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NutriFit Review

Wednesday, May 29th

2024 Diabetes-Friendly Meal Delivery Reviews

NutriFit Review 3.5 Star Rating


3.5 Star Rating
  • Price per serving: Starts at $44.44
  • Shipment frequency: Fully customizable
  • Daily meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks
  • Carbs per meal: Customizable
  • Number of recipes: Not specified
  • Prep time: A few minutes

NutriFit stands out not just for its high-profile clientele but for its commitment to delivering healthful, diabetes-friendly meals right to your doorstep. Since 1987, they've been on a mission to blend gourmet culinary experiences with nutritional science, aiming to cater to a wide array of dietary needs, including diabetic diets. But let's be honest, quality of this caliber comes with a price tag that reflects its celebrity patronage. Is it worth it? Let's dive in.

A holistic approach to health

What sets NutriFit apart? Beyond just meal delivery, they offer a suite of services designed to support your overall health journey: think metabolic testing, nutritional guidance, and even cooking classes. They'll do more than just feed you; they want to educate and empower you to make sustainable health choices. With a founder like Jackie Keller, whose extensive credentials span from Le Cordon Bleu to wellness coaching, you're in expert hands. But here's the catch: all these qualifications, premium services, and the celebrity endorsements should clue you in to the fact that you're looking at a pretty penny for your meals.

Embarking on your NutriFit journey

The path to personalized meal delivery starts with a visit to NutriFit's polished website. First, input your zip code to make sure that NutriFit can deliver to your area. Next, you're invited to select your goals, with options ranging from weight management to pregnancy to sports nutrition. For those specifically looking for diabetes-friendly meals, you'd choose "Health Management" and then select "Diabetic or Pre-Diabetic" from the dropdown menu.

Customizing to your diet

Here's where NutriFit truly shines. Where it might otherwise be tricky to eat a diabetes-friendly diet in combination with other dietary restrictions, at NutriFit, you're presented with a buffet of dietary options to choose from - whether you're strictly vegan, gluten-free, or following a Mediterranean diet, NutriFit has you covered. They leave no stone unturned, also asking you to select any allergies and ingredient dislikes.

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Choosing your plan: Essentials or Premium

The final fork in the road offers two paths: Essentials and Premium. The Essentials plan is for those who prefer simplicity and trust in NutriFit's expertise to select their meals based on dietary requirements and exclusions. It's straightforward, with meal plans set at calorie levels of 1,200, 1,500, or 1,800, and the option to add snacks or sides as desired.

Premium plan offers maximum customization

On the other hand, the Premium plan is the epitome of customization. Here, you're not just a participant but a co-creator of your meal plan. With the Client Select program, you preview upcoming menus and make your selections until every meal is exactly what you're craving. This plan is fully tailored to your biometrics, offering a truly personalized eating experience. While both plans offer their own advantages, the choice between Essentials and Premium ultimately depends on your budget and how much control you need over your meal choices.

Premium pricing

NutriFit is in a league of its own when it comes to pricing. Opting for the basic plan, which includes just six dinners a week without any additional snacks, salads, or sides, will set you back $311.08. This breaks down to an eye-watering $44.44 per meal, making it 3.4 times more expensive than the highest-priced options among the other diabetes-friendly meal delivery services in our review. When including breakfast and lunch, the weekly total climbs to $467.08. It's clear that NutriFit caters to a clientele with deeper pockets, such as actors, for whom maintaining their appearance is not just a personal preference but a professional requirement - which means they probably get to write their meals off as a business expense, too.

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Interesting and varied meals

NutriFit's sample menu shows off how much they care about giving customers lots of unique and healthy options. Imagine starting your day with an Asparagus Frittata, enjoying a Blackened Whitefish Sandwich for lunch, and then having a refreshing Turmeric, Green Tea, Carrot Organic Fresh Juice in the afternoon. For dinner, Chicken and Bean Burritos await with Brown and Exotic Wild Rice on the Side, along with Carrot and Dill Soup, and a Pumpkin Spread for an evening snack. This mix of meals shows NutriFit's effort to keep your eating exciting and varied. But, we're left wanting more details on each dish featured in the sample menu (like whether the Pumpkin Spread snack includes cookies as shown in some pictures).

Customers with expensive tastes are satisfied

Even though we don't see reviews on the usual sites like Trustpilot, the testimonials on NutriFit's own site, especially from famous folks, hint at how good the food must taste. An LA City Councilwoman says the food is "exceptional" , and an actress compliments the presentation as well as the taste. Beyond the celebrity talk, customers like Cindy Mandell share how much they love the food's freshness and quality. Cindy's story, talking about enjoying everything from steak lunches to tofu chocolate pudding, tells us that NutriFit doesn't cut corners and makes meals that are both delicious and convenient for busy lives.

Heating made simple

NutriFit's approach to meal prep is all about convenience without compromising on taste. Each meal comes ready to heat in microwave-safe containers, making it easy to warm up your food quickly. They remind you to remove any condiments or garnishes first, especially since items like buns and tortillas need a gentle touch to avoid getting too hard. Their detailed heating instructions aim to guide you for the best taste, suggesting short bursts in the microwave to prevent overcooking. For those who prefer their meals piping hot or more thoroughly cooked, transferring to a skillet or oven is a breeze. They even think about the texture of your vegetables and proteins, cooking them just enough so you can heat them further if needed.

Freezing is an option

If you can't eat your meal right away, no worries. NutriFit labels tell you if it's freezer-friendly. Just pop it into a freezer bag for longer storage, keeping your food fresh until you're ready.

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Customize your flavor

NutriFit keeps their meals low in salt for healthier eating, but they also understand everyone's taste is different. They've created their own range of Salt- and Sugar-Free Spice Blends, letting you season your meals just the way you like. It's a nice touch that lets you play chef at home.

Know what you're eating

Every meal and snack comes with clear labels, so you always know what you're about to enjoy and when it's best eaten. This attention to detail means you're never left guessing about your next meal.

Top-notch ingredients for top-notch meals

NutriFit isn't just careful about how their food is prepared; they're equally meticulous about what goes into it. All their produce is sustainable, organic, or locally sourced, ensuring everything is 100% Non-GMO. Their meats are all-natural, grass-fed, and free from antibiotics and hormones, while their poultry is organic or free-range. They're proud of their wild-caught seafood, though it's worth noting the environmental debate around this practice - farmed seafood is thought to be more sustainable. Much of their produce comes from their own farm, underlining their commitment to sustainability and quality.

Open invitation

For those interested, NutriFit even invites you to visit their kitchen in West Los Angeles, offering a transparent look at where and how your meals are prepared. This open invitation not only showcases their pride in their operations but also builds trust by allowing clients to see the heart of their meal prep process (and it probably gives peace of mind to the secretaries of high-profile, picky clientele who have been tasked with arranging their bosses' meals).

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Wide-reaching delivery options

NutriFit's personal drivers deliver across the greater Los Angeles area, Orange County, Santa Clarita, and parts of Ventura County in Southern California. But they don't stop there; using UPS and FedEx, they offer nationwide shipping, meaning that distance won't keep you from enjoying their meals.

Scheduled for convenience

Deliveries are made in the early morning hours on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays so that your meals are fresh all week. For those needing an even more frequent delivery schedule, NutriFit accommodates with daily delivery options for a small additional charge. If needed, you can pick up from their West L.A. facility or have them deliver to your workplace.

Free shipping in Southern California

As long as your order is over $50, shipping should be free within their primary service areas in Southern California. They don't specify how much it costs for those outside this area, but it should be calculated based on your zip code at checkout.

Eco-conscious and customer-friendly packaging

Customers are encouraged to recycle the meal containers or rinse and leave them out for pickup for charitable reuse. Meals will stay fresh for up to 8 hours, and the cooler bags and ice blocks should also be left out overnight for pickup.

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Adaptable cancellation policy

NutriFit offers a flexible cancellation policy, allowing you to suspend your service without penalty with sufficient notice. That's great for those who travel frequently or have changing schedules, so you're not paying for meals you won't be home to enjoy. Additionally, if you're going on vacation but don't want to stray from your diet, NutriFit says their meals can be sent with you on your flight or shipped to your destination.

Star-studded testimonials

While NutriFit may not have a presence on Trustpilot and is not rated by the Better Business Bureau, they've garnered acclaim that's arguably more compelling: glowing testimonials from an impressive roster of celebrity clients. This celebrity endorsement list reads like a Hollywood who's who, from Angelica Huston and Charlize Theron to Conan O'Brien and Bryan Cranston, each sharing their personal success stories and expressions of gratitude towards NutriFit and its founder, Jackie Keller.

Entertaining celebrity reviews

The "Testimonials" tab doubles as a sneak-peek into the behind-the-scenes of the lives of busy actors and A-listers. Annabeth Gish praises the program for its role in maintaining stamina and physique for actors on the job, while Conan O'Brien's request for "fat-free bacon" adds a touch of humor to his thanks. Bryan Cranston's endorsement, crediting NutriFit for keeping Walter White in top form, are just a few reviews you'll find there.

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Personal stories about diabetes management that resonate

Beyond the celebrity glow, NutriFit's impact on everyday lives is profound. One customer, Margo, shares a heartfelt story of how NutriFit helped her husband manage Type 2 Diabetes, resulting in significant weight loss and a return to normal blood sugar levels. This testament to NutriFit's nutritional expertise and personalized meal planning underscores the real, positive health outcomes that can be achieved with their service.

A direct line to the founder herself

Interestingly, it appears that calling NutriFit might give you a direct line to Jackie Keller herself, suggesting an unexpectedly personal level of service that might make customers feel like they're just a phone call away from celebrity circles - who knew that a call about a diabetes-friendly meal plan could potentially shorten your "Six Degrees from Kevin Bacon" to just one degree? Jokes aside, NutriFit's reputation, built on both the high regard of celebrities and the heartfelt reviews of everyday clients, underscores a consistent theme: exceptional service, expert guidance, and a genuine commitment to customer satisfaction and healthful living.

Not realistic for most

NutriFit offers a top-notch diabetes-friendly meal delivery experience, combining the best of gourmet cooking and science-based nutrition. It's easy to see why it's a favorite among celebrities. But, the truth is, NutriFit comes with a high price tag that won't fit the average budget. So, while it's fun to explore NutriFit's offerings and imagine dining like a star, for most of us seeking both quality and value in our meal delivery service, the search continues. In the end, we appreciate NutriFit for what it is - a glimpse into a world of luxury nutrition - but recognize it won't be the most accessible choice for everyone.

What Diabetes-friendly Meal Delivery Service is the Best?

So you've recently been diagnosed with diabetes, and the dietary adjustments seem like a mountain too steep to climb. You're not alone - it's a challenge for 537 million other people dealing with this condition. Balancing blood sugar levels while trying to prepare healthy, appetizing meals can be a Herculean task, especially in today's fast-paced lifestyle.

That's where diabetes meal delivery services swoop in to save the day. They can provide a lifeline to those aiming for a diabetes-friendly diet without the hassle of constant meal planning and carb counting. Are there are legitimate reasons why diabetes-friendly meal delivery services have become so popular.

The Best Diabetes-Friendly Meal Delivery Compare Diabetes-Friendly Meal Delivery Compare Diabetes-Friendly Meal Delivery Reviews What are the best Diabetes-Friendly Meal Delivery Best Diabetes-Friendly Meal Delivery Reviews

Diabetes-Friendly Meal Delivery FAQ

Diabetes-friendly meal delivery services provide pre-planned, pre-cooked meals specifically designed to meet the dietary needs of individuals with diabetes. These meals typically focus on balancing blood sugar levels with a mix of nutrients, including fiber-rich vegetables, lean proteins, and controlled carbohydrates.
Look for services that offer customizable meal plans, allowing you to tailor your menu based on your nutritional needs, taste preferences, and any other specific dietary restrictions you have. Consider the variety of meals offered, ingredient quality, and the company's ability to adhere to diabetic dietary guidelines.
Most diabetes-friendly meal delivery services are not covered by health insurance. However, some health plans may offer discounts or reimbursements for wellness programs, so it's worth checking with your provider.
A few services offer trial periods or allow you to order meals on a one-time basis before signing up for a subscription. This is a great way to test the quality of the food, the accuracy of delivery, and the overall convenience of the service.
Diabetes-friendly meal delivery services work with nutritionists and dietitians to create meal plans that adhere to the nutritional needs of individuals with diabetes. This includes monitoring carbohydrate content, ensuring meals are high in fiber, and limiting sugars and unhealthy fats.
When signing up for a service, look for options to customize your meals according to your dietary restrictions, including food allergies. Most services allow you to exclude certain ingredients or types of food from your meal plan.
Meals are usually delivered in insulated packaging to keep them fresh, and in most cases, you don't need to be home to receive them. However, it's best to refrigerate the meals as soon as possible to maintain freshness and quality.
While the cost can be higher than cooking at home, these services offer significant value through convenience, portion control, and the assurance of eating a balanced diet suitable for diabetes management. They can be a cost-effective solution for those struggling to maintain a diabetic-friendly diet on their own.
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Living with diabetes means paying close attention to what you eat, but that doesn't mean you have to miss out on delicious food. Diabetes-friendly meal delivery services are changing the game by offering a wide range of tasty, balanced meals right to your doorstep.

With options from classic American comfort foods to exciting international dishes, there's something for everyone. Imagine enjoying a perfectly seasoned piece of grilled chicken with a side of roasted vegetables, or exploring new flavors with a plate of stir-fried tofu and veggies in a tangy Asian sauce. These services make it easy and fun to stick to a diabetes-friendly diet without feeling restricted.

Another great thing about these meal delivery services is the quality of ingredients they use. They typically focus on using high-quality, minimally processed ingredients. Fresh, organic produce and lean proteins are staples in their meals, helping you manage your blood sugar while also eating food that's genuinely good for your overall health. This approach to ingredients means you can enjoy meals that are not only safe for your diabetes management but also delicious and satisfying.

Diabetes-friendly meal delivery services are all about making your life easier. They get that you might be swamped with work, trying to balance family life, or maybe you're not that into cooking. To fit every lifestyle, meal delivery services offer different types of meals: some are microwavable, ready to eat in just a few minutes, perfect for when you're short on time but still want a nutritious meal. Others are meal kits that come with all the ingredients you need to whip up a fresh, tasty dish without the hassle of shopping.

And, for those who want the best of both worlds, many services provide the option to choose between ready-made meals and meal kits. This flexibility means you can keep your diabetes managed without compromising on convenience or the joy of eating well, no matter how busy your schedule gets.

Moreover, embracing a diabetes-friendly diet through these meal delivery services can be a stepping stone to learning more about nutrition and how different foods affect your blood sugar levels. It's an opportunity to discover new favorite dishes and ingredients that you might not have tried otherwise. This exploration can make managing your diabetes an enjoyable journey rather than a constant challenge.

When considering a diabetes-friendly meal delivery service, keep these key factors in mind:

  • Adherence to diabetic dietary guidelines. Choose a service that designs meals based on expert nutrition advice to help manage your blood sugar effectively.
  • Ingredient quality. Look for services that prioritize organic, minimally processed ingredients to support your health and dietary needs.
  • Subscription flexibility. Go for a service that lets you easily adjust your subscription, whether you need to skip a week or cancel without hassle.
  • Customer service. Good customer service is crucial. You want a service that's responsive and helpful if you have questions or need assistance.
  • Customer reviews. Check out what others are saying about the meal taste, variety, and how well the service meets dietary needs. Positive feedback from other customers can be a good indicator of quality and reliability.

We've looked into different diabetes meal delivery services at Top Consumer Reviews to help you make the best choice. Our goal is to make it easier for you to manage your diabetes through better eating, letting you focus on living your life instead of worrying about your diet. Let us help you find the best service for your needs, combining great taste, convenience, and the right nutrition.

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