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The Best Divorce Form Services

Where Can You Find the Best Divorce Forms?

You probably won't be surprised to learn that a considerable number of people get divorced in the US every year. On average, around 2.7 million couples get married annually, and unfortunately, about 40-50% of those marriages eventually end in divorce. So, if you're considering divorce, know that you're not alone in navigating this journey.

Getting divorced can be a challenging process, but fortunately, there are resources available to make it smoother, including online divorce forms. This modern method can be particularly useful for couples who have an amicable separation and can agree on the terms of their divorce without significant conflict. Using online divorce forms can save time and money compared to hiring a lawyer, but it's crucial to understand who would be eligible for this type of divorce and who wouldn't.

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2024 Divorce Form Service Reviews

Divorce Writer Review Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award 5 Star Rating

Divorce Writer

5 Star Rating Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

Divorce Writer takes the crown as our top pick for divorce forms. Their pricing is unmatched, offering a simple and affordable solution for uncontested divorces. For just $137, users can breeze through a 3-step process, complete with a comprehensive online interview covering all divorce essentials. With customer-friendly policies like price matching and a money-back guarantee, Divorce Writer emerges as the go-to choice for hassle-free divorce forms, earning our highest rating with ease.

3 Step Divorce Review 4.5 Star Rating

3 Step Divorce

4.5 Star Rating

For 25 years, 3 Step Divorce has been a trusted name in the industry, offering a swift and stress-free solution for divorce paperwork. With an estimated completion time of under an hour, users can breeze through account setup, answer essential questions, and print their divorce forms for submission in record time. What sets 3 Step Divorce apart is its one-time payment option, coupled with unlimited updates and instant editing features, all backed by top-notch customer support. While it may be slightly pricier than some competitors, 3 Step Divorce secures a high spot for its efficiency and reliability with respect to divorce forms.

Complete Case Review 4 Star Rating

Complete Case

4 Star Rating

With over 700,000 clients in the last 20+ years, Complete Case offers a user-friendly process that guides you through each step of filling out your divorce forms online. Simply choose your state, complete the online interview, and print your forms or have them delivered. While their $299 one-time fee is competitive, be aware of a $39.99 monthly charge after 30 days. However, they provide valuable perks like a 100% court acceptance guarantee and fantastic customer support, as well as access to the Live Lawyer service if needed. Despite some complaints about the monthly fee, Complete Case's "A+" BBB rating and over 7,000 five-star reviews testify to their reliability. Complete Case remains a top choice for affordable divorce forms.

Rocket Lawyer Review 3.5 Star Rating

Rocket Lawyer

3.5 Star Rating

Rocket Lawyer is a solid choice if you're looking for an affordable option for handling your divorce forms online. Their main focus is providing you with all the necessary documents for your divorce, but they stop short of offering extensive guidance through the process. This means you'll need to feel comfortable filling out the paperwork on your own without much assistance from Rocket Lawyer. However, their membership grants you access to eight different divorce-related documents at an affordable price, plus a wealth of other legal forms you may need for other situations. While it may not offer as much hand-holding as some of its competitors, Rocket Lawyer still provides a cost-effective solution for those seeking comprehensive legal support.

DivorceNet Review 3 Star Rating


3 Star Rating

Nolo's DivorceNet aims to make the divorce process as smooth as possible, guaranteeing that your forms will be court-approved without any hassle. With a one-time fee of $159, you'll gain access to their user-friendly platform, guiding you through a simple questionnaire-based process to create your divorce forms online. However, while DivorceNet's pricing is competitive and their process is straightforward, there's a lack of client feedback. Overall, it's a decent option for affordable divorce forms, but there are more comprehensive services available that we'd recommend first.

Divorce.com Review 3 Star Rating


3 Star Rating

Divorce.com offers a modern solution to the often daunting process of divorce, aiming to reduce stress, conflict, and costs for couples seeking to end their marriage. With four different packages to choose from, ranging from fully guided to DIY options, Divorce.com is accessible to couples across all 50 states and five Canadian provinces. While the company boasts an "A+" rating and accreditation from the BBB, customer sentiment is mixed, with some praising the smooth experience while others express concerns. Issues such as the requirement for mutual agreement and limitations on attorney review have affected user satisfaction, despite Divorce.com's guarantee of court acceptance. While the service offers potential cost savings compared to traditional legal routes, the limited refund policy and mixed reviews have landed Divorce as a "just okay" option among alternatives for divorce forms.

Hello Divorce Review 2.5 Star Rating

Hello Divorce

2.5 Star Rating

At Hello Divorce, you'll receive one-on-one help with filling out and filing your divorce forms. Your assigned specialist will take care of everything from document review to filing and serving, while also offering a helping hand with legal, financial, and emotional support. You can also access packages that come with up to five hours of mediation, if you expect there to be some conflicts that need professional help to resolve. But here's the catch: Hello Divorce's prices can be steep, and they're not available beyond an 8-state service area. Because of those factors, as well as an overall lack of client feedback, Hello Divorce earns a lower score here.

Divorce Online  Review 2 Star Rating

Divorce Online

2 Star Rating

Looking for an impressive online divorce forms service? Unfortunately, Divorce Online isn't the answer. While they claim to have assisted over 45,000 couples in their 7+ years of operation, their lack of transparency is concerning. With a one-time fee of $139, the process begins with basic information entry and typical questions regarding your situation. However, oddities abound, like references to a "Premium" package that seems nonexistent and vague descriptions of service tiers. Despite boasting a 100% satisfaction guarantee, it's limited and contradictory, leaving doubts about Divorce Online's reliability. And, external feedback is virtually nonexistent, making it hard to trust their promises. With many superior options available, it's clear that Divorce Online falls short in reliability and customer service, making it one of the least recommended choices for divorce forms.

TOPS Divorce Kit Review 1 Star Rating

TOPS Divorce Kit

1 Star Rating

The TOPS Divorce Kit just doesn't hit the mark for divorce forms. Its methods feel a bit outdated, and it lacks the kind of digital support you'd hope for when navigating such an important process. Even though the price might catch your eye, the fine print that explains that you have to buy these in sets of at least 24 should really make you hesitate. When there are other options out there that are easier (and cheaper) to use, it's hard to come up with a reason why the average person would want to waste their time on TOPS Divorce Kit.

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If you and your spouse are in general agreement on key issues like asset division, child custody, and spousal support, then online divorce forms might be a suitable option for you. However, if your situation is more complex, such as disputes over significant assets, child custody battles, or instances of domestic violence, it's highly recommended to seek legal advice from a qualified attorney (fortunately, some of the sources of divorce forms that we've evaluated can connect you with exactly that kind of personalized help too).

Now, let's walk through what the process looks like if you use divorce forms instead of a lawyer. First, you'll need to choose a reputable website that is trustworthy and provides comprehensive guidance throughout the process.

Once you've found a suitable platform, you'll typically start by filling out an initial questionnaire with details about your marriage, assets, children, and other relevant information. Based on your responses, the platform will generate the necessary divorce forms tailored to your specific circumstances.

After completing the forms, you and your spouse will need to review and sign them. Some platforms (or state laws) may also require you to have the forms notarized to ensure their validity. Once everything is finalized, you'll file the forms with the appropriate court in your jurisdiction.

Keep in mind that even though you're using online forms, you'll still need to adhere to the legal requirements and procedures for divorce in your state. Most sites offering divorce forms have gone to great lengths to incorporate the specific laws and regulations governing divorce in your area, to ensure that everything is handled correctly.

Here's a good checklist to use as you consider your options for getting divorce forms online:

  • Cost. What will it cost to get the divorce forms required in your state? Is it a one-off expense or is there a subscription plan involved? Typically, the more hands-on a service is, the more you can expect to pay. But, higher fees can be worth it if you like the peace of mind of having an attorney weigh in during the process, or if you want a professional to handle filing your forms with the court. Also, keep in mind that online sources of divorce forms don't include the filing fees with the quote, because they vary by state.
  • Timeframe. How long will it take to fill out the divorce forms? Most documents-only services can walk you through the paperwork as quickly as you're able to enter the pertinent details. If the platform you choose includes lawyer review or court filing, how long should you expect the turnaround time to be?
  • Satisfaction guarantee. Does the service offer any kind of refund policy if you commit to using it for divorce forms but find that it doesn't work for your needs?
  • Reputation. What do other clients say about their overall experience with the provider of divorce forms? Has the company been rated favorably by the Better Business Bureau? Can you see reviews from people in situations like yours, and do they say that it's been a smooth, hassle-free process overall?

Using online divorce forms can be a convenient and cost-effective means for couples to get a straightforward and uncontested divorce. To help you find your best option, the experts at Top Consumer Reviews have researched and ranked some of today's most popular sources of divorce forms. We hope this information helps you feel some peace of mind as you choose the right way to move forward into the next step of your life's journey.

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Divorce Form Service FAQ

Divorce forms are legal documents that spell out the agreements of a divorce. They might include child custody arrangements, asset distribution, payment of bills and other financial concerns, grounds for divorce, and more. They finalize the details of a divorce in a way that will hold up in court in case either party tries to protest the arrangements.
One of the main reasons people choose to use online divorce form services is to save them money. You can avoid spending hundreds or thousands of dollars going back and forth with a lawyer with questions and requests. Online divorce forms can be done from the comfort of your home and the services walk you through the process so you feel comfortable with what you're doing.
The beauty of using an online divorce form service is that you don't really need to know how to fill out divorce forms. The platform you use will basically take you through a fill-in-the-blank process that tells you what needs to be entered into the legal documents. You'll simply answer questions and type up the relevant details of your divorce into the spaces provided. You don't need any experience drafting up legal documents using all the jargon that lawyers use. In addition, you'll likely have access to round-the-clock professionals who work for the company you're using that can answer any questions you have to make sure you feel confident in the process.
If corrections or changes need to be made to your divorce forms, you can usually do this without paying anything extra. However, when it comes to changing legal documents that affect more than one party, things get a little tricky. Just because you change paperwork doesn't mean it changes what is decided in court before or after. Make sure to get full details about making changes to your divorce papers from the service you use before moving forward. This will guarantee that you know what to expect and the process for making alterations.
Most legal paperwork platforms offer a huge range of documents that you can create by subscribing to their service. This is usually anywhere from $200 - $600 (which is still much cheaper than hiring your own lawyer!) There are also some that allow you to pay just for the forms you need, which could be as little as $40. If you find a service that offers a free trial, take advantage of it to get a head start on your forms and get familiar with their platform before diving into a subscription.
Almost all divorce form services have lawyers who have drafted up the documents you're using and review them afterwards. They make sure all bases are covered when it comes to handling custody matters, financial agreements, property management, and more. However, it's always a safe idea to have a lawyer take a look at your divorce forms once you've completed them to make sure nothing has been overlooked and that it meets your state's requirements.
Yes, you should be filling out your divorce forms with your spouse. The documents outline the details of your divorce and how you will handle all your personal matters, so they'll need to be agreed upon by both you and your spouse. You'll want to be on the same page with all the terms so that the divorce forms can be legally carried out and you can move on to finalizing the divorce. If there are areas of disagreement or indecision, the process of filling out online divorce forms can help provide more clarity.
Find a service that offers a money-back guarantee. This means they stand behind their divorce forms because they've been drafted by reputable lawyers and they're up-to-date with state laws. If you change your mind about subscribing to a service, there may be a window of time where you can change your mind and get your money back. The only main exceptions to this are if the divorce form service has already paid filing fees to a third-party for you.
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