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Fascinating Diamonds Review

Wednesday, May 18th

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Fascinating Diamonds Review 4 Star Rating

Fascinating Diamonds

4 Star Rating
  • Diamond Selection: 21,487
  • Price Range: $375 to $128,954

Fascinating Diamonds got its start in 2006 when business partners Raj Kumar and Salil Shah combined their experience in diamond-buying and working within the jewelry-manufacturing industry. This retailer has a good reputation, as evidenced by an "A+" rating and accreditation from the Better Business Bureau with no complaints in their listing.


  • Nice selection of more than 20,000 loose diamonds
  • All stones GIA-certified
  • "A+" rating and accreditation from the BBB
  • Free FedEx shipping on all orders
  • 30-day return policy
  • Price matching on competitor diamonds

Fascinating Diamonds has more than 20,000 loose diamonds to choose from, so you'll want to use filters to narrow down the results. Not every stone has a photo or 360° view; we recommend clicking on at least one of those filters to ensure that you're not buying a diamond without seeing it first. From there, you can specify which diamond shape(s) you prefer, as well as clarity, quality of the cut, carat size, color, and price.

If you know a lot about diamonds, you might enjoy what you'll find under "see more filters". There, you can specify polish, symmetry, fluorescence, depth, table, and culet - but if you're new to buying gemstones, you probably won't want to get that far into the weeds, so to speak.

Your results list won't specify if your stone has been certified by any of the industry-recognized rating institutes. But, for every diamond we selected, we found a report from the GIA: one of the most respected names in the business. Fascinating Diamonds promises that all of their loose diamonds are "conflict-free and GIA certified", and as far as we can tell they deliver on that commitment.

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This diamond store has an in-house design team that can work with you to customize a ring to your exact preferences, whether for an engagement or just as an heirloom piece. Browse the "Design a Custom Ring" page to get an in-depth look at the design process and to get ideas for your own unique setting.

Of course, if you'd rather choose a loose diamond and have it placed in an already-designed setting, you can do that as well. Click on "Add to Setting" to see the possibilities (and you'll notice that "design it" is always an option if you'd like to tweak it to be more one-of-a-kind). Out of the nearly 2000 settings on the Fascinating Diamonds site, we spotted a number of interesting designs like the Two-Tone Celtic Wedding Ring Set and several sets that used black gold to make an eye-catching color contrast with the diamonds.

Fascinating Diamonds has a 30-day return policy, which is fairly standard among online diamond stores. However, you'll have a $20 fee deducted from your refund, to cover the "free" shipping on your order, and you're also responsible for the costs of returning your diamond with insurance and tracking. Also, if you paid for your order using PayPal, expect another 3% to be deducted from your refund.

With so many reasons to buy your diamond from Fascinating Diamonds, you might be wondering why they haven't ranked higher. In such a competitive industry, selection is king - and while this retailer's selection in the tens of thousands is nothing to criticize, their rivals carry anywhere from five to ten times that number of diamonds. Plus, the fees tacked on for return shipping and for refunds on PayPal payments feels a little nickel-and-dime when you're considering spending more than $50,000 on a diamond.

In short, Fascinating Diamonds has a lot to offer, and if you buy your diamond there you'll probably be very happy with it. Customize to your heart's content, knowing you've got experts who can turn your idea into reality. You just won't get the world's biggest selection of stones to choose from.

Where Can You Find the Best Selection of Loose Diamonds?

If you've ever gone to your local jeweler in search of one of these precious gemstones but left disappointed, you're not alone! Most brick-and-mortar jewelry stores can't afford to keep thousands of diamonds in inventory - both financially and logistically, it's just too risky.

With that in mind, it's easy to understand why so many shoppers are turning to online diamond stores. Why limit the possibilities to just a handful of stones in limited sizes and cuts when you can browse literally hundreds of thousands of diamonds across the spectrum of carat size, shape, clarity, and, of course, cost? The best online retailers make it easy to see a 360° view of each stone, plus any available certifications and ratings from industry-recognized appraisers.

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Diamond Store FAQ

One of the most sought-after gemstones in the world, diamonds are one of the hardest substances known to man. Diamonds form from carbon under high pressure and temperature.
Fun backstory: diamonds weren't commonly used in engagement rings until 1947, when the British mining company De Beers featured them in an advertising campaign! The rest, as they say, is history. Diamonds now represent financial success, long-term commitment, and status.
Cut, carat, color, clarity. Cut is the only human "influence" on a gemstone: round, princess, cushion, marquise and oval are some of the more common shapes given to diamonds. Carat represents the weight of the diamond, with 1 carat equal to 200 milligrams. Color evaluates the stone using letters of the alphabet; the closer to "A" , the whiter the stone, though most people find stones in the G-H rating to still be icy-white in appearance. Clarity is a little more difficult for the average consumer to see, especially without magnification: the categories measure inclusions, or irregularities that happen during the formation of the diamonds but are hard to see without magnification, as well as blemishes like scratches or chips.
The names say it all: natural diamonds come from the earth, while lab-created or synthetic diamonds come from scientists! But, other than their origins, these two types of diamonds are exactly the same chemically and optically: even expert gemologists have a hard time telling them apart without using a jeweler's loupe! And, as you might imagine, synthetic diamonds are usually much more affordable.
These acronyms all refer to gemological societies and institutes with diamond grading scales used throughout the industry: Gemological Institute of America, American Gemological Society, European Gemological Laboratory, and International Gemological Institute. Generally speaking, GIA and AGS are seen as the most accurate and scientific, so if you're buying a higher-priced stone you may want to ensure that it's been graded by one (or both!) of those two systems.
If you're looking for a one-of-a-kind piece, you're not going to find it by buying the first pretty ring or solitaires you see at your local jewelry store. Many customers want something with a story that can be handed down as an heirloom: the shape of the stone chosen to match her eyes, the setting selected to complement his personality, and so on. Buying loose diamonds is the first step in a truly unique piece of jewelry.
While you'll find no shortage of companies wanting to sell you diamonds as an investment, most experts say that the average consumer isn't likely to profit from them. Unless you're buying extremely large diamonds (e.g. 20 carats or more) or ones with a noteworthy history (like being owned by a celebrity), you may have a hard time selling the diamonds you buy for more than you paid. If you're planning on spending a significant amount of money for a diamond, do it because you appreciate the beauty or want to own (or give) something precious - but save your investments for more reliable means of generating profits!
Absolutely. Of course, you shouldn't buy a diamond from an online retailer without doing your research: choose a business with a well-established history, preferably with a high rating from the BBB, and be sure that the diamond you buy has been rated and certified by one of the independent institutes or laboratories mentioned above. You can rest assured that the diamond retailer will take every measure to get your stone delivered safely, including tracking and insurance.
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Buying loose diamonds is a wonderful way to create a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry: once you've chosen the stone, the sky's the limit with what you create next. The online diamond store you select will probably have an impressive array of settings: for engagement rings alone, the possibilities are nearly endless and range from traditional solitaires to the optical illusion of a tension set.

However, as you'd imagine, it's important to choose your retailer carefully. Your diamond purchase could represent an heirloom to cherish and pass down through the years, and you want to ensure that you get exactly what you pay for. We recommend keeping these criteria in mind, to help you choose the best diamond retailer:

  • Selection. How many loose diamonds does the store keep in inventory? Are there many choices in the cut and size you prefer? Will you be able to have your diamond placed in a setting you love?
  • Price. How do the prices compare with rival diamond sellers? Are there any promotions or perks like free shipping to make your purchase more affordable?
  • Certification. Does the retailer have documentation from GIA, AGS, IGI or EGL that certifies the qualities of your stone? Especially if you're buying a more expensive diamond, you want proof that the carat size, clarity and color are as-described.
  • Reputation. What do other customers say about their experience buying diamonds from the retailer? Has the Better Business Bureau rated the store or received any complaints? Buying a diamond is no casual purchase for most people, and so it's worth taking some time to make sure that the store has a history of honest, professional interactions with their customers.

TopConsumerReviews.com has reviewed and ranked the best online retailers of diamonds today. We hope this information helps you find the perfect stone for your engagement ring, heirloom-quality pendant, or even for a timeless investment!

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