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Bumble Review

Friday, December 9th

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Bumble Review 1.5 Star Rating


1.5 Star Rating
  • In business since 2015
  • Free version with limited features
  • 1 day, 1 week, 1, 3, and 6-month, and lifetime subscription options
  • Prices range from $1.99/day to $150 for lifetime

Bumble was started in 2015 by Whitney Wolfe Herd who was one of the co-founders of a competitor dating site. Things went south in that relationship and after some time, she was convinced to go ahead and create another dating app. Her goal was to create a site that was safe and comfortable for women - which is what is unique about Bumble. Women make the first move every time. The app has expanded to include a friendship site as well as a business site for professional networking.

Women make the first contact

Bumble works much like Tinder in that you swipe right if you're interested in someone and swipe left if you aren't. The catch is that in heterosexual relationships, the female is the only one that can make the first contact. Sign up is an easy process and can be done by either your Facebook account or your phone number. Once a match is made you have 24 hours to send the first message. Then a match has 24 hours to respond back. Once those first contacts have been made you can talk back and forth without limits. They feel that this shifts the cultural norms and encourages gender equality from the start.

Automatically blur unwanted images

Bumble also has a feature that automatically blurs a nude image in their system, letting you be the one to decide if you'd like to view it or not. Something we liked from our research was that, as a company, they worked to get a law passed in their home state of Texas against sending unsolicited nude images.

Daily subscription option

Subscriptions for Bumble are as unique as their business model. This is the only company we came across that gives a daily option. Since the free features aren't much to write home about - you can create your profile, swipe, and send messages, but we did see that you can only read the first message to come into your inbox - you can pay for just a day and see if it's worth it to you to pay for longer.

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Paid plans

Bumble give you two paid plans to choose from - Boost and Premium.

  • The cost for Boost isn't bad at just $1.99 for the day. Boost gives you more than 24 hours to chat with a match, plus a second chance to connect with an expired match. If you want more than a day, Boost is $6.99/week, $18.99/month, $39.99 for 3 months, $59.99 for 6 months.
  • Premium, on the other hand, is $3.49 for the day and gets you all that boost does, plus you can see who swiped on you . You also get extra filters to hone in on who you're looking for. If you want to extend Premium beyond a day, the cost is $13.99/week, $29.99/month, $59.99 for 3 months, $99.99 for 6 months, $149.99 for lifetime.

With either plan, you can also buy groups of "spotlights" which get you to the front of the queue and seen by more people in your area. Those $4.99 for 1, $12.99 for 5, $29.99 for 15, and $49.99 for 30. Boost and premium already come with 1 spotlight per week and 5 "superswipes" which lets you add a heart to your swipe indicating extra interest.

BBB gives a "pattern of complaint" notice

Bumble has an "F" rating with the BBB. Not only that, but they have a "pattern of complaint" notice at the top and it doesn't look pretty. The patterns the BBB mentions are threefold - the site's "no refund policy" is preventing customers from getting billing disputes resolved, accounts are being deleted without warning or explanation, and customer service is either very slow or doesn't respond at all. Considering these issues are bad enough to elicit a notice from the BBB, we'd say this is a dating site to stay away from.

Try a different company first

While the premise of Bumble is an interesting and unique one, we feel that you are probably better off either sticking with the free version or just trying out a day to make sure you're really interested before you plunk down more money - especially considering Bumble's less-than-stellar rating from the BBB.

What is the Best Online Dating Site?

If you're interested in online dating, you're not alone. Online dating is getting more and more popular as time goes by. In a recent survey it was found that 39% of heterosexual couples first met their spouse online. That's a 17% increase from what the numbers were in 2009. For good or bad, online dating is a common and oft-used way to meet new people.

For better or worse, the days of randomly meeting someone and falling in love at a party, in a bar, or at the supermarket are going by the wayside. Many people find that meeting someone online gives them more control over who they meet as well as an overall safer experience. After all, if you meet online you can actually do some research on a potential date before ever meeting up with them in person.

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Dating Site FAQ

Dating can be a struggle sometimes, thank goodness for online dating! Here's a few tips that experts recommend boosting your online dating experience. After selecting a dating site, take time to create a quality profile for yourself. When creating your profile be honest, pick a photo that puts your best impression of yourself and who you are, make sure to include information that makes you stand out. Also, don't reveal any personal information that you would not want to share with a stranger. When it comes to first meeting or chatting with someone, be open minded and keep conversations short but not generic. Saying "Hi, what's up?" is generic. Instead, try saying: "Hey (insert name here), how are you today?" Having a non-generic approach is more likely to grab their attention.
Yes! But, when it comes to online dating, there are precautions you should take. Never give out your personal information, like phone number, snapchat, email, and online media profiles until you really know the person. Do your research before any potential dates. Video chat or talk on the phone before meeting in person. Once you're ready to meet in-person choose a public space, drive yourself, carry pepper spray, and stay sober.
Everyone is different, so this will be your own best judgement. If you feel comfortable, and know that the person's intentions are similar to yours, then it's the right time to cautiously meet in person. If you aren't sure, try video chatting before meeting to help ease your nerves. Please keep in mind, it may take others longer to feel comfortable.
Communication comes in various methods depending on the site you choose. Some sites have safe and secure messaging options with the ability to send pictures or video chat. We recommend using secure communication methods before giving out your personal information to a potential date.
On average, a person has an online dating profile for 2 to 4 months. However, you can start sending messages and communicate right away. Of coiurse, everyone's experience is different. Some may find their match quickly, while others may keep looking longer.
Online dating typically costs $24 to $60 per month with a monthly subscription. For a lower price, some sites offer bundle purchase contracts for a period of time that reduces the per month price.
You can discontinue your service at any time. When you cancel your membership make sure that your payment method has been removed and your profile has been deleted. Some companies offer a trial period to try out the service before making any commitment.
Most online dating sites allow great customizable search options. Typically, you can filter your search from preferences that can include: age, level of education, height, body type, religion, political views, activity level, location, do they drink, do they smoke, intentions, star signs and more. Make sure to look at the details before choosing a dating site.
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Continued from above...

Some online dating services have been around for almost 30 years, while others are still fairly new. With so many options out there - and as many price ranges to go with them - it can be daunting to try and figure out which one is the best fit for your personality and budget. There are a number of features that you should consider as you compare:

  • Relationship. What is it you are looking for in a match? Do you want a long-term relationship? A casual affair? A friendship? Some sites cater more toward one than another.
  • Safety features. What does the site have in place to keep you safe? Do they use anonymous email communication? Do you ever see full names of matches before you are ready to disclose that yourself? Does the site offer sound advice on how to keep yourself safe from predators? Never give out private information that could be used to search you up outside of the site.
  • Profile information. There needs to be a good balance of not taking weeks to set up, but also giving enough choices that you feel like someone gets a good feel for you - and you for them. Or do you prefer to go 100% on physical attraction and your gut feeling about a picture? There are options for all kinds.
  • Cost. What is your budget? Some sites are very affordable while others can cost thousands by the time you're done. Also make sure to note how the payments are collected. Do they auto renew? If you're doing more than a month, is the full amount for the time period due at once?
  • Platform. Most have web versions as well as an app that you can use, but there are a couple that only have an app. One popular online dating site has neither, relying on live interaction.
  • Support. How much does customer service matter to you? Do you feel you're likely to need it? If so, what is the company's reputation for being easy to work with?

TopConsumerReviews.com has reviewed and rated the best online dating services available today. We hope this information puts you on the right path to finding the relationship you are looking for!

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