tools that enable the effortless and swift creation of diverse T-shirt designs. This includes access to numerous customizable templates, millions of free images, icons, and graphics, as well as the convenience of real-time collaboration. Additionally, Canva provides free standard shipping for ordered prints, a font library with an option to upload custom fonts, access across various devices, easy sharing and exporting tools, and even a Brand Kit feature for seamless brand consistency.

Advanced customizations

Advanced customizations like a color palette generator, one-click background remover, and the ability to invite team members for collaborative work are included in the platform. Canva's range of functionalities caters to both beginners and professionals alike, making design tasks efficient and accessible.

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Easy designs in 5 steps

Creating personalized T-shirts with Canva involves a straightforward process:

  1. Initiate your design by either choosing a template from Canva's library or opening a blank t-shirt page.
  2. Personalize your design by incorporating graphics, and text, or uploading your own images to make it uniquely yours.
  3. Solicit feedback from acquaintances, family, or team members using a shareable link or social media platforms.
  4. Finalize your design and place an order by specifying your desired T-shirt size, style, and quantity.
  5. Enjoy the convenience of free standard shipping as your order is delivered to your doorstep.

Full range of tees and other design products

Canva is a one-stop shop for every kind of printmaking, not just tees. But for T-shirts, their options aren't too shabby either. The company offers women's, men's, kids', toddlers', and infants' T-shirts. There are 7 colors for the shirt fabric itself and a full range of adult and child sizes including XL and 2XL (without any extra charge for the size increase).

Variety of digital customizations

If you're interested in Canva's other items, you can easily browse their offerings on the main page. You can create fully digital items (like social media posts or video presentations), posters, drinkware, business cards, and hoodies. This is the ultimate one-stop shop for digital design and you can easily transfer your designs from one type of product to another. It's considered one of the top industry sites for creative professionals.

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Flat-rate prices but premium adds more

There are two things you need to know before you get into Canva.

  • First, all of their shirt prints are exactly the same price regardless of gender or size. No matter what you pick it will be $25 per shirt (even if you have multiple designs on one shirt). Once you start ordering more shirts, you can get discounted prices including:
    • 10% off on 6-19 shirts
    • 15% off on 20+ shirts
  • Second, while you can design totally for free and print without incurring extra costs, there is a "pro" version of Canva that keeps some of its features behind a paywall. Canva Pro costs $119.99 per year, so that might be a steep price for customers looking for one or two shirts. However, you don't have to subscribe to Pro to use the Pro features. The only difference is that you will be charged per "premium element" you use in your design, and that price will be added at the end of your design process.

Free shipping

While the cost of $25 per shirt might seem a little high, the cost is offset slightly by the free shipping offered by Canva. The shipping cost is completely free no matter how many shirts you order, which means the price you see at checkout is the price you pay.

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Rave reviews for design, but missing some tee styles

Customers across the web are raving about Canva. While the company doesn't have a page on the BBB, customer reviews make up for the missing content on the Better Business Bureau. There's hardly a site out there that hasn't reviewed Canva. The average star rating across different review sites is a solid 4.1 stars. Customers use it for a variety of design needs, so it's a little hard to find details about the T-shirts in particular. On that note, the reviews we found noted that the shirts were high quality with clear prints and comfy fabrics. However, since Canva is a one-stop shop for designing more than just T-shirts, customers complained in some reviews that there aren't many style options (like necklines, sleeve lengths, or fabric choices), which was a significant downside.

Top notch as a design site

The bottom line? Canva is a powerhouse for design, but the overall impression customers get is that it's a design site first and a shirt-printing service as an afterthought. While the fabric offered is soft and the quality is high, there just isn't a lot of customization available for the shirts themselves. On the design side, Canva is considered one of the industry powerhouses for creating artwork. So, if you're a design pro looking for a place to put your work onto fabric, Canva is an outstanding option. However, for someone who wants to focus all their effort on making unique and fun T-shirts, this might not be the site for you. It's totally worth designing on (and the design process is totally free to use), but as a service just for printing T-shirts, Canva comes a bit short of being our top choice.

Where is the Best Place to Buy Custom T-shirts Online?

The fashion landscape has undergone a remarkable transformation in recent years, with personal expression and individuality taking center stage. Among the myriad forms of self-expression, custom T-shirts have emerged as a canvas for showcasing creativity, passions, and affiliations. From witty slogans that spark laughter to designs that resonate deeply with personal interests, custom T-shirts have become more than just clothing; they are a means of sharing one's identity with the world.

In a digital era characterized by limitless possibilities, the popularity of personalized T-shirts has surged. According to market trends, online retailers specializing in custom apparel have witnessed substantial growth, offering a wide array of options to cater to diverse tastes and preferences. The convenience of digital platforms not only allows for effortless browsing and selection but also enables users to bring their unique designs to life.

The Best Custom T-Shirt Stores Compare Custom T-Shirt Stores Compare Custom T-Shirt Store Reviews What are the best Custom T-Shirt Stores Best Custom T-Shirt Store Reviews

Custom T-Shirt Store FAQ

As they say at Disney World, "If you can dream it, you can do it" ! Whether you want matchy-matchy shirts for your next family reunion, a funny over-the-hill quote and image for someone's 50th birthday, or literally any other theme and idea, you should have no problem finding a t-shirt printing company that can get it done.
Most custom t-shirt retailers have options for one-off orders, with no minimum required. However, you'll usually get a discount when you order more, and some shirt designs might have a minimum order amount. Just shop it around until you find the store that can meet your needs.
No! You can find retailers offering shirts starting at just $9. You can add extras like a name on the front or a jersey number on the back that might come with additional fees. Shipping costs vary by retailer as well: a few stores offer free shipping on all orders, while others have a minimum purchase amount to qualify for no-cost delivery.
Most of the time, yes. You should be able to spot that option quickly as you choose the t-shirt style that interests you.
Of course: isn't that usually the point of a custom t-shirt? From team logos to silly candid photos, you can add whatever you like. The only limitation is if you're trying to use an image that's copyrighted (e.g. your favorite anime character or an album cover): some print shops will reject your t-shirt design if you're using a legally-protected image.
It takes time to produce a custom t-shirt. If you go with the free shipping option, the average turnaround time is 7-10 days from order to delivery. If you're willing to pay to expedite your order, you could get your shirt(s) in just a few days.
Some print shops offer embroidery as an add-on service. Expect the price of each shirt to go up, and for your order's production time to be significantly longer than a simple screen print job.
That depends on the store you select. Most have a satisfaction guarantee within the first 10-30 days of receiving your order, but some retailers will only give you a reprint or a store credit instead of a refund.
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With a few clicks, one can choose fabric, colors, graphics, and text to craft a T-shirt that is truly one-of-a-kind. Furthermore, the ability to personalize T-shirts for special events, promotional campaigns, or group activities has made online customization services a go-to choice for those seeking a tangible representation of their vision.

With sites out there that cater to artists trying to make it big with original designs or amateur creatives just looking to make something more personal, there are unlimited possibilities for making prints. Whether you want something steamed onto the fabric, printed in ink, or embroidered onto your new tee, there's a style out there for everyone and marketplaces for every creative purpose. In a world where self-expression knows no bounds, the best online retailers for custom T-shirts understand the power of wearing your uniqueness on your sleeve - literally.

Since there are so many places to create custom t-shirts, it can be a little overwhelming to try and pick just one. To get you started on crafting the best wearable art out there, we've put together a list of things you can consider to help you decide where to start shopping:

  • Cost. There are lots of ways to buy custom tees. Knowing whether you want one custom shirt or a bulk order of tees can completely change your costs. So, knowing how much you want to spend on one (or 12) is a great way to start narrowing down your options.
  • Styles. Not all t-shirts are the same. Maybe you're looking for a casual vacay tee or perhaps you'd prefer a custom golf shirt for your buddies at the office. Either way, you'll want to make sure that your chosen retailer has the styles that you need. From hoodies to sleeveless tees, there's plenty to choose from, but some companies have more options than others.
  • Design interface. Some of you might be pro artists and designers, but others might just want to create a fun gift for a family member or friend. Finding a site with a user-friendly design editor could make or break your custom t-shirt experience. Keep an eye out for the services that don't have a huge learning curve to get your dream tee put together.

To make sure your next custom tee is a huge success, Top Consumer Reviews has reviewed and ranked the best custom t-shirt companies on the market today. This way you can focus on the fun creative side without the stress of sifting through tons of online print shops. Hopefully, this helps you get one step closer to wearing your dream design!

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