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Miele Review

Saturday, June 25th

2022 Dishwasher Reviews

Miele Review 4.5 Star Rating


4.5 Star Rating
  • Very quiet
  • Three wash arms
  • Smart capabilities
  • Auto-measures detergent

Miele is a European company that started out in 1899 with eleven employees and minimal equipment. Their one engineer and one businessman started by making cream separators. Only four short years later, they made Model A washing machines which were innovative in their design, and they kept working to improve an already excellent product. In 1912, they made motorcars, but kept making and innovating washing machines. As you can see, Miele has been doing high-quality appliance innovations for over 100 years.

Unique drying system

Outside air enters the system, steam is attracted to the colder side, and then dissipates as water. The two highest models allow two ports for even faster drying. All but the lowest model will allow the door to pop open at the end of this drying cycle encouraging the steam to escape, The hot, steamy air gets out and it's not trapped in the humid tub for a longer drying time.

Leak protection

Most dishwashers today have some sort of leak protection, to prevent water from leaking from the appliance all over the floor, causing not only a mess, but damage to the floor. Miele is no exception.


The dishwasher fits flush with the cabinets so you don't notice a protruding appliance. In addition, many are panel-ready, meaning you can talk with your kitchen designer or cabinet supplier and get a cabinet-door-like panel to place over the front of the appliance, making the appliance virtually indistinguishable from your cabinetry.

Super quiet

No noisy models here. The "loudest" Miele is at 44 decibels, when the average, standard dishwasher is at 52 decibels. Miele's noise levels go from quiet to even more quiet at 38 decibels - that of a refrigerator hum. The industry states that quiet dishwashers' levels are 44 decibels, so all Miele's are at the quiet level or more.

Three racks + wash arms

It's nice to line up your silverware on the top, third rack of your dishwasher, knowing that none of the tines touch and your spoons won't be "spooning," with little to no space between them for water to clean them. All models include this feature - Miele doesn't include a silverware basket - allowing more room for dishes on the bottom rack. Better Miele models' third rack has sections that slide side-to-side, for more stemware to fit. The more upgraded models have this sliding feature and also have other 3D features to fit those hard-to-place utensils or glassware. And, even the third rack has its own wash arm to get special cleaning attention.

They're smart

The top two series allow you to control your appliance from your smart device. You can turn the machine on or off, and you can know which cycle it's in, change cycles, and see the time remaining as well. Remember, it's pretty quiet, and you may not hear the difference between the washing and drying cycles, so receiving wash cycle information via your smart device can be quite helpful.

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Look Ma, no handle!

The top series is super sleek - so much so that there's no bar handle or pocket handle at all. Knock twice, and the door opens.


  • From $1,100 to $2,800

Auto-measures the detergent

Place up to 20 loads' worth of detergent into the reservoir, and the dishwasher will know how much to dispense each time. So it's okay if you forgot the detergent - Miele won't forget. Customers say they like this feature, not only for the convenience, but because the right amount of detergent gets dispensed at the right time, allowing for much cleaner dishes.

Our favorite Miele

The G5056VISFP is a good, lower-end model, front pocket handle, 44 decibels, and has a QuickIntenseWash feature, so a load can be completely finished in 58 minutes. At a little over $1,000, that's a mid-level model for many makers, but it's the entry level for Miele. In general, upgraded features with other brands are considered standard with Miele.

Where can you find them?

If you go to your local appliance store, you more than likely won't see Miele on display. You might be able to order one from them, but you might not see it in person to open the door, open with the knock-knock feature, play with the 3D/sliding third rack, or look at the 20-load detergent dispenser. You can order Miele dishwashers online and through some appliance stores, so they are attainable, but you'll have to call around to see who not only sells them but also has them on display.

No returns?!

Miele documents to the seller that they sell premium products, and therefore, there are no returns. Depending on where you buy yours, however, you may have a retailer return policy to take advantage of if you need it.


Miele states repeatedly on their warranty card that their products are of top quality and so are their parts. They assure the customer that parts will be available to the purchaser for five years. The card says that there is a limited warranty, but after hunting through their site to determine if they actually do warranty their product, the information is difficult to find. It seems the customer gets more assurance than warranty from Miele. Not sure if that's good or bad, but it seems to work for Miele and their typically satisfied customers.

Futuristic and fancy, but expensive

Miele has very good quality dishwashers with not only excellent and innovative cleaning and drying features, but unique and futuristic features as well. If you purchase a Miele, you may have the fanciest - and quietest - dishwasher on the block... but you might either have to search for it or buy it sight unseen. In addition, you'll pay for what you get. We believe that if a Miele dishwasher is within your budget, that's great. But if your wallet is nudging you to find a more affordable dishwasher with excellent features, you may want to look to our other very highly-rated dishwashers before making your final decision.

Which Brand of Dishwasher is the Best?

Most of us don't think too much about our dishwasher. We load the dishes, it cleans, we empty. But when the dishes aren't coming out as clean as they should, it's taking more rinsing to get all the food off, you're drying your dishes by hand because the machine doesn't, or if the coating on the tines is chipping off, you might start thinking about replacing your appliance for one that holds up and maybe has some nice features that you deserve.

Did you know there are three types of dishwashers? There's built-in, countertop, and drawer. Built-in dishwashers are the traditional dishwashers most of us have had in our homes. They are full-sized or even narrow and apartment-sized, and are slid in below the counter. Counter-top dishwashers can be found in Europe and are just that - they are small and fit on the counter. The drawer models are shallow and fit below the counter. Because they are the most common type, we will look at only the built-in models.

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Dishwasher FAQ

Most homes have the space for a 24" dishwasher. Dishwashers come in 18" , a shorter below-counter model, or a countertop model, but they are quite rare in the US. The most standard color front panel these days is still stainless steel. Stainless looks nice and can blend nicely with other stainless appliances, regardless if your dishwasher is a different brand than your other appliances. Another common door is fingerprint-resistant stainless. It can be a slightly different sheen than traditional stainless, but is much easier to keep clean.
Dishwashers can run from $250 to $2,000. Your cost will vary, based on the brand, size, and features you select. Installation is another factor to consider with dishwashers. With big box stores, the install fee seems to be between $150 and $300, and includes the parts for the installation kit. It's wise to get a professional plumber's help with water hookup as you could pay dearly in flooring costs if there were a leak due to human error.
Entry-level machines may have an outdated front panel, may run loudly which could compete with the noise level of your conversations, have a limited number of tines to hold dishes in place, and a plastic tub which can rust more easily and radiate the noise from the sprayers. The higher-end dishwashers may offer interior lighting to see way back in the machine so you don't miss unloading any dishes, a smart feature so you can monitor and control the appliance from a distance or order detergent on a regular basis. They can feature more than 100 spray jets, jets that focus on specific glassware or specific pots and pans for a super clean load. They can feature grinding of leftover food so as not to clog your drain, soft water for a spotless finish even on plastic containers, and sprayers that change direction to get to every nook and cranny. These models may cost more, but the options may seem endless, and can have quite good user reviews.
Some brands have had complaints that their model can break within months. On the other hand, some can last more than ten years. Check the warranty of the brand you think you'll purchase. Most offer a one-year limited warranty with an extended warranty on some of the parts, up to usually five years. It's possible that your appliance has a ten-year warranty on some of the parts, so be sure to read our reviews for those details and also check for even more details from the manufacturer.
Most dishwashers will fit 14 place settings, which includes dishes, glasses, and silverware. Some dishwashers can hold 15 or 16 place settings, which is great for a large family or for parties so you're not waiting for one load to finish before you wash the rest of the place settings. Having a third rack and eliminating the silverware basket will add room to the bottom rack for more dishes or cookware.
The newer feature that's becoming more standard in dishwashers is the third rack. It's a shallow, top rack that fits silverware so you don't have to use the silverware basket. Or, keep your silverware basket and use the 3rd rack for long utensils like tongs, small plastic lids that might otherwise fit between the tines, small appetizer utensils that are hard to dig out of the silverware basket, or steak knives that might otherwise poke your hands if you wash them pointy-end up. Also, adjustable racks throughout the dishwasher make it easy to accommodate stemware, cooking pots, water bottles and more.
Some dishwashers can be barely audible, at below 40 decibels. These dishwashers usually include a smart feature so you can monitor and control the cycles from your smart device since you may not even hear the appliance at all. If your dishwasher has a 44 decibel rating or lower, it is considered by the industry to be a quiet dishwasher, so check for that. But, other dishwashers can be noisy and compete for your attention whether you're in a conversation, trying to watch your movie at a reasonable volume, or reading. The more inexpensive models may be at 50 decibels or higher, and we suggest avoiding those if you have an open-concept house where you for sure could hear the wash and rinse cycles.
Depending on the store you choose, delivery fees will vary. Our research finds that if you live within a reasonable distance from the store, the delivery could be free if the dishwasher costs $400 or higher. Since a majority of the dishwashers cost above $400, you can hope for free delivery. If your dishwasher is less than $400, you could pay $100 for delivery, so rather than spend your money on delivery, add the $100 or so to the price of the dishwasher to get more and better features plus free delivery.
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Continued from above...

Think about what you want in your new appliance. You'll obviously want a dishwasher that does a good job of washing your dishes. There are a lot of fun features you can have, such as a third rack, lights, and smart capabilities, but if the machine doesn't do a good job of actually washing your dishes, what's the point of any of the bells and whistles?

So once you choose a brand that you like, you can select your wish list features such as the third, top rack; a quick-wash cycle; a delay start; self-cleaning filters - yes, you should know if you need to clean your filters for maintenance, which is typical; food pulverizers; interior components made of stainless steel to promote longevity; child locks; sanitizer settings; sustainable materials; special jets under the silverware caddy; and smart capabilities, so you can control the dishwasher from your phone or smart home system.

And that's just the beginning. Here are several other criteria to keep in mind as you shop for your new kitchen appliance:

  • Average price range. You can spend anywhere between $250 and $2,000, depending on the brand and the features you're looking for. The less expensive, lower-end models may require you to rinse your dishes more, and the more costly, higher-end models can have smart features, meaning you can control the machine with your phone.
  • Installation. Be sure to ask if there's a fee for installation. Installation rates can vary, but expect an additional $200 for install.
  • Finishes, handles, and control panel visibility. Dishwashers, like most kitchen appliances, come in white, black, and stainless steel. There are two additional styles, which are finger-print resistant stainless steel and black stainless steel. The black stainless is a darker stainless, and the finger-print resistant looks like traditional stainless, but resists the dreaded finger prints. If you can be open to something besides stainless steel, white or black should save you a couple hundred dollars. If you choose the pocket handle over the bar handle, that could also save you some bucks. It's nice when the control panel hides when the door is shut. But if you don't mind looking at it, you can save yourself some money here, too.
  • Detergent. No matter what, use the right detergent. Using a poor quality dishwasher detergent, no matter the brand you choose, can make the best brands have poor quality output, due to no fault of the appliance. This is a simple, good decision everyone should make. Once you receive your new dishwasher, the manufacturer will probably recommend a detergent for optimum cleaning and drying results.
  • Noise. Most of us don't want to hear the dishwasher running its cycles as we are moving throughout the kitchen or resting in a room nearby. Most models are rated in decibels to convey the cycle's quietness. A machine rated lower than 44 decibels (dBA) is considered by the industry to be officially in the quiet range. Machines in the mid to high 50s are louder and could definitely compete with your conversation or for your attention.
  • Rack style. Racks are important features and should be carefully considered. Nylon-coated racks are the best because they are less likely to crack over time. Tines in rows that fold down are great for items that are large or unusually-shaped. Look for at least one folding row of tines. Having a top rack with an adjustable height is beneficial so you can lower it for taller glasses, vases, or stemware, or raise it if your cookware is tall or bulky.

    The best top racks have three adjustable heights where you can set both the right and left high or low, or one side can be high while the other is low, allowing space for taller cookware on the bottom rack. A third rack is becoming a more common feature, even with the more reasonably-priced appliances. This third rack is above the traditional top rack and is shallow, so it allows plenty of space for the glasses below it. Some people like to line up their silverware in between the small tines. It can fit shallow, awkward items like cup lids, tongs, long-handled serving/cooking utensils, where in other places in the dishwasher, they might be a hard fit. Not everyone is a fan of the third rack as it does take up space, but it is a feature that is growing in popularity. If, however, you end up not liking it after trying it, it's easy to remove.

    Consider even the little things like clips to hold delicate glasses in place, to make sure your glassware doesn't bang against anything else during the wash cycle. Ball bearings in the racks make the racks move more smoothly and don't jerk around the dishes as you pull or push the racks. A fancy, new feature is an interior light in the dishwasher. It certainly isn't necessary, but it's nice for seeing all your items as you load and unload. These are in the more expensive lines, of course. Now, imagine what you will load in your machine, especially on the bottom rack.

    Some dishwashers have their tines far apart, allowing space for pots, pans, bowls, and larger pieces. Others have several tines that are closer together for thinner salad plates and dinner plates. Still others have wide tines with additional tines that flip up or down, depending on the load. Check the thickness of your plates and think about if you want your plates closer together or far apart - tine width is a personal preference, but important in your dishwasher-buying decision making.
  • Available space. Be sure to measure the space you have. Most dishwashers come in 24" , so that's easy, but if your kitchen is on the small side, the space allotted might be only 18" . Save yourself a restocking fee and extra delivery charge by making sure the dishwasher will fit your kitchen space.

To help you make this important purchasing decision, Top Consumer Reviews has evaluated today's most popular dishwasher brands. If you're done spending too much time pre-washing your dishes, continually re-arranging them because the rack and tine design is poor, drying them after the dishwasher supposedly dried them, or re-washing after the clumps of old food just don't come off after a full cycle, do consider a new dishwasher. You can save a lot of time by not pre-washing, post-washing, and drying. And with all that extra time, you could relax reading a book or watching your favorite show while a super quiet dishwasher does all the work while making virtually no noise.

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