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Home DNA Review

Thursday, May 30th

2024 DNA Testing Kit Reviews

Home DNA Review 2.5 Star Rating

Home DNA

2.5 Star Rating
  • Six different types of DNA testing kits
  • Some tests may pinpoint the exact town of your ancestors
  • Free shipping on all orders
  • "A+" rated and accredited by the BBB

Home DNA makes at-home genetic testing easy, accessible and affordable. The company has been around for the better part of a decade and processes all samples at their own laboratory.

Many different DNA tests on offer

There are several different DNA testing kits to consider with Home DNA, all of which come with free shipping:

  • $39 for the GPS Origins Algorithm: you'll upload your raw data from another DNA testing service and get Home DNA's analysis. But, we're not sure how useful this feature is; there was a disclaimer saying that they couldn't take 23andMe Version 5 (or later) or Family Tree DNA versions after November 2018. Plus, other platforms offer this service at no charge.
  • $69 for the Starter Ancestry Test: this kit only gives you a rough estimate of your percentages from four world regions (Europe, Indigenous American, East Asian, Sub-Saharan Africa) in your ancestral past, plus which population groups in the present have the same DNA as you. That's a little more info than this test used to give, but still offers much less than rival DNA testing companies provide for the same price (or less). You should view the sample report before choosing this kit, so you'll see just how little you'll learn from your results.
  • $124 for the Advanced Ancestry Test: this kit is only available for sale through retail locations and not on the Home DNA website.
  • $69 for the DNA Origins Maternal or Paternal Lineage: if you want to look specifically at either your mom's or dad's side, Home DNA has two tests for that. For the average person just looking into their ancestry, this could be a little too complex (do you know what a haplogroup is?), but check out the sample reports to get an idea of the kind of information these tests provide.
  • $199 for the GPS Origins Ancestry Test (standard, Asian, or African editions): Home DNA's most in-depth DNA testing kit tests more than 80,000 unique genetic markers to compare against more than 1,000 reference populations and 41 gene pools. It may even be able to pinpoint the town or village where your ancestors met. Again, take a look at the report examples to learn more about this test's results.

Tests available to pinpoint African or Asian heritage

We appreciate that Home DNA offers Origins tests specifically for people of African and Asian descent, making it possible to see even the town or city one's ancestors lived in. But, unless you have 100% "pure" lineage in Africa or Asia, it's hard to know which test to choose here. What if your mom is from Senegal and your dad is from South Korea?

Unclear which test to choose

Overall, it's confusing to figure out which DNA Origins test you'll need if you've got mixed ethnicity in your background. Even reading through Home DNA's explanation in the FAQ didn't clear it up: "the test works best for people with DNA from no more than two different places; that is to say, people whose parents are from different places but are not themselves mixed." Does Spain and Portugal count as "two different places" ? How about Germany and Austria? They continue to not-so-helpfully explain that "for people with more mixing, say, four grandparents from various places across the globe, the test will report the midpoint between the four places." Okay, then!

Best DNA Testing Kits


  • $69 for the Starter Ancestry Test
  • $69 for DNA Origins Maternal or Paternal Lineage Test
  • $124 for Advanced Ancestry Test (retail purchase only)
  • $199 for GPS Origins Ancestry Test
  • $39 for GPS Origins Algorithm (with raw data from another DNA test service)

No ancestry + health combo tests available

Missing from all of Home DNA's ancestry tests are the ability to connect with relatives and genetic insights into your health and wellness. The former isn't provided at all, while the latter can be accessed through a separate category on the site, Health & Beauty. But, even there, you'll only be able to choose among four tests: Food & Pet Sensitivity, Healthy Weight, Skin Care, and Paternity (?!).

Mixed feedback

The Better Business Bureau thinks highly of this company, giving it an "A+" rating and accreditation. Good to see, because customer feedback in other places is lukewarm at best. This is definitely not one of the bigger players in the DNA testing kit industry, and many people who have used rival services say that the results here are very generic, vague, and sometimes inaccurate (when compared with other tests and documented ancestry).

Not terrible, but many better options exist

Home DNA is spared a lower ranking because of their reputation with the BBB. We also think it's a plus to be able to focus on Asian and African ancestry. However, you'd have to pay for several different kits here (at no small cost) to maybe get the same results offered by more all-inclusive competitor DNA tests. Most people should start with a higher-ranked company instead of investing in a Home DNA testing kit.

Where Can You Get the Best DNA Testing Kits?

Direct-to-consumer DNA testing has exploded over the last decade. From popular TV shows that document the ancestry of celebrities to clickbait articles describing the latest "she almost married her long-lost brother!" scandal prevented by a DNA test, it seems like everyone is pretty familiar with the appeal and power of these kits.

There are three main reasons why people buy a DNA test these days. The most common is to explore their heritage. Am I really related to royalty? Did my great-great-grandparents actually come from a small town in Italy? DNA tests can often reveal the answers to such questions. These tests also help people connect with living relatives, from distant cousins overseas to half-siblings and even previously-unknown parents.

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DNA Testing Kit FAQ

The two most common reasons for testing DNA are to determine one's ancestry and to identify underlying health conditions or predispositions. DNA testing may also be done to determine a child's paternity or detect infidelity.
Fortunately, no. A simple cheek swab or vial of saliva that can be returned by mail is usually all that's required.
That depends on the testing service you select. Some companies deliver your results in 1-4 weeks, while others have been known to take a month or longer.
Not necessarily. You'll probably pay somewhere between $59 and $649, depending on how comprehensive your selected test is.
Most of the time, no. DNA test kit prices usually include the cost of delivering the test to your home or office, the return shipping fees to the lab, and the cost of analyzing your sample.
DNA testing protocols are constantly evolving, especially with respect to tracking one's ancestry. Many of the companies use the company Helix to sequence your DNA. The individual companies are then responsible for interpreting the DNA results. You will see some differences between the different testing providers. Also, you may also want to share your results with your healthcare provider, so he or she can confirm any of the health-related results and request additional testing as needed.
Possibly, but that will depend on several factors. Not only will your relatives have to choose the same DNA testing platform as you, but both of you will have to set your account permissions to show DNA matches and to allow messages. That being said, thousands of people have connected with previously-unknown family members using many of today's most popular DNA testing providers.
That's an important question. Most DNA testing services promise to maintain your privacy by requiring your consent to share your results for matching or research purposes. You'll have to determine your own risk tolerance when it comes to concerns about data breaches, court subpoenas, and other ways your data could be accessed.
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Continued from above...

Most DNA testing services allow you to keep that information private, though, if you just want to see your ethnicity breakdown without disclosing yourself to any relatives who might be in their database.

The second reason many individuals choose to buy a DNA testing kit is to get information on health and wellness. Depending on the provider you choose, your results may include basic traits like cleft chin or sensitivity to caffeine, or they may go so far as to tell you if you're a carrier for certain hereditary diseases. These tests can help you be proactive with your health, give your physician more details to guide your treatment, and maybe even prolong your life.

If you've ever watched The Jerry Springer Show, you already know the third reason people buy DNA tests: to prove paternity. That's easier to do when the alleged father is a willing participant in the test, but some companies also offer sibling, half-sibling, grandparent and avuncular (such as aunt/uncle) options that can give you a percentage of likelihood that the individual is related.

You've got lots of options for DNA testing kids. Which one should you buy? These are the factors you should keep in mind as you decide:

  • Purpose. Why do you want to test your DNA: ancestry, health, or paternity? The answer to that question will automatically narrow down your choices.
  • Value. What will you get for what you spend? Will your results come in a detailed report or just a vague summary? Are there any other services included with your purchase, like a family tree builder, dietary recommendations, or other guidance?
  • Additional Costs. Some DNA testing kits have ongoing membership or subscription fees. Be sure you understand what you're getting when you click the "order now" button: many people are angry when they find "unexpected" charges on their credit cards because they didn't read the part that explained the monthly or annual service fees.
  • Reputation. What do other customers say about their experience with using the DNA test provider? Did they have any issues with getting results in a timely fashion? Does the test deliver what the company promises?

To help you choose the right service to learn more about your health and heritage, Top Consumer Reviews has evaluated and ranked the most popular providers of DNA testing kits on the market today. We're confident that through these tests, you can discover everything you've wanted to know about your genetics!

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